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Before I read Alpha Night, I reread Wolf Rain and that was a good idea. Memory plays a role in this book and remembering her story and the effects of Scarab is important to understanding Ethan. Also, I read this book once just for my enjoyment and the second time for this review. Nalini Singh has introduced us to three new packs over the four books in this story arc. After reading Wolf Rain and returning to SnowDancer, Alpha Night and bonding with BlackEdge is a little slow at times. I think the mating at first sight helps this. Ethan is easily accepted in the pack because of his bond with Selenka. In many ways, I see parallels between Alpha Night and Silver Silence. Ethan is the one suffering from the real trauma in their relationship. Like Silver, there is something in his head that has the potential for destroying him or his relationship. However, because of the quickness of the mating bond, he doesn’t have a chance to try to push Selenka away. Whatever comes, they face together, as a team, and that this clearly seen when Ethan first meets BlackEdge.

Honestly, there was no chance I wouldn’t love this book. Nalini Singh is my absolute favorite author ever and a book with an instant bond and a female alpha is 100% my catnip. I loved seeing Selenka balance her role as an alpha with that of a woman falling in love. Ethan is so broken when he meets Selenka and she and her pack bring such light and joy into his live; it is heartening to read. Once you get the cast of new wolves straight, I think there is potential for other stories there; although I hope we finish Hawke’s lieutenants first. Or perhaps go back to Valentin’s bears. It doesn’t matter, I trust Nalini Singh to continue to excel with story arc. Alpha Night is an excellent continuation to the Psy-Changeling Trinity series and I loved every minute of it!
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I’m not sure why I was nervous about Selenka’s book, but I was. All of Nalini’s stories are special in their own way, but each of the Alpha shifter books have been extraordinary. So, my expectations for the first book in the series about a female Alpha wolf were super high. Of course, my worries were for nothing because Nalini Singh, the author of most of my very favorite books and series, delivered, like she does every, dang, time.

Of course, there will be no spoilers in this review, but things have been brewing in the new Trinity series arc, and this book ramps things up. ALPHA NIGHT explores mating at first sight and all the consequences that come with it, especially for an Arrow and an Alpha of a powerful pack. Selenka and Ethan Night have a fascinating power dynamic; she’s more dominant and older and, in many ways, more experienced. Their relationship is nuanced, interesting, and they are perfectly paired. Ethan needed a heroine like Selenka, and he knows it from the beginning. I love a devoted hero.

The book takes place over a short period of time and so every page is action-packed. I was hooked from page one and I don’t think my adrenaline spike settled until I turned the last page. And even then, my mind was spinning trying to figure out who the next couple will be and where Nalini will take readers next.

The biggest gift to readers is the exploration of the BlackEdge pack. I love that Nalini introduces us to such interesting secondary characters, but I am considering chaining her to a desk until she gives me a book for each and every one of them. SORRY, NALINI! I’m not sure how she does it, but even though everything in the pack is new to readers, she manages to tie in old favorites. I was reminded of how much I love Aden, and Valentin is always good for comedic relief.

Overall, I could probably write a dissertation on ALPHA NIGHT, but I will stop here. I loved it. This is my favorite series. I never want it to end. Please let me know who the next couple is soon or I’ll expire with longing! I think it’s time to reread the entire series for the millionth time?

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**
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Mating at first sight? Yes please!

ALPHA NIGHT is such a beautiful and engaging story! Ms. Singh’s world-building is vivid and delightful, her characters brilliantly crafted!

Having briefly heard about the BlackEdge wolf pack in previous books and more currently in SILVER SILENCE, I was SO excited to learn more about these wolves and their strong alpha! I was not disappointed!

I absolutely LOVED this book! First off, our heroine is a dominant female, an ALPHA no less! I love a strong female lead!

Selenka is holding it down for the BlackEdge wolves and their territory. She can go toe-to-toe with the deadliest Psy on the planet or a growly alpha bear and won’t ever back down! My girl Selenka is a fierce protector, has a core of steel, unquestionable and unbreakable loyalty and a heart as big as Russia. I admire her so much!

Ethan is a wild card. He’s an Arrow (member of an elite assassin squad), harbors deadly secrets, sporadic Silence and an insufferable past. But when an alpha wolf slams into him and stakes its claim, Ethan’s tenacious grip on the mating bond is a lifeline for this broken Psy.

