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Legacy of Lies follows the case against District Attorney General Helen Lewis, who is accused of brutally murdering her husband, after he threatens to reveal a dark secret that could end her career.  However, all is not what it seems in the small town of Pulaski, Tennessee, and Helen’s lawyer Bocephus Haynes is determined to uncover the truth to save his client.

I thought Legacy of Lies was a good, quick read packed with legal and small-town drama that kept the story interesting from start to finish.  At times I thought the story was becoming predictable, however I was proven wrong when the ending took me completely by surprise. Overall, I really enjoyed the characters that Bailey created and the various plot lines that were woven together throughout the book.

This was the first work of Bailey’s that I have read, however there were obvious ties to the McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thrillers throughout the book.  I thought Bailey’s incorporation of past events were included in a way to pique the readers interest, but not feel like they were missing any vital details if they had not read the previous series.  After reading Legacy of Lies though, I will certainly be going back to start the McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thriller series!  I would recommend reading Legacy of Lies if you are a fan of legal thrillers.
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I have read Robert Bailey's other books and really enjoy his setting and description since I am from the north Alabama area.  . It took a good bit of attention to keep up with all the characters and the background, the twists and turns more than made up for that though. I love the way the characters all have a bit of good and bad points.  Surprised me by the ending and I will definitely read one of his future books! .Highly recommended.
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A small-town attorney takes on prejudice and corruption in this legal thriller. Small-town lawyer Bocephus Haynes comes home late one night to find District Attorney General Helen Lewis waiting for him. Her ex-husband has just been killed. She's about to be arrested for his murder. And she wants Bo to represent her.
The characters are troubled but likable and the writing style is enjoyable. Again, I have an affinity for books that take place in the south so this one certainly is in my comfort zone.  I had no idea that they called the DA, General in Tennessee but the title fits the role of Helen Lewis and she is a great role in the book. 
 I had been a huge fan of lawyer-based books in the past but have recently not been impressed by the quality of material available.  This book may change my mind. Bocephus Haynes is a potentially great lead character should this turn into a series.  Interesting lawyer with a great supporting cast. 
The tone of this reminds me somewhat of the great Quinn Colson Series by Ace Atkins. Hope it turns out to be. I will certainly be looking forward to the next book by Robert Bailey
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I really enjoyed reading this book. It's set in a small Southern town, very likeable characters. I love a story where the underdog rises up to defeat his/her own demons and settle a score. It's a good legal/crime thriller, not much courtroom stuff but enough to keep things interesting. The plot has many twists, lots of dark secrets, and the ending is worth waiting for. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
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Many thanks to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for the digital ARC of this book.

Blackmail today, murder tomorrow. 
Helen Evangeline Lewis knew she was going to be accused of the murder of her ex-husband. The night before her ex died, he threatened to expose something that will surely jeopardize her chances of being reelected as District Attorney General. She hires Bocephus Haynes to represent her, though she doesn't believe that it would make a difference. The evidence is overwhelming and conclusive. More importantly, a whole lot of people would benefit if she is found guilty. Did she or Did she not do it? And just what is justice? Is it about exposing the truth? Or is it a matter of who could prove their own version of the truth?

I agree with most people who reviewed this book. It IS quite predictable. What I don't agree with is how it is perceived negatively. I think it balances the numerous atrocious acts committed in the book. Besides it adds a lot of punch to the drama. Although, I did notice that, for all the brilliance that is Bocephus Haynes, somehow I find it hard to believe how he could miss the obvious. Then again, he has a lot going on in his life and of course, he really is just human.

Apart from the General's secret, which affected me quite personally, I was really bothered by what happened to one of most important characters in this story. If you condemn someone for being wicked, hate them for committing a crime, disrespect them for being a sinner, then just what is the difference between the two of you? Isn't it the Christian way to forgive? Is there even a religion that doesn't teach the importance of forgiveness?

Why is it so easy to judge and hard to forgive? The General has been in office for over 20 years, voted for, by the people of Pulaski, Tennessee. All it took was one social taboo and suddenly all respect and years of public service went down the drain.

Lastly, who is more admirable? That person who wouldn't hesitate to drop you because it's the moral thing to do, or that person who would stand by you, for better or for worse, even when the ship sinks to oblivion?

