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I am so upset I waited so long to read this book! Though I have to admit, I don't know how well it would have worked for me in the middle of 2020!

I love a grumpy hero, especially one that gets so worked up he punches a wall when the heroine is in danger! Roman was the perfect balance of alpha-hero and supportive of Isabel. Isabel was a little waify and insecure for me, though she did grow and work through that a bit as the story went on. I loved the side characters, and while I could see where the ending was going I still enjoyed getting there!

This can definitely be read as a standalone, though you know it's a good book when you want to keep reading more! I haven't read the other books in this series but this made me want to go back and read them, and I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that Jaz and Tank get their book next, and maybe even Nat and King. Count me in for those stories for sure!
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With this story's plot being about a deadly virus that was stolen, it is impossible not to think of current conditions in today's world. Fatal Deception is the exciting third book in the Steele Ops series. April Hunt did not misss a beat with this story, and I love that my attention was snagged from beginning to end. 

As has been mentioned, this thrilling book is about a stolen virus. Admittedly not the easiest book to read during a pandenic. No worries, however, as April Hunt is an excellent author who wrote a relatable story, but no fear was instilled in me as I read it. Instead, I was able to enjoy the drama involved in the story, as well as the characters who played their parts.

I so enjoy romantic suspense. In this case with the third of the Steele brothers having a story, I was pleasantly entertained. Whether it was the mystery at hand or the romance developing, the story was well developed and kept my interest from beginning to end.

One thing that made this book so compelling is the fact that both of the primary protagonists, Rowan and Isabel had PTSD and survivor's guilt (trigger warning) in common. Add to the fact that Rowan had previously lost his leg gave these characters fabulous depth, and this only made a good story that much better. Also, the continuity that comes with recurring characters was an extra bonus. I don't know what else is in store for this series, but I cannot wait to find out so that I can read it.

Many thanks to Forever and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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Fatal Deception had a great mix of romance, action, and mystery. I appreciate the fast-paced nature of this book because it made me want to keep reading. This story does have a potential pandemic outbreak, so for some, that could be too real right now. The romance was steamy and I’m here for it! Overall, I enjoyed this adventure. 

Thank you to Forever Publishing for his gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to @readforeverpub for a copy of this book. With our current real life COVID virus, I have been hesitant to pick this up. I am glad I finally did - this book took me for a ride! I don’t read much in romantic suspense and this book held my interest right from the first chapter. I love that Hunt featured a veteran with a prosthetic leg and is active but was still a little insecure. I love how tension was between Isabel and Roman. I love the pacing of the book and read this so quickly.
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Criminals have stolen a deadly virus from the lab Isabel works at and if it gets out in the public it can be devastating. Especially since there isn't a cure yet. Now her safety is on the line by these criminals and is now under the protection of Roman Steele but when this virus breaks out in a small down Isabel knows shes got to be there to help and keep things to a minimum. Clearly this criminal has bigger plans and has no intention of leaving Isabel alone. Roman will help in whatever way he can because her safety is a priority being that she and a small number of people know how to contain this virus situation. 

I really enjoyed this book. There was so much going on to keep any readers interested. There the whole mess of a possible deadly virus outbreak and if not contained it can be a real problem especially out a cure. The criminals were also making it more of an issue when they keep popping up messing with Isabelle and not disappearing they keep making their presence known and there is no telling what they will do with her. Then there is the whole romance aspect between Isabelle and Roman there is clearly some attraction between eachother. With plenty to keep the readers hooked this book made it to just binge read, and ignore my life for a bit of time and I really enjoyed myself reading this.
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Such a fun and exciting read!  The action was packed, the romance was fierce, and the hero - SWOON!  Definitely enjoyed every bit of this read.
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First off a big thank you to the publishers Forever, Grand Central Publishing , as well as the author April Hunt , and NetGalley for letting me read and review it as well as another thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy of it .As soon as I found out about this book there was no holding back, because this is one of my all time favorite series, a series I can't wait to set down and re read them  as soon as I can and yes I am one of those people who love to re read books or even series that is my all time favorite ,as soon as I found out about this book I was excited because it was and is one of my most anticipated reads for 2020 but sadly I just didn't get to it with how crazy everything was , and with my reading kind of dropping , but I'm so glad that this year I picked it up to read because it reminding me why I love this series and these characters so much. And even though it deals with a hard topic I love how April Hunt brings to life how and why Bio terrorism needs to be put a stop to , she also brings to life how hard the scientists and doctors work to find the cure for this diseases as well as how hard they work to study them at their one risk. And her hard work paid off, right from the start I was hooked and didn't even want to put the book down, I loved the inter action between the friends and family of Steel and the inter action between out two main  characters Roman and Isabel.With that said I hope there will be more to this series to read and fall in love with .
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Complementary copy given for honest review and opinion. This book was one of my favorites. I loved the mystery and the romantic premise. It was an interesting read with COVID pandemic issues going on. I would absolutely recommend this book.
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Omg. In love with this book and series!  Another fast paced romantic suspense that was always surprising you!  Amazing job. So loved the chemistry between the characters!
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Fatal Deception (Steele Ops #3). By April Hunt. 2020. Forever (ARC eBook).

