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Holly: I haven’t loved the last few releases in this series, but I really adored this book. I loved the dynamic between Selenka and Ethan, and I really loved Selenka’s pack.

Casee: I adored this book as well. Like you, I haven’t particularly enjoyed the last few releases. This book was more than a pleasant surprise.

Rowena: I think I enjoyed the last few releases more than you guys and I really liked this one as well. I’ve been in a weird reading mood this past week but buckling down with this book was good for me.

Casee: One of the things I liked was that just because Selenka and Ethan were instantly mated, they weren’t just happy-happy right away.

Rowena: I liked the instant mating thing and I really, really loved Ethan and Selenka. I don’t think I’ve ever read the instant mating thing before, have you guys?

Holly: I know we haven’t seen the instant mating thing from Nalini Singh before. I thought that aspect of the book was really well done. Like Casee said, they weren’t immediately all happy happy just because they were fated mates. They had to learn each other. But I liked that the instant mating made them immediately commit. It wasn’t a matter of if they got together, but how they made a future work. The way Ethan was filled up by Selenka was well written.

Casee: I loved Selenka’s pack. Everyone from the Lieutenants to the Healer to the cubs. I did feel really bad for Selenka because of her relationship with her father. He was such an ass.

Holly: I did struggle with the pacing in the early part of the book. I felt like I got dropped into the middle of a story at first. It took probably a good quarter of the book before I remembered details from earlier in the series and felt like I knew what was what.

Casee: I felt the same way. The information about Selenka’s pack was like a million books ago. It took me a bit to remember as well.

Rowena: I didn’t prepare for this read and it feels like the last book in this series came out so long ago so, like Holly, it took me a while to catch up on who was who again and what was what. Once I caught up, things really picked up for me. I enjoyed seeing everyone again, seeing our friends from the DarkRiver and all of our Psy friends.

Casee: Did you both figure out his designation?

Holly: Yes, I figured out his designation early on. I liked how his abilities morphed based on his upbringing.

Rowena: I thought Ehtan would end up being what he was and I thought it was a neat spin on that designation. He’s so different from the others that I thought it was interesting. I liked seeing him become friends with people, I really loved seeing him form bonds outside of Selenka’s pack and I really loved how fiercely loyal Selenka’s pack became to Ethan, right from the jump. There was no questioning Selenka’s authority or Selenka’s mate, there was just a ready acceptance that I felt Ethan really needed.

Nalini Singh is really good at complicated relationships and seeing the different kinds of relationships in this story was just great. From Ethan and Selenka to the other mated couples but also Mercy and Ethan and hell, even Nomi and Blaise. They’re all different kinds of relationships and I thought each of them was interesting in their own ways.

Holly: I agree, Singh is really good at complicated relationships. I love seeing Ethan navigate his way to forgiveness with the other Arrows, and how things circled back around with Selenka’s father.

Casee: I also enjoyed seeing his relationships with people in the pack develop, as well as with the Arrows. Ethan has never trusted anyone for good reason. I am curious to see what happens when Ming LeBon shows back up.

Rowena: I really liked this book and am looking forward to seeing where Singh takes up from here after what Kaleb and Aden do at the end of this one. Shit just got real and complicated, real fast….and I’m here for it. Who is the next couple, do you guys know? I give this book 4.25 out of 5 stars, what about you guys?

Holly: I’m looking forward to more from this pack, and I definitely want to see where she takes things after the events at the end of this book. I don’t think we’ve heard yet who the next couple will be, but I’ll be here for it.

I’m giving this 4 out of 5.

Casee: I really hope there are more books coming out from this pack. I really enjoyed Selenka’s relationship with Valentin too. Freaking bears. I just generally enjoyed the entire dynamic of this book.

I’m giving this a 4.25 out of 5.

Final Grades

Casee: 4.25 out of 5
Holly: 4 out of 5
Rowena: 4.25 out of 5
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Nalini Singh’s paranormal romance (with a huge touch of mystery and suspense) Alpha Night is a book that comes on strong in the second half, which is great if you make it that far.

Selenka Durev, alpha of the BlackEdge wolfpack of Russia, is at the site of an attempted “empathic terrorist” attack and nearly murdered when she’s saved by Ethan Night, an Arrow assassin turned sort-of-double-agent, who, it turns out, is her mate. It’s only the first act in what, it becomes clear, is a plot of global proportions, and Selenka has authority problems on her own territory that also can’t wait. Ethan is ready to help with both as her new mate, but has a deeply traumatic past and is experiencing symptoms that suggest the onset of insanity.