I should like to say a couple of things about the General's issue but eh, spoilers. Ain't nobody got time for that!
I cannot wait for the next book in this series!!!
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Bocephus Haynes, a small-town attorney from Pulaski, Tennessee, has been considered one of the best litigators in the state.  But, due to false imprisonment, suspension (twice), and the loss of two people close to him, Bo hasn’t practiced law in more than several years.  in the midst of trying to pull his life together and regain custody of his two children, he receives a visit from an old friend.  Helen Evangeline Lewis is the District Attorney General in Pulaski, her ex-husband has been murdered, and evidence points to her guilt.  Bo can’t say no to an old friend and he agrees to act as Helen’s attorney.  From there the story takes several twists and turns, with new revelations and old scores to settle.

In a previous series by Robert Bailey, Bo was a secondary character.  Now, with Legacy of Lies, the reader will learn more about him.  As with many spin-offs, this book would be enjoyed the most by someone who has read the previous series and is familiar with some of the reoccurring characters and prior events.  Unfortunately, I have read only one of the books in the other series, so I played a little catch-up as I read Legacy of Lies.  Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to more from Mr Bailey…but not before I finish the first series!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of this book for review.
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There comes a point in most author's careers where it seems they grow lax and simply "phone it in" with a given book. For Robert Bailey, in my opinion, this was that book. I enjoyed the series this book spun off from -- even enjoyed the character of Bocephus Haynes as a supporting cast member -- but this book wasn't up to the readability level or the memorability of the McMurtrie and Drake series.

A book has got to be believable. A discerning reader might forgive on or two lapses into implausibility, but not when most plot turns depend on them. Plus, there was a whole lotta melodrama.

We get -- Bocephus Haynes misses his recently-deceased mentor, Tom McMurtrie. So do we, Bo, so do we.
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Legacy of Lies, by Robert Bailey, is a legal thriller and the first entry of a new series, featuring Bocephus Haynes.  Haynes played a supporting role in Bailey’s previous series, which “starred” law professor, Thomas McMurtrie.  To be clear, there is no need to have read the first series to appreciate the newest novel.  However, if you have read the earlier version, you certainly will enjoy reacquainting yourself with old friends.

The story is set in a small Southern town, common to the legal thriller genre.  The first chapter pulled me in and really didn’t let go until the last page. There are many twists and turns, right up until the very end.  Most caught me by surprise; a few struck me as improbable.  Nonetheless, I finished this book in less than 24 hours! I look forward to the second in the series, which is expected next year. Bailey’s characters are quirky, engaging, and strong.  I expect they will evolve through the series. 

If you are staying in and looking for distraction or on your way to the beach, this book may be just what you need!  Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas and Mercer for the opportunity to read an electronic ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I had read the previous books by Robert Bailey in which Bocephus Haynes was a tangential character.  Since that series kinda came to a conclusion, it was good to see the decision to feature Bo in a series.  The writing is approachable.  There are enough twists and surprises along the way that you don't see the conclusion after the first chapter.  Because I live in North Alabama I am familiar with this area of the country and that added a layer to the story for me.  I hope to see more of Bo in future books.
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A new author, new series for me, and apparently a spin-off of a previously successful series. Main character Helen Evangeline Lewis is the General (district attorney general of the Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit), Tennessee. Helen loves that designation, revels in it, and she does her utmost to maintain that level of fear and respect. But now she finds herself on the other side and begs protagonist Bocephus Hayes to represent her in the alleged murder of her ex-husband. Bo has been through a triple whammy, however, the loss of his wife, his children, his practice as one of Pulaski's premier defensive attorneys. 

You have to give it to author Bailey for putting together a suspenseful, emotional well-plotted and fast-paced legal thriller. Short chapters keep you flipping pages as Bo recreates his team and begins to wrest tidbits. Helen, after all, has as many detractors as fans. It won't be easy. 

It's apparent there are layers to the plot, conspiracies in a separate case with which she was working, and Bo's racially charged background. Bo, a big African American who might have gone pro NFL had he not blown out his knee, is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom as well. The reader almost gets a three-dimensional character here though I assume there will be more to come after this set up of a new series. 

