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Gabe is a DEA agent who after finishing a undercover assignment is looking forward to going home! Anna is a sniper on loan to the DEA from Guatemalan! She has a price on her head. When Gabe and Anna are asked to do one more job, will they accept? Especially when that job involves Gabes home!

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Action packed, sexy, exciting and highly entertaining adventure filled with engaging and intriguing charters, witty dialog, heart racing twists and suspense. Really enjoyed this sweetly thrilling and action packed western romance. Great reading!
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Gabe Whitcomb is looking forward to seeing his family after years as a DEA undercover agent. Anna Navaro is a sniper/intelligence expert on loan to the American government and working for the DEA. A new assignment will bring one home and the other will get their wish for something different. What these new partners will find is danger, drugs and working as Wind River Undercover agents may lead to a whole new future.

Gabe Whitcomb just finished a two-year undercover mission for the DEA along with his dog Ace. He is looking forward to being able to spend time with his family before his next mission. Anna Navaro does not get the feeling any for her sniper work. Working for the DEA is nothing, but repetition and she is wanting something different. Neither is looking for a romance. They are brought together by their boss to become partners during a new undercover mission. Gabe is not very enthused by a new assignment and that his parents are involved in helping set up the whole thing. The mission has Gabe going home as himself and starting a ranch with Anna Dominguez being his wrangler. Anna is excited about the change of pace but is not thrilled that the drug lord they are going after is the one who killed her father and is one of the most lethal in Guatemala. They go to get the details of the mission from a technician that relieves Gabe’s fears about his family’s involvement. They head to Wind River and spend a week with his family then start the mission. They’re to move to a rundown ranch to begin rebuilding so he can start surveillance on the family next door who have hooked up with the drug dealer Anna oversees all the equipment. They begin to get to know each other and try to figure out what these feelings being felt for the other. They get a visit from the neighbor who was a friend of Gabe’s growing up. Anna goes looking for information by befriending the neighbor lady, the mother of the drug runners. Gabe is a little guilty about what they’re doing. As Anna and Gabe get to know each other they reveal the growing feelings for each other. He’s patient and Anna in agreement that they need to wait until after the mission to come together. Their start getting information about the drugs being moved by the neighbors. A late-night trip next door leads to Anna having an injury and they got visit Gabe’s parents. Anna gets a little antsy due to her injury. They get information from the local DEA office about the movement of the drugs. The call to Gabe’s parents gives instructions if they don’t come back within a certain amount of time. A trip to look at a meadow up in the mountains brings danger and a run for Gabe and Anna’s lives. They spend the entire day trying to stay away from the drug runners and revealing their feeling for each other. They finally think they’re in the clear when the have another run in with the bad guys. Anna is thrown from her horse. They make it back to the truck and horse trailer only to be confronted by Gabe’s friend. The confrontation is to help save their lives and they talk him into turning evidence against the drug dealer and go into witness protection with his mother. A chase by the drug dealers has them heading toward Wind River and the sheriff’s office. A call once close enough brings them some unexpected help. Gabe and Anna make decisions about their futures. They reveal their decisions to their families. Preparations are made for their future.

Lindsay McKenna continues the Wind River series with the best book if the series to date. Wind River Undercover. A combination of danger and suspense keeps the reader captivated and engrossed. Throw in a very intelligent former military dog named Ace and you’ve got a wonderful story of working undercover and finding the love you thought to never have and reconnecting with family at long last. Two people who’s lives are looking for a change will find the true love both didn’t realize they were looking to find.
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Wind River Undercover is the ninth title in the long-running series Wind River Valley which began in 2016. I will always believe that any series is best with the background of the location, the people, and previous events when reading from the beginning – but nine books is a lot to go back for, I get that – so Gabe’s and Anna’s story could be read on its own, there are enough mentions about this world to fill you in on the general feel of the series. Yet, whether this is your first time in Wind River or your ninth, you’ll enjoy this suspense-filled, satisfying romance.

Anna and Gabe have both worked for the DEA, and they are definitely used to working solo so when this assignment is given to them both, for obvious reasons, they are hesitant about trusting someone they don’t know. Each has a very strong reason to need to bring this drug-running operation to a quick close and that, along with their attraction to each other, will override any need for lone wolf activity.

