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So enjoyed reading this mystery - The setting in Italy was so inviting but the story made me very hungry with all the descriptions of the wonderful food they were always eating. Would love to see some recipes at the back of the book.  A good surprise ending.  I look forward to reading more on Nico’s life in Gravigna.
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This is a lovely mystery set in the Tuscan wine country. Italian American Nico Doyle, a recently widowed and retired New York City homicide detective, moves to his late Italian wife's hometown in Chianti. He discovers a dead body and is soon roped into helping the local  Carabinieri solve the case. This is an easy read, filled with well drawn characters, beautiful landscapes and wonderful descriptions of food and wine. I hope this is the first in a series.
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Really engrossing plot, with a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. Murder in Chianti has a delightful cast of characters, and is set amongst a gorgeous backdrop. This is a perfect read if you like a little suspense.
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Camilla Trinchieri's series opener, Murder in Chianti, will immerse you in Tuscan life, with a murder mystery on the side. The lead is half Italian, half Irish, former NYPD homicide detective Nico Doyle. Mourning the loss of the wife he adored, he's moved to her home town of Gravigna in the Chianti region.

One morning, a gunshot and a stray dog (soon a fixture in Nico's home and named OneWag) lead to his discovery of a corpse in the woods, oddly wearing gold tennis shoes. Nico is soon embroiled in the investigation.
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Murder Mystery In Stunning Location......
Murder mystery in stunning location. When retired detective Nico moves to the beautiful wine region of Chianti his life becomes even more eventful following a gruesome find in local woodland. With a likeable protagonist in Nico, a colourful cast of supporting characters and a simply delightful backdrop this is an entertaining tale, skillfully written with cleverly engineered twists. Cultural aspects are very enjoyable, particularly of the foodie variety. Looking forward to more.
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Former NYPD homicide detective Nico Doyle lives in a tight orbit of his late wife’s family and a bunch of neighbors in a Tuscan village.  Richly detailed crime novels set in picturesque foreign villages populated by quirky locals are usually delightful for their sense of place but end up being, well, leisurely in pace and easy to put down.  Not this book; it’s by no means a thriller, but I was positively glued to it right from the beginning.  There are a zillion characters. There are detailed descriptions of amazing meals cooked and eaten.  There is an endearing and mysteriously well-behaved stray dog.  There are, in short, all the hallmarks of a slow, small-town story with a great sense of place, but it’s all mixed in with a no-nonsense investigation that moves right along and stays interesting throughout.  There reader can’t help but lament the incompetence at high levels of police bureaucracy and root for the unusual initiative of a young investigator.  I hope this is the start of a series.

Thanks to Netgalley and Soho Press for a digital advance review copy.
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After his wife dies, former NYPD homicide detective, Nico Doyle, moves to the town in which she grew up, the wine region of Chianti Italy. Of course, there is a murder and he is enticed into helping to solve it. If you are stuck at home with all borders out of the US closed, this is a good way to armchair travel. It’s the first in the series, and I hope the rest will be as entertaining.
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“Murder in Chianti" is a great start to a new detective series.  With travel to Italy off the books for the time being, reading about the small village of Gravigna in Tuscany is the best surrogate!  This well-paced mystery has a fun set of characters, including the retired NYPD detective who has relocated to an Italian farmhouse after the death of his wife, and a couple of carabinieri who have a well cultivated sense of humor about the inevitable Italian police jokes.  The descriptions of the countryside and the wonderful local food and wine make reading a pleasurable indulgence.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Tuscany! Italian food and wines, complete with a baffling murder mystery coming too close to home!

American 'Conor Domenico Doyle had had a very bad start to his day' owing to the  discovery of a dead body in the woods near the farm house he's currently renting in Gravigna, Tuscany.
Nico Doyle had left (well been asked to leave) the homicide squad with the NYPD. Which was timely as his Italian wife, Rita, the love of his life had been diagnosed with cancer and wanted to return home to Tuscany to be near her family.
When Rita died Nico took up permanent residence in the village, cooking and helping out at the family restaurant, the Bar All’Angolo.
Nico's start to the day involved finding a dog and a rather gruesomely murdered man. That leads to him joining Salvatore Perillo , Maresciallo dei Carabinieri, the officer in charge of the investigation, in an unofficial capacity. 
Of course the dog becomes part of Nico's life. Known to Nico as OneWag but amusingly the rest of the community calls the endearing animal Rocco.
Eventually the murdered man is found to be a person from the village's past and his return, the discovery of his body, opens up old rumors and long held secrets.
A pleasing crime story falling somewhere between the cosy and culinary type murder genre. The food descriptions had my mouth watering so much I went and put on a pot of Spaghetti sauce during the reading. I'll just dream of a fabulous bottle of Italian wine to match, urged on by the descriptions presented.
Nico is a wonderful mix of the laconic realist, experienced detective, sensitive and creative (as evidenced by his cooking experiments).q
I look forward to seeing Nico's on going relationship with Perillo and the young carabinieri, Daniele. And of course his delightful extended family and let's not forget the very cute OneWag.

