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I thoroughly enjoyed the writing in this book. I cried alot through this book but I enjoyed it. The bond between the sisters was amazing. As well as the friendship of the main character. The romance was secondary but important as well. I would recommend this book to everyone but have tissues ready.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I really wanted to like this book as I have read tons of inspirational books but, this was too preachy for me. This book had a lot of scripture and was too religious for me.
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Pat Simmons has written another great story.  Readers are taken on a journey of Rachel’s time of being a caregiver to needing a caregiver. I found myself laughing one moment and crying the next. Ms. Simmons has the unique skill of drawing her readers into the story. I LOVED Rachel and Nicholas’ story. Looking forward to her next release.
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Really wanted to enjoy this one. Although I usually have no problem reading faith-based stories, this one just felt too heavily rooted in religion and especially scripture, and my slant is more the spiritual and faith-y rather than actual scripture. Sadly, I just couldn't get into it - my bad, though.
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If you are a fan of Christian fiction, I recommend Here for You by Pat Simmons. A tender and hearfelt read focusing on Rachel's story. Every caregiver needs care, and Nicholas is that for her.  A beautiful story of community and family.  I am looking forward to book 3.
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This was a great read by Pat Simmons. Sometimes in life, the caregiver needs to be taken care of and ministered to. Three sisters take turns taking care of their Aunt Tweet who was like a mother to them and who passes away from Alzheimer's. One of the sisters gives her life to the Lord as she's grieving the loss of her aunt. She later finds out she is sick. This story is well written and definitely a page-turner.
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This is book 2 in the Family is Forever series.  It is Christian fiction and an enjoyable read.   This is Rachel's story as she and her sisters care for their elderly aunt who is stricken with Alzheimer's disease.  Have you box of Kleenex ready.  Nicholas is the pastor at Aunt Tweets church but realizes that Rachel is the one in need of help and comfort as caretaker.  A good story of community and friendship.  Looking forward to book 3.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Here for You by Pat Simmons is a great addition to the Simmons' Caregivers series. I featured it as Book of the Day on my social media platforms, included it in a roundup of new releases on my blog and interviewed the author for my blog.
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Here for You is the second book in the Family is Forever series, but I found it to be good as a stand-alone.  The book was full of emotions and the characters seemed so real.  One minute I was happy and the next I was crying.  The book was beautifully written, and the author did a great job getting across the feelings that family members have when a loved one has Alzheimer’s or cancer.  The Knicely’s friends and family gave Rachel so much love and support as she went through her chemo.  It was a heartwarming book to read.
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In the second book to this series, Pat Simmons takes you on an emotional journey that will keep you wondering what will happen next all the way to the end.  Aunt Tweet has been in the Knicley's girls lives since the beginning.  The three of them decide to take care of their elderly aunt, who has been afflicted with Alzheimer's.  Rachel is the baby of the family, and her turn is up.  While she is trying to keep her mind from going crazy, she meets Nicholas Adams, a minister sent to pray for her and her aunt.  As time passes and they start to get close, something happens that rocks the faith of everyone involved.  At this point, only God can help.  But is his will for them to be together, or is one of them on a temporary assignment?

You will need tissue while reading this book.  Not only was this an emotional and tear jerking read, it was nice to see an update to some of the characters in the first book.  Pat  has a way of drawing you in from the very beginning until you don't want to stop reading. Very well done job

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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Loved this tender love story that starts when Rachel and Nicolas meet because Rachel's sister requested a Minister to pray with their Aunt Tweet who was dying of Dementia.  I loved the heartwarming relationship Rachel had with her family, best friend, and Nicolas. The story was full of emotion and the ups and downs of going through life's trials.  It was very uplifting and inspirational with the message that prayer helps endure the rough times in life. I also appreciated the way Nicolas cared for Rachel.  It was a great example of how a man should treat the woman his loves. This is the perfect book for a reader that enjoys a great love story!
Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the ARC in exchange for my honest review!
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REVIEWER - Wayne Jordan

HERE FOR YOU is the worthy follow-up to Pat Simmons’s LEAN ON ME and is the second book in her Family is Forever Series. The story is a wonderful story of faith, family and love, and focuses on Rachel, the second Knicely sister. It’s Rachel’s sixth month period to be the caregiver of her Aunt Tweet who is suffering from dementia. Her beloved aunt’s diagnosis has devastated her and becomes more real when she witnesses first-hand her aunt’s inevitable deterioration. However, this situation brings Nicholas into her life.

Rachel and Nicholas are totally opposites. She is the ambitious, outgoing party girl while Nicholas is a considerate gentle individual focused on his commitment to God and helping others. The attraction between the two is immediate, but both are cautious; especially Rachel, who thinks that Nicholas is motivated by his desire to help her aunt. But eventually, she realizes that he is as attracted to her as she is to him.

