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Ahhhh this was just such a great book. I just was entranced by this story and these characters. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
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Awesome read. Will keep readers on the edge of their seats, as Cain and Ella come to find true love amidst turmoil and chaos. Filled with chaos, danger, love, turmoil with a HEA. Highly recommend for Medieval Historical Romance. Well written with impressive characters and details.  Great beginning to a new series.

Rating: 4.5
Heat rating: Mild
Reviewer: AprilR
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Loved it. Great book. I really enjoyed it. First time reading this author and I cannot say enough about Cain and Ella, two strong characters that fought the good fight but eventually lost the battle to each other. Filled with tense moments and action, made for a great overall read. 4 great starts
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You can never go wrong with a Heather McCollum Highlander Fierceness book! She writes with such amazing clarity that you feel as though you are in the castles or on the battlefield! Her Highland warrior is always tough on the exterior, but soft enough for the lassie! 

Cain Sinclair , the Chief of Clan Sinclair decides he is going to marry Ella Sutherland, the Chief of Clan Sutherland, their biggest rival. However, she doesn’t particularly like that idea and plans to put all her skills into making sure that it doesn’t happen!

This is one book that will keep you turning the pages because it has humor, romance, intrigue, battles, and murder! It also has some unwed brothers who definitely have some strong personalities and need women to guide them, possibly future books?
I definitely would recommend this book to my friends.

I received an advanced free copy from NetGalley and these are my willingly given thoughts and opinions.
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This is lowkey funny and the characters in this book surprised me a lot because they're so smart and outwits each other. However, the thing and the portrayal of the four brothers as four horsemen of the apocalypse is so cringe-y, I can't take them seriously.
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I really enjoyed this first book in the Sons of Sinclair series.
Cain Sinclair has a plan. After a battle that leaves him the new chief of his clan, he takes Ella Sutherland with the intention of marrying her in order to unite their clans peacefully.

Ella doesn't want to marry Cain. She wants to be able to return to her clan and continue to protect the secret her dying mother asked her to guard.

Cain is determined to woo her. But every step forward reveals that Ella won't be so easily won. They are both playing a long game. And when they finally give in to their attraction the lines Ella had drawn become a little fuzzy.

Their banter throughout was pretty good. The beginning was funny, especially her attempts to escape. Really enjoyable from beginning to end.
I read this in preparation for the next book in the series.
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This is an awsome start to a new series! 
We have four brothers who were raised to be feared as the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Cain is conquest and his father has drilled int0 him not only how to take care 0f his own clan when he takes 0ver, but to conquer any clan weaker than the them.

Cain and Ellas families are enemies that have been at war with each other for years.. Cain decideds that the only way to limit the blood shed would be to marry Ella and join the two clans together.. However Ella has no intention of marrying him, or giving him her clan.. 

Ella is smart and completely capable of taking care of herself and leading her people.. There is no way she is going to give in to Cain.. Even if he brings her a kitten that scratches him, or prolongs a game of chess just to keep there conversations going.. Especially not when he actually listens to her and treats her like the stong, smart, and indedependant woman she is.. 

Cain isn't quite sure how to make Ella agree to marry him... So he decides to woo her. When she continually attempts to escape instead of making him angry Cain is even more intrigued by Ella.. and more determined than ever to take over her clan and unite them under his rule.. 

I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book.. Ella and Cain were perfect for each other.. Neither were quite what they seemed.. and  them learn about each other and to trust each other was a fun adventure.. Plus there chemistry was completely explosive..

I can't wait to read about the rest of the brothers and the women that they will end up with..
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A five star read all the way! 

Give me a highlander story with a strong kick butt heroine and I am in love.  Ella is amazing and how she is introduced into the story is pure bad ass, that's the best non spoiler way to describe it for me. I just finished reading this book, in one day, and can't wait for the next one in the series. The chemistry between Ella and Cain and the internal fighting/ debating they gives such depth to both characters. I love when these stories have both POV and you really come to understand both of them. Cain is trying to find his own way has chief but still has the legend his father built around him and his brothers. The world building is great, and the little twist as the story happens makes this a very worthy five star read.
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Big fan of Heather McCollum and was super excited to read this arc. 
A great start to a new series. Those boys were raised to be thought of as the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and it was so ingrained I felt such sorrow for them. Placed into roles that may not fit them. 
I loved the strong heroine. Not only was she her clan's chief but was strong enough to kill the enemy chief. I really liked how the author kept her strong while being captured by the enemy clan and being forced into a marriage with their new chief. 
Looking forward to more from this series.
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This was a pretty good story. I’ve read a number of this author’s books and they don’t disappoint. I really liked both main characters as well as the plot. I recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This is book one in a new series by Heather McCollum. In this one we meet the 4 sons of Sinclair,. Their father has made them a legend saying that they are the 4 horseman of the apocalypse. I did like the story I thought it was well done. The only thing was I wasn’t a fan of Ella she just got on my nerves. I will be looking for more in the series.
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Received in exchange for a honest review.

