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I had a few minor issues with the book, but overall I think it's a good start to a cozy series! The main character is well-written and definitely relatable. I didn't see the villain coming until the book was right on top of the reveal, which is a huge plus for me since most of the time I can see them coming.

Also, honestly I'm a sucker for mysteries that take place in a bookshop. If you're a sucker like me, definitely read the book. I look forward to more books in the series.

(But please author, stop using the word "Gads". It's just weird!)
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A great who donut book! Jenna goes to help her uncle at his book store only to find him dead. Short and simple synopsis. This is the first book in the series and I look forward to the next one.
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This is the first book Antique Bookshop Mystery series by Laura Gail Black, and I am looking forward to more in this series. Jenna Quinn is trying to forget her past, but people are not making it easy for her, so her uncle suggests that she come visit him and help out in his bookshop. But when Jenna gets there she finds her uncle dead. This leads the cops to think that she murdered her uncle, it also does't help that he left her as the sole benefactor of his bookshop, and his money- a total of of millions of dollars. I wasn't a fan of the good cop, bad cop- especially  since the bad cop was just so horrible it took away from the storyline. I did enjoy the book and did not figure out who the murderer was till the end.
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I received this Arc from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
I throughly enjoyed reading For Whom the Book Tolls! When Jennas uncle invites her to stay with him and help him run his book store it seemed like the perfect time to say yes. Jenna arrives in the early early morning hours and assumes her uncle is asleep. When she wakes up the next morning she finds his body at the bottom of the stairs leading from his upstairs apartment to the bookstore. When the police are called she is immediately a suspect, made even more so when she finds out that her uncle has left her basially everything he had including the bookstore. 
I love books that have bookstore in them. They mystery was done very well.. I had a suspect early on, then changed it to someone else.. However then that guy ends up dead.. I didn't end up figuring out what was really going on until it was revealed in the story. I loved all the characters and will definitely be buying this book when its released, and continueing on with this series..
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I loved this new series with interesting characters, interesting town and several 'second-chances'.  

Jenna Quinn is someone that I could 'root for' as I kept finding myself hoping that things would settle down for her.  I love that most of her neighbors seem ready to accept and believe in her.

The mystery is well-developed and certainly has some twist and turns to keep it interesting.  This kept me reading very late into the night.
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This is the first book in the Antique Bookshop Mystery series by author Laura Gail Black and I found it to be a good start.  What drew me to this particular book was the vibrant color and the fact it was centered around a bookstore.  As an avid reader, any cozy mystery involving libraries, book stores or book retreats are an automatic try for me.

Jenna Quinn is an interesting character.  She comes to Hokes Folly hoping to leave a painful period in her life behind her only be the person to find the dead body of her uncle at the bottom of the stairs in his apartment.  Automatically, she is considered the chief suspect by a detective who I found to be too lazy to do his job so he looked for the easy way out.  I liked that Jenna stood up for herself and decided, with the help of some good secondary characters, to try and find out what happened to her uncle.  The cast of secondary characters is diverse, but not too many to overwhelm or to leave room for new ones to join in future books.  There is a bit of romance blossoming for Jenna with a local police officer, who doesn't think she killed her uncle.  This was the one part of the story that felt a little too soon for me.  I would have also liked some resolution to Jenna's past problems in Charlotte that led her to take up her uncle's offer to come to Hokes Folly.

The mystery carries throughout the entire story.  There were a good number of suspects to choose from and it took a bit to determine just exactly what Jenna's uncle was killed for.  I was surprised that I was able to guess the identity of the killer and a partial motive.  Maybe, just maybe, I'm getting better at solving crime (doubtful).  It didn't detract from the enjoyment of the story and it is always fun to see how the author has the protagonist discover whodunit.

This was a solid start to a new series and I think I would like to see where the author takes the characters in future books.

I voluntarily read a digital advanced reader copy provided to me by the publisher, Crooked Lane Books, through Netgalley.
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In Her Shadow
Kristin Miller

Colleen feels all her wishes and dreams have come true. She has a man who loves her, she is carrying his child and he going to provide a home for them all.  Her life is going to be perfect or so she thinks. 
She has a beautiful mansion to live in, servants to do the cooking and cleaning and all she is required to do is rest. What more could she want? It should be perfect but it’s not.  All she hears is how wonderful the missing wife was and how she was so loved. Colleen wants to be loved too but it is hard to feel loved when you are living in the shadow of another person.  It seems everyone resents her. There are secrets that she is not privy to, rooms that are locked and then when a body is found near the house things begin to get scary.
A chilling, suspense filled book that will hold you until the shocking end.
Don’t pass this one up!
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With nothing left her her in Charlotte, Jenna accepts her uncle's invitation to stay with him for a while in Hokes Folly. Before she can even get settled, she finds him unresponsive at the base of the stairs that connects his bookstore to his apartment. 

Before Jenna has time to grieve, she learns she is her uncle's beneficiary. He left her the bookstore, apartment and a large sum of money. But when a second man ends up dead, Jenna becomes the prime suspect in both murders. As Jenna gets acquainted with Hokes Folly, she realises she needs to find her  uncle's murderer or her time in Hokes Folly will be a repeat of the last few months in Charlotte. 

For Whom the Book Tolls was a decent whodunnit mystery but also a little predictable. The characters were pleasant but development was lacking and they were not as complex as I would have liked. My favourite thing about this book was the use of setting. Every building and even the town itself played a role in the story. 