Loved, loved, LOVED it!!! Selenka and Ethan have dynamite chemistry together! I love their love! I also love all the secondary characters. I love the complexities, diversity and intricate hierarchy of the pack structure. Everyone has a place and an importance to the pack, and every packmate is valued, even the most vulnerable. Amazing!

There is so much going on in the story! Exciting plot twists and turns and so many other secrets! This is a dangerous time in the Psy-Changeling universe, and I cannot WAIT to find out where we travel to next!
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Nalini Singh consistently builds such amazing worlds for us to enjoy and Alpha Night gives us a peek at the BlackEdge pack in Russia. Selenka meets Ethan Night at a party when he prevents an ambush from happening and she saves him from being shot. Then they’re shocked to realize the mating bond has formed. So essentially she goes to a party, gets shot (grazed), forms the mating bond, and brings a stranger home with her as her mate. And that’s not even everything that happens in that one day! 
I really enjoyed the touches of humour, especially the talk about the insta-mating bond only being something on soap operas until it happens to Selenka. There are heavy things happening in their world with the Psy Net, with the pack, and with Ethan’s powers. Ethan is new to emotion and new to a pack; he is an Arrow but they’ve largely let him be alone as he prefers. Being alone is foreign to the wolves and supporting each other is a huge part of who they are. He sees it as essential to his mate, and he embraces it. Because of the external conflicts, Selenka’s constant duties as Alpha, and the race to figure out what’s happening with Ethan, that’s how Singh deftly builds their relationship. The little things that bring them together and build them as a couple. Alpha Night is a fabulous read and a delight that Nalini Singh continues to keep us on our toes.
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This review was originally posted on the Goldilox and the Three Weres blog.

You all know how much I adore Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series and sometimes I can't contain help but gush about each new book in this series. I always know that I'm going to at least enjoy each one and I can never figure out how each new story is going to go. I'm constantly surprised with how much I fall in love with each new book and y'all, I freaking adored Alpha Night so much. In my opinion, the four books of this Trinity arc/spin-off have been some of the best books in the whole series and this one just might be my new favorite. I've reread it three times already and it just came out.

The book starts out at a symposium for the newly remembered E designation. The symposium is set in Kaleb's territory of Moscow and the StoneWater and BlackEdge packs have been brought in with the Arrows to provide security for the empaths. Enter in Selenka Durev, alpha of the BlackEdge wolves, and Ethan Night, TK Arrow, who are both manning security and come into contact with each other when an attack happens. Within minutes of dealing with the attack, they're mated.

Not only did we finally got a book about a female alpha but we got a book about a mating at first sight! These kinds of matings have been mentioned a few times in passing throughout the series but we've never seen one. There were several matings where the male knew the other was their mate but this is the first mating we've gotten one where both love interests accept the bond before they know each other. Plus, I'm a sucker for the pairings where one or more of the main characters are an Arrow so I freaking adored Selenka and Ethan together! I loved that were both devoted to each other from the first and were dedicated to making their mating work even though they were strangers at first.

There's a lot that's going on in this book. There's an attack on the symposium, several attacks on Selenka's pack, and Ethan is displaying all the signs of having the dreaded Scarab Syndrome and could be on the brink of losing his mind. That's quite a bit to handle on top of a surprise mating. I loved reading about Selenka and Ethan learning each other and coming together. I also enjoyed the overall plot and mystery of this book. I guessed a few of the outcomes but I was kept on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading. Which happened to be all in one sitting. I should know better by now not to start a Nalini Singh book before bed if I want to get any sleep.

I loved getting to know the BlackEdge pack and seeing some familiar faces from previous books! Selenka and Valentin's interactions were the best! I loved seeing them compare whose mate was more badass and bemoaning how vulnerable said badass mates were because of their psychic abilities. Actually all the interactions between the wolves and the bears were great! I really loved everything about this book. I’m pretty sure I was a literal embodiment of the heart eyes emoji each time I finished this book. 

Overall, Alpha Night was an excellent addition to one of my favorite series. I can't wait to reread the story again and again over the coming years. Now on to speculating and trying to guess who will be the main characters of the next book. I really really want a book about the falcons or someone from Remi's pack or maybe we'll get to see more of BlackSea! I kind of have my fingers crossed that we get at least a novella about one or more of the relationships we see developing like Axl and Tamar or Arwen and Pavel or Nerida and Yuri. I especially want something or anything about what the heck is going on between Anthony and Nikita. It's going to be a long year of waiting that's for sure.

