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Patricia John's book Thursday's Bride is a refreshing book teaching us that God has other plans for our lives no matter how much we fight against it. Rosmanda's character tries to protect her heart and reputation by leaving her hometown and moving in with her aunt and marries Levi's brother even though there is no love between them. Her husband dies and leaves her with 2 twin girls to raise and she blames Levi for his death. Levi has been in love with Rosmanda and leaves the house when his brother marries her so as not to cause conflict. Will Rosmanda be able to forgive Levi and realize she loves Levi too or will she give everything up and return home to her parents. You will not be disappointed in this book. I fell in love with each character and found myself cheering both main characters on. I received this ARC copy from Patricia Johns for an honest review. Patricia I loved the book.
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I love sweet Amish stories and Thurday's Bride does not disappoint. I thought it was a really good read and am giving it four and a half stars. I look forward to more books by Patricia Johns in the future.
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This is an Amish family drama with themes of reconciliation and new beginnings.  Both Rosmanda and Levi have regrets about things in their past.  I had sympathy for Rosmanda.  As a young Amish widow with two small girls, she has very limited options available to her as to providing for her young family and not being dependent on her in-laws.  She did not want to be forced into a marriage for financial reasons.  She’s in love with Levi, but because of his past, is not sure that he’ll be a dependable husband.  Levi also loves Rosmanda, but is unable to make her see that he would be the answer to moving forward with her life.  Both have things for which they need to forgive themselves before they can move forward and forgive each other.

I enjoyed this story and was hoping that Rosmanda and Levi would find their future together.  This is a clean Amish romance.  There’s quite a few references in the story to their physical attraction to each other, but nothing that is inappropriate.  I did like the author’s emphasis on forgiveness and having faith in difficult situations.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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Pride stood tall and unique. But community-the kind ordained - was about accepting your limitations.

Levi Lapp has come home to help his parents after his brother died in a tragic accident. He blames himself for his brother's death. His brother was on his way to rescue him from his own bad choices. Levi is filled with guilt, remorse, anger, and bitterness toward his brother. It was his brother that stole his soul mate Rosmanda and married her. He had stayed away from home because his feelings from Rosmanda runs so deep. Levi has always been the black sheep of the family and now that his brother is dead, he wants to make it up to his parents and he wants Rosmanda to see him has a man that is responsible.

Rosmanda has her own past that she is running from. Since her marriage, she wanted to be the best wife and mother. She did not want to fall in the trappings of her past. Levi reminded her of the woman she did not want to be. She blamed Levi for her husband's death because of her own unresolved emotions. When the past comes to visit, Levi takes the opportunity to stand by Rosmanda thru it all.

Their story was a reflection on marriage in community which powerful and sobering in the Amish community. It answered questions and it gives life to marriage and community when reconciled to God's good will. It represented the gospel in a strong way that marriage is designed to. Highly recommend.

A Special Thank you to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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Such a beautiful Amish love story. This is a story that is wrote so well you can't put the book down and characters feel like friends.
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"Thursday's Bride" tells the story of Rosmunda and Levi, two young adults who might rekindle a past relationship after a tumultuous past. Rosmunda tries to continue life with her twin baby girls after the death of her husband, who was also Levi's brother and Rosamunda's past love. When Levi returns to help with his father's farm, where Rosamunda also lives, past conflicts and secrets resurface. Several minor characters also play a role in this novel and struggle with community perceptions and expectations, as do Levi and Rosie. 

This novel seemed different from most of the Amish novels I read and review. A dark undercurrent seemed to flow beneath the plot from the outset. The characters were not youngsters, but adults dealing with adult problems and grappling with serious life questions. I am not even sure I liked the characters very much, although the twin babies were adorable. Issues found in this novel include alcoholism, manipulation, and premarital sex. The novel was predictable, but took some twists and turns to get to the ending,in which loose ends were wrapped up and hidden issues revealed and resolved. This is a clean novel, without Strong language, overt violence, or adult situations, although there are hints at romantic entanglements. 