I expected that as an insta-bond, mated-pair romance, Alpha Night would capitalize on those aspects, but it doesn’t until halfway through the book (and Singh’s books fill out full-sized hardcovers so that’s a lot of pages).  So much time is spent on the mystery and suspense aspects that a scene in which Selenka and Ethan share a snack is a romantic plot development. On top of that, the entire thing is conveyed in prose that is often overwrought:

his eyes devoured her, the air between them hot with need and something more—a hunger to smash through the fog in the bond, claw into each other’s soul.

Now, this isn’t my first rodeo with paranormal romance – I was initiated on Lora Leigh’s Breeds series, so I’m no stranger to some bombast, but it was too much all the time here, and felt like a way of sneaking in a lot of telling instead of showing.

Selenka thinks about how:

her wolf. . . . knew its mate was hanging on an edge and needed to be hauled in before he fell

and the problems of the first half pushed Alpha Night to the edge of a C grade from me. It, too, was saved by love and Salenka. I often feel like romance suffers from a lot of Either/Or Heroines. Either they’re gunslingers or bread-bakers, and heaven forbid they be both. Selenka comes the closest I’ve seen to embodying a balance. The trick? Be a wolf woman. As an alpha, it’s entirely acceptable for Selenka to be, as needed, “a dominant” (not in a BDSM way) and also an incredibly physically affectionate, emotionally astute person. She never treats Ethan as a Patriarch instead of a Person, as someone who needs to be put down simply for being male. Their sex life is a fabulous example of this. During Ethan’s first time (get out that Virgin Hero review tag, y’all), she thinks that

her mate didn’t yet understand how to revel in taunt sexual need

and so she deliberately doesn’t try any delayed gratification tactics. Ethan thinks:

he felt spoiled by her. . . in being simply given what he wanted instead of having his need used to torture him.

It’s rare for me to read about a couple who engage with each other with such loving awareness, let alone see things like consent, power dynamics, and strong women handled in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m reading a manual entitled How To Be A Good Modern Human, You Moron.

Singh gets bonus points for reimagining that old ‘make a guy hot by having him be good with kids’ trope – Ethan is great with all the kids who, in Selenka’s pack, who often appear in their “pup” form. I have to say I was far more charmed by the image of Ethan holding sleeping wolf puppies than I’ve ever been by heroes who are fabulous uncles.

The ending is a romantic HEA, but virtually all of the non-romance related storylines are left on cliffhangers for the next book(s) in the series. Ultimately, I’m recommending Alpha Night solely on the basis of its heroine and romance, which offer a refreshing case study of what a ‘modern’ heroine and love story can look like.

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Included as a top pick in bimonthly June New Releases post, which highlights and promotes upcoming releases of the month:

Discussed in SBTB bimonthly Whatcha Reading posts:

March 5, 2020:

Some non-spoilery and incoherent post-reading thoughts:

1) I am a major fangirl and am incapable of being objective. I've 5-starred every single book in this series, so just know that this is the fangirl/nostalgia status that I'm operating from. I love critiquing it and arguing about what works/doesn't work, but that doesn't take away my unmitigated love/squeeing.

2) Fascinating relationship dynamic that is new to the series. Of course we've seen Dominant Changeling + Arrow/Dangerous Psy before, but it's usually accompanied by "Oh, we can't be together because xyz. I'm not capable of love. I don't deserve you because I'm too dangerous and I've done irredeemable things in the past." None of that here. Of course Ethan has major fears about his power and believes that he's broken by his trauma, but at no point does he push away Selenka because of it. The mating-at-first-sight dynamic is super intriguing; they're all in on the relationship, they just need to navigate getting to know each other and helping Ethan manage his psychic problems. So even though it's not a new pairing type to the series, I found the new iteration of the dynamic to be refreshing.

3) I have wanted an alpha heroine for so long and IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD. I love you, Selenka Durev. You have my heart forever and ever. Not that I had any doubt, since I stan for all changeling wolves, but it was nice to know I was right.

“If you are a true threat to me or mine, I will tear out your throat and walk away with your blood on my claws—and in my mouth.” She brushed one claw over his lips. “But if you’re not . . . well, zaichik, then we’ll play.”

4) Can we talk about Selenka and Valentin grumbling together about how difficult their Psy mates are?!!! And how Selenka is slowly suckered into liking Valentin even though she claims he's a nuisance?!! I have no real observation here, I'm just very much here for wolf and bear antics.

5) So the entire novel takes place in three/four days. It's a short time span and nonstop; most scenes are chronologically set immediately after the end of the previous scene. The pacing feels different than other books. I love it, but I recognize that some readers won't like it because it's unique. I think the pace works but I also never released a breath the entire time I was reading. It felt like I was on a roller-coaster; I need to reread now that I've calmed down and can appreciate the book without panicking about Ethan's psychic issues.

