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Since the authors previous novel, I have been desperate to catch back up with Anna and Freddie to see how things have been with Freddie, along with his brother Paul, being sent to prison.

Wow, wow, wow, wow! I so wasn’t expecting such a volatile and explosive read. Things are insanely intense between Anna and Freddie as they try to find some happy medium of picking up where they left off, work wise. It was agonising seeing this once so close and loving couple being at complete loggerheads. My heart was in my mouth as to where the author was going to take this particular thread and I read on with some trepidation.

As with all this authors novels, there is plenty of crime and action along the way. In an under world of lies and deceit, it is a very scary place to be that leaves you constantly looking over your shoulder. You can guarantee the competition are never going to play nicely which made for an edge of your seat read.

Fearless Girl is a tense and gripping page turner. My only ever issue is that the author leaves me desperate for more. My heart was racing at the end of the novel, wondering what is next in store for the characters. I was literally hanging off every word, waiting to see how the author was going to play things out and boy does she mess with your head. Please, please, please don’t keep us waiting to long for the next one!
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By far Emma Tallon is one of my favorite authors. I've read all in the Anna and Freddy series! They're absolutely brilliant!!
Freddy and his brother were arrested at their sisters funeral. They've been locked up for two years. Freddy's partner Anna has been looking after the family gangland. "business" in their absence. But Freddy and Paul are due out and Anna is not prepared to just hand things over! Also a new ruthless Russian gang have moved in and are causing problems.
Have the two years apart been two years too many for Freddy and Anna? How will Freddy and Paul adjust to life on the outside again? 
O please Emma Tallon hurry and give us the next book soon!! Absolutely gripping book!! Kept me awake at night turning pages!! There aren't enough stars for this one!
Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for allowing me to read this Arc.
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I think I can say that Emma Tallon is now my favourite gangland author. Even though this is the first I have read in this series, I really don’t feel as if I was left hanging as this author has written Fearless Girl with explanations of the past books in the series, in fact, once I really got into this book, which was right away, not once did I feel lost, so Fearless Girl can definitely be read as a standalone, but I do regret not having started from the beginning because this was just sooooo good. 
Fearless Girl hits all the right spots for me, ruthless gangsters, loyal family members, romance as well as an excellent storyline. 
Freddie and his brother Paul are released from prison, having served a few years while Freddies’s girlfriend (ex), Anna Davies is looking after the family business as well as his young son. Freddie returns home to a much tougher and more capable Anna, who has run the show better than even she expected..... can life now ever be the same ?? 
I have no idea what to read after this exciting and gripping fast paced gangland thriller 
Emma Tallon is a rare talent in this genre and has taken the throne in my opinion. 
It is going to be a long wait for the next book. 
Five star and more!!!
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I was so excited to be review this book, I absolutely love all of Emma Tallons books. This one did not disappoint. I was heart broken at the beginning, there can’t be an Anna without Freddie! I raced through every page, although I honestly didn’t want it to end. When it did, what a cliff hanger!!! Emma, you need to write quicker!! I would highly recommend this title. 6 out of 5 stars!!
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Left you wanting more... ending left on an 'EastEnders duff duff" 🥁 moment.... 

Fearless Girl is part of the Tyler family series, having said that, I've not read any books by this author before, and it did not effect my reading of this book, could easily be read as a stand-alone book.

Freddie and Paul Tyler, have just been released after being sent down for three years, leaving Freddie's partner Anna to step up and run the family business.  On their release, Freddie questioning Anna's motives/loyalties, time has stood still on the inside, many necessary changes outside, in order to survive.  Many ups and downs for Freddie and Anna.

A great read, got to the end and..... "duff, duff, duff duff duff duff duff..." will have to wait to see what happens next 👀 Definitely worth a read.
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Freddie and Paul are out of prison .but everything has changed Anna is in control and she does not want to step down from the business Freddie does not trust her and they have a big problem with the Russians .you never get bored with this series this author always delivers gritty addictive so cant wait for next book I so recommend this series
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Just wow. If been following this series of books since the first one. Wow this was amazing I devoured it in one night I just didn't want it to end.
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WOW What an addictive this book was and as Anna,Tanya,Ethan,Mollie and the crew await the release of Freddie and Paul from prison.Anna has been running all Freddies businesses for him while he has been away and not sure how they will move on with each other also Anna is determined to remain in business but she knows Freddie won't like that.As they are all at Mollies house waiting for the brothers Anna's nerves are on edge and she knows Ethan is very wary of his dad,but after a chat with him Anna is happy that he seems ok.To say this book had me gripped is an understatement as Emma Tallon writes a BRILLIANT story that has you wanting more if i could i would give this book more than 5* Well done to Emma Tallon you nailed it again girl.I now look forward to the next book.
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What can I say another brilliant gritty crime gangland book by Emma. Such a talented writer. Cant wait for the next book
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