Experiencing the growth of the relationships is endearing and Rachel’s eagerness to learn and experience the Word gives the relationship a good start. However, Ms. Simmons shows that Christian relationships have their challenges too, and that the road to love is not always easy. This becomes obvious when Rachel has to deal with a health issue. It is Nicholas’s faith and his strength of character that helps Rachel on this difficult road.

There are many aspects of HERE FOR YOU which are wonderfully written. The story takes a real look at the effects of illness on an individual and the importance of family during these difficult times. This sense of family dominates the book. Both Rachel’s and Nicholas’s family adds significance to the story with the closeness of the relationships.

HERE FOR YOU is Ms. Simmons at her utmost best. Sourcebooks must be complimented for adding this series to its portfolio. Readers who want a story that explores the nuances of life, human nature and the role of faith in our lives will be drawn to this compelling, satisfying read. I highly recommend it and the earlier book, LEAN ON ME.
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It is Rachel  Knicely’s turn to watch Aunt Tweet who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, after her two other sister’s Tabaitha and Kym turns. While working a full time job and being a caregiver for Aunt Tweet, Tabaitha contacts a church there in Nashville where a minister can go to see Aunt Tweet and pray for her. Nicholas Adams is the minister that is assigned for the home visit. 
Upon meeting Rachel and Nicolas meeting you can see the mutual attraction between the two. 
I love the characters development and they felt so real to me because of one of tragedy events that happened to Rachel hit home for me.  
The way the author incorporated God’s Word of scriptures throughout the storyline was very inspirational and gives you words of wisdom to meditate on and live by.
This storyline is an excellent read. My attention was held from the beginning until the end and what a beautiful ending it was to me.
I highly recommend this book to read and I look forward to reading the last sister Kym’s story hopefully soon.
Cassandra H.
I received a ARC of this book from Netgalley and this review is of my own honest opinion and thoughts.
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Here For You is a heartstring tugging, page turning novel from start to finish. As always, Mrs. Simmons novel is well written. It touches on the bonds of family and friendship but also tackles the sadness of caring for someone you love dealing with Alzheimer's. I enjoyed this read and would recommend it to any reader.
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Here For You  is the second installment in the Family is Forever series. Three Sisters has taken on the responsibility of taking care of their Aunt Tweet, each one is taking over the role as caregiver for six months at a time. In this story it is Rachel‘s  turn and Aunt Tweets health is declining very rapidly and it is taking a toll on Rachel.  Tabitha, Rachel’s sister puts a call in for Minister Nicholas Adams to visit her aunt and sister for prayer. When visiting the two he finds himself attracted to Rachel and ends up becoming her caregiver.

Just like the first story in this series it really hit home and touched my heart tremendously. I understand what these sisters went through and how it affected them. I enjoyed this story very much, it was very relatable and had some funny parts. I believe everything happens for a reason and people are in our lives for a season and reason. Thanks to her sister Rachel was given Minister Adams at the right season just when she needed him when her faith was starting to waiver. This was an emotional storyline, as caregivers we give so much to everyone else and we forget what we need. Great job author Pat Simmons. I highly recommend this series.
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It well written and I liked the characters but the story is slow and it didn't keep my attention.
Not my cup of tea.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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This was a DNF for me at 25%.   I enjoyed Rachel and how she is such a strong woman. I adore the relationships between Rachel and her family as well as Nicholas and his family. This book has heavy religious part and it was just a bit too preachy for me.  I was expecting more romance.
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I loved the characters in this novel. Rachel, Nicholas, Rachel's sister, and husband, all of them. This book is written in the third person through Rachel and Nicholas's point of view.  There were a lot of positive vibes. It was refreshing. All of the religious texts were more meaningful when Rachel and Nicholas were praying together, not apart as felt by Rachel herself in one part of the book. 

"Nicholas had inspired her to pick up her bible, and she brought it outside onto the balcony with her. She read a couple of random passages, but the meaning seemed to escape her. Everything had seemed to make sense when Nicholas read them to Aunt tweet. Nicholas. She smiled."

They were so adorable together and I couldn’t wait for them to get their happily ever after. 
The only issue I had was the slow pacing. Other than, I enjoyed reading ‘Here for You’. Recommended for Christian fiction, romance genre readers.

ARC provided by Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley. Thank you.
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This novel by Pat Simmons is so moving. It's a book about family,love, faith and friendship. It was very well written the emotions ran through this book. Rachel put her life on hold to take turns taking care of her aunt. She was a caregiver and after the passing of her aunt she was the one that needed a caregiver. I have never read something like this but I would recommend it.
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Rachel and her sisters are taking six months shifts caring for their much loved Great Aunt Tweet as she descends into Alzheimers.  Her sister Tabby had the first round (and was the subject of the first book- but this is fine as a standalone) and while things were rough, they've gotten worse.  Nicholas Adams, a minister who works with families and caregivers, brings light to Rachel, who's feeling quite overwhelmed.  And then, Rachel finds a lump.  Nicholas and a strong Christian faith carry her through a difficult time.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  This is sensitively written and will be a most welcome read for those seeking clean, faith filled love stories.
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