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Yeah, wow, this book was so freaking great! I loved getting to know Ethan, Selenka, and Selenka's pack! We're back in Russia, and yeah, this was an interesting mate bond, given that they just met. Loved reading about this impossible bond, and learning about it! 

In a way, Ethan and Selenka are the mirror image to Sascha and Lucas, two alpha changelings, and two pretty powerful Psy. Just the opposite genders to each other. Kinda comes around full circle. We've had a male Psy with a female changeling with Judd and Brenna, but she's not an alpha, so not quite the mirror image. 

This book deals pretty closely with the fallout and events from Wolf Rain, and we do get to see a fair amount of Memory and Alexei in this book. Between what's going on with Ethan and his power, as well as the world with more Scarab just like Pax Mitchell from Wolf Rain. 

So we got the gender of the Architect, at least, what they identify as, which is in this world, is the same thing, hopefully. Another reviewer mentioned that with the clues that we've gotten from previous book, details about this person matching up with what they give in this book, they have an idea of who the Architect is. I don't remember those details, so I don't know, and I can't wait to find out!

Man, I'm so excited for the next book! We're left with a very uncertain future coming up in the next book, that's going to have a pretty big game change, and I can't wait to see how it's all going to play out, there's so much that could go wrong, and so much to deal with!

One question that I have is, would the Psy-Net have been on the verge of collapse like this, if it was the same time, but Silence hadn't come about? Because it's the Scarab people, who were violent, that Silence did help. Thinking about it, it's the same problem, but I think the Psy-Net would've have been better off, because it wouldn't have been damaged by the breaking down of the E's. It wouldn't be so bad, but I do think that it was heading here, regardless. The problems Silence was supposed to fix were real, after all, it just wasn't the right method of fixing it.

This book was so wonderful, and I enjoyed it so much! I can't wait to see where this series will go from here!
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So bloody good! I read until 2am because I couldn't stop. I adore Ethan Night! Nalini Singh is such a master at writing the most swoon-worthy heroes! And Selenka is his perfect mate.
Action, mysteries, intrigue, and so much chemistry! I know I'll be reading this a few more times before it actually releases;).
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Nalini Singh has once again given us a wonderful story filled with excitement and a new perspective on the romance couples that we've never seen before. Ethan and Selenka is particularly unique because they are the first couple who mate on site instead of the usual mating dance courting ritual that all of the other couples in the Psy-Changeling series have gone through. This makes it where the focus on the story is about them building trust between each other and overcoming the emotional numbness that Ethan has walked through his entire life. This is also the first time we have a female alpha mating with a Psy, which makes their dynamic even more intriguing. I absolutely loved the way Ethan's designation was very unique and unknown as well! Seeing the dynamic between the wolves and the bears and how they interacted with the other players in the trinity accord also gave a much clearer idea of what will happen to the Psy Net overall. No spoilers here, but I will say that if you don't like creepy might want to prepare yourself. [Insert full-body shiver of disgust]. My only criticism would be that while I liked seeing the different dynamics between instant-mates, I felt as if something got lost in their relationship. It could be because the whole book takes place over a very short timeline (a few days as opposed to weeks or months) so that it doesn't feel like you can give as much depth to their relationship as some of the other couples. Regardless of that though, it's still an awesome new take on the series. I was given an e-ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Nalini Singh is a master at her craft, the Queen of Paranormal romance. Alpha Night is possibly my new favorite in the Trinity series. Not only is watching a female Alpha empowering and layered, watching the man at her side unveil his secrets within his heart to her and then himself was remarkable. The way Nalini layers her worlds and conspiracies is nothing short of brilliant. I was constantly second guessing myself and wanting more because the worlds dug in deep.
This is a heart tugging, completely different romance from Nalini Singh, and I cannot wait to see where she takes us next.
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Nalini Singh can do no wrong. This is another masterpeice. It is nice to see an alpha, dominate female. Ethan was perfect, never questioning her authority.  NS writing is always consistent. While one must have read the past books in the series and the original series, it is worth the time
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“Skin privileges with you might be delicious, but this attraction won’t protect you if you’re a danger to those I’ve sworn to protect.” She dug her claws in deeper. “Will you come as sweetly if I’m about to rip out your throat?” 

I love a badass heroine, and I love that I can rely on Nalini Singh to give me one. And Selenka Durev isn’t just a badass—she’s an Alpha boss, in control and in charge, and not afraid to throw her power around when the moment calls for it. It might be an unpopular opinion but I’ve never not loved a Nalini heroine, even those who are less beloved by the readers of this series—Tally is a good example here—but wow, is a Selenka my favorite? Maybe. Just maybe. (Real talk: my favorites change with every re-read I do of this series, and I re-read it a whole hell of a lot. Selenka today, Adria tomorrow? Maybe Annie? The always awesome Sienna? *shrugs* I don’t know.) 

Right, well, with that said, let me say this next: with a powerful female Alpha leading this book, it was always going to be a challenging read in terms of who she was paired with. Please know I never doubted Nalini was more than up to the challenge. Ethan Night, there are so many things to love about you and only one of them is the description of you in nothing but black boxer briefs that I’mma surely take to my grave as a beloved memory. I can’t say too much because spoilers are a no no but I will note that he is nuanced and unique. Perfect. 

The dynamics of Alpha Night are incomparable and, really, just plain excellent. It makes this story different to all the others before it—and when added to the new pack setting, the unusual mating type, and the growth of the storylines around the Psy Net, the Architect, and the Consortium, it becomes something akin to book crack. (Or book Jax if you want a little in-joke.) 

Anyway, just call me an addict. I’m not ashamed to be on the hook with this series—I have been for years, and have a tattoo to showcase my love for it (and the Guild Hunter series)—because it’s incredibly smart, fast-paced, and has epic world-building. Not only that, it always honors the idea of family, of pack, of the strength in love and acceptance, and if that’s not a message we all need to hear then I’m not obsessed with Matthias. (I am 100% obsessed with Matthias, just to be clear. Also Malachai.) 

Anyway, all of this is to say something pretty obvious and very simple: Alpha Night is a marvel. Taking this series forward, it still manages to call back to all the important things that the Psy-Changeling series stands for, and it does it by highlighting a strong woman with a wolf’s heart and a damaged Arrow who hides depth behind a grey fog. I cannot WAIT to re-read this book. At least three times before I start the entire series again.
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Alpha Night is a book that is action packed, and barely lets you breath. From beginning to end there wasn’t a boring minuted in this novel.

I loved that we finally got a female alpha, with her own wolf pack. Selenka was tough, strong, smart, and that she mated on first sight was the most unconventional and unique part of the book. Different. Intriguing. Fascinating. Her relationship with Ethan was something refreshingly new, which long standing series sometimes are lacking. The combination of Alpha wolf and Arrow Psy was a love-story that this series hasn’t seen yet, and I loved it.

I loved Ethan and Selenka together. The mating at first sight was bringing out the possessiveness, the togetherness between them, and I absolutely adored it. I’m also becoming more and more a fan of the bears. There is just something so charming about them, and I wouldn’t say no to a future wolf/bear pairing.

Alpha Night was as entertaining as all the other books in this series. And I don’t think I could ever get tired of them. Nevertheless I’m not yet as invested in the new characters as I am with the characters from the older books. Only more books will tell.

But besides that, a Nalini Singh book will always be on the very top of my tbr. I’ll drop everything to read it, and most often than not, it’s a one-sitting kind of read – as it was with Alpha Night.
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