6) This book is really smart about The Architect. I wasn't sure if Nalini would reveal the identity this soon (and she doesn't). BUT she does leave enough tantalizing clues that an eagled-eyed reader could figure it out. I was stuck between a few choices in the beginning and finished the book with 100% certainty about the Architect's identity (keep in mind that I've read the series a million times and can remember obscure details about certain people).

7) I have long held a conspiracy theory about Nikita, and ALPHA NIGHT not only solidified my evidence but added so many more facets to it! I love being right about things. 😂 I desperately need a Nikita book and I think we're getting one eventually. Not sure when, but hopefully it'll be in the next decade. 😭

8) Okay, if Nalini ever decides to create supplementary materials to the text, I need the following: the Arrow Sex Guide Manual, Wild Woman magazine, and a script for that soap opera HOURGLASS LIVES. I need it all. The little snippets in the beginning of each chapter are so good!

9) This is a real selfish complaint but let me be unreasonable for a moment. I love Sascha; I really do. But we see her in almost every book and I wish we saw the Laurens/Sienna more often. 😭 This is extremely selfish considering we just saw Sienna in WOLF RAIN. That being said, my other faves got screen-time: Ivy, Aden, Kaleb, Silver/Valentin, and Alexei/Memory.

10) I am fascinated by the evolution of consent/skin privileges in the 20+ book series. If you go back to the earlier books, there is never any dub-con but there is possessive/alphahole behavior around touching/sex. I don't have any trouble reading the early books but I recognize that sex was written very differently fifteen years ago.

Flash forward fifteen years later to 2020. There is a scene in ALPHA NIGHT that lays out consent in such a wonderful and explicit way. I'm intrigued by how the portrayal of consent/skin privileges has evolved in the past decade. Each book is a product of the time it was published in. I tolerate behavior in VISIONS OF HEAT (2007) that I wouldn't tolerate in a book published today. Someone smarter than me should write about it because the Psy/Changeling series is an excellent microcosm of changes in the romance publishing industry re: sex.

11) I am honestly amused by how many people need to get behind Sienna in line to murder Ming LeBon. My girl deserves to do it, but she has stiff competition! Has there ever been a more villainous character?

12) Random aside that has zero relevance to the plot: I am also amused by the confirmation that billionaire changelings don't exist (they're talking about a soap opera!). No wonder I love changelings; they're smart enough to know that being a billionaire isn't ethical! New theory: changelings are socialist if you think about their pack structure and how resources are divided. Don't yell at me; it's a working theory!

“You two realize a billionaire alpha wolf is an oxymoron?” Selenka muttered, rolling her eyes. “Alphas are about pack, not—”

13) My biggest critique of the Psy-Changeling-Trinity arc continues in this book. I love these books, I really do. But it's also more difficult to feel at ease from the very beginning. This is because we are introduced to a new pack and setting (StoneWater in SILVER SILENCE, BlackSea in OCEAN LIGHT, and now BlackEdge in ALPHA NIGHT). Everything is new. We have to learn the lieutenants' names, the dynamics between every pack member and the alpha, pack structure, pack history, past trauma, etc. Every pack feels different and it takes a while to settle in.

There's also a danger of not being fully invested in that pack's members if you don't know who they are. The sad events (injury/attack) don't hit as hard as, say, Eli (a minor character in the SnowDancer Pack) getting injured in KISS OF SNOW. Whereas the Silence Arc (first fifteen books) built on each other and focused on characters/packs that we were already super invested in, the Trinity Arc is more scattershot and moves from place to place. WOLF RAIN escaped this problem because it returned to SnowDancer territory. I love the scattershot approach because I love learning about new packs/cultures, but I won't deny that it takes getting used to. I've also realized that my rereads of the Trinity Arc are a far superior experience because I don't have to focus on learning new names/dynamics. Now that I'm already invested in the new secondary characters, the reread often yields stronger emotional punches.

While I adore BlackEdge and the new faces, I only became 100% invested in them a third of the way through (and now I'll be invested from the very start in a reread). I only noticed this disparity because the simultaneous PsyNet storyline ("How can we help save the PsyNet before it destroys us all?!" is easy to sink into because it's a continuation of the past eighteen books. In conclusion: love the Trinity arc, love the new packs and faces, I'm not fully invested from chapter 1, I always get won over eventually, and the rereads are EVEN BETTER than the first read.

