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Raising Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool

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What parent isn't looking for the cure all book where the author wrote down your thoughts, ideas while showing the parent how the can improve in a positive uplifting way.

Shantelle Bisson almost takes readers to that place.  Shantelle shows readers the "real her" with her swearing about life, experience and well kids. When it comes to swearing lets face it everyone tries hard to control those tempting words but some of us fail.  Shantelle shows us she is part of that group.  However swear words to make a point or example works but she goes over the top at times with her swearing skills.

The author spends way to much time on before kids and early baby times and races though the ages and years that most of use are looking for help in life. Toddler though teen years.

While the author gives humor to life during baby times readers looking for guidance, help and understanding in the trenches of life this author has very little direction.

Thank you to the publisher for the advance copy of Shabntelle Bission Raising your kids without losing your cool.
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Helpful parenting book! I’ve been struggling with my 4 year old and this book definitely gave me some tips for how to handle the situation betttr!
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I was really hoping to enjoy this a lot more than I did. I was very turned off by the bluntness with which Bisson presenter her views of child rearing. While I agreed with some of her ideas, it was presented in a very unlikeable way. I was also turned off by the frequent foul language. I’m not a fan of swearing in parenting or self help books. I feel like authors do it to seem relatable or like they’re just having a conversation with a friend, but it comes across as very unprofessional.
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Starting from conception, Bisson provides a guide to keep one's mindset focused on the pertinent, laying track for successes (in regards to both parent and child) down the road. 

Lots of readers might be well aware of the advice she gives (and it might mime what they'd give were they to write their own parenting book), but there's just something about reading words of support that re-kindle one's resolve--probably not too different from when you're asked to think about your own vows at a wedding you're attending, or your own spiritual relationship at a baptism. You're asked to own up to the fact that you're going to screw up, but you're also going to keep trying, giving your best and doing your part to preserve the holistic health of your family. There's a refrain in here that reminds each parent that they're not the first and only one to have a child; this, for instance, is a pretty powerful statement, often forgotten, that wields loads of wisdom.

Whether or not Bisson's approach to certain issues regarding microwaves, traveling sports teams, WiFi, etc. is your cup o' tea, there's plenty of information, most of it seemingly pulling you back toward sanity, here for you to digest. 

To sum it up, it aggregates many tips regarding raising children from birth all of the way into adulthood, many of them arguably obvious, but a quick look around--this kind of advice, while maybe well-known, isn't as implemented as it should be. 

Many thanks to NetGalley and Dundurn Press for the advance read.
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This book is an essential for all parents to keep in the arsenal. I have read so many books on parenting for many years and have raised four children and each one is very different from the other with their own personalities and quirks.
This book gave some great real time advice on how to keep your cool under pressure, especially in today's vast world of technology. 
The author was real and informative about what it is like to raise children and the struggles that parents go through.
This book is definitely a keeper in my opinion and I will be referencing back to it..
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I feel like this book could go either way. I really liked what Shantelle Bisson had to say and I found a lot of it funny and relatable. But I know it is not for everyone. I liked her different advice and how she showcased different situations too. I think a bunch of my other mom friends will like this book. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my copy of Raising Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool by Shantelle Bisson. All opinions are my own. 

I RARELY don't finish books once I get them started, and I got halfway through the introduction of this and realized I didn't like it. I could tell that I didn't agree with the author's advice and it wasn't what I was looking for, so I went ahead and gave up. Please note that I'm not trying to bash the author, because I'm a firm believer that no two parents will ever raise their children the same. It just didn't seem like the advice offered was what I needed or expect.
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I really took this book to heart,  it really spoke to me. The author was knowledgeable and had such good advice. It makes you look at it with a different perspective.
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This book literally had me laughing out loud! I absolutely loved Shantelles no BS approach to become a mother and Maintaining your sanity in those early years. From helping you understanding exactly what YOU need to look for in a doctor and how to find it, how to get on the same page as new parents, what to do when things just aren’t going your way, how to hang in there threw the “repetitive parenting years, and how to find joy in all the little struggles along the way.

I feel like I will be buying this book in bulk fur baby shower gift. There are certainly a lot of parenting books to choose from but Shantelles gots  way of putting it all in perspective and helping you find joy in the journey. Thank you for putting this beautiful guide to parenting. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 stars with a PG rating 

Thank you to netgalley, the publisher, and the author or an advanced reader copy in return for this honest review.
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Raising Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool by author Shanetelle Bisson is an informative and down to earth book that helps navigate through parenthood! Great book! 

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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