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This series just gets better. With Silence broken, and the Net in disarray, it's been interesting to see how the Psy community is working towards making sure they don't become extinct. I think the Arrows are an amazing group to focus on, and Singh really brings their past and future to light. She also writes amazingly strong female characters. I think that this new chapter of her books is even more exciting than the last.
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4.5 Stars 

I'm deeply in love with Nalini Singh's massive Psy-Changeling world. It's creative and futuristic and her love for detail just shines through in every book and on every page which makes for a cohesive reading experience. In Alpha Night BlackEdge alpha Selenka Durev and Arrow Ethan Night are being paired up.

These two experience a spontaneous mating at their first encounter which is supposed to be rare. These two know nothing about one another and are connected through an unbreakable bond. Both of them alpha in their own right with a matching strong will, skills that are beyond average, and demons that haunt them, now need to find a way to handle this bond and get to know each other and you as a reader are allowed to come along for the ride.

I loved Ethan so much who had strong intuition how to treat Selenka and her pack. He was so disarmingly honest, trusting, tender and enamored with his new mate. But there is something dark and powerful lurking in his mind that threatens to break free and he can't allow that because that means danger to Selenka. His need to protect her at any cost is deeply ingrained despite the new connection. Ethan's loneliness tugged on my heartstrings and I wished him nothing but happiness.

"Being with Selenka, it filled an emptiness so deep inside him that it had no name."

Nalini Singh does a great job dropping hints what exactly it is that ails Ethan and if you pay attention the outcome won't surprise you. It definitely had me thrilled.

Selenka is a badass alpha who is 100% up to the job. She has no issue taking decisive action, that can include the death of anyone who threatens, endangers or hurts a member of her pack. But she also has a softer side and that makes her so very likable. These two fall in love with so much ease and so naturally, they are perfect for each other. Ethan and Selenka aren't just lovers and mates, they are affectionate, faithful friends and protectors.

"His hair fell across his forehead as he moved to touch another tree, and suddenly he looked so young that her heart threatened to break. She would show him a world beyond pain and murder and hurt, she vowed it."

We now get a clear picture of The Architect's character and motives. I really can't wait to find out who The Architect is - whether it's a new character or somebody we know. My money is on the latter. While Ethan and Selenka's story wraps up with a bow the author leaves us with a bit of a cliffy in regards to the Psy-Net's deterioration. It will be interesting to see how this is being resolved in the upcoming books.

Of course we get to catch up with many of our beloved characters from previous books and I got such a kick out of reconnecting with Valentin and Silver, especially because the bears elicit so much exasperation in the wolves, yet they are close allies.

If you need a really good PNR series I can't recommend the Psy-Changeling world enough. While I think that you could get away reading this as a standalone with little or no confusion if you've read some of the previous books in this series, I wouldn't recommend it (and seriously, I don't know why you would want that with this series being so awesome). Nalini Singh's stories are magical and always make me care deeply about her characters and these two definitely dug their way into my heart. Her words are beyond beautiful and the love for this world is in her every word. I can't wait to find out who she'll pair up next!

"For the first time in his life, he opened his soul . . . and in ran a wolf, the contact so hard and powerful and potent that his mind screamed in ecstasy."
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Holly: I haven’t loved the last few releases in this series, but I really adored this book. I loved the dynamic between Selenka and Ethan, and I really loved Selenka’s pack.

Casee: I adored this book as well. Like you, I haven’t particularly enjoyed the last few releases. This book was more than a pleasant surprise.

Rowena: I think I enjoyed the last few releases more than you guys and I really liked this one as well. I’ve been in a weird reading mood this past week but buckling down with this book was good for me.

Casee: One of the things I liked was that just because Selenka and Ethan were instantly mated, they weren’t just happy-happy right away.

Rowena: I liked the instant mating thing and I really, really loved Ethan and Selenka. I don’t think I’ve ever read the instant mating thing before, have you guys?

Holly: I know we haven’t seen the instant mating thing from Nalini Singh before. I thought that aspect of the book was really well done. Like Casee said, they weren’t immediately all happy happy just because they were fated mates. They had to learn each other. But I liked that the instant mating made them immediately commit. It wasn’t a matter of if they got together, but how they made a future work. The way Ethan was filled up by Selenka was well written.

Casee: I loved Selenka’s pack. Everyone from the Lieutenants to the Healer to the cubs. I did feel really bad for Selenka because of her relationship with her father. He was such an ass.

