Badger to the Bone

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Badger to the Bone is the third book in Shelly Laurenston’s Honey Badger Chronicles and continues where the previous two left off – trailing the trials and tribulations of the MacKilligan sisters, Charlie, Max, and Stevie, as they deal with their supremely odd and messed up extended family. In this book, we get to see Max, arguably the most daring and crazy of the three sisters meet – well, not her match but rather someone who’s willing to look past all those flaws of hers. 

Just as with the previous two novels in the series, Laurenston’s interesting sense of humor and love of kooky characters shines through. The sisters and the shifters who share their world are zany and over the top in the best way possible. This, combined with their penchant for getting into situations that often end in violence, is a recipe for entertainment. And I think that’s the best way to describe a series centered around honey badger shifters – entertaining. Most shifter series/romances tend to focus on the bigger predators, i.e., lions, wolves, bears, etc. so these books truly bring something new to the table and force you to reconsider the ferociousness of the honey badger. 

I highly recommend reading the first two books in the series before moving on to Badger to the Bone. There are a lot of interconnecting plotlines that begin and are carried out throughout the previous two books that continue in the third. The different points of view (and there are a lot) can often become confusing – which is my only real issue with the books. It’s hard to remember all the key players and who is related to whom and why they want to kill so-and-so. 

If you’re looking for a book chock full of humorously psychotic characters, strong sisterly bonds, and more than a little violence, this is for you. What you lose in the fast pacing and barrage of information, you definitely make up for in humor and that makes it worth the read. 

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I didn’t want Badger to the Bone by Shelly Laurenston to end! I never thought that Max’s story would be this explosive and this amazing, but I can honestly say that I was blown away by how quickly and how thoroughly I enjoyed this installment in Laurenston’s Honey Badger Chronicles series.

Max’s character was a complex mystery since we were first introduced to her in the first book of this series, Hot and Badgered. Once you got to know the MacKilligan sisters you quickly realize that Max was the balance between Charlie’s almost militant hold on everything surrounding their survival and Stevie’s emotional and mental instability when it comes to everything outside of her creations. I didn’t think with her installment that we would delve deeper in the paranormal world Laurenston first laid the foundation for in Pack Challenge, but in Badgered to the Bone you learn that there’s more shifters, more secret organizations, more badass shifters hiding in plain sight, and more shifter and human bad guys out there seeking to get on the MacKilligan sister’s bad side, whether intentionally or not.

Ze’s character was something I wasn’t expecting either. I could never picture who would be a good fit for Max’s character – not speaking of a specific person but more of a person with specific traits. She’s so unpredictable and unstable that whoever she would be paired up with would have to be someone who wouldn’t overshadow that but would complement it, and I think Ze fit that bill to the T. He wasn’t overbearing, even once he was able to get his footing after being introduced to all the craziness that seems to follow Max and the MacKilligan sisters around like a stench, he even quickly found his groove and place amongst the chaos as if the daily goings on around him was his normal every day occurrence.

I really wanted to milk this story for all that it was worth, I dreaded as I continued to progress to the end of the book of its ending because I really wanted to stay in the world forever. But the great thing is, is that I can always do a series re-read and read each book as if it was the first time.
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I enjoyed the characters. Max, her sisters, her team and Ze. I laughed out loud at some of sassy comments and I loved the banter between all of them. Max’s attempts to explaining things to Ze and his introductions to his new life had me giggling. 

It was hard to follow at times with the many different points of view.  There were so many details included with all the varying points of view that I found myself skimming as the drawn-out inner monologue and the varying goings on of so many characters seemed to go on for pages.  It didn’t feel like this was Max and Ze’s book, it was a book for many characters.

The many other points of view and so many things going on at once took away from Max and Ze and as a whole made the experience less enjoyable than I had originally thought this book would be since I expected more romance.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book through NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This doesn’t in anyway effect my opinion of the book or my review.
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It combines Shelly Laurenstons signature humor with exciting action and a really lovely sister relationship that at times really steals the show. All the previous characters from other books make an appearance too which I loved. These sisters have each other back and really show what family is meant to be. I do love who Max is paired up with. Ze brought just as much entertainment to this book as the sisters did.

I love the MacKilligan sisters!
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This is the 3rd book in the series, I would recommend reading them in order as there are a lot of characters. Nothing  like the crazy antics of this family. Max is still bat crazy but we get a better understanding of her. Ze was a good match for her. I would of liked him to be apart  of the story more. 
Highly recommend if you like humour, vilence and a little romance.

