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As the Alpha of the BlackEdge pack, Selenka Durev often has trouble finding someone strong enough that she is willing to share skin privileges with.  During an E convention set in her city, an unexpected treat emerges that would have succeeded without the interference of Arrow Ethan Night.  A self=proclaimed broken person who spent his life at the nonexistent mercy of Ex-Councilor Ming Lebon, Ethan has only been free of his tormentor for a such a short time and has never learned to trust or rely on anyone else.  When he's approached by an agent of the Consortium, he wants to know if the potential betrayal will penetrate the fog of his mind.  But nothing does, not until Selenka is injured saving him from the attack meant to gain her trust.

Now, an unexpected and impossible connection between strangers has manifested.  Selenka and Ethan need each other, although Ethan can't imagine what Selenka could possibly want with a broken Arrow.  When her wolf frantically grabs at the link to Ethan, Selenka cannot believe that she has become the mated-at-first-sight myth of romance stories, but that doesn't mean she's going to sacrifice everything to keep this connection.  Thankful, Ethan is also in one hundred percent and won't make her sacrifice anything.  Truthfully, he'll give her anything she asks for.  Now they just need to work out what exactly is happening to his powers.  Is he a threat to himself and others? Or is there something else happening that no one can explain?

I wonderful jump into the Russian territory packs and world!  I love seeing this side of the country and this new set of problems.  Ethan's contribution to the Net is amazingly different and gives some potential foreshadowing on what may be coming down the road.  I also really love the StoneEdge bear clan so getting some interaction with them is great too!
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I loved this book. So happy I got to read it early and it was fun to have an alpha female changeling. Ethan was also  great.
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Selenka Durev is the Alpha of her Russian pack, with a passionate heart. When the empaths gather in Moscow for a symposium she's part of the security team. Ethan Night is an Arrow, who grew up under Ming, outside of the usual structure. He's outside status made him a tempting target for the Consortium but all that changed in an instance of violence.

Why I started this book: I always eagerly devour Singh's work and I was thrilled to get this ARC from Netgalley. Clearly, everything else in my life could wait.

Why I finished it: Couldn't put it down. Perfect romance about recognizing your heart at first sight, and then reorganizing your life to follow it. This is going to be one of my rereading favorites. I can tell, because I just want to go back and start the book again.
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Alpha Night is the newest release of the Psy Changeling Trinity series which is also connected to the Psy Changeling series and I deeply adored this was quite different of course and I won't lie that I was worried in the beginning in the aspects of the character of the heroine. Many times alpha females don't work for me especially in the type of personality she had but WHEW no worries, Nalini Singh never lets me down and she definitely didn't let me down in this book. And YAY for Russian language and culture ....we just don't see enough of it in romance in my opinion and so thrilled that Singh really did so well on this portrayal. We do have a brilliant and heartbreaking story that out author has written and I fell deeply in love with it.

Alpha Night begins with an attack, Selenka is the alpha of her pack and quite protective of each and every one of them. But then something unexpected and surreal happens she meets her mate at FIRSt SIGHT which is practically unheard of even among changelings ....that type of connection takes time and work and patience. But Selenka, of course, is shocked by the course of this new turn of events. But she is fiercely protective of her new mate. Ethan Night is an Arrow but has some shattered pieces in his psyche and is more damaged than the others of his group. But there is a bond he feels with Selenka one that is forged quickly and he is in unknown territory with Selenka but is willing to be the Knight to his Queen. But soon Ethan will have to face up to the realism that his life is in danger and he and Selenka will have to face up to the possibility there might be no point of return but Selenka won't give up her mate without a fight.

WOWZERS....Nalini Singh doesn't pull any punches and she certainly doesn't pull any with this book here. I simply adored seeing how she really pulled this book off and made me FALL in love with this couple but yes I adored the heroine in every way and this is coming from someone that doesn't prefer alpha females for her heroines. They normally come off too strong and emotionally abusive of the hero at times. But NOPE .....Singh, of course, has a magical Midas touch with her characters and I couldn't get enough of Selenka. She is so fierce, protective, and has such a tender big heart. That is what I loved the most, seeing her tenderness and caring for not just Ethan but everyone in her pack. Ethan is just as much Alpha as she is but is one of the most unique heroes' I have EVER seen in a romance but most especially this world that Singh has created. And boy does the man know how to court his mate. He may not be changeling but he reads and does his research and love how treats lovely strong Selenka. He understands her and knows what she needs in the relationship and respects her position in the pack and what she needs to do and just gives his unwavering loving support.

The way this book is built is so beautiful and in many respects, it actually reminded me much of "Kiss of Snow". I couldn't help but fall for Selenka and Ethan but also the surrounding character we get to know. I especially loved Selenka's grandparents, they were just adorable. And of course, we get some great times with the bears ---boy they are fun. We also get some old favorites such as Nikita, Sasha, and Aden.