Holly: I did struggle with the pacing in the early part of the book. I felt like I got dropped into the middle of a story at first. It took probably a good quarter of the book before I remembered details from earlier in the series and felt like I knew what was what.

Casee: I felt the same way. The information about Selenka’s pack was like a million books ago. It took me a bit to remember as well.

Rowena: I didn’t prepare for this read and it feels like the last book in this series came out so long ago so, like Holly, it took me a while to catch up on who was who again and what was what. Once I caught up, things really picked up for me. I enjoyed seeing everyone again, seeing our friends from the DarkRiver and all of our Psy friends.

Casee: Did you both figure out his designation?

Holly: Yes, I figured out his designation early on. I liked how his abilities morphed based on his upbringing.

Rowena: I thought Ehtan would end up being what he was and I thought it was a neat spin on that designation. He’s so different from the others that I thought it was interesting. I liked seeing him become friends with people, I really loved seeing him form bonds outside of Selenka’s pack and I really loved how fiercely loyal Selenka’s pack became to Ethan, right from the jump. There was no questioning Selenka’s authority or Selenka’s mate, there was just a ready acceptance that I felt Ethan really needed.

Nalini Singh is really good at complicated relationships and seeing the different kinds of relationships in this story was just great. From Ethan and Selenka to the other mated couples but also Mercy and Ethan and hell, even Nomi and Blaise. They’re all different kinds of relationships and I thought each of them was interesting in their own ways.

Holly: I agree, Singh is really good at complicated relationships. I love seeing Ethan navigate his way to forgiveness with the other Arrows, and how things circled back around with Selenka’s father.

Casee: I also enjoyed seeing his relationships with people in the pack develop, as well as with the Arrows. Ethan has never trusted anyone for good reason. I am curious to see what happens when Ming LeBon shows back up.

Rowena: I really liked this book and am looking forward to seeing where Singh takes up from here after what Kaleb and Aden do at the end of this one. Shit just got real and complicated, real fast….and I’m here for it. Who is the next couple, do you guys know? I give this book 4.25 out of 5 stars, what about you guys?

Holly: I’m looking forward to more from this pack, and I definitely want to see where she takes things after the events at the end of this book. I don’t think we’ve heard yet who the next couple will be, but I’ll be here for it.

I’m giving this 4 out of 5.

Casee: I really hope there are more books coming out from this pack. I really enjoyed Selenka’s relationship with Valentin too. Freaking bears. I just generally enjoyed the entire dynamic of this book.

I’m giving this a 4.25 out of 5.

Final Grades

Casee: 4.25 out of 5
Holly: 4 out of 5
Rowena: 4.25 out of 5
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Let me start this review by saying that I love this author and will read anything she writes. Literally anything. I was super excited when I read the blurb for Alpha Night and realized it would feature an Alpha wolf and Arrow pairing. What I didn’t realize until I first started reading was that this couple falls into a mating at first sight. And instalove is probably my least favorite trope. Hmmmm…

I think I can put up with things in PNR that I would hate in any other genre, instalove and fated mates tropes for example. I’m pretty sure this couple worked for me because it was more of a mating at first sight, where love came later, than actual super fast insta-love. Selenka is the Alpha of the BlackEdge wolves and her wolf chooses Ethan as their mate pretty much the moment they first make contact. Ethan is a broken, emotionally damaged Arrow who was a special project of Ming LeBon’s as a child, but something changes in him when he realizes he’s been claimed by the dominant and fascinating woman. 

One of the things I really enjoyed was the way Ethan embraced becoming Selenka’s mate right from the beginning. I’m pretty sure they weren’t even separated for at least the first half of the book. He accepted her claim and that was that. He was her’s. The other thing I really enjoyed was that Selenka was such a strong, caring woman and Alpha who embraced her dominance, and Ethan recognizes this immediately. 