My main issue with this book is a line about "druggies" while it doesn't affect the overall story I was bothered with the lazy generalization and depiction of drug users. There are better ways to mention and include potential negatives about drug use without speaking negatively about the users.
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For Whom the Book Tolls will intrigue you and entertain you. Lots of twist will keep you guessing who dun it. The characters will keep you interested in their thinking and actions.
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Cozy mystery...bookstore...what is there to not love? When Jenna's uncle is found dead the morning after she arrives, she sets out to solve the mystery. Filled with twists and turns sure to entertain most readers, this book is a definite hit.

Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the opportunity to read an advance reading copy.
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This was a very entertaining cozy mystery set in a quaint little antique bookstore. This book has plenty of mystery and lovable characters and it is a wonderful beginning to a new new series. I just love cozy mysteries an this one does not disappoint. I really look forward to any other additions to the series.
I received this book from NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for an honest review.
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Jenna Quinn has come to stay with her uncle she hasn’t seen in years to get back on her feet after her life fell apart. Life isn’t coming together just yet as the morning after her arrival she finds her uncle at the bottom of the stairs.

The police officers that come on to the scene are quick to assume foul play. I guess that’s their job, but the question of could this be an accident is not even raised. Jenna then learns she is her uncle’s sole heir and now the proud owner of his antiques bookstore.

Jenna isn’t even sure she wants to stay in Hokes Folley, but first she’s got to find out who killed her uncle, ‘cause one of the detective’s keeps throwing scenarios at her where she is the murderer and she can’t go through that all again.

I liked this book okay. It’s well-written but slow paced. The characters are believable and (very important) there aren’t too many of them. It was an enjoyable read, but I wasn’t thrilled by this book.
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Laura Gail Black 
For whom the book tolls.
I enjoyed this entertaining mystery love the Antique book shop setting.
The cover is beautifully designed which also drew me to this first book.
 Uncle  Paul come to Jenna’s rescue just at the right time and invite Jenna top help in he’s antique book shop.
Then the mystery starts. Uncle Paul is found murder next day and poor Jenna is the prime suspect.
Fun to read Also great characters ,and  cleverly plotted.
Many thanks to crooked Lane books and NetGalley for given me a chance to read and review this book.
Definitely recommend.
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An entertaining cozy mystery set in a book lovers world!  First in a new series and Laura Gail Black has given us an a great cast of characters set in a well defined community that will provide many more chapters for us to enjoy.
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When I describe this book as "cosy," it's intended as a compliment.  And Jenna is a fabulous character, even if... well, calling her a "Jonah" might be a little over-dramatic. But you really wouldn't want to hang out with her for too long, not with the sort of luck she attracts..

That aside, books about bookshops are almost always delightful, and the one that takes centre-stage in this story is no exception. Neither are the flow of characters who weave in and around Jenna's strange little world. And with a mystery to solve as well?  Reader and protagonist alike have a delightful puzzle on their hands...
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Fantastic start to a new series! 
As always, I am a huge fan of cozies set in my dream life: small town, cute business (in this case- an antique bookstore), with smart and likeable characters.  For Whom the Book Tolls hits it right on the head for me.  I really, really enjoyed this one and can't wait to see what else Laura Gail Black brings in her next books!
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This is a great start to a new series. I really liked Jenna and the small town setting, as well as the antique bookstore.  There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. 
Many thanks to Crooked Lane Books and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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It’s not looking good for young Jenna Quinn. Newly arrived at a small North Carolina town at her Uncle Paul’s invitation, Jenna finds her uncle dead in his antique bookstore. Jenna’s the prime suspect. It looks even worse when the police find out she’s just beaten an embezzlement/murder rap and is the primary beneficiary of her uncle’s will. Uncle Paul not only named her the new owner of Baxter Books Emporium, he also left her a lot of dough.

But something doesn’t add up about Uncle Paul's death. Jenna wants to redo the math almost as much as someone else wants her dead. Can the recently jilted, ex-accountant uncover obscure clues from another century and discover a hidden treasure before the killer does? Can Jenna stay ahead of the local gum shoes? Will her broken heart ever mend?

Packed with enough plot twists to rival the tilt-a-whirl at the county fair, For Whom the Book Tolls is an engaging, entertaining read. Nimbly paced, the writing is also top-notch. It includes vivacious, three-dimensional characters, credible dialogue and rich descriptions of an historic downtown district, lawyers’ offices, and the secret passageways, opulent lobby and dining hall of a 1900s-era inn. 

The story is lithe and lively, with generous doses of dry humor and rapier wit. Readers will find themselves quickly draw into Jenna’s labyrinthian maze of suspects, motives, death threats, hidden treasure, blackberry cobbler, and attic squirrels.

Subtle clues are also woven into the story, alerting readers to possible suspects without giving anything away. Suspense is maintained throughout, keeping readers guessing until the final pages.

Anyone who relishes a clean, clever murder mystery will enjoy this book. Simply delicious. 

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I really wanted to like this book, I love a cosy murder mystery and the premise really interested me but I just found it a little slow. I do not know why the book has so many pages and could do with being editted down.

There were a few red herrings but I felt it was very obvious who dunnit which was a shame. I felt it was a little lazy in the writing and the characters constantly repeating themselves really irked me.

Unfortunately I won't be recommending the book but thank you for providing me with am arc.
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I loved this setting of this story, and it had me gripped from the start. 
So many different twists and turns, and really likeable characters. I've found myself wishingI could visit the location, the author describes it so nicely.
I'll definitely be following this series!
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