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The illustrations in this book are beautiful and peaceful. I really enjoyed looking at them as I read through the story. 

I love the idea of teaching a mantra and meditation to help to center yourself and bring clarity to the chaos. I've used it in the classroom many times and found that it helped a lot of children. I also love that this book introduces us this practice within the Indian culture. The author also points out that you can use different words that may be more familiar as your own personal mantra. It also reminded me of the Silence Game that we use in Montessori classrooms. This book is perfect for the classroom library and/or Peace area.

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for fulfilling my review request. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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So cute! Just the sweetest little story and absolutely beautiful illustrations accompanying it. I’m looking forward to seeing this author’s work moving forward.
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A great way of teaching children about mindfulness, meditation, and mantras. The drawings were too cute.!
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We are always looking for new social emotional books to help young readers.  This is a great addition for those collections and one that makes finding calm simple.
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A sweet and fun way to introduce the practices of meditation and mindfulness to children. A young Indian-African girl learns about the Om mantra from her grandfather, and how to use it to be centered and calm. The illustrations are soft and lovely, and are a perfect compliment to the text.

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An incredibly enchanting and well-composed book for children that had me hooked from the first page until the very last. Highly recommended.
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Really sweet picture book introducing our little ones to the world of meditation.
What really brings this book to life it's it's simplicity, making it approachable for everyone.
The magic comes with the illustrations,though. They make the words come to life nicely.
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A beautiful book with lovely, colorful illustrations. Perfect for introducing children to the concept of mindfulness and meditation in a simple, easy to understand way. Would definitely recommend!
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What a beautiful book, full of cultural learning. It is short, with an odd to our grandparents and the stories that they share with us. Loved the art and the whole message of "om", I highly recommend it for younger and older audiences.
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This was really sweet! I've never really been into meditation or anything along those lines, but this was really interesting. It was explained in an easy way, so children would also be able to understand it, and I liked it like that. It's opened my mind to the subject, because I would like to be able to feel like Anu did: relaxed, happy, and capable. So I think I'll research this a little bit more and see what else there is to learn and discover.
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A book on meditation and the power of OM. Anu learns about it from her grandfather Appuppa. The illustrations are bright and wonderful. The text is a little oriented towards elder children. 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the eARC.
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This is such a cute book! I learned a lot from this book as well. Like about meditation. It's perfect for younger children. I highly recommend this to anyone. It is also very helpful for your Goodreads challenge! 
I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.
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Finding Om is a beautiful picture book about a little girl learning about mindfulness from her grandfather. 

There were great descriptions throughout the book, as well as a glossary at the back to help readers understand things in context. 

The illustrations were breathtakingly gorgeous!
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<i>Finding Om</i> is a beautifully illustrated picture book about meditation. A lesson both parents and children can learn from as meditation and mindfulness is so hopeful, especially in these times where we are self-isolating. I really enjoyed it and hope that everyone who picks it up will find their OM
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Dr. Bismark’s debut, available for preorder as of the date of this writing, is a solid entry into the world of mindfulness for children.

For an in depth interview with the Author, including her thoughts on the book, head over to Yoga International, here.

Quick Rating: Buy, With Reservations

Anu discovers the mantra OM and meditation through her relationship with Appuppa (maternal grandfather). She learns about her heritage (Indian-African) and the interconnectivity of the world around her.

Huff’s illustrations are clearly aimed at the five to six-year-old target age range for the book. However, to this eye, they appear colder than required for the warm subject area the book necessitates. They are bright, and airy and nice, but do not necessarily align with the text on evoking the feeling of connectivity or OM. This, of course, varies with the eye of the beholder, as does meditation. They are lovely to look at.

It’s On My Bookshelf
I put this book in the “self-help” area for kids category. It’s a book that teaches mindfulness, much needed in today’s society, and it does it in an accessible way that encourages familial, intergenerational dialogue. All pluses! The “with reservations” rating is given because, although the book starts off in simple, intuitive language, it gets lost along the way. Take for instance this snippet:

“Appuppa said OM is nature’s own vibration–the sound of the universe buzzing with life. If the whole world is safely singing OM, maybe I don’t have to always keep saying it..Maybe I can also listen–listen with love to life’s OM inside and all around me right now.”

The quotation is lovely. It gives you a lot to unpack. And, as an adult requires deep thought. It is completely inaccessible to a five year old without substantial assistance. If you believe you can provide this assistance, then the book is for you and your child. Perhaps, this is even a journey you can go on together. I encourage you to do so! And that’s, why this book stays on my bookshelf.
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On one of my rare browsing sessions on NetGalley, I came across a charming illustrated children’s book titled Finding Om. I was hooked right then and there!

I am a passionate – if not entirely consistent – advocate of meditating and chanting mantras and I couldn’t believe that I had just found what seemed to be the perfect book to teach my daughter to sit still and find peace and connection to the universe and everything that surrounds her. Guess what? I did find the perfect book.

Written by Rashmi S. Bismark and beautifully illustrated by Morgan Huff, the book narrates the story of an Indian African girl who hears her grandfather chanting OM and, with a curiosity known only to children, embarks on a journey of discovery.

At 9 months of age, my daughter might be too young to appreciate the book just yet, but my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I would go as far as to say that I know an adult or two who could learn a lot from Anu and her Appuppa!

Published by Mango and Marigold Press, this is my first foray into what looks like an amazing catalogue, which I can’t wait to explore more.
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Lovely story introducing kids to a new concept. Love the fact that it is her grandfather teaching her a new skill, their relationship is very sweet.
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I LOVED this book! It's a great introduction to meditation for kids with beautiful illustrations and an easy-to-follow story. A fun book to read as a family.
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A lovely book detailing the relationship between a young girl and her grandfather. He teaches his curious granddaughter about his meditation practices and how it can help her feel at peace and connected to nature. Read to children as an illustrated introduction to meditation and mindfulness. I will be added this book to when I next update the page.

Thank you to NetGallery for the preview copy.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Mango and Marigold Press for the digital review copy.

When Anu comes across her beloved grandfather, Appuppa meditating, she asks him if he needs to ask a question, because she keeps hearing him say “Um.” He explains it’s not “Um” he’s saying, but “Om.” He explains to Anu what a mantra is, how it works, and how to use it throughout your life to notice the hum of nature and to feel more at peace. He challenges Anu to try using the mantra, to hold it in her heart, for a week and report back. Anu learns so much over the course of a week and can’t wait to share her findings and new feelings with her grandfather.

I really enjoyed this book. There are principles in here that it has taken me nearly 34 years to learn, and I wish I’d had something as cute as this book to help me learn it sooner. I definitely think children can learn from the principles of meditation even if they don’t have what we view as an adult “practice.” I’m also a proponent of taking elements of things that work for you and incorporating them into your life. Kids can do the same thing, and learn something about life in the process.

This one just came out, so pick it up from your favorite local bookstore or look for it at your local library if it’s reopened.
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