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I could easily see this book as part of a library display. It's a straightforward concept: start with something that animals excel at that has an analog in Olympic events. Look at three animals that stand out in the category. Then, taking scale into account, determine which creature is most impressive. Most of them are the animals that we would expect though there were some surprising entries. And it's specific about species.
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        Extraordinary moves by animals across the world allow them to compete in the animal Olympics.  Who dives deeper, runs faster, boxes better, jumps higher, climbs better, is a gymnastic star, travels the farthest....  The reader will meet animals that compete in  30 different events that are typical of the olympics.  Among the popular events are  diving, weight lifting, high jumping, hurdling, boxing, long distance running,  3 animals from across all 7. continents compete in each event.  We learn that while the cheetah is running he uses his tail to balance and stir himself,  Rhinoceros  beetles can lift 100 times their own weight and the flea can jump 200 times its body length to get food.  As you read along, cover up the answer on the right hand page and try to guess .who will win by  reading  from the 3 boxes of short text about each event.    By the end of the book you will know which creature is able to break the glass in a large aquarium. and which one tumbles its way across the desert.  Prepare to be surprised. Prepare to be impressed.  

This 32 page book is great for children 5 and older.
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