I liked both Gabe and Anna together and individually. There was no real push/pull for leadership, they both know what’s at stake and getting the bad guys behind bars is of utmost importance. As they work together as married new ranchers they will face down the villains, start to re-evaluate what they actually want from life after this case is closed, and begin to believe that the future can be theirs… if they survive. I had a good time back in this world once again. And if you love a really good Romantic Suspense with a touch of Modern Western Romance – and two likable, believable main characters, then you’ll feel right at home and enjoy Wind River Undercover.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from Kensington Books via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Complementary copy given for honest review and opinion. 
I enjoy books that are more realistic in nature. This book was a fast paced romance with drug cartel Involvement. It was a good book but some of the things they said to each other was just corny. If you can most past that, it was a decent read.
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I love it when I Wind River book comes out and so I eagerly started reading!  This book was another great one for the Wind River family as Gabe is chosen to go undercover and fight the drug ring that has been plaguing the valley for some time.  His partner is Anna who is on loan from the Guatemalan military.

They make such a great couple and you can see them growing closer to each other as the book progresses.  I really liked it that they were so professional and realized that they could not act on their attraction until their case was finished.   Throw in the pain of Gabe realizing that he would have to spy on his old friend during this investigation.

There was lots of drama and suspense as they were investigating and kept me reading non-stop - I did not want to put the book down until I got to the end!  Love that Maud and Steve were such a large part of the book and that they raised such a great group of kids into these wonderful adults.

Hoping that we see Luke as the next sibling to find his future partner!
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Wind River Undercover by Lindsay McKenna is the ninth book in the Wind River series. The book was okay, but was definitely not my favorite in this series due to a few problems.   I thought the plot sounded so interesting and the suspense in the story was terrific, with all the details and descriptions.  The two main characters were undercover DEA agents who were assigned to Wind River to assist with a drug cartel that was moving into the area.  Anna Navarro is a independent, tough and highly skilled sniper.   Gabe Whitcomb is an undercover agent who just spent two years with a drug gang in Mexico. They are assigned to become partners on this job in Wind River.  Both characters are professional, strong, and stoic.  They are attracted to each other from day one, but the mission comes first.  They did try their best to not give in to their attractions to each other.  We discover that both are ready to leave the DEA life behind.

I have to say that the storyline and suspense were great, but the characters personalities began to fall apart.  These tough agents seemed to turn into mushy romantic normal people trying to do a job. I was surprised and shocked by the transformation.   In addition, the author pushed many thoughts and agendas concerning how society treats women, how under privileged children need a ranch to work through problems and how they were going to provide this, and so forth.  I had to skim read the last chapter due to all these statements.  For such a suspenseful book the ending fell flat for me and left me disappointed.  I loved the previous books, but not this one.  I received this advanced reader’s copy from Net Galley for my honest review.
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Wind River Undercover is book 9 in the Wind River Valley series by Lindsay McKenna and what a great series!

Ana Navarro a Guatemalan sniper on loan to the US DEA has been helping to capture drug traffickers but is beginning to think she wants more in life then what she’s done for years.  She’s given a new assignment, working with another DEA agent who happens to be a cowboy too, Gabe Whitcomb. He pushes all her buttons but job before anything else…

Hot romance, edge of your seats suspense, PTSD, danger but can they survive the drug runners and build a life together?
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Gabe, a DEA agent, and Anna, a sniper on loan to the US, hits the ground running with their story as these two come to Wind River, Gabe's back yard. Gabe loves coming home to see family, but drug dealers are getting a foothold in the area. As Gabe and Anna move in as a married couple on a farm close to guys suspected of dealing, things start happening fast. As their relationship takes on a new dimension, it is put on the back burner as their mission is a priority. There are some hair raising drama and a few surprises as the story escalates with Gabe and Anna coming face to face with a cartel member. The suspense along with an awareness of each other makes this a great read for lovers of the romantic suspense genre. 4.5 Stars!
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Wind River Undercover by Lindsay McKenna is the ninth book in the Wind River Valley series. This entry into the series is about a couple of undercover DEA agents coming home to Wind River to stop a cartel from taking over. Anna Navarro is a sniper on loan to the US from Guatemala. She has had to leave there since the cartel has a million dollar bounty on her head. The cartel killed her father; she went after them. She is getting sick of the sniper life, though. It is too solitary. Gabe Whitcomb has been undercover with a drug gang in Mexico for the past two years. He is looking forward to going home, to some time off. Home for him is Wind River Valley where his adoptive parents have a ranch and some of his siblings live. He is less than thrilled when he is pulled into the supervisor's office to meet his new partner (he doesn't do partners) and find out his month off is in the wind. Anna and Gabe are going to Wind River and work to bring an abandoned ranch back to life. The ranch is next door to the ranch of the family that is cooperating with the cartel. 