While I still miss seeing older characters from the original series, I do enjoy these new characters set in this part of the world. The fact that Nalini Singh still manages to make this world feel fresh and new is always a wonder to me. I enjoyed this new addition and look forward to whatever she puts out next.
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I have to say, I love the tall dark and quiet Arrows. You just know that the old adage "Still waters run deep" applies to them and the lucky person they mate with. In this latest addition to the series, Selenka, the alpha of the BlackEdge wolves, finds herself instantly mated to Ethan, an Arrow she is conversing with at a huge E symposium. When he saves hundreds of lives through his ability to weaponize light, she returns the favor and saves his. Her wolf initiates the mating bond and he agrees so, WHAM, they are mated. Ethan has a secret that could destroy their relationship but he discloses it immediately when the bonding occurs. I was so glad he did and it wasn't something to blow up later.
What follows is an interesting look at how this rapid mating plays out with his squad and her pack. Adding to the tension is a strange power that seems to be trying to burst through Ethan's mind. It appears to be the deadly (to him) Scarab syndrome. Shades of previous stories in the series where one of the lovers has some sort of possibly monstrous thing happening that could be deadly to them or their loved one. In every one of those books, Ms. Singh comes up with a clever and believable explanation that moves the story along or fills in a need for the Trinity. It was also nice to see a female alpha be a main focus of the story, not just a brief sidebar.
This book has not only the very hot relationship between Selenka and Ethan, but it involves lots of previous characters from Changeling packs, Arrows, and Psy which is always enjoyable. I was especially happy to see mention of Yuri, an Arrow grievously injured in Wolf Rain. Every book in this series brings us closer to the inevitable collapse of the Psy-Net. This book fills in more missing pieces but ends with a big cliffhanger.
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Alpha Night by Nalini Singh is the 4th book in her wonderful Psy-Changeling Trinity series.  I can’t say enough about Nalini Singh.  She has become my go to author, as I love her Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series.   She never fails to give us a sensational story, wonderful characters, and each book continues to flow seamlessly.  No one does world building so smoothly and flawlessly better than Nalini Singh.   Once again, in Alpha Night, Nalini has created a masterpiece that grabs hold of me and never ever let’s go until the very end. 

Alpha Night takes us back to Russia and the BlackEdge wolf pack, with Selenka Durev as our heroine and alpha of BlackEdge.  Selenka is somewhat on edge, as she is one of the hosts of the first world symposium, causing a bit of chaos with so many former Psy and empaths.  Violence erupts as an attack from an unknown source threatens.  Ethan Night, our hero, and Arrow, comes to the rescue, killing an E to stop the attack.  When Selenka approaches Ethan, the two of them are both thrown for a shock, as they immediately feel the mating bond; an Arrow and Alpha wolf; an unusual bond.  Another attacker attempts to kill Ethan, but he manages to stop the culprit. 

Selenka is a powerful and strong leader and dangerous wolf, but she is loyal to her pack, who adore her.   Ethan automatically begins to see color, but fears that he is damaged and a killer; but he is drawn to the beautiful Selenka, and promises his loyalty to her.  He is the Knight to her Queen.

What follows is an exciting, suspenseful, intriguing and action-packed story that kept me glued to the book, unable to put it down. Nalini has a way of creating such wonderful secondary characters, and I loved all of Selenka’s pack members.  Selenka, who is powerful, tough and totally in control, must deal with the murder of one of her own, and find out who betrayed them? Ethan works with Aden and Kaleb to try to stop the destruction on the Psy Net, and discover who is doing this.  Who is the evil Architect?

Besides all the tense excitements, Alpha Night is also a beautiful romance between two unlikely people, with so much chemistry between them that sizzles the pages.  I loved Selenka and Ethan together, as they made such a wonderful loving couple.  Selenka was a fantastic heroine, who was also our first female Alpha, and a great one, as was strong, independent, savvy, loving and loyal to those she loved.

Selenka, though very much in love with Ethan,  knows he is convinced that he is a killer, and the time together could be short if he turns rogue.  Ethan was a damaged but great hero, who was very protective of Selenka.  This was a wonderful romance, with so many sweet, emotional and tense moments; especially when Ethan realizes how strong his love is for Selenka. Once again, an awesome romance and awesome couple.  I loved seeing many of our favorites, such as Sascha; Ivy, Aden, Kaleb, Abbot, Silver/Valentin, and Alexei/Memory and even briefly, Lucas.    

I can’t say enough about Nalini Singh, as I have said over and  over, she is my go-to author, who never fails to captivate me with her engaging creative stories, fantastic plots, and seamless world building; wonderful couples in each and every story; super secondary characters and fantastic world-building.   I loved every moment of Alpha Night.  I have said this so many times, if you have not read Nalini Singh, you are missing such a gem of an author.
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The following joint review (reviewed togehter with DA Jennie) was posted to Dear Author on June 4th, 2020:
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Alpha Night (Psy-Changeling Trinity #4). By Nalini Singh. 2020. Berkley (ARC eBook).