I could go on for a while so I'll stop here. Loved the book, but I fully acknowledge that I'm biased as hell. This series is my happy place and I'm sad to wait another year for a new installment.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


March 2, 2020:

An arc of ALPHA NIGHT is on my kindle and my happiness is indescribable. I don't know if I'll read it right away or wait. A little patience might make the experience more enjoyable! And maybe I should categorize it as a Break-Emergency-Glass-If-Necessary book (aka "I need to retreat to my happy place after bad news"). We'll see. In the meantime, I'm ecstatic for Selenka's book!


December 16, 2019 (announcement of couple/book title):

As longtime president of the Selenka Durev fanclub, I just want to say that I FREAKING CALLED THIS BOOK.


This is already my favorite book of 2020 and it hasn't even been written yet.
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Russian Alpha wolf Selenka Durev’s city is hosting a conference of empaths; they are those most vulnerable among the Psy conversely being their hope for survival. Selenka fiercely defends her pack and any persons under her protection. All those empaths in one place are a temptation for the Consortium to act; they endeavor to rule the world by any means available including death and destruction.

A man emblematic of a lone wolf, Arrow Ethan Night, is assigned as security except he has a hidden agenda and is barely surviving the fall of Silence. In at times a near fugue state but determined to hold on the last, Ethan’s world takes a seismic shift when he literally barrels straight into Selenka, saving her life during an attack while at the same time gripped by Selenka’s mating bond. The two are instantly locked into a relationship unusual even in the Changeling world. The static interference they experience in the bond does not keep Selenka and Ethan from the intense emotions of mating; both are determined to make this new paradigm work. For the first time in his tortured and contained life, Ethan has a reason to survive and even thrive.

Selenka loves her pack with a every bit of her heart; however, it is truly lonely at the top and she welcomes this Psy Arrow with his locked down life into her life and pack. Even for an Arrow, Ethan had lived in a greater place of darkness and subjugation by His Supreme Evilness, Ming Le Bon. Ethan’s particular and unique Psy talent has been used previously for corrupt causes, now he is turning it to good. Both Ethan and Selenka have pasts hurts to deal with in order to be a couple in every way.

Ethan gets thrown in the deep end quickly with the nosy and noisy, touchy-freely yet lethally dangerous BlackEdge wolfpack. He has a big learning curve but then so does Selenka who has to deal with mating while protecting her pack plus a heartbreaking grief while seeking out enemies who would rule them all. They have been hurting those whom she holds dear. Ethan has a secret with the potential to be catastrophic, but he is determined to squeeze every bit of life and love with Selenka before things go critical.

This story will please fans of the series enjoying this new couple and seeing our favorite, Sasha Duncan playing a part, as well as the defacto ruler of the Psy Kaleb Krychek who is seemingly the most powerful Psy ever seen. While living in a world on edge as well as the Psy Net in constant danger of collapse, Ethan and Selenka find love in the darkest of times, the dangerous situations and perils making it all the more precious.
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Mating at first sight is a myth.  The kind of story for soap opera dramas and not real life.  Yet the minute Alpha Selenka Durev meets Arrow Ethan Night, her wolf knows they belong together- and grabs him.  Ethan has lived his adult life in a fog, not a part of anything- including his squad.  He believes between his tortured childhood under Ming LeBon and his current power fluctuations, he's damaged at best and one short step from being a murderous lunatic at worst.  So it comes as something of a shock to him when a powerful alpha wolf says he's hers and he instinctively agrees.  With the hard part out of the way they just have to work to help prevent the disintegration of the PsyNet, stop those actively trying to destroy it, figure out why theirs isn't a normal mating bond, and find a cure for what seems to be a fatal psychic illness destroying Ethan's brain from the inside out. 

Selenka is an awesome alpha- all teeth, claws, and heart- and Singh does an excellent job highlighting both of those roles in Selenka's day-to-day life.  She's also perfect for Ethan, able to teach him to play while also teaching him that it's possible to be both a killer and a protector instead of a monster.  Ethan is one of those gorgeous, deadly, and damaged creatures you just want to cuddle until everything is ok again.  Childhood trauma doesn't come close to describing the hell he grew up in, but he still grew up with his sanity intact- if perhaps hidden behind a few shields to let him cope.  But we meet Ethan while he's still willing to experiment and reach beyond those shields, still willing to try and feel things and not beyond saving.  

Selenka and Ethan have a chemistry that's unbelievably hot- and a rather shocking introduction to the world of emotions for poor Ethan!  They work perfectly together on every level.  Singh continues to give readers perfectly paired and complex couples that leave you saying "thank you!" after you meet them.  Singh (Wolf Rain) also continues in her amazingly intricate world building- it grows, develops. and makes the reader feel like they are immersed in the world on every single page.