I received this novel from the publisher and from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
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This extraordinary story revolves a young Amish widow and her twin daughters living with her in-laws. She has to deal with old secrets, past loves and the idea of marrying again. This book was just a delight to read. The author developed the characters in a deep and realistic way that has the reader thinking that she not only "knows" the characters but understands the way they think! She has woven a sweet story that is guaranteed to delight anyone who loves to read an endearing tale!
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Rosmanda and Levi are trust back together after years without seeing each other and have to deal with the feelings they had for each other. Will they find a happy ending this time around?
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Thursday's Bride is a very good Amish story.  Patricia Johns is quickly becoming a new favorite author.  I liked the setting and the characters were well developed and the story flowed well.  I enjoyed it very much and will recommend it to friends.
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5 Stars: 5/5 Star Rating
Rosmanda and Levi stole my heart.  I can certainly feel a great deal of empathy for both of the characters.  Both are grieving the loss of Wayne, one, his widow and one, his brother.  But they also feel an attraction that they can't deny for each other and it's causing problems for them in the here and now!   
Can Rosmanda and Levi ever move past the hurt they feel and resolve their feelings towards each other?  How can things ever be settled with them living under the same roof?  Both of them are being pressured to marry someone and yet, they truly feel the strongest attraction for each other but Rosmanda feels it's forbidden to her.  
I loved this book, it kept my interest and added some surprises along the way that the reader will love!  I am finding lots of time to read during our time of social distancing during the Covid-19 Pandemic and this book really warmed my heart and made me feel hopeful.  It also renewed my faith in God and in love. 
I received a digital ARC of this book from netgalley and Zebra Publishing. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Thursday’s Bride by Patricia Johns is a sweet, heartwarming Amish novel.  Rosmanda Lapp moved to Abundance, Pennsylvania from her hometown after a scandal ruined her chances at marriage.  She was attracted to the charming and rebellious Levi Lapp, but he was not the proper Amish man she came to marry.  When Levi’s older brother, Wayne proposes to Rosmanda, she accepts because he is a respectable Amish man (aka boring but kind).  Rosmanda is a now a widow with twin daughters who lives with her in laws.  Levi is needed to help with the farm work, so he returns home knowing that Rosmanda blames him for Wayne’s death.   Disagreements begin immediately, but they need to find a way to be friends for the sake of the family and their community.  There is a definite attraction between Levi and Rosmanda.  The sparks fly between them especially when they are disagreeing.  I thought Thursday’s Bride was well-written with developed characters.  The story is told from Levi and Rosmanda’s point-of-views.  It switches between them which allows readers to see things from each of their perspectives.  I always find that intriguing because men and women see things differently.  I liked the characters in this story.  They were fleshed out and brought to life which made them feel real to me.  We get to see what it is like for a widow to live with her in laws and the importance of community.  Rosmanda felt like she was a burden to the Lapps.  She wants to earn money, but it is not easy with twin girls to raise.  I enjoyed the description of Rosmanda’s beautiful mourning quilt.  After the death of a loved one, you want life to stop so you can grieve.  Unfortunately, the world continues moving.  Chores must be done, children taken care of, food prepared, and so much more.  You continue to grieve while trying to move through each day as we see with Rosmanda.  The Amish world is very different from our own.  They cannot just think about themselves when making a decision.  They must think how it will affect their community.  A reputation can easily be tarnished at a young age.  Levi and Rosmanda struggle to overcome the past and move forward with their lives.  Their interactions were electric at times.  I enjoyed following their journey in Thursday’s Bride.  The ending was special and left me smiling.  There is a preview of Patricia John’s next novel, Jeb’s Wife at the end.  Thursday’s Bride focuses on forgiveness, faith and second chances.  Patricia Johns provided an appealing Amish story that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.  Thursday’s Bride is a heartening Amish novel with toddling twins, a headstrong horse, a cute calf, secret sins, rapid rumors, and finding forgiveness.
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The writing in this book is not strong. it seemed that the author was talking down to the reader by using simple sentence structure and vocabulary. 
I should probably not chosen to read this book because it is not a genre that is very interesting to me, so that could be part of the problem. I liked the main character and felt that her problems and issues were real, but she also seemed like she never really took control of her own life. The ending was pretty predictable.
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#Thursday's Bride#Bet
This was my first book by Patricia John's but it will not be my last.
Story opens as Rosmana's husband Wayne has died and left her with twin babies..She blames her brother-in-law for his death which is not the Amish way.She is living with her in-laws when Levi comes home to help his family.  
She chose Wayne for her husband because he was serious,hardworking,older even though she had feelings for Levi 
It is a struggle for forgiveness and second chances.  Anxiously awaiting another story of this family.
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An Amish widow denies herself a happy life when she marries one brother while denying her true feelings for his younger brother. Rosmanda has learned the hard way that in an Amish community everything you do will be scrutinized and trying to leave her mistakes behind proves foolhardy. This dramatic story ponders public scrutiny from all angles as Rosmanda and Levi must come to terms with the people they are now and their desire for each other. A well written story and a hard won happily ever after. I read an early copy of this book through NetGalley and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
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I loved this book, it really was a book to get lost in, and I did.
We all get lost in our heads and over think things, and we all make mistakes, yes, there is not one who doesn't.
If I walk in Rosie's shoes, I don't think I would make it very far, a young mother widow with infant twin daughters. Then we are given a young man who has been a disappointment to his family and community, and most of all to Rosie.
There is a side story here, and you want to shake all of these characters, they are being offered a gift, and no the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence!
The author also shows us a selfish man, he seems like he never grew up, and we hope he comes to his senses and goes home to his wife and family. We also hope that the other characters will find the love they so desperately want, and hold their heads high in their Amish community!
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Kensington, and was not required to give a positive review.
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A nice light Amish book.
Actually seems to be a longer story than I've read in the past.
Rosmanda is a young widow with twin daughters, who lives with her inlaws and is trying to help them and also move on.
She struggles with forgiveness towards her brother in law, who was with her husband and his brother when he died, as he went out to help his brother, and died as result.
Deep down she still loves Levi, but her past and her heart try and tear her in another direction.
Of course love rules, and past secrets come out, but in true Amish fashion, things are solved in a peaceful way.
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Rosmanda was living with her mother and father-in-law after her husband was killed in an accident going to bring his brother home from a drunken binge.  She did everything she possibly could to help out on the farm, but her efforts weren't quite enough.  And that's when her in-law's other son shows up.  It was because she'd had history with Levi that she resented his presence.  It took a while for the two of them to come to a rather tense but peaceful truce. 

