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Act of Murder

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Jamie T, Media/Journalist

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Hello, Fellow Houstonian here!! 

Was extremely excited about this one - grab your Starbucks, and get on board for this thrill ride!

As a Houstonian, understanding the landmarks was tantamount in building my excitement for this well researched thriller. 

As a future Author and Legal writer, this was just my cup of Joe. I found I could relate on a personal level, and let me tell ya, this Author knows his stuff.

I loved the woven medical and legal intricacies and how they affected the victims.  A hit in run murder of a child, points to more hidden gems in the pages, and a roadmap of pay-offs with twists and turns you don’t see coming. Nothing like a good cover up behind the wealth and greed of big city lawyers and doctors. Makes me envision the downtown Chase building... are ya with me? 

I did find the medical terminology a bit much for my taste, but I did expect such going into it. I did a lot of google searching. 

The character building was steady and perfectly paced, the prose was dramatic and just dark enough for my liking. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this, and am looking forward to more by the author. 

4 Stars

*Thank you to Net Galley, The Publisher, and Dr.John Bishop for providing me with this thrilling Arc in exchange of my honest review!

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