As with all of the Psy-Changeling series, Alpha Night could be read as a stand alone book.  Many characters from previous books make appearances that will delight long-time readers (personally I'm a big fan of Kaleb and Nikita) but won't confuse newbies.  Several of the threats currently facing the PsyNet however, new readers won't get as much out of (and may get a little confused) if they haven't read at least the earlier Trinity books before.  But new readers should love Alpha Night enough that they'll immediately need to go read the other books anyway (and then re-read this one!), so it should work out. Alpha Night doesn't end as a cliff-hanger (thank you Nalini for rarely doing that to us) but readers will still be on the edge of their seats to discover what happens next in a world that seems just as read as our own.

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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Alpha Night delivers readers a new Russian wolf pack (yay, back to Russia!) and a broken arrow. Singh's writing is so brilliant, you will be swept into a world you never want to leave.

The "alpha" of Alpha Night is Selenka Durev, alpha of the Blackedge wolves and the Night is Ethan Night, Arrow who was raised and torture by Ming Labon to be a weapon. These two have a mate at first sight meet cute! Ethan is broken in so many ways. First, he was isolated and tortured by Ming throughout his childhood, and now he is living a gray life with no purpose, no connections. However confusing it is to him, he is devoted to Selenka from the start. But a darkness in Ethan is causing a damage to their bond and both are determined to figure out why. Both of these characters were amazing and perfect for each other. With Selenka being an alpha, Ethan has to be tough enough to stand beside her. As he says, "I'm the knight to your queen" and its so true!

Like all of Singh's books, there are so many layers to Alpha Night. Selenka's pack has some trouble, Ethan has a dangerous power in his brain, and The Architect is still trying to bring down Trinity. All of these events weave together and build upon one another.

I love each and every story in the Psy-Changling world, and Selenka's and Ethan's story was no exception. The characters stole my heart and the world continues to enrapture. I must mention that Angela Dawe's narration continues to be flawless! She does a wonderful Russian accent that really keeps you in the story.
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The broken arrow with the beautiful voice was different; damaged as he stated in his cool emotionless voice; Selenka's wolf craves skin privilege's, hot, sweaty skin privileges.  They've barely met and boom! the mating bond snaps into place and suddenly he's in her soul bristling with static. Mating at first sight? Selenka and Ethan definitely shot that long held myth to smithereens.  What a fun and exciting start to a new story full of suspense, sweetness, action and enough fangs and claws to make a reader happy.
From the symposium where they met and mated; Selenka and Ethan have miles to go before they can consummate the hunger that is consuming Selenka. A few stolen kisses are a band aid to hold off the clawing need  until they can find their privacy which given subsequent events will be a while coming.  Ethan is an arrow, a stranger to touch and pleasure and yet he's a quick study using all his resources including the wild woman column and the arrow's guide to pleasure to score an A when it comes to courting his mate.
The black static seems to get in the way of identifying Ethan's level of dominance and yet he has no trouble making friends with the cubs, holding his own with her lieutenants, and standing head to head with his extremely dominant mate. He's damaged with a cold dark place in his psyche that his emotional response to Selenka is blowing apart.  Will he survive? . There's hope for him in the words of cardinal empath who says: "You're lost, Don't fade. Don't throw away the broken shards. You just need glue."
Changelings as we know are passionate and emotional and thrive on touch. Selenka's passion and emotion manifests itself in a love so ferocious that she will stand between danger and those she loves. This translates to her mate in the psynet where she surrounds him with her claws and emits a threat that discourages anyone to even look at Ethan when he is flamed out and helpless.  Danger surrounds them, between the target on her pack and the troubles in the Psynet they can barely scrape together time for themselves.
A quick catch up with some favorite characters from the series, a cliff hanger of an ending leaves us on the cusp of yet another dramatic change.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next and which lucky couple will take center stage.
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Nalini Singh gives us our first powerful female in this latest Psy-Changeling story.

Psy Arrow Ethan Night has seen the world in a grey filter until he literally crashes into BlackEdge Alpha Selenka Durev and her wolf takes an opportunity to mate with this quiet Arrow on the edge of oblivion.

Ethan keeps to the fringes and is reserved even by Arrow standards. But unlike the rest of the Arrows, who were trained together, the former arrow leader Ming LeBon kept Ethan separated in order to train his unique ability to control light to be used as a weapon. Ethan had no desire to kill for anyone so Ming tortured and punished him by shutting him in a lightless room. Even after Ming was removed as the leader, the other Arrows didn’t even know who Ethan was or that he was kept imprisoned in such a torturous way.  Aden has tried to make the Arrows into a family and has worked especially hard to include Ethan, who never even knew compassion let alone friendship.