This is a fabulous series. All four of the Whitcomb siblings are adopted and they have been raised well and turned out well-adjusted. Their parents are totally supportive and although they would love it if all of them located themselves in Wind River, close to home, they just want them to be happy. They are more than happy that Gabe is coming home and are already cooperating with the DEA on his behalf. They all have PTSD of some sort, Anna, from Guatemala, and Gabe from his time undercover. They know better than to get sexually or romantically involved while they are working so they fight the attraction for a long time. They get themselves in some fixes as they are doing what is supposed to be a reconnaissance-only mission, but it all works out. This is a wonderful book, a wonderful series. I can't recommend it enough. 

I received a free ARC of Wind River Undercover from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions and interpretations contained herein are solely my own.  #netgalley #windriverundercover
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Anna and Gabe are loner DEA agents brought together to take down a drug cartel that is trying to infiltrate Wind River.  They pose as ranch owners to try to gather intel from the Elson family...who are suspected to be working with the  Gonzalez drug cartel.  

My thoughts: 
I have not read any of the other books in this series, but it was easily read as a stand alone.  I requested this book based on the cover.  I love western romances! I don’t love romantic suspense which was totally MY BAD! If you like romantic suspense this book was jam packed with action!  The writing was good, and you could tell this was a solid series.  I enjoyed the Wyoming ranch setting.  
The characters were both smart, independent, strong leads...which I like.  The two of them together didn’t feel right to me, and some of their interactions felt clunky (is that a word?), and cheesy.  
  I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Netgalley, the author Lindsay McKenna, and the publisher for this opportunity.
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Wind River Undercover is the ninth book in the Wild River Series by Lindsay McKenna. I have enjoyed all of this series but especially like the direction that it is going in with the Whitcomb family. The first group of novels focused on the start of a ranch that employed former military with struggles such as PTSD to continue working through. Now the stories focus more on the community and surrounding valley. 

While the troubles plaguing the community with the Elson Clan has been part of previous books including their involvement with drug selling, this story brings them again in full view. Gabe Whitcomb teams up with Guatemalan Ana Navarro on a mission to his own home area to track and stop this expansion of the drug trade in Wyoming. Still this reads well as a stand-alone.

The story is believable with likable characters that their real life counterparts deserve our respect. This is always true of a Lindsay McKenna book; her characters seem so real that you know that they are real people out there serving just like them. Like always there is a strong solid structure plot with a realistic approach to the romance. Their relationship doesn’t feel forced or instant but comes naturally. A Lindsay McKenna book at its best.

An ARC of the book was given to me by the publisher through Net Galley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Good book, with excellent characters and a suspenseful storyline that kept me hooked from beginning to end. Gabe and Ana partner in an undercover operation in his hometown of Wind River. Neither one expected to find love, too.

Ana is a sniper on loan to the DEA from Guatemala. She derives a great deal of satisfaction from bringing down drug traffickers like the one responsible for her father's death. Feeling a bit burned out, she yearns for something more in her life. She aches for a family of her own and the peace that her soul craves. Just as she contemplates doing something about it, she is assigned a new mission - join with Gabe in an undercover operation. Ana isn't thrilled with the plan - she works alone.

Gabe spent two years undercover with a drug cartel and is ready for a break. He longs to go home to his parents' ranch and spend some time rediscovering who he is. He isn't happy to have his leave canceled and assigned a new undercover operation. This assignment immediately puts him on edge. It is way too close to where his parents live, causing him to worry about their safety. He's also assigned a partner, and he doesn't do partners.

I liked the first meeting between Gabe and Ana. They were both wary since each of them is used to working alone. There is also an immediate and intense connection that takes them by surprise. I enjoyed seeing them get to know each other and explore their rapport. It doesn't take long for them to acknowledge the attraction that is also there, but they agree that doing anything about it must wait until after their mission is finished. One of the things I enjoyed the most about the relationship between Ana and Gabe is the deep respect they had for each other and their abilities. Gabe is protective but not controlling. Ana is outstanding at what she does, but also listens and learns from his experiences.

I liked the fact that Ana and Gabe did not rush their relationship. I loved seeing them take the time to get to know each other, sharing everything from their painful childhoods to their dreams of the future. Though the attraction between them simmered under the surface, they did their best to resist giving in. Their feelings intensified as their danger increased. I loved the ending and their realization that life is short. I liked seeing them work through their plans for the future and look forward to seeing them in future books. I hope there are stories in the works for Gabe's siblings, Luke and Skye.