Overall you just can't go wrong with Alpha Night.....its a story that will delight you from heart to deepest recesses of your soul, its vibrant, real and unwavering in its intensity of love and loyalty.
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Another amazing book from Nalini Singh.  The Relationship between Selena and Ethan was so palpable that I even teared  up at the end.  Definitely a 5 star review.
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There’s no such thing as mating at first sight…. except…?
Singh takes us back to Russia to feature Wolf Alpha Selenka Durev and Ethan Night, a unique and fractured Arrow. In the wake of a strange attack her wolf latches on to a man she’s barely spoken to, but deeply fascinates her. Now, she must get to know and trust the man she’s  suddenly bound to. This is the fourth book in the Psy-Changling Trinity series and is set against the backstory of the machinations of the Consortium looking to destabilize the world and ongoing threats to the PsyNet. Singh always brings great world-building and steamy romance!
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Another great addition the Psych-Changeling series. This installment change th3 dynamic in having the Wolf Alpha bee female which gives a new layer on the world that Ms. Singh is constantly building.
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This 19th installment in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series holds up to the standard of wonderful excellence that she has set with the rest of her writing. I'm always a sucker for stories about her Arrows and this one is no exception. It's amazing that after 19 books in one series, she can still find new ideas and new story lines for her characters that manage to bring in the readers and have them rooting for that happy ending. 

This book follows Selenka, the alpha of the BlackEdge wolf pack in Moscow, and Ethan Night, an Arrow who was locked away for years by Ming who used him as yet another personal assassin. They mate at first sight (something we haven't seen yet in the series, only heard about) and while usually love at first sight stories put me off, Singh handles this perfectly. Despite the instant mating and the fact that this book takes place over maybe a week, their relationship still feels like it builds steadily and that it forms a rock solid foundation between the two. Their communication is open, honest, and perfect and I was sighing with happiness for these two. They faced some real trials together in the short span of time of this book and the way they support one another is wonderful. 

Just like the very beginning books of this series, Nalini Singh is delicately weaving in new details that progress the overarching plot further along at a pace that builds momentum the farther we get in the series. I can't wait to see which couple is next and where they take us.
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Full review to be published online in mid June.

I’ve admittedly been having a bit of an issue enjoying the new ‘Trinity’ series; but I feel Singh has gotten back in track with ALPHA NIGHT. There is a lot to like this time around. We finally got a female alpha, with her own wolf pack. Selenka was tough, strong, smart, and that she mated on first sight was the most unconventional and unique part of the book. Different. Intriguing. Fascinating. Her relationship with Ethan was something refreshingly new, which long standing series sometimes are lacking. The combination of Alpha wolf and Arrow Psy was a love-story that this series hasn’t seen yet, and it was well done. Recommend read.
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I love Nalini Singh's books and "Alpha Night" is no exception. It's always great to see familiar characters and learn that what we expected from a character - Selenka - isn't necessarily what we get. I loved Ethan and the immediate pairing with Selenka and the explanation for it. Their relationship of two alphas but his immediate devotion was also unexpected. I did have a few quibbles - there was just too much going on for such a short time frame so the backstories didn't feel fleshed out enough. And, this was definitely not a stand alone, its obviously leading to the next book (which I believe will be a humdinger!). That was a surprise, but is Ok, because in the hands of a master, it just makes the wait worthwhile (I felt this way with Adria and Riaz's book  - it felt like filler until the next book came out and I reread and realized that it all made sense). I can't wait to love this book as much as I did that book when the next book comes out - hope that makes sense!
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I absolutely loved this book. I finished the book in one sitting. I will say the male character was unbelievable in how easily he appeared to accept affection and feeling until the end when the situation was addressed. I was surprised and pleased through out this entire book.
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I really love the Psy-changeling series and was so excited to read Alpha Night. I really enjoyed the twist to the beginning, where Slenka and Ethan mated instantly; then they had to work out their relationship. My heart broke over what Ethan had endured, and loved Selenka and her wolf pack for making him feel wanted and loved. The story takes place over a matter of days, but there was so much happening it seemed longer. I got to see a lot of old friends from previous books, saw the Russain wolf and bear packs interact some, learned a little more about the architect, and got a new glimpse into the PsyNet. It was a great read and I already can't wait for the next story.
I was given an advanced reader's copy from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it.
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Riveting! I am so in love with Alpha Night! Nalini captured a strong female character and made her strength shine. So often women in society who carry  an in-you-face strength are looked down on and I loved how Nalini really made Selenka's strength positive and an asset to not only herself but the people around her. 

I also appreciated how she touched on the fact that there are some people who can grow bitter when someone surpasses them in ability and/or strength. The character development was truly exceptional.