While assigned to protect the E’s at a symposium, Ethan crashes into Selenka to protect her from an attack.   She then gets hurt returning the favor by saving Ethan from a gunshot and for the first time ever something inside Ethan blossoms into full color.  He has never had anyone try to protect him before.  Mating at first sight is the stuff of fairy tales and soap operas, but when Selenka’s wolf suddenly claims Ethan as her mate, he couldn’t be happier with the situation although the bond hasn’t snapped together perfectly.  Something is interfering with the mating bond and Ethan believes that is the fact that he is mentally damaged.  Ethan also believes that the pressure building inside him is Scarab Syndrome, where a sudden increase in psychic abilities causes violent outbursts and delusions of grandeur.    He doesn’t believe he has much time left before the pressure in his brain bursts free and he has already requested that Aden take care of him before he becomes a danger to those around him and the already fragile Psy-net.

Now I know it seems odd in a series where most of the characters have teeth and claw or powerful psychic abilities to say this is the first powerful female, but I can’t think of another book in the series where the female lead wasn’t somewhat submissive to the male lead once their romance was set in stone, or in cases like Silver Silence, where they were both very powerful in their own way.   All the women in this series were strong women, but generally, it was the male who was the protector and took the lead in most matters and 99 percent of the time, she defers to his wishes and dominance.   Here, Psy Arrow Ethan Night often defers to Blackedge Alpha Selenka Durev to make the decision of what to do next, and several times refers to himself as the Knight to her Queen.  He puts himself between Selenka and danger, just like her lieutenants would, but he would neutralize that danger and wait for her decision of whether someone would be killed or simply punished.

This is was a very important distinction because Selenka is an Alpha, one of the few female alphas we have been introduced to with except, I believe, maybe the Blacksea changelings, and it would diminish her standing as Alpha is she was suddenly submissive to a mate, deferring to his every decision.   While having a submissive mate isn’t bad since the submissive wolves play an important part in the pack, it wouldn’t be a good dynamic for an Alpha to have so much forced control over her mate.  It would be a very unbalanced power dynamic.  Ethan was strong and lethal in the way of the Psy especially an elite Arrow, but his strength didn’t challenge her standing as the Alpha especially as he was the one who kept offering himself as her knight, or as a subordinate member of her pack.

There are moments where his new found devotion come off as almost fanatical or obsessive, and I can only wonder if that is borne of his traumatic upbringing.  This is the first time that Ethan has felt love and inclusion and as a mating bond isn’t breakable, Ethan throws himself in into the devotion of hew new mate.

I love Alpha Night and really enjoyed seeing this take charge Alpha female hold her pack with love and strength and you can easily see how she can hold her own territory against the likes of Kaleb Krychek and Valentin Nikolaev.  Great story and certainly a worthy addition to such a fabulous series.
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A new twist in the series & I can't wait to see where it goes. As usual, Ms. Singh does not disappoint with this every changing series. Love the characters and how the all entwine and how the plot continues to grow to add to an already great story-line.
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I have been reading Nalini Singh's books for over ten years and she continues to impress me. When I saw her latest Psy-Changeling Trinity novel was available via NetGalley I was thrilled beyond words.

Alpha Night tells the story of Alpha, Wolf Selenka and Arrow, Ethan Night. I loved reading about a female Alpha and her relationship not only with Ethan, but also with her pack. I also absolutely adored Ethan and his devotion to Selenka - he was never intimidated by her strength and power; he respected and supported her in her role as Alpha. 

Selenka and Ethan have to fight to secure their mating bond and the safety of the pack and it was a thoroughly enjoyable journey to read. We also catch glimpses of former favorites from this series - including my forever favorites Sascha and Lucas. 

Overall, Alpha Night was another great read from Ms. Singh and I cannot wait to read more about the future of the PsyNet.
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Alpha Night was everything I’ve come to expect from Nalini Singh in her series set in a world with Humans, Changelings and Pys (Humans tapped into a mental web plain). The Psy-Changeling Trinity series is side step from the main Psy-Changeling series, meaning it is a good entry point for new readers who didn’t want to commit to the 15 other books in the series that cover one overlapping arc. Each book is written as a self-contained romance and so you can read them out of order or miss one or two and be okay. But I still recommend reading the series in order to get the full impact.

Ethan is part of an elite force called the Arrows. As a child raised in a world without emotion, he was kept separated and exposed to horrors and tortured under the old regime. Now he is a broken man on the verge of cracking, he knows he is broken and will probably not be able to live much longer if his mental state keeps deteriorating.

Selenka is the Alpha of a wolf pack. No one was more surprised than she was when her wolf decided on the spot that Ethan was her mate and shoved the mating bond on him. She wonders what it is about this man that made her wolf identify with him so quickly and why the bond feels like there is some static in the way. She will not let her mate go easily, even if he thinks it will be for the best if he spirals.

