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The Out Crowd is a relevant and engaging read about life in high school. It's well thought out and thought-provoking. A read that both younger and older readers can enjoy.
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Most high schools now don't have a rigid social structure as portrayed in the novel but instead, have a fluid hierarchy that isn't how it is shown in the book,  instead of football stars at the top it is academically inclined students. Although this book captures the essence of high school it isn't the most relatable as it has an outdated view on the social hierarchy of high schools. Although I enjoyed the content purely as entertainment it was obvious that the author doesn't understand high schoolers and how they are currently and instead is living in the past when stuff like football and cheer were the epitome of popularity.
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DNF'd at 50% because of bad grammar, sentences that went nowhere, and just the utter stupidity of this story. I think the author was aiming for satire, but it actually takes some skill to accomplish that. This was just plain bad. It reads like a middle schooler wrote it, but with the baggage of an adult who still hasn't processed their own bad high school experience.
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Despite being a short book, it took me a long time to read it.
The characters are horrible, unscrupulous and as they call others: toxic.
This book takes place in a High School where In Crowd are popular students, namely football players and cheerleaders, and Out Crowd are the rest. After an event, In Crowd starts calling Out Crowd toxic when they were seen or heard saying something they didn't like about them. Even having the school newspaper come to be about it, saying who was toxic and containing only gossip columns.
One of the things that upset me was the fact that the school principal and other adults were bribed by the cheerleader's father and let the In Crowd do everything they wanted, including bullying both physically and psychologically against "addicts".
I found the book futile and unrealistic because at the age of the protagonists, a person is already more aware of what he does and is not as manipulable.
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Unfortunately, I was not a big fan of this book. The message the author wants to share is very worthy, but the idea is taken down a "reductio ad absurdum" route in this story, and there is no fun element to engage young people with the characters and storyline to help them 'buy into' the moral. The writing is clunky and belaboured and overall, not something I could recommend.
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The Out Crowd is a very fun young adult read dealing with the social climate of high schools in the present day. I thought this was a nice read, although I did struggle to get through the whole book as I didn't feel that I was fully engaged throughout. 

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