Absolutely love this series.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance read, i voluntarily read and reviewed all opions are my own.
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Another great read from Shelly Laurenston! You really need to have read the first two books in the honey badger chronicles series to get the most out of this book. 

I will say, it's not my personal favourite of the three, but I adore Charlie and Berg and Stevie and Shen as couples, so that is not surprising. I still loved Max and Ze, though, and it was great to meet a whole host of new characters. Ze and Max as characters are both fantastic - I just didn't feel like the same focus was given to developing their relationship as the others in earlier books.

It felt a little rushed and confused in places, and a heck of a lot happens in the book, buy you still get all the laughs, ridiculousness and over the top action that I have come to expect from Laurenston. 

It felt like we met a lot of new characters in this book, and in some ways it felt more like a bridging book, opening up the series for future books, than it did a full story about Max and Ze, which I get, but was a little disappointing after the first two books in the series. I'd be inclined to give it a solid 4.5, because of this and a couple of minor mistakes (Max's mum was in a Belgian prison in earlier books, but in a Bulgarian prison in this book), but I still thoroughly recommend it as an enjoyable read
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This was probably the best book in the series yet! 

I flippin loved Max, and Ze was the epitome of an amusing cat. I liked how the book gave you the chance to revisit some of Laurenston's other characters without requiring you to have read any other book first. 

All in all, the book was hilarious, and now I need to either read it again or read another Laurenston book.
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Well, that’s was absolutely freakin awesome! Every page is exciting, funny, sexy and captivating, I love how just when you think you know where it’s going, we take a left turn and it’s just gets better and better. So looking forward to the next book.... oh did you think it was over..... nope, there is so much more crazy ass badger sisters to come!
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Badger to the Bone is just as manic and complicated as Max “Kill It Again” MacKilligan. Max has depths we haven’t plumbed to date. She is much more than a crazy killing machine. I really enjoyed seeing the multifaceted sides of Max and I think its poetic she falls for a cat. This book much like Max will leave you dizzy and wondering what hit you. I LOVED IT!
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I always enjoy Laurenston's Shifter novels.  That said, I do think that the Honey Badger books are quite chaotic just like the life of all of the MacKilligan sisters. 
This book is about the third and final(?) sister Max, of the raised in a wolf pack, rejected by all relatives, sisters MacKilligan.
The book opens with yet another angry relative trying to kill Max in The Netherlands. Max is also aware of a plot to kidnap her to try and use her against her mother who may or may not have stolen a ton of money from a known bad guy.  After fending off said relative, Max runs and jumps into the kidnappers' van much to their surprise. Taken to an undisclosed location, Max realizes that one of the "bad guys" is not human and by his scent is not actually one of the bad guy's force, he is an infiltrator.  Chaos erupts and soon Max with the aid of her basketball teammates backup eliminate said bad guys and carries off the unconscious and unknown cat shifter Ze Vargas. 
Ze awakes in a suburb in New York City, in a strange house atop a china cabinet, oh and naked except for a strategically placed towel. New to the shifter world, (as in totally unaware of it), Ze gets quite an education in the world of Bears, Big Cats, and more importantly, Honey Badgers. 
This book is filled with humor, crazy fights, and deadly sisters.  We also get a few cameo's of some of the first shifters in Laurenston's previous supernatural series, (the novels are all related in some way). 
Crazy, fun, confusing, and interesting all rolled into one, this book has the feel of the previous "Badger" books, a scirocco blowing in and blasting you all over the place.
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Badger to the Bone is my favorite book by Shelley Laurenston!   The final book in her badger trilogy takes us back into the best "unknown shifter" world out there.  Max is the oldest of the three McKilligan honey badger shifter sisters and is about to find her mate, play some basketball, battle the bad guys, and finally deal with her father while being the snarkiest, funniest badger out there.  You will not regret picking up this book!
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And this is why Shelly Laurenston is one of my favorite authors.  I have always reread her when I have been feeling sad or blue, so reading this now it is perfect.  She completely enthralls me with her characters and dialog.  They are the best!!!!!  The laughs keep coming.  The relationships are incredibly well written.  She makes you smile when you really thought you would not be smiling that day.


I have totally loved Max from her first introduction.  She is just downright crazy, and yet so logical.  Wow!  Pairing her with Ze was perfect.  That he did not know he was a cat was hilarious.  His reaction to all the unique shifter stuff was so funny.  This was such a fun book.  One question - what was up with the china cabinet??????????