The suspense of the story was great. There was an immediate sense of the importance of the mission and its deeper meaning to Gabe. Though their mission is to observe and report, that didn't lessen the danger to them. I liked Ana's cultivation of Mrs. Elson as a contact. Though it was deliberately done as part of the mission, it became a little more as time passed. There was also an unexpected complication caused by a visit from Elisha Elson, one of the drug traffickers who had also gone to school with and been friends with Gabe. There were some tense moments early on, as Gabe and Ana's observations showed the increasing activities of the drug runners. The intensity went off the charts when one of Gabe and Ana's recon trips put them directly in the crosshairs of the bad guys. I was on the edge of my seat as I watched their desperate attempts to get to safety. Some unexpected help increased their chances of succeeding. The final confrontation had me glued to the pages as I waited to see how they would manage it. I loved the way that things came together for a satisfying ending.
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I've been in a romantic suspense mood lately and this was a great addition! It's got so many great aspects of the romantic suspense genre - cowboys, law enforcement, drug cartels, undercover work and more! Although even with all those aspects, I felt it was quite light on the suspense so if you like storylines that have a bit of thrill and action to them without being too heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat then I highly recommend checking this book out.

I haven't read a Lindsay McKenna book before but I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style and would love to pick up more from this series. While I love a good storyline, I really enjoy stories that center on complex, intricate characters and that's exactly what you get in this one. All of the characters were clearly established and the relationship between the hero and heroine developed wonderfully. Both had strong personalities but they balanced each other out and made the storyline so much more.

I really enjoy that I didn't need to have read the previous books in the series to follow along on this one. However, after reading this one I'm keen to get a few more of her books!
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Western contemporary romance. DEA agents undercover. Great series, recommend reading other books in series. Can read as stand alone .
Romance and suspense
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This is the 9th book in the series. I really enjoyed the story it was fast paced romance. She is a shipper that I brought in to help the DEA and he is the undercover DEA agent she is to help. Had a great twist at the end . 
Great read.
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This is a high adventure slow burn romance.  Anna and Gabe are two DEA agents tasked with gathering intel from a suspected drug running family, the Elsons.  I liked that both characters were strong and accomplished people.  No one needed bailing out of an unsavory situation.  There was a lot of detailed information describing their actions as they set up and completed their undercover work and the equipment they used.  I found the romantic part of the story very stilted.  Their interactions as a romantic couple seemed strained and artificial.  I understand the need to ask permission before invading another person’s personal space, especially in this environment post MeToo, but I found the constant questioning and checking in interrupted the flow both to the story line and my emotional connection to the characters.
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It was great to read another book from the Wind Valley series by Lindsay McKenna. A plus that it was for Gabe, a sibling from Wind Valley Protector.

Gabe and Anna are both used to working solo undercover opps, but each bring unique talents to a new undercover assignment in his home town. There's no way he's letting Guatemalan Drug operations to infiltrate his hometown. 

There's romance, suspense, and intrigue in the latest addition to this series. I enjoyed it and encourage you to read it too, even if you haven't read others in the series, as it can be read as a standalone story, 

I received a free ARC eBook from Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for my honest opinions.
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I found the story of Anna and Gabe very slow moving. It did pick up with the undercover story line farther in the book. This wasn't the first one in the series I have read and they all moved a little to slow to keep my interest.
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Wind River Undercover is the ninth book in Lindsay McKenna’s Wind River Valley Series.  This book is a romantic suspense novel with fantastic characters and a great storyline which adds to the Wind River Valley World that McKenna has created. 

Anna Navaro and Gabe Whitcomb have been partnered up and sent to Wind River Valley to pose as new ranch-owners in order to get close to the Elson family and uncover their ties to the ruthless Gonzalez drug cartel.  The connection and chemistry between Anna and Gabe was instant and intense but the couple vow to work on growing their friendship and trust while working undercover. But the heat between them grows stronger, and when danger surrounds them, Gabe and Anna quickly realize that the life they’ve built together is worth risking everything.

I discovered Lindsay McKenna and this series while searching netgallery.  The cover drew my attention and once I read the synopsis I was hooked. I hate starting a series at the end, so prior to reading Wind River Undercover I read all the books in the Wind River Valley Series. I enjoyed them all and I thought that Gabe and Anna’s story was a great ninth book for the series.  

I love the premise for this series. It’s about veterans from various branches of the armed forces and the struggles they faces once they leave the service. Both the heroes and heroines in McKenna’s books are good, strong characters with strong morals and personalities. I loved the details given to their backgrounds and storylines. My only complaint is that the conversations between the couples are overly sweet and repetitive throughout each book, while the intimate details between the couples where anticlimactic. 

All the books in the Wind River Valley series contain a happily ever after and can be read as a standalone, however, reading it in order will give you a better appreciation for the characters and the overall series itself. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. Hopefully it will be Skye’s or Luke’s story.

This is a voluntary review of an advanced readers copy received from Netgalley.
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