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The Most Eligible Lord in London

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This was a fun read. A historic RomCom, reminiscent of a Shakespearian comedy, without the Elizabethan dialect and spelling. The book centers on the new season of the Marriage Mart. Fredrick (Frits), Lord Littleton, would be considered the most eligible gentleman in town, except for the mistake he made the previous year, by showing interest in a girl, before he knew her well enough to know if they would suit and when realizing that they would not, suddenly left London, without telling her. He is looking for a love match, and the first time that he meets Lady Adeline Wivenly, he believes that she is the one for him. However, she is friends with the girl he fled from last year. She has her own list of qualities that she is looking for in a husband, and a rake is not one of them. There are ladies plotting to compromise Frits to force him into marriage, not for love but ulterior motives, while a villain attempts the same thing on Adeline. Meanwhile their mothers, who are friends, believe they would make an excellent match, but in the end it is Maximus the dog that saves the day. Appealing characters, witty dialogue and an amusing plot, skillfully written combined to make this a fun read.

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This was well written but it wasn't for me. It was very well researched but I didn't connect with the characters and the story for me was average at best,
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This was a slow burn romance that really dragged for me for quite a bit. I love most everything this author has written, but this one fell flat for me, almost as if it was a combination of earlier books smashed into one. Not very original in terms of the plot, and it took forever to get to "the good stuff," as I like to say.
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The Most Eligible Lord in London (The Lords of London). By Ella Quinn. 2020. Zebra (ARC eBook).

Lady Adeline Wivenly begins her debut in London by securing friendships and the attention of two gentleman. But when one of them is revealed to be Fredrick “Frits,” Lord Littleton, the man who last season raised the hopes of one of Adeline’s new friends and then left Town with explanation, she resolves to not encourage an acquaintance with him. But Frits is determined to prove that he is not the rake Adeline believes him to be. And indeed, it may be the charms of her other prospect that she should be wary of.

I felt a bit discombobulated when the plot of Littleton’s competition was wrapped up and another conflict developed. This is the first book by Quinn I’ve read so I gather I may not have felt as such if I had already read the HEA of Adeline’s brother (?) Aside from that aspect, the sweet, slow-burn romance of The Most Eligible Lord in London delivers a solid start for what should be an entertaining series.
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Oof. I disliked the last book by her and thought I would give her another try, but ugh, I hated this book from the beginning. The hero was a pile of mush. Too pliable and soft. Sweet like icing that makes your mouth pucker. Not in the good way. I usually like a beta hero, but he was a bag of jelly to me and I wanted a little more strength and fortitude. I didn’t get rakish or incorrigible from him like the summary said. I’m not interested in finishing this book, so I won’t be posting this review on social media.
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Handsome, rakish, incorrigibly flirtatious—Fredrick, Lord Littleton, is notorious. Lady Adeline Wivenly is resolved to keep him at arm’s length during her first Season—until she overhears another woman’s plot to trick him into marriage. Even a rogue is undeserving of such deception, and Adeline feels obliged to warn him—only to find herself perilously attracted. In the past, Littleton’s charm nearly got him leg-shackled to the wrong woman. Now he’s positive he’s found the right one, for Adeline is everything he wants and needs in a wife. Her sense of justice is so strong she agrees to help him despite her mistrust. But can the ton’s most elusive lord convince the lady he is finally serious about marriage—as long as she will be his bride?.
This was an alright book. It was a bit slow moving for me. Both characters were decent enough, it was just hard to make it through the book. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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I had a thoroughly enjoyable day reading this one The main characters were fun, flawed, but good value. I enjoyed seeing the relationship build as they overcame the Ton gossip together. The banter was perfect. It's always entertaining to see a story in which your main charcter is torn between loyalties. The end was sweet and charming and perfect for this story. This was my first book by this author and I’m going to check out other titles written by her. I'm looking forward to the next in this series.

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Fredrick “Frits”, Baron Littleton caused a bit of talk last season when he set his sights on Lady Dorcus “Dorie” Calthor and diligently courted her only to seemingly throw her over with no explanation.  This season he is sure he has found his bride, too bad she is friends with Lady Dorie, the woman he courted last season until he realized they wouldn’t suit and left her without, it was not well done of him and now he needs to convince Lady Adeline Wivenly that he is not the rake she believes him to be.

Adeline doesn’t want anything to do with rakes, which is exactly what she believes Frits to be after his treatment of her new friend Lady Dorie.  She tries to keep the handsome lord at bay, even though she is attracted to him.  Frits is sure Adeline is meant for him and sets out to prove they belong together.

This was an okay read for me, it was well written and well researched, but it just didn’t do it for me.  The story was sweet and I did like Frits, but Adeline annoyed me.  There were some amusing scenes and quite a few familiar characters from the previous series as well as slow burn romance between Frits and Adeline, culminating in a HEA.  But when all is said and done, I am not sure how I feel about this book, I didn’t love it nor did I hate it,  I  am glad I read it, but I don’t think I would read it again.  This is the first book in a new series and while I was not “wowed” by this book, I am interested in continuing with the series.