Selenka and Ethan will have to figure out their bond while also trying to get to whoever is trying to sow discord between the wolves and bears and is also trying to kill off members of Selenka’s pack. There is something not quite right in the net and Ethan is one of the only people in the world that can see it. He is going to need to hold it together if the Psy-Net is going to make it through the strange new attacks being placed on it.

I always get so drawn into these stories. They are like m&m’s and I just want to eat them all up by the handfuls. I was so happy to see some of my favorite characters from the past make cameo appearances. I loved how well Selenka and Ethan really fit together with things that they could bond on from their pasts. By the end it was clear to see why the two belonged together and how Ethan fit in her life.
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WOW, I loved this book so much!! I can't believe how much! So much that I stayed up until 6am finishing it, like it was the old days when I first started the series, and I didn't have babies, or any other weekend responsibilities! 5 Stars!!

Selenka Durev is the alpha of a Russian wolfpack. Her pack, the local bear den, and the strongest Psy in the PsyNet, Kaleb Krycheck, have all coexisted in the vicinity of Moscow for many years, and they have a tenuous peace, strengthened more lately, by the Trinity Accord. There's currently an Empath symposium that she and her wolves, and the Arrow squad, are working security for, when there's quite an unexpected development in her life. An Arrow she's never met protects her against a threat, by crashing into her body, and into her heart. Mating at first sight is only supposed to be a thing in myths and fairy tales, but here they are. Now what?!

Ethan Night is an Arrow, but a broken one. He spent most of his life isolated, and tortured by former Psy Councilor, Ming LeBon. He has a unique power, that most other Psy have never seen before, and he was used by Ming as a lethal weapon. But, he's existed in a gray place, that he created as a child to protect himself, as much as he could, from the people doing him harm. He doesn't really FEEL anything, and it's starting to get to him. Then, when he neutralizes the situation at the symposium, and meets Selenka, things blast into full color. He is utterly devoted to her an in instant, and he's thrilled that the gray world that had shackled him for most of his life is obliterated by her light. But, they don't really know each other at all, and Ethan has big secrets that could change everything. 

Ethan and Selenka obviously had instant chemistry, with a mating at first sight (a first for this long-running series!), but they didn't know each other at all, so having such a strong connection with a stranger had it's issues. They both have secrets, and people they've vowed to protect, and I loved watching them open up to each other. I also loved how quickly they had to do it, in order to make sure everyone else in their orbit was protected. Their bond was limited, as Ethan was forced to hold a secret, dangerous part of himself back, and it made the bond like splinters, when it should've been a solid rope. Watching them work out how to correct the static in their bond was awesome. 

The side characters here, as always in this series, are superb. I love seeing old favorites again, and more recent favorites too, and how their connections all fit together. They all have common goals, of protecting the Trinity Accord, removing the power held by the villainous Consortium, and keeping their friends and families safe. The way they all manage to work together, even past age old skirmishes and mistrust between packs, is the best. I especially loved seeing Valentin and Silver again in this story. They're one of my favorite couples, and I hope we'll get more bears in the future, because they are the BEST!

The suspense part of the plot is always spot on, and the bad guys are often a mystery until right when the author wants them to be revealed, and I love that she keeps me guessing. I also love that all the bad guys' actual identities are often not revealed, and that the suspense plot carries over the series, as all the parts fall into place. This author's world building is like no other, and I am always thrilled to dive back into this exciting universe of characters I adore. I highly recommend this book and found it to be a spectacular addition to the series!
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Another beautiful story from the world of Nalini Singh, the fourth book in the trinity series and by far my favorite. I loved Selenka, and Ethan even more so. They were written with amazing chemistry and it was so enjoyable going back into the Psy/Arrows. Judd was one of my favorite characters in the previous books, so being put back into the cold stone kick-ass killer of the Arrows was just as enjoyable, and a fun trip around memory lane. The story itself was amazingly well written and evenly paced, I never felt bored or persuaded to skip pages. Highly recommend this title if you enjoy the amazing world of shapeshifters and “skin privileges”.
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Recommended Read, 5 Hearts
SJ, Romance Junkies

The next addition to the Psy-Changeling Trinity series is ALPHA NIGHT, a romance between a not-so-silent Psy and an alpha Wolf. Nalini Singh is at the top of her game with ALPHA NIGHT! A wonderful addition to the series, and a lovely focus on the romance between a strong female changeling and the wounded Psy who loves her.

Selenka is the alpha of her wolf pack in Russia. She's dedicated to her people, including the empaths visiting her city for a major conference. She and her pack are helping with the security, so when a major incident occurs, she's on site to see the powerful Psy who stops an attacker cold.