When Black Edge’s Alpha Selenka Durev and Arrow Ethan Night collide at an E-Psy symposium in Moscow, it’s mating at first sight. Selenka never imagined she would bond with a stranger, but beneath the cold Arrow veneer, Ethan is beautiful and loyal and her wolf isn’t thinking twice about protecting him.

Detached and alone in a gray world, Ethan is resigned to his fate. He has a rogue power growing inside his mind, a result of the Scarab Syndrome he believes. And the outcome won’t be pretty. But then the mating bond brings color before his eyes. Emotions he has never felt directed at him before are flooding him, cherishing him. And he will devote whatever time he has left, serving Selenka however she sees fit.

Another emotionally rich and sensual romance by Singh. Even after so many romances in the Psy-Changeling world, Singh continues to grow and develop the alliances, the PsyNet, and Silence and its legacy. Ethan is unique with a TK ability never seen before, and the scenes with him and Loyal and the pack pups are *swoons.* A decent amount of action, with Black Edge dealing with a deadly powerplay, and it was really interesting to see the PsyNet collapsing and the mysterious threat behind it. Signh’s books are never ones to be missed.
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There is simply no series like Psy-Changeling/Psy-Changeling Trinity. Nalini Singh has created such a vast, complex, unique, wholly addictive world filled with memorable, endearing characters that every time I start one of the books I know I’m in for a treat. Alpha Night is no exception. I was so hooked by Selenka and Ethan’s story that I stayed up until I couldn’t keep my eyes open, only to finish the book once I woke up in the morning.

Selenka Durev is the alpha of the BlackEdge wolf pack. She’s strong, disciplined, and deeply caring in a way only an alpha can be. She was raised by loving grandparents, but carries emotional wounds from her parents’ actions. Ethan Night is an Arrow raised in darkness. Ethan was held captive by a ruthless Psy Councilor since childhood and even though he has been freed and joined the Arrow squad, he still lives in a grey fog, detached and unfeeling. That is, until he runs into Selenka and the mating bond crashes through them both almost instantly.

Mating at first sight is the stuff of fairytales and soap operas. Yet somehow it happened and Selenka is fascinated by the sexy, remote Psy who calls to her like no one else ever has. And Ethan is equally taken with the stunning and strong alpha who awakens something in him he’s been searching for. I wasn’t sure when I began the book how I’d like the concept of mating at first sight, but I never should have doubted Ms. Singh. Ethan and Selenka’s connection is electric – bold and jagged and beautiful from the start. I loved how they came together, how the instant mating played out and the reasons behind it. Selenka and Ethan were so perfectly suited and had such fantastic chemistry that I was swept away by their love story – it’s both sexy and heartwarming. Their bond helps Ethan’s true nature come out: the protector, the giver, the deeply wounded man with a kind heart. He and Selenka are lethal predators, but the balance with how warm and loving they are endeared them to me.

However, just because it’s clear Ethan and Selenka are perfect together doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing for them. Ethan is convinced he’s damaged and there’s a surging power in him he’s holding back, a howling madness he’s sure will turn him into a destructive force of nature. I loved watching the layers of Ethan’s character and powers be revealed throughout the course of the story. The proverbial ticking time bomb in his head added intensity, as did the danger from outside BlackEdge he and Selenka faced. BlackEdge is facing a threat, but there’s another, far more deadly threat on the PsyNet. I can’t say much about either of these plotlines for fear of spoiling the story. The damage to the PsyNet is an ongoing storyline and watching beloved characters exhaust themselves and make hard choices to save the Psy both breaks my heart and has me hooked. And though Alpha Night doesn’t end on a cliffhanger in terms of the romance, the ending definitely had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens to the Psy.

Alpha Night is the fourth book in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series and fans of both this series and the original Psy-Changeling books will be delighted to revisit some of their favorite characters as well as learn more about the wonderful BlackEdge pack. Selenka and Ethan’s romance stands alone, but to fully enjoy the book I highly recommend being familiar with the world and having read the previous Psy-Changeling Trinity book, Wolf Rain, before starting this one. I loved every bit of Alpha Night. Nalini Singh continues to deliver strong, well-drawn, endearing characters and expands her world in fascinating ways. I cannot wait to see what she does next!
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Nalini Singh continues her wonderful Psy Changeling novels with Alpha Night.  Alpha wolf Selenka Durev forms a mating with Arrow Ethan Night at first sight something only happening in fairy tales.  Under attack by outside forces her Russian wolf pack accepts Ethan who himself has serious survival problems with his changeling stability.  Read this new chapter in the Russian changelings.
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As always Nalini Singh gives readers what they want and more in her delightfully lush romances in her ever changing psy/changing world.
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Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling/Psy-Changeling Trinity series is one of my all-time favorites. When I first got hooked on them, I read the entire original series in about a month and a half. Needless to say, a new book in this series is always an anticipated event. 

