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An excellent book, well researched and full of food for thought.
I liked how it talks about Persephone, the myth and the Goddess, and the hints and ideas.
It was an excellent read, highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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A much more thorough book than it’s mere 9 chapters implies. Persephone, practicing the art of personal power combines examining the myth of Persephone, ancient Greek history and rituals and encourages the reader to reflect on their own personal journey by resonating with Persephone s tale.

It question s and challenges the reader – is Persephone a victim or a Victor in her tale? Exploring how she overcame her restrictions and transformed from maiden-mother to crone and how the reader can explore that in themselves.

With journal prompts and meditation exercises, the reader can journey into deep self exploration with Persephone as their guide gaining valuable insight into their self beliefs and challenges and how they can overcome them.

In my personal opinion, this is a very deep yet fascinating book that requires a lot of time to fully process and enjoy. It is educational yet self exploratory, not recommended for someone who would just be wanting to know more about the myth but a fantastic aid for those wishing to heal with the help of a goddess by their side.
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Persephone was a little bit of an intense read from my normal go to reads. I felt it was a little more sweeter then it should have been. I loved the overall concept and where the author was going, but I really wish it went a little bit bitter then it did. Greek myth is a very powerful thing and most people do not understand just what it entitles and this book defiantly give a deeper look into it.
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This book is divine perfection! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Finally a perspective that's based on Persephone only! It was honestly refreshing to see a book that finally resonates with my perspective on Persephone as well.. I love that the author acknowledges different perspectives on the story of Persephone, not to mention you can see that it is well researched. and sees her as the victor and not the victim. I also appreciate the meditations she offered inside the book. My only con is that I wish the cover was different. But, I will purchase this book!
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Taking back your personal power is what this book and myth are about. The power is power not over others but in the sovereign power a self actualised person manifests. 
The myth of Persephone is well known. Actually using the myth and its characters to improve your life isnt. This book is wonderful in that it takes you on a journey to meet the Goddess and learn about yourself at the same time. Anyone interested in Greek myth or wanting to reclaim a part of themselves they feel is missing will find this book a treaasure trove of ideas and practical methods. Food ideas, celebrations, and ritual are given for the seeker to follow. Really a well thought out way to use myth to be more grounded and alive.
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"She is, without warning, taken from the light and from everything she knows and thrown into the darkness and the unknown . Those of us who did not have the fortune to ease out of childhood due to situations such as abuse, lack of a stable home, and/ or other traumatic events can often relate to this aspect of Persephone’s story."

This book romantized Persephone a bit too much for my taste, but it's probably expected. There were interesting facts and different versions of the myth were acknowledged. It is also useful as it doesn't only give you informations and analyses to ponder on, but day to day exercises you can apply to your life in order to improve it with Persephone's help.
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'Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power' is a book that explains the myth of this often misunderstood goddess and how the story can live inside of us, causing us to act out the themes, lessons, and triumphs of her journey. 

Persephone is a goddess of spring and queen of the underworld. Her story is one of empowerment, sovereignty, and discernment. Persephone ultimately chooses to stay in the underworld helping lost souls navigate their darkness, while at the same time, allowing her to find her personal power. She chooses to spend time in the underworld with Hades who she grows to love despite her Mother’s grief.  The story of Persephone offers us the chance to explore our shadowy realms where we have the chance to awaken our own personal power. This can only happen through independence and transformation. When passion calls, it’s important to heed the call and begin the merging of the conscious and subconscious. It will require vulnerability and courage but rebirth can only happen when we begin to embrace who we are. Hades and the underworld serve as metaphors for the deep descent into oneself, into one’s soul where transformation can occur, where the release of fears and unwillingness can happen...and only then can new growth sprout (which speaks to the agricultural themes of Persephone).

I relate very strongly to Persephone and loved the author’s own personal journey with this goddess. At the end of each chapter journal prompts were included and some guided meditations and rituals were also included as additional exercises. 

I absolutely loved this book and I believe working with Persephone and her mythos can offer many rewards, but most importantly, autonomy and greater self-awareness.
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Unfortunately, this book just wasn't for me. The interpretation of the Persephone myth is just a little too in-depth and overwrought for me.
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