Fatal Deception starts off with vials of FU-5, a virus as deadly as Ebola, being stolen at gunpoint by masked men. How did the criminals know about the secret high-level clearance lab? How did they know about the virus? And is the world looking at a bioterroism act in the near future? When Steele Ops operative, Roman Steele, investigate, he suspects an inside job. Who better than the lead virologist, Isabel Santiago to pull this heist off?

This was my introduction to Hunt and the Steele Ops series. While an interesting premise, once Isabel and Roman start sharing the scenes, I found the action and banter boring, and both of them having a Martyr Complex was overdone. The villain made what seemed like too many ham-fisted blunders in very delicate situations that should have tipped the heroes off. I might try the first and second book of the series, but Fatal Deception wasn’t a hit for me.
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Man, I am so let down! I gave the previous book in April Hunt’s Steel Ops series five stars, but sadly, FATAL DECEPTION didn’t work for me. The plot follows a virologist heroine (yay, STEM heroines!) after her lab is broken into and bad guys steal a deadly virus – the hero is part of a team hired to get the virus back. I love romantic suspense novels, but amid all the COVID-19 craziness, the plot was really triggering for me. So, CW – pandemic? Yes, the plot is explained in the synopsis, but all the quarantine and isolation discussed in this book made me way sadder than I expected and took me out of the story.

In addition to the overarching plotline, the story felt disjointed. There were lots of unnecessary setting changes that didn’t add to my enjoyment of the story or the characters’ development. I mean, sure, the heroine going home to her grandfather’s ranch to warn him in person that bad guys are chasing her and might be chasing him too? That makes SO much sense. Plus, the messy dead fiancé angle made the plot much more convoluted than it needed to be. I probably could have gotten through those parts… except the last 10% ruined it for me. It felt completely unnecessary and made me sad and uncomfortable. I actively hated the turn the plot took. As I mentioned, I think my feelings were mainly situational-related, but I still loathed that part.

There were a few silver linings in the book. First, April Hunt is a good writer! I still really enjoy the cast of characters she has created within this series. The banter, danger, and jokes between the Ops guys remind me of Maya Banks’ KGI series (love!). I liked the hero’s irreverent friend and hope he gets a book!

Overall, the book was almost a complete bust for me, but I have high hopes for the rest of the series.

**I received a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review**
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I know it's weird but in this time of the pandemic, I am really enjoying these outbreak romances. I have been waiting so patiently for Roman's story and it was so worth it. It's a great story with some awesome action. Loved the connection Roman and Isabel had, enjoyable story great writing. April Hunt has not written a book that I didn't like.
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I enjoyed this fast-paced romantic suspense novel about a scientist, Isabel, and her ex-military security expert bodyguard, Roman. Isabel is one of the few scientists researching a deadly virus more dangerous than Ebola when the unthinkable happens. It's stolen from the lab and if it's weaponized it will kill millions of people. Now it's up to Isabel and Roman, and his security team, to get it back safely. Lots of action and romance make this a great read. Recommended.
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I really enjoyed this!

first off this is the 3rd book in a series that being said I didn't feel lost or like I needed to read the first two before hand.

This follows Roman and Isabel and is duel pov while i loved both characters,i usually end up liking the hero the most but Isabel is a strong bad ass & i loved her! 
this story is about a virus being released - so probably not the best idea to read this during a pandemic but i will be going back and reading the previous books and continuing with the series.
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FATAL DECEPTION is the third instalment in April Hunt’s contemporary, adult STEEL OPS erotic, romantic suspense series focusing on the team at Steele Ops, owned and operated by the Steele Siblings. This is thirty-two year old, US war veteran Roman Steele, and thirty-one year old,  doctor and virologist Dr. Isabel Santiago’s story line. FATAL DECEPTION can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Isabel and Roman) FATAL DECEPTION follows in the aftermath of a break-in and theft at the Tru Tech Lab.  The FC-5 virus was stolen, and with it the possibility of biological warfare with the potential to wipe out millions of people. As the primary researcher at Tru Tech Lab, thirty-one year old, doctor/virologist Dr. Isabel Santiago finds herself on the defensive when the team at Steele Ops but most especially Roman Steele, lay blame for the theft at our heroine’s feet. A mysterious outbreak of potential cases of FC-5 has been reported in a small village in Alaska, and the team at Steele Ops along with Isabel Santiago fly out to uncover the truth, and in doing so track down the people responsible for the deadly theft. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Isabel and Roman, and the potential fall-out as Roman struggles with demons from the past, and the virus is about to get up close and personal with the team of investigators.

Isabel Santiago finds herself the target of the people responsible for the theft of FC-5 but our heroine, along with the team at Steele Ops are in the dark as to the who, what and why of the attacks on Isabel Santiago. Roman Steele continues to struggle in the aftermath of the war that changed the direction of his life but his struggle comes home when he finds himself falling for a woman who knows about loss as much as our hero.