Phew Cain man he had alot to learn when it came to the are of woo. Not only that but also when it came to how to treat those outside of his clan. His father had them all as these figures more than they were to outsiders that he had to remember that sometimes. He didn’t act the way you thought he would. He wasn’t arrogant or believed the hype his father threw at people. He was a man strong and loyal to his clan and his family. He was protective and smart. Gentle when need be but also he listened. He didn’t act how his father or one of his brothers did. He was level headed and didn’t want to also have to fight for things but do things in a smart way. He fought when necessary and that makes a wonderful chief. The ending was really action packed and amazing. 

Ella was feisty and stubborn. I loved how she fiercely protected her mother and the secret. She was strong and headstrong. Also smart and wicked with her tongue. She earned her respect from her people and Cain. the attraction between the two was phenomenal. Those two could light up the night with their chemistry and spark. They just needed to step back and truly see each other. In time they did as they learned about one another. Especially Cain did. He saw beyond wanting her as a wife for peace. He saw her for her loyalty and fierceness. For her intelligence and her kindness. I loved how Cain saw this and how he slowly got Ella to see him-with a kitten. 

The story was interesting and fun. The exchanges between Ella and Cain were so entertaining at first and then the heat turned on and we saw more. We saw them learn about one another and gain deep understanding and respect. They helped each other become better leaders and we see them fall in love and find a way to one another. That ending though wow just wow. I loved how Cain trusted Ella at that end and did what was right for her and for his clan. Great book.
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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

Wow, talk about enemies to lovers, Cain and Ella were so far apart in their background and upbringing, and hatred for the other's clan that you were not sure what could bring them together! Their clans had a feud going on and both the clan leaders were kind of cruel or crazy so not too sad when they were both out of the picture.

Cain had a long way to go to understand that there was more to life than what his father had planned for his sons and their lives. Almost to the end, you wondered if Cain would ever get out of his father's mindset and realize there was more to life than conquest.

Ella was such a strong woman and I loved her! She did not bow to her conquerors and stood firm in her resolve. Even after getting a bit closer to Cain, she could still see that he was "hollow" inside and the safety of her clan and family was just as important to her as Cain's need to conquer.

Really can't wait for Joshua's story and wonder what kind of woman will be able to help him overcome his demons.

Great series start!!
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This book is absolutely packed to gills with action. Heather McCollum has written a riveting adventure with an enemies to lovers twist and a hard won HEA. The storyline and characters are so well developed that I was completely hooked and couldn't put it down. This is one of those books that I will definitely be rereading in the near future! I was given this book to read and review by Netgalley. This opinion is my own and is freely and voluntarily given.
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This is the first in a new series from Heather McCollum and I can not wait to read the rest of the series. 

Ok imagine if the Hatfield and McCoy’s were Scottish, smart, funny and respectable. And Cain and Ella are the kids who fall in love but these two are actually in charge of their clan’s and by getting together they would join the Hatfield and McCoy’s… Ok that might be a bit hard to imagine but reading the story isn’t a hardship at all. 

I loved Cain and Ella. They are too funny together. Yes she is his captive hoping if they wed the clan’s will combine and belong to Cain but Ella isn’t willing to have that happen even if she is willing to have a bit of fun with Cain. 

This is just adorable. There are so many times that made me smile in this book and I just love how strong and independent Ella is. McCollum is easily one of my favorites in the Scottish Highland genre and this book just shows why. I can’t wait for the rest of the series!

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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Heather McCollum always writes a fantastic highland adventure and this is one that is even more. From start to finish i loved heverything about it.
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I highly recommend this book,  I cant wait to read more books from this author.. totally worth the ☆☆☆☆☆
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Highland Conquest is the first book in the brand-new Sons of Sinclair series. This is was a wonderful book to start the series with!  I was hooked and couldn’t put the book down from the first page.  The book started with a battle between the Sinclairs and the Sutherlands clans.  The Sinclair brothers were strong fighters and they used their reputation as the four horsemen of the apocalypse to their advantage.  Ella Sutherland was intelligent, strategic, and independent.  She became the Chief of the Sutherland Clan when her father died the year before.  She was trying to save her clan and protect their homes.  Cain Sinclair was the oldest son and had been raised knowing his duty to the clan was to conquer and unite Scotland.  The book comes alive and you feel like you have gone back in time while reading it.  This is going to be a wonderful series and now we must wait for the next book to see Joshua’s adventures.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This novel was a rather enjoyable read about two warring clans, whom have had years of hate between them. The Sinclair brothers were told by there father they are the Horsemen, each groomed based on conquest, war, famine, and death. Cain, the eldest, has been conquering to unite all of Scotland, as his father wants. However, Arabella Sutherland, the daughter of his enemy, is nothing like he expected. Ella is strong, a fighter, and clever, whom has her own secrets and scars. Cain has never had to woo a woman before, and Ella is not your typical female. Ella is resistant to Cain's advances and she begins to see two sides to him, but which side is who Cain Sinclair really is. Cain has always been told to conquer, and Ella is no exception to that. Love is not a conquest. Love is giving. Ella and Cain will both have to make choices that will affect the future of the clans, but will love been taken into account?
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Full review appeared at Reader's Edyn on 05/06/20