Received as an ARC from Netgally.
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4.5 stars

As always, Shelly Laurenston leads the charge with plenty of humor and outrageous hi-jinks as the MacKilligan  sisters find themselves yet again in the middle of chaos. The fast pacing and action packed scene,s in conjunction with a plethora of new and old characters, will have fans will race to the end, crying with laughter the whole way. 

Badger to the Bone is Max's story; the hard core morally deficient sister whose skills in the streets are only matched by her skills on the court.  Picking up where book two left off, Max and her sisters are trying to help their uncle will get his money back while avoiding their cousin who is out to get Max. When Max rescues a handsome kitty during a botched kidnapping, she finds herself feeling rather protective of her charge, especially when she discovers he has no idea what he is. As Max and her new friend get to know one another better, war comes knocking on the McKilligan door,  Never fear through; honey badgers know there is more then one way to win the battle. They just have be the last ones standing. Be any means necessary.
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I absolutely loved Max’s story. It was great to see some of the old characters and to see some new characters that could possibly mean more books in this series. It was a little abrupt to learn about max having friends and a team given what we had seen of her in the past but overall I loved the story and the characters.
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How do I write a review for this? I've heard people say you are a Shelly Laurenston fan or you aren't. I would say I am a fan, but is everyone as confused as I am. This is my fourth book and I'm still confused. Maybe I need to read everything she's written in some sort of order. I'll check Google.

I was interested to see more of Max and see what kind of guy she ends up with. I did like getting in her head and seeing more of why she does what she does. And I'm always game for the sister relationship. Ze was an interesting character, but he wasn't as developed as I would've liked. I just wanted to know more about him and see his though processes.

There's a larger plot line to the series. Maybe multiple plots. I feel like there are plots I completely miss. And there are so many characters that I struggle to understand their respective relationships. 

But Shen. He didn't show up a ton, but I forgot how much I love him. He's such a calming presence and I want a Shen in my life.
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I am no stranger to Shelly Laurenston and the Badger community. This book did not disappoint. We get glimpses of old characters and are introduced to new characters - case in point Max's basketball team. They are amazing! What makes this book fresh and different from the other Laurenston releases is that the 'hero' has no idea that he is a shifter. Max knows instantly, but ZeZe doesn't & the mayhem takes off from there. Everyone is still after Max's dad, Charlie is still trying to manage her sisters, they're still being pursued by two homicidal aunts, and through it all Max is still playing professional shifter basketball. I enjoyed this immensely. Shelly Laurenston is a master at incorporating humor, sensuality, violence, and action into a great read.
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The third installment of the series focuses on Max, the middle sister of an unconventional set of siblings and Ze, the ex-Marine hired to kidnap her who doesn't know that he is a shifter. The actual story has so many different plots and characters in it that it can get confusing at times, but long time readers will be used to the high energy pace.  If you are a new reader, I suggest that you start from the beginning to give yourself the best shot of following along and really getting to know the sisters who are the central characters and their relationship with each other. It is heartwarming in a totally psychotic kind of way and a fun read.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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A fun great third installment to this series. I love the humor in this entire series, and this book didn't disappoint. I also enjoyed how Laurenston made Ze such a cat-like character. The only drawback was this book had a lot of storylines, making it a little bit hard to keep up a times. Still, I definitely recommend this book if you've read the first two HoneyBadger books. I think the series as a whole is great read for readers new to paranormal romance because it doesn't get too bogged down in world-building or anything. Just some nice, humorous, violent fun.
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Once again I was not disappointed by a book from this author. The laughs, the story telling, the love I have for these characters both old and new is ever growing. I could read and reread every book about these hilarious shifters and their antics all day long. There was never a dull moment and I finished the book the same day I picked it up and started reading. I didn’t stop until their were no more pages left to read. Ms. Laurenston has a way with words that just pull you right in and makes you never want to leave. There was so much action and suspense. I would def like to see these books made into a movie or tv show. I would watch it if it were. I’d def recommend this author to anyone who loves paranormal romance with a lot of laughs and butt kicking.
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Badger to the Bone by Shelly Laurenston is one trippy-snarky-hilarious addition to this awesome series. The book is outrageously funny, you'll be highly entertained by Max and her honey badger sisters. However, I have to add that this book is really light on the romance side so if you're looking into heavy sexy times between Max and ZeZé, you might be leaving disappointed. Having said that it is still a book that you must pick up and read. It will leave you in stitches.

I was given a copy by NetGalley, however the opinion above is all my own.
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