I really loved Ethan. I'm not going to lie, I love all the psy-heroes we've seen so far because in a way they're all broken and damaged and their acceptance and healing process through love is really magical to watch unfold on the page.

Alpha Night met and then exceeded all of my expectations. I will never tire of this world.
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This was yet another excellent addition to Singh Psy-Changeling series, mainly thanks to Singh turning around her usual formula, and doing things in a backwards kind of way.

The main couple have excellent chemistry, the romance isn't overbearing, and the sex scenes are just the right kind of steamy.

I'm a bit biased when it comes to Nalini Singh, but I think her fans will thoroughly enjoy this one.

I'd give it a 4.5 stars out of 5.  The half star is off because not a lot happened for the series story arc as a whole.
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I absolutely loved this book! I'll be writing a review for Smart Bitches, Trashy Books closer to the publication date. If you need the intensity of a mated couple, a mystery to solve and the intense politicking of high level officials, then this is the book for you!. I love Singh's writing!
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Another winner from Nalini, I find this series just gets better and better and really love seeing old characters come visit.
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Yeah, wow, this book was so freaking great! I loved getting to know Ethan, Selenka, and Selenka's pack! We're back in Russia, and yeah, this was an interesting mate bond, given that they just met. Loved reading about this impossible bond, and learning about it! 

In a way, Ethan and Selenka are the mirror image to Sascha and Lucas, two alpha changelings, and two pretty powerful Psy. Just the opposite genders to each other. Kinda comes around full circle. We've had a male Psy with a female changeling with Judd and Brenna, but she's not an alpha, so not quite the mirror image. 

This book deals pretty closely with the fallout and events from Wolf Rain, and we do get to see a fair amount of Memory and Alexei in this book. Between what's going on with Ethan and his power, as well as the world with more Scarab just like Pax Mitchell from Wolf Rain. 

So we got the gender of the Architect, at least, what they identify as, which is in this world, is the same thing, hopefully. Another reviewer mentioned that with the clues that we've gotten from previous book, details about this person matching up with what they give in this book, they have an idea of who the Architect is. I don't remember those details, so I don't know, and I can't wait to find out!

Man, I'm so excited for the next book! We're left with a very uncertain future coming up in the next book, that's going to have a pretty big game change, and I can't wait to see how it's all going to play out, there's so much that could go wrong, and so much to deal with!

One question that I have is, would the Psy-Net have been on the verge of collapse like this, if it was the same time, but Silence hadn't come about? Because it's the Scarab people, who were violent, that Silence did help. Thinking about it, it's the same problem, but I think the Psy-Net would've have been better off, because it wouldn't have been damaged by the breaking down of the E's. It wouldn't be so bad, but I do think that it was heading here, regardless. The problems Silence was supposed to fix were real, after all, it just wasn't the right method of fixing it.

This book was so wonderful, and I enjoyed it so much! I can't wait to see where this series will go from here!
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So bloody good! I read until 2am because I couldn't stop. I adore Ethan Night! Nalini Singh is such a master at writing the most swoon-worthy heroes! And Selenka is his perfect mate.
Action, mysteries, intrigue, and so much chemistry! I know I'll be reading this a few more times before it actually releases;).
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Nalini Singh has once again given us a wonderful story filled with excitement and a new perspective on the romance couples that we've never seen before. Ethan and Selenka is particularly unique because they are the first couple who mate on site instead of the usual mating dance courting ritual that all of the other couples in the Psy-Changeling series have gone through. This makes it where the focus on the story is about them building trust between each other and overcoming the emotional numbness that Ethan has walked through his entire life. This is also the first time we have a female alpha mating with a Psy, which makes their dynamic even more intriguing. I absolutely loved the way Ethan's designation was very unique and unknown as well! Seeing the dynamic between the wolves and the bears and how they interacted with the other players in the trinity accord also gave a much clearer idea of what will happen to the Psy Net overall. No spoilers here, but I will say that if you don't like creepy might want to prepare yourself. [Insert full-body shiver of disgust]. My only criticism would be that while I liked seeing the different dynamics between instant-mates, I felt as if something got lost in their relationship. It could be because the whole book takes place over a very short timeline (a few days as opposed to weeks or months) so that it doesn't feel like you can give as much depth to their relationship as some of the other couples. Regardless of that though, it's still an awesome new take on the series. I was given an e-ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Nalini Singh is a master at her craft, the Queen of Paranormal romance. Alpha Night is possibly my new favorite in the Trinity series. Not only is watching a female Alpha empowering and layered, watching the man at her side unveil his secrets within his heart to her and then himself was remarkable. The way Nalini layers her worlds and conspiracies is nothing short of brilliant. I was constantly second guessing myself and wanting more because the worlds dug in deep.
This is a heart tugging, completely different romance from Nalini Singh, and I cannot wait to see where she takes us next.
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