The author isn't through as there are several more twists, one designed to knock the breath out of you. The conclusion has surprises, one on top of the other until the great reveal that turns into one big shock. Still, how is all this possible? Hmmm...It's complex, entertaining, and immensely engaging. And that ending? Surely that'll produce a HUH! And you can't say it wasn't a fun ride.
I received this digital download from the publisher and NetGalley and greatly appreciated the opportunity to read and review. Looks like I have a new legal thriller author I'll be following and I'm looking forward to Book 2 in this series. Recommended.
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Thanks to #netgalley, #robertbailey #thomasandmercer for giving me the opportunity to read this book.

This isn't my first Robert Bailey book, I read his first series last year. I was excited to read this new book/series. 

In this book, we get to see some of the characters from his first series of books. In this series, we see Bocephus Haynes and General Lewis deal with a legal drama.  There are a few twists in this book. I didn't see the one at the end totally coming... 

Great book. Recommend to any John Grisham fan.
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Legacy of Lies is packed to the hilt like a weighty pulled-pork sandwich. Plenty to sink your teeth into.

Robert Bailey sets out his characters rubbing shoulder-to-shoulder with one another. It's small town Pulaski, Tennessee where everyone knows everyone else's business and beyond. We set foot into Helen Evangeline Lewis' office where she is the District Attorney General known as "The General" for good reason. No nonsense and to the point, Helen wears her usual black assemble and black heels that signal she's coming.

Helen and her assistant, Gloria Sanchez, are preparing to go to trial against one of the largest landowners in the county. Michael Zannick has been accused of rape and his attorney has been pressing Helen to settle out of court. It's a no go for Helen.

And later Helen's ex-husband, Butch Renfroe, threatens to bring up something from Helen's past if she doesn't settle in the Zannick case. Someone in the shadows of the darkened courtroom hears Helen threaten to kill Butch if he does. Yup, Butch ends up dead that night and they're coming after Helen.

Enter Bocephus "Bo" Haynes, twice suspended lawyer, who will take on Helen's case. Bo has met with a lot of grief and misfortune over the years. Right now Doubt seems to be his middle name. The case is solid against Helen and she seems to be withholding important information from Bo. He needs to have a win in order to get his teenage kids back from their grandparents. There's a lot at stake here weighing on a man who doesn't always bring it across the finish line.

Legacy of Lies has a lot of plots and subplots in the mix with some stronger than others. Some of this gets in the way on the dance floor. But it's the African American character of Bocephus Haynes that shows a lot of promise for future novels in this series. There's always room for a wounded warrior and Bo shows up ready and willing. Robert Bailey throws quite a few curve balls in the last inning to ratchet up the ol' twister-roo. I'd like to see what he has in mind for Bo in the future.

I received a copy of Legacy of Lies through NetGalley for an honest review. My thanks to Thomas & Mercer Publishers and to Robert Bailey for the opportunity.
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This is the first book by this author that I've read, it definitely won't be the last. I loved everything about this book. Murder, angst, betrayal, and some deeply flawed characters make this an excellent book. This is the best legal thriller that I've read in a while.
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A new series of legal thrillers with Bo as the main character. Though he is shown as a good investigator, this book doesn’t show much of courtroom arguments. This is a good thriller with twists. As for legal thriller, the Mc Murtie series was good.
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Thank you to #NetGalley, the author and the publisher for providing me with a digital copy of this book prior to publication in exchange for my honest review.  Legacy of Lies is the first book I have read by Robert Bailey and it will not be my last.  It is the story of a small town attorney who has been disbarred twice, Bocephus Haynes (Bo) who represents District Attorney General Helen Lewis (the General) who is accused of killing her ex-husband, Butch Renfroe.  Prior to Renfroe's murder, he and the General meet and he asks her to drop the charges against someone who has been charged with rape.  He tells her that if she refuses he will reveal a secret from her past.  In anger, she threatens to kill him and her assistant district attorney overhears this.  The next day Renfroe is murdered and the General's fingerprints and DNA are all over the crime scene.  Making matters worse, there is a witness who saw the General coming to the house and leaving it later, with the timing coinciding with the time of Renfroe's death.  The General asks Bo to represent her and reluctantly he accepts.  It is Bo's chance to save the General and redeem himself in the process.  What follows is an investigation, a trial with multiple twists, several shocking confessions and enough courtroom drama to keep you on the edge of your seat.  This book has the makings of a great movie but make sure you read the book first.
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This legal thriller was full of twists and turns and started off a new series in an exciting way.  I cannot wait to see what happens to Bocephus in the next book!
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