A Soho Press ARC via NetGalley 
(Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.)
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Murder in Chianti offers the perfect mix of mystery, romance, and family ties; all in the beautiful setting of Chianti.  Trinchieri does a beautiful drop of weaving family loyalty and love into the intriguing murder mystery.  The simple recipes she includes are a bonus!  Her characters are so realistic and endearing that I found myself imagining sitting down to dinner at Nico's table while enjoying a nice glass of red with OneWag at my feet!  I cannot wait to read about their next adventure!
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I really enjoyed reading Murder in Chianti by Camilla Trinchieri.

The story and mystery were interesting and kept me involved in the story and guessing who the murderer could be and why. I liked the name character and his backstory. 

The story was a bit slow in the middle, but it did build up to the intensity of the ending and resolution. I loved the dog OneWag. He was a great sidekick and felt like an actual character in the book. The author was able to transport me to the Tuscany location and surrounding areas by her descriptions. The scenery was brought to life, and the food described sounded amazing!

Murder in Chianti is an enjoyable read and one I would recommend putting on your to-be-read list. I will definitely check out other books by this author because of how she describes the locations, builds great characters that are real and relatable, and her descriptions of the wonderful food.

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Nico Doyle moved to Gravigna in Tuscany to mourn his wife and deal with his grief, not to investigate crime.  Unfortunately, he not only stumbles over a body, he's also roped into the effort to find the killer because his reputation has proceeded him.  Salvatore Perillo presses Nico into service and, along with Daniele, the three find there's more to Robert Girardi than it appeared on the surface.  In some was this is a cozy but it's also so much more.  For one thing, it's notable for the terrific atmospherics.  Traichieri will make you taste the food and see the area.  It's also got great characters with very real quirks.  The mystery is nicely done but mostly I liked it for the interplay between Nico and Perillo and Perillo and Daniele and so on. Oh and for Onewag the dog!  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  I so hope this is the first in a series.
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Even though the mystery seemed to take a backseat from time to time in Murder in Chianti, I didn't really mind because this first Tuscan mystery reminds me very strongly of Martin Walker's Bruno Chief of Police series set in southwestern France.

Just what does that mean? Lots of mouth-watering food (I'm going to try my hand at making "stingy spaghetti"), getting to know the townspeople of the village of Gravigna, a very interesting main character, and a puzzling mystery to solve.

Nico Doyle has a backstory that, once uncovered, explains so much about his character. He is a man who believes in justice, but he also has a great deal of empathy for victims. He's a man who can't turn away a stray dog he names "OneWag," and he experiments with various recipes in his kitchen with some of his food being served in the family restaurant where he works a few hours per week.

The local maresciallo, Salvatore Perillo, is also a strong character. He grew up in the south of Italy, so in his own way, he is out of place in Tuscany, too. His partner is a young man, Daniele, who learns a lot during the investigation while contributing good ideas of his own. Being so young, he feels that his two biggest problems are being without a girlfriend and having the misfortune of blushing at the drop of a hat (even when he's not embarrassed about anything). Ah, the young!

If you're a fan of Martin Walker's series, expand your reading range to include Tuscany. I really think you'll enjoy Murder in Chianti. If you're not acquainted with Bruno Chief of Police, try Trinchieri's book anyway. You're going to love Tuscany, love the food, love the characters, and love solving this mystery.
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I loved this from the beginning. All the things that there is to love about Tuscany are here. There’s a great appreciation for the places, the food, the wine and the Italian personalities. This is a very touching murder mystery that made me fall in love with the town and its people. After his wife died and he’s lost his job as a New York homicide detective, Nico moves to a village in Tuscany to be near his wife’s family and to grieve. He rents an old farmhouse in a remote area. One early morning he hears a shot in the woods and discovers that a man has been murdered. The local Maresciallo (police) asks for his help in solving the murder. As the case unravels secrets from the past are revealed and it seems a lot of people are trying to keep the secrets buried in the past. The writing was great. I felt like I was in the village with the characters, enjoying the food with them and being being evolved in the comradery.  I loved this and will look for more books by this writer. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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For some reason, during the corona virus pandemic, I have been spending a lot of time in virtual Italy reading mysteries that are set there.  My guides, until I read this novel, were Donna Leon and her Inspector Brunetti, and Andrea Camilleri and his Detective, Montalbano.  Their novels feature an engaging protagonist, beautiful locations and, VERY IMPORTANT, delicious food.

So, I was curious about this book set in Tuscany and happy to receive an ARC.  I was not disappointed.  This novel, the start of a new series, and its detective, fit right into the sub genre of Italian police stories. 

The protagonist of Murder in Chianti is widower and former New York City police detective, Nico.  He has moved to Chianti following the death of his wife, Rita.  Rita has a cousin in Chianti who owns a restaurant, one source of the delicious sounding food in the novel.  Food wise, I would give a lot to get breakfast where Nico does each day.  I also would like to sample some of the alcohol mentioned in the book, especially the red wines.