Arabella, Chief of the Sutherlands, is now a prisoner of her enemy, the Sinclairs. She prefers death but instead finds herself forced to marry the new Chief, Cain Sinclair, to form an alliance. Cain intends on taking over the Sutherlands and creating a stronger army and so a stronger Scotland. But Ella has secrets she must protect and she cannot allow Cain to take over her clan. Since he is the enemy, he cannot be trusted. But the more time she spends with Cain, the more her mind wars internally. The brute displays a façade of a battle-hardened destroyer to the outside, but inside she finds comfort and tenderness for her alone. Her heart longs for the glimpses of the true man that she is slowly coming to understand. Her body, a trembling mass of desire when he is near. For all their differences, there is even more that seems to be the same. She has been raised to believe one way and crushing through that belief when it has been ingrained for so long is nigh impossible to do. Before too long she and Cain are working together to find solutions to issues as they arise. And when Ella is suddenly handed back her power to make a choice, will her time with Cain have been enough to persuade her to choose love?

Cain Sinclair has just taken over as Chief of his clan; a role he has been groomed for since birth. When the clever, tempting, intriguing Chief of the Sutherlands succeeds in killing his father, he really has no choice but to retaliate. Wars are won and lost, but Cain has yet to lose. And suddenly he refuses to lose Ella, taking her hostage and forcing her into marriage with him. The plan makes sense, but Cain also longs for Ella to come to him of her own volition and sets out to woo the woman who has captured his heart. Much has occurred since their first meeting so many years ago, but he never forgot her. Now that his father’s brutal reign has come to an end, Cain is free to rule as he desires. Firm, yet fair. He only hopes he can convince Ella to rule at his side. The beauty has survived a horrific childhood at the hands of her father and now having attained her own level of freedom, capitulating in deference to Cain will be a hard-fought battle. But just as Ella has to make her own mind up and rectify what she has been brought up to believe versus what she has discovered to be the truth while inside the inner sanctum of the Sinclairs, so does Cain have much to learn and implement if he is to ever have the slightest chance of possessing Ella’s heart. Her love, freely given, is his greatest desire.

Am I ever a sucker for Scottish HR! Not to say that I am guaranteed to love every one I come across, but what a beautifully told story of two fierce hearts in their journey to realizing that their strength is in one another; survivors who refuse to fail for fear of losing everything they hold dear. Both of them almost too intelligent for their own good, shrouded in secrecy and legend, neither understanding that at checkmate their end games are one and the same. Cain is a planner, never making a move in any aspect of life without carefully considering each move. He is also crazy insightful and picks up on the smallest of details to easily deduce the truth of what others might attempt to keep hidden. Ella may have not been born a male heir and incurred the wrath of her father on many occasions, but she also learned to survive. Taught and trained by her mother and trusted friend, when it came time for her to prove her worth and ability in leading her people, she flourished further into the strong, capable, confident woman that she is. As you can imagine, for a leader giving orders to protect his people, especially those he cared for, his dictates to Ella continually went unheeded. A Chief herself, taking orders wasn’t exactly a strength. There was a whole lot of push and pull with Cain ultimately allowing a lot more lead when dealing with Ella while she continued to balk at every turn. Fervently wishing for Cain to seek her counsel and simply listen to her ideas, she also has an extremely difficult time reconciling Cain the horseman with Cain the man. Given their harsh upbringings, it isn’t difficult to understand the internal struggle that almost immediately ensues. But Ella and Cain have a shared love for animals and ultimately it is that shared passion that initially begins to chink away at the armor of protection.

There is also another example of just how different two people can be raised and how it ultimately affects their ability to cope in life. Ella’s mother had ensured she would be prepared for success even though she was a female and never even considered to rule her people in her father’s eyes. He was cruel and abusive toward her. In glaring contrast was Hannah, Cain’s sister. Also born a female and labeled useless by their father, she was basically ignored as if she never existed. Never given a purpose or even a job to do, she was ill-prepared for life. So when she is faced with having to make some decisions for herself, she makes serious mistakes. With Cain’s sire obsessed with the legend he spewed, identifying his four sons as the Four Horsemen from Revelations, a female child held no place in his plans. But things are not always as they seem and while the myth of retribution suits this family well, each brother holds his own feelings regarding their roles within the lore. Additionally, each of the two families has their own closely guarded secrets. It isn’t until they begin to trust one another that they begin the path toward healing.

The final scene in this book is nothing short of spectacular. Although it was reminiscent of the Crocodile Dundee subway scene. LOL Regardless, the entire thing played out like a movie in my head. The entire book did, in fact. From the initial battle scene, all the way through until the end. I could easily see this book made into a movie. The best thing about this book is that it is far from over as the first in a series. Cain has three other brothers who are just as intriguing. They are very similar and yet couldn’t be more dissimilar from one another. I sincerely look forward to seeing how all of their stories play out. As for this book, it is a wonderful beginning to a promising new series. Enemies to lovers – extremely well written – action-packed – scorching passion – captivating from start to finish! This may have been merely my second foray into the work of Ms. McCollum, but I am determined to devour many more reads by this fabulous author! Any fan of Scottish HR is sure to be pleased by this enchanting tale!

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