For Ethan, his normal disassociation from feeling turns into a fascination for the beautiful, strong wolf alpha. He's totally fixated on her strength, and though he has never experienced love in any form, he feels for Selenka. And that "feeling" can be dangerous for a man with his skill-set.

The corrupt Consortium wish to destroy the alliance, and they're willing to use anyone and anything to achieve their goals. In their crossfire are Selenka and Ethan--who has an agenda no one, not even his fellow Arrows, know about. And that secret could be disastrous. Especially when his power continues to build, to the point of destroying him.

ALPHA NIGHT brings back the awesome changelings, this time the wolves Selenka leads, and it's fascinating to see her leadership and her relationships with her wolves, especially her father. Ethan is a terrific hero, wounded and wrong in so many ways, yet pure of heart. The danger in this story is real, and only by working together can Ethan and Selenka hope to overcome so many hurdles. And Ethan's just might kill him.
I think the author did an incredible job conveying Ethan's myriad issues and his need for control. The delicate balance of care and dominance really made this story shine, as Singh paid particular attention to the deeper emotional issues in her characters.
ALPHA NIGHT is a must-read for Psy-Changeling fans, and a triumph for the talented queen of paranormal romance, Nalini Singh.
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I really liked this book. Nalini Singh never disappoints. I loved the characters as always and the new turns the psynet is taking are very interesting, You just can't help but feel for Ethan and all he has gone thru and is still going thru. I am very happy he has his HEA. The negatives I have for this book is that there were times I felt like I was missing something. That I was just plopped down in the middle of a book and did not understand who these new characters were. As I continued reading it got much better and I did not notice it anymore. I would still highly recommend this book.

I received this book from netgally in exchange for an honest review.
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So Nalini Singh is pure escapist fantasy for me.  Theres enough sci-fi/fantasy world building and plot progression to keep the series interesting, even if it is formulaic by nature.  Though as I've gotten older, I've been a little less charmed by the pushiness of the men in some of her older Psy-Changeling books.  Alpha Night is an enjoyable departure from "Alpha guy meets feisty but endangered girl and pushes his way into her heart."  This one is "emotionally stunted man meets alpha woman and learns to be a real boy/man by coming to terms with his feelings."  As a sci-fi reader, I can nitpick about the world.  As someone who is tired and needs fluff in an already depressing world, I appreciated the escapism this provided.  Singh usually manages to touch on serious interpersonal issues over the course of the emotional payout.  The fantasy nature of the world (and HEA tendencies of a romance novel) keep the stories from getting too dark/personal with reference to abuse and suffering, but Singh does usually treat these situations with nuance. 

I'll admit, I've read all the Sci-Changeling books, and was getting a little...meh on the some of the newer ones.  This one revived my interest.
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Nalini Singh is a goddess. This book is absolute magic. I loved the hero’s journey to finding out he was an empath and finding himself. I loved the heroine. she was an amazing alpha and the hero was constantly her support. Nalini took insta-mating —something I am not a huge fan of — and made me fall in love. The ending! The next installment to the Psy Changelings can’t come soon enough.
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Such a great book.  It was so wonderful.  The only thing is I wish there had been more Bears.  Cause, ya know.......Bears.  The world building is so phenomenal in Nalini Singh's stories.  I am constantly amazed.  She brings such heartfelt emotion to her stories and this was not an exception.  I was wondering how the insta-mating would play out, and it worked.  As the story progresses the meaning and need for it becomes apparent.

Ethan was fascinating.  Pairing him with Selenka was perfect.  They complemented each other so well.  I also loved Ethan's acceptance into the pack.  To me, the changelings are the heart of this series, and it is such a joy to see the way the packs operate.  We also got more information on what is happening on the PsyNet. So, while this was a beautiful love story, the arc of this series is moving forward.  We also got to see several of my favorite characters from previous books.

All in all a total joy to read.  But, I still would like more Bears.

Received as an ARC from Netgalley.
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Loved this book. It was an instantaneous mating that made this book come alive. I enjoyed watching them have to figure out the mating from a new side. Alpha Durev is an amazing character that was very developed and made me root for more female alphas.  Nalini Singh is amazing at what she does! Great book.
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Nalini Singh is such an amazing storyteller. As soon as you open one of her books you get completely lost in her words. The way she merged the two worlds - that of the psy and the changeling was done so effortlessly. It's as if Ethan and Selenka's love story played out like a movie in my head. Nalini Singh definitely possesses a fabulous imagination and writing skills incomparable to any other. She has definitely emerged as my go-to fantasy author over the years.
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