Despite my already high expectations, I ended up loving Alpha Night even more than I expected to. Selenka Durev has been one of my favorite side characters and I was so happy that she was getting her own story. Plus the whole mating at first sight thing ended up equal parts hilarious and heart-warming. I loved how Selenka and Ethan’s relationship developed over the course of this book and how they helped each other find their way. Plus, as always, Singh did a fantastic job including references to previous couples and jokes in the series (Seriously, I’d never go out drinking with a bear at this point). 

The advances to the overarching storyline were fascinating and I’m really loving how the Psy-Changeling Trinity story is playing out so far. I can’t wait to find out what happens next and will be eagerly awaiting the next installment in this fantastic series. 

*Disclaimer: I received a digital advance copy of this book for free from the publisher. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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Alpha Night
Psy-Changeling Trinity Series - Book 4
By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - June 2020

Paranormal Romance

The Psy-Changeling Trinity series, is a continuation of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series. It is essentially the second story arc. New readers might find starting with Silver Silence a good easy introduction into this world. However, it does contain spoilers to the previous story arc and characters. Accordingly, this review assumes that the reader has read the previous stories in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series. Personally, since I have enjoyed all of the stories to date, I highly suggest reading the series in order.

Mating at First Sight. That was not how it was supposed to happen. They were supposed to go through the mating dance, have a courting, and when the female made the decision, a bond snapped into place. Selenka Durev, Alpha of the BlackEdge wolves, had known having the Empath Symposium was a risk, but one necessary for the Empaths to learn from one another. Since it was being held in Moscow, security included her pack, the blasted StoneWater bears, and Arrows. It was just after meeting one Arrow that her wolf had lunged for, and claimed him, as her mate.

Ethan Night knew he was different. He was a TK that didn't have the same abilities as others. He was an Arrow, but separate. He existed only. Until he was claimed by Selenka. She had his loyalty, his dedication. She said that their bond was muted, but he knew he was damaged. He had a secret, one so powerful it could prove fatal.

Alpha Night was a delight that I couldn't put down. I adored Ethan and his hesitant interactions with his fellow Arrows. His background had kept him apart from the team, and even after his mating, I enjoyed watching as he built bonds with the team. Selenka was a strong heroine who fiercely holds on to Ethan, and Ethan's devotion is equal. There was a perfect mix of familiar characters and new. Overall, a fun, entertaining, enjoyable romance certain to please Psy-Changeling fans. I eagerly await the next story.

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Moscow’s Changeling packs have joined forces with the Psy Arrow squad to provide security for a first-of-its-kind symposium. But before it can even get started, the conference is interrupted by a terrorist. The threat forces Wolf Alpha Selenka and Arrow Ethan into close proximity where they save each other from assassins. Before they can even begin interrogating the suspects, the two have formed a mating bond.

Mating at first sight was supposed to be a myth, but both are instantly committed to making it work. It's similar to a Fated Mates romance where "will they or won't they" is never in question, just how will they overcome the obstacles. Ethan and Selenka are both incredibly devoted to their mate right from the start. But they’ll have to deal with a cult threatening Selenka’s pack, attacks on the PsyNet, and a mysterious medical condition threatening Ethan’s sanity before they can truly have their HEA. 

One of the pitfalls of such a long-running series is that the storylines can get repetitive. I felt like Ethan’s situation was too similar to Silver’s and Memory’s from recent books and I knew what the “power” in his head was very early on. I started to get frustrated with the characters for being so slow to figure it out. Also, much of the action in Alpha Night is happening inside people’s heads, which is not my favorite.

At the same time, familiarity can be comforting. I had been expecting to meet the Russian wolves earlier in the series and was really looking forward to it. The pack is full of charming characters, especially the children. I also loved how their friendly rivalry with the bears influenced so many aspects of their lives. One woman tells her husband to “quit being such a bear” for example.