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The start of this new series was wonderful! Ella Quinn features many known characters which just increased the fun. I loved how the characters had their sweet and their salty sides but were pretty true to the time period. 
The plot was interesting and moved at a good pace. There were enough secondary points of interest and plot twist to keep you interested in every page.
Finally I appreciated that this book didn’t have a trumped up conflict, but rather the decision of what is Love?
A great read and a great start to a new series. I’ll definitely be reading the next. 
Thank you to Ella Quinn, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.
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This book started out strong but fizzled quickly. I liked the characters. However neither main character was very interesting. The story was very repetitious and I was waiting for things to happen. The last quarter of the book picked up steam. This redeemed the slowness of the plot for me.
Thank you for the ARC. This has been my honest review.
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This was a highly entertaining story to spend an afternoon reading. The main characters were fun, flawed, but good to the core. I enjoyed seeing the relationship build as they overcame challenges together. It's always entertaining to see a story in which your main charcter is torn between loyalties. The end was sweet and charming and perfect for this story. This was my first book by this author and it's inspired me to seek out others written by her. I'm looking forward to the next in this series.

(I was given a free ARC by Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.)
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Ooh, what did he do last year? 

The lady couldn't have been that bad. 

Oh, interesting, a precursor to hide-and-seek. 

Two men already. Nice. 

Sarah's husband was a twat. 

Crispin is gross. 

"Poor" Eugenie didn't need a come-out. 

Lord Bottomley is well named.

Balance in life is important. 

So just get Humphries some livery. 

So much drama at this ball. 

Parmesan ice cream? 

Haha, talk of cows, indeed! 

Poor Miss Tice, traded for a cow. 

The carriage needs a roof and windows. 

Saved by the dog. 

Attagirl. Lady Normanby. 

Imagine not knowing the taste of orange juice.

This proposal is both funny and sweet.

A "little house", to be sure. 

I would be so embarrassed.
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A delightful story that is a quick and easy read.  I enjoyed the story line and it kept my attention from the start to the finish.  I will definitely be reading more stories by this author.
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This book was lacking in plot, which is fine—low plot, deep characterization, high interpersonal and emotional development has made for some of my favorite historical romances. But neither Frits nor Adeline hit quite right for me from the get-go, and they continued to not quite work together as time went on, which resulted in me not becoming particular invested at all.
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An enjoyable romance novel, in the Georgette Heyer model, with plenty of period details and only a little bit of steaminess towards the end. An enjoyable read!
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I recieved a free copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  I have read a few of ella Quinn's books at this point and while a couple have been okay I think this may be my last for a while.  The biggest problem I have is that the characters are so bland.  I get the time period was all about rules and propriety but the fun in these books are the rule breakers and rakes.  Just calling a character a rake doesn't make home interesting.  The H/h are so forgettable and the most interesting character was a great Dane named maximus.
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Awwww, this was so cute! The Most Eligible Lord in London is my first Ella Quinn novel, and although The Worthington series prior to this book has familiar characters that follow into this new Lords of London series, you in no way need to read the first books in order to follow along!

I love stories with animals, and this story features a Lord who resorts to using his dog to meet a girl... 

Fredrick, Lord Littleton (Fitz) left London the year prior during the season, after having almost gotten himself engaged to a girl that simply was too different than him and would have made a frustrating marriage. Now he is back in London and meets Lady Adeline Wivenly and Fitz knows immediately that she is 'the one', problem is..... she is friends with the girl he totally ghosted last year. Hence..... Adeline is not about to step on her friends wounded heart after hearing about Fitz's behavior last year.

Fitz, concocts a million different ways to show Adeline he is serious about her and even the Momma Matrons get involved.  Super sweet, light hearted read. Beautiful cover art, I want that dress.... I will definitely be looking for the Worthington series now, (I want the back story to Adeline's brother) 

Thank you so much to Kensington publishing for providing an ARC in order to review xoxox
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This was just an ok read for me. I just didn't care for Fredrick or Adeline...there was nothing special in either of them that stood out to me.
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Lord Frederick LIttleton  knows he made a mistake last season but he knew the girl he had courted wasn't the right match for him and he handled it poorly.  Now he is back and is hoping to find a wife that suits him.   When he meets Adeline he believe he has met the woman who is meant for him, however Adeline thinks he is a rake and tries her best to keep him at a distance.   Frederick knows he has an uphill battle with Adeline and other suitors who also have interest in Adeline. 

There is quite a bit more to this story that unfolds that was a bit of a surprise.   I enjoyed this quite a bit, the chemistry is there from the very beginning.  I liked Frederick quite a bit and it was fun reading how he tries to navigate the ruff road ahead of him.
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A Delightful debut for the start of a new series by the wonderful Ella Quinn. What could be better?
Frits, Lord Littleton was making his way to his second season. After the disastrous one last year he could only hope it went better. He had acted the cad in paying attention to Lady Dorie, but decided they would not suit and had just left without a word.
He had high hopes though because he did want to find a wife, not wait as his ancestors had until they were forced to marry. Of course the one who caught his eye was a friend of Dorie's Lady Adeline. He was definately enchanted by her and wanted to court her. But he knew it might be difficult due to her friend.
This was a slow burn romance and I enjoyed Frits and Adeline. But there is a real rake in the midst who wants to court Adeline just to get her dowry. All is not as it seems and the journey is fun and intriguing! I read this through NetGallery and the publisher
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