The relationship between Roman and Isabel begins acrimoniously as Roman’s attitude and alpha-behavior directed towards our story line heroine. The team at Steele Ops suspects there is a sexual attraction between Isabel and Roman but Roman refuses to give in or admit he may be falling in love. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

We are reintroduced to Steele Ops team: former Army Ranger Knox Steele and girlfriend Zoey Wright, retired Navy man Liam Steele , retired Marine Ryder Steele; FBI profiler Grace Steele and US Army Ranger / police officer Cade Wright; Hunter ‘Tank’ Dawson; former Marine sniper Jaz Curva;  along with their mother Cindy Steele; Isabel’s grandfather Carlos Santiago; doctoral student Maddy Calhoun, and Isabel’s mentor Anthony ‘Tony’ Winter. The requisite evil has many faces.

FATAL DECEPTION is a story of betrayal and vengeance; power and control; secrets, lies, desperation and love. The premise is intriguing and suspenseful; the romance is seductive and captivating; the characters are energetic, charismatic and colorful.





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Fatal Deception 🦠

My love for April Hunt continues!
Thanks to my friends over at @readforeverpub for sending me a copy! #partner

Reasons I love April Hunts writing:
1. She is a nurse and always gives a shout out to fellow nurses at the beginning of her books
2. The suspense romance aspect of her writing is SO addictive
3. The steam level of her books is righhhhht up my alley
4. Her books are easily binge-able and you can read them in one sitting with a steaming cup of coffee (or a bottle of wine let’s be real)

Talk about taking a suspense romance and having its theme based around a potential pandemic during these times is HARD but let me tell you April does it perfectly! This book made me so proud to be a frontline worker and made me want to go out and fight the bad guys (aka COVID). The romance aspect was spicy as hell and kept the book going full steam ahead. And y’all know I loveeee a hunk of a main character! Any time I put this book down I kept thinking about it and how I was so anxious to see how everything played out!
Thanks again to @readforeverpub for a copy of this new romantic suspense!
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April Hunt is back with the third book in her Steele Ops series with FATAL DECEPTION. And what better time than November to read about a hunky, cranky veteran who doesn’t like dealing with people, having to do just that. I mean, hello Thanksgiving and crazy Aunt Martha, right? Hunt has scripted a ripped-from-the-headlines kind of tale that’s plausibility makes it all the more nerve-wracking. High security labs and viruses; brilliant scientists and brave veterans; PTSD and bioweapons. Once it starts, it never stops.  

Dr. Isabel Santiago’s lab handled a viral load that could “jumpstart the worst pandemic the world had ever seen,” and being that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, we know that’s not an idle threat. But when her lab is stormed by masked gunmen demanding something called FC-5, she faces the very real threat of taking an ink pen to a gun fight. Thank god for security specialists like Roman Steele and his Steel Ops organization. When they arrive at Tru Tech Industries, the lab’s in a tizzy because not only was the virus stolen, but there’s no record of the bioterrorists even leaving the building. 

In a time when he fought to breathe, she made each breath come easier. When he couldn’t see even two feet into his future, she lit up the way like a beacon.

Isa and Roman are equally important to the story; they’re both intelligent and capable. Both reticent and slow to let down their guard with one another. Both flawed, yet mature and smart enough to know when to listen to their hearts.

I tell you, this story just gets better and better with every chapter, every layer of lies and deceit and danger. The plot, coupled with Hunt’s terrific character development and growth, and the pace of the action, this is easily one of my top ten books this year. Really, y’all, this is the very reason I read romantic suspense. 

*Originally published at Frolic:
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Roman Steele learned a hard lesson about trusting others. While serving his country, he put his faith in the wrong person and lost a leg for his loyalty. So far, civilian life suits him---as long as he doesn't have to deal with anyone. But when he's called in to investigate a break-in at a high-security lab, he finds himself butting heads with the lead virologist, a woman as infuriating as she is beautiful.
When criminals break into Isabel Santiago's lab and steal a deadly virus, she's desperate to find the culprits before they turn her research into a weapon.
Oh crap does this keep you on your toes. Especially with the pandemic going on now and Covid19. Just when I thought I knew who was behind the virus, it threw me for a loop. I was wrong.
Thanks to Forever and NetGalley for the ARC to review.
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Someone has stolen a deadly virus from Isabels lab. Roman is sent in to figure out how they got into a highly secure lab and out with no interference. The quest for the deadly virus sends the two of them on a hunt that could cost them their lives, and maybe a love neither thought they would ever find!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own
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I love April Hunt and this series. 
I was a wee bit hesitant to read this as, well, Covid. However, despite the similar threat of a virus I was able to differentiate between them well. That allowed me to really enjoy this story.
I've been waiting for Roman Steel's book since the beginning. Loved him. I love the relationship between all the Steele brothers and the other employees of Steele Ops and would love to have their stories told. 
I would have liked a bit more action in this but that could have been me at the time of reading. It's funny because I am a huge romance reader but am an action movie fan. So when it comes to romantic suspense I like a lot of action, fighting and bombs and gunfights and.....that stuff.
Isabel was a likable character and I enjoyed reading a heroine who is so science minded.
Will read anything April Hunt releases.
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