Rosmanda came to Pennsylvania to escape a past indiscretion from her teens.  When her past shows up in Indiana, she has to tell what happened with the situation, and face the judgment of a whole new community.  It becomes apparent that she needs to move back to Pennsylvania to her parents' home.

Patricia Johns knows much about the Amish lifestyle as well as how to use the knowledge to put together a readable novel with compelling plots and likable characters.  This is a book worth four strong stars.

Kensington Books and provided the copy I read for this review.  The opinions expressed here are my own.
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4.5 Stars

Thursday's Bride by Patricia Johns is a sweet and touching Amish romance. It follows the love story of Rosmanda and Levi. Rosmanda moved to Abundance, Pennsylvania to live with her aunt after a scandal in her community ruined her chances of finding a husband. When she met Levi Lapp, there was an immediate connection between them and it didn't take long for them to fall in love with each other. But the rebellious Levi was far from the proper Amish husband that Rosmanda needed to repair her reputation. So when Levi's far more suitable older brother, Wayne, asked her to marry him instead, she accepted his proposal and has never looked back.
Rosmanda, now a mother of twin baby girls and widowed, blames Levi for her husband's tragic death. When he moves back home to help her aging in-laws, will they confront the past? And can they have a future together?
The author's writing style pulled me in right from the start and kept me engaged until the end. I enjoyed reading about Amish daily life and the characters were well-written.
Forgiveness and second chances are the main themes in this heartwarming story. Readers will fall in love with the characters of Rosmanda and Levi and cheer them on as they overcome their problems and struggles and learn to forgive themselves and each other. I loved their interactions and their journey to a happy ending really touched my heart. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

I received an ARC from Kensington Books through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I received this copy from netgalley. 
I really love this book and the character's.
this was my frist book by this author I hope she writes more.
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Thursday's Bride by Patricia Johns gives us the story of forgiveness and love and being able to move forward.  I love how this story brings us not only forgiveness for each of the characters but forgiveness for themselves.  Patricia Johns books show an author who enjoys her stories. She does research and understands.

Rosmanda runs from trouble. Reinventing herself she changes her ways and marries a serious but great man.  However, she still pines for his brother, Levi..  After a tragic accident, Rosmanda is left to care for her twin daughters, meanwhile, Levi returns to help his parents.  Will they be able to live under the same roof?  Will they forgive themselves for what their reckless behaviors?  Can they have a future together?
I really enjoyed this story.  I cannot wait for the next.
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