As always with this series, don’t skip the chapter headings. I’m still loving the excerpts from Wild Woman Magazine, but Alpha Night also introduces a Changeling soap opera and its online fan group. Both the show and the magazine play a role in the story outside of the chapter headings, which was fun.

Alpha Night isn’t my favorite book in the series, but it’s still a welcome addition. I loved being back in a wolf den and seeing so many familiar characters. Memory and Alexi from Wolf Rain play a significant role, as do Valentin and Silver, Aden and Kaleb. I have an idea about which of the wolves I’d to see in their own books, but Singh never goes exactly where I expect her to so I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next book.
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In Alpha Night (Psy-Changeling Trinity #4) by Nalini Singh, Selenka Durev has grown accustomed to the weight of responsibility, considering she is the alpha of her pack, the BlackEdge wolves in Moscow. But overseeing an event in her city with a bunch of Psy present? It has the potential for chaos. Selenka's instincts are spot-on, when she comes under fire and is saved by an Arrow named Ethan Night. With one look in his eyes, her wolf is sure he's her mate. Even though finding a mate without knowing them first, without courting, is unheard of. Soon, though, Selenka's attention turns to finding out who is trying to harm her pack--and she learns in the process that Ethan is more than worthy of being an alpha's mate. But she fears she may lose him before they can cement their bond, as it appears more and more like the jagged pieces in his brain, cold and full of power, are applying pressure that may end his life.

Arrow Ethan Night survived a hellish upbringing at the hands of monsters to become part of a team--yet not. Because as thankful as he is that he's no longer living a nightmare, Ethan lives in a gray fog that holds him apart from the rest of his fellow Arrows. That's why it was of no concern to him to be part of a plan to throw the symposium into disarray. But when Selenka is harmed, all bets are off. Ethan will not tolerate the alpha--or any other innocent being--coming to harm under his watch. So begins the bond with his beautiful wolf. Selenka brings him to her pack's den and introduces Ethan to a world of care, affection, love, laughter and loyalty. Things he's never known before. And as much as he craves more of it, he knows he needs to hold on to each tender memory and enjoy time with his mate before his broken mind finally gives out.

Absolutely Epic. That's the only way to describe Alpha Night. Nalini Singh never ceases to amaze me with her heartfelt, thrilling novels, but the pairing of alpha wolf Selenka Durev and Arrow Ethan Night was utter perfection.

Alpha Night. Wow! If you've been following the original Psy-Changeling series and/or the new season of it, Trinity, then you know things have been evolving from book to book since the fall of Silence. This latest installment showed the next sneaky steps the Architect and the Consortium took to further their cause. That was a huge, exciting part of the plot. What was also great was this pulled in a bunch of familiar faces: from Aden, Lucas, Kaleb and Sascha to Memory, Valentin, Silver and Alexei, among others. And they all held key roles in helping the Trinity Accord battle the issues in the PsyNet and against the Consortium.

Ethan and Selenka stole the show, though. I will be honest that I was a teensy bit worried how an Alpha heroine and an Arrow hero would be a solid match. How would two such dominant people be able to compromise and coexist without stepping on each other's toes? Thanks to a huge twist Singh threw their way, Selenka and Ethan completely meshed as a couple. I loved that they had so many tender moments between them that were sigh-worthy. Not to be outdone by the scorching hot love scenes rife with passion and yet also sweetness. Although Ethan and Selenka both went through some difficult times in their past, it was Ethan's background that will likely reduce readers to a few tears. I won't get into specifics, but I will say that he was a terrific man (I adored him!!) who became an integral part of Selenka's life *and* with her pack.

It's always interesting to see the inner workings of the changeling groups and to watch their relationships with each other. The BlackEdge wolves in Moscow were a close-knit family. And Selenka proved to be a wonderful Alpha for them. One who was kind but strong, loyal, fair, and had a huge heart. I did have to chuckle several times over the ongoing teasing back and forth between Valentin's bears and Selenka's wolves. What a riot. It showed that even though they were fierce warriors, they knew how to keep morale up during a time with so many changes and unknowns happening in their world. Ethan was another unknown for Selenka. And the fact that they mated upon first sight only added to the tough situation. But I couldn't have been happier how Selenka learned to trust Ethan and how well-suited they were for each other.

Alpha Night is a prime example of why Nalini Singh is one of the most popular authors today. With her incredible attention to detail, stories that host a myriad of emotions, and characters so tangible they could be standing in front of you, Singh's work is a must for fans of contemporary fiction.
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