Around Nico are the police officers who want his help in solving a case, Perillo and Daniele.  The murder of the story has ties with the past.  The victim left Italy a number of years ago and became a successful vintner in California.  Why did he return to Italy?  How does this visit lead to his death?  Who will be hurt as the case is solved?

This was a very readable book and one that I enjoyed.  I recommend adding it to your TBR list. 

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an hoenst review.  I look forward to the next novel in this seris.
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A crime wrapped inside the customs, food, wine, and people of the Tuscan region.  Reading this book was a great escape to Tuscany.  The author does a beautiful job of transporting the reader and although the story starts with a brutal murder, the writing pulls you into the joy and beauty of Tuscany so you feel like you are living there and while concerned about the murder, still able to live in the moment and feel joy.  There are many interesting characters and many different motives and back stories and you genuinely care about the characters....they make you smile.  The main characters are detectives, one from Italy and one from NYC.  Their histories influence their behaviors and motivations and they have a terrific bond.  As the story unfolds, and secrets come to light, you see how people are protective of each other, but still engage in gossip.  You see how their lives connect and you feel apart of their experience.  You care about the characters from the quirky Dante quoting man down to the stray dog and you see how the town all cares for each other.  Tuscany carries such a prominent part of the story that it can literally be a main character.   I was transported and as a reader, I feel like I miss being there now that I finished the read.  Enjoy it!
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If you like the murder mystery genre I think you will enjoy this book. Homicide detective Nico Doyle has lost his job and his wife has died. Leaving NYC and moving to her home town in Tuscany, the place where they shared many happy memories, seems like a good idea. Surrounded by her family and friends Nico enjoys a peaceful setting and begins his healing. Early one morning following a jog, he hears a single gunshot. Then a dog begins yelping. Nico goes to investigate and finds the dog, it has four bloody paws but doesn’t seem to be injured. The dog leads him to a dead man laying on his back, shot in the face. Trying to turn it all over to the authorities Nico finds himself lured into helping solve the case. The story moves through the lives of the small Italian town, introducing you to great supporting characters, wine, and food. I admit to looking up recipes for some of the great-sounding dishes.
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Italian-customs, Italy, law-enforcement, family-dynamics, friendship, murder-investigation, muted-humor

A widowed ex-NYPD detective moves to Tuscany where he has good memories and his wife's family. remember the adage about taking the man out of the job? Well, he not only is the first human to find the body, but is asked for his unofficial expertise by the local head of the Carabinieri. Good thing it's unofficial because this convoluted case comes much to close to the family. But at least he still has his day job helping with the family restaurant and learning to cook some very fine dishes in the Tuscan manner. And learning to parent a very inquisitive and smart street dog. Once the victim seems to be identified the case finds even more twists and misdirections with even a red herring or three. EXCELLENT!
I requested and received a free ebook copy from Soho Press/Soho Crime via NetGalley. Thank you!
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So many reasons I loved this book, starting with the main character, our detective. Nico Doyle is a former New York City police homicide detective, forced to quit his job after he shows too much compassion to a victim of domestic violence by hiding evidence of the gun she used to murder her husband. A recent widower, he moves to his late wife's hometown in the Tuscany region of Italy. As the story opens, he's living quietly in an old farmhouse next to a vineyard, just trying to mind his own business. He hears what sounds like a gunshot, and goes to investigate. Well, of course he discovers a dead body, and we are off and running into one of the most enjoyable, intelligent mysteries I've read in a long time. Great supporting characters, particularly the chief of police and his young, inexperienced second in command. It's Tuscany, and wine country, so there's lots of food and wine to add to the pleasure of reading this terrific book. Apparently, this is the first of a series, and I can't wait to meet Nico Doyle again in another book.
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I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

I have discovered a fantastic new detective series!  Nico Doyle is a retired NYC homicide detective living in the Chianti region of Tuscany.  He's trying to rebuild his life after his beloved wife Rita dies of cancer.  He has no family other than his wife's cousin Tilde and her daughter Stella.  Half Irish and half Italian, Nico is something of a lost soul, trying to rebuild his life in a new country.  He spends his time helping his wife's cousin Tilde in her restaurant and creating new recipes.

Early one morning Nico encounters a gruesome scene in the woods after hearing a gun shot and a dog barking.  The victim had his face blown off and Nico knows not to get too close and disturb the crime scene.  He takes the stray dog (that had been hanging around his house) that alerted him home, thinking the dog could be evidence from the crime scene.  The police are called and Salvatore Perillo, Maresciallo dei Carabinieri is assigned the case.  He's from southern Italy and the northern Italians believe he's slow and not too bright.  He's also only investigated (and quickly solved) one murder case in his career.  With the assistance of Daniele, his deputy, he takes Nico's statement.  Perillo learns after a background check on Nico that he's a former NYC homicide detective, and probably much more capable of helping him solve the murder than Substitute Prosecutor Riccardo Della Langhe, the inept technocrat overseeing the case.  Nico agrees to help, but stay in the background and they begin trying to identify the murdered man, why he was in the woods in the early morning, why he was murdered and who murdered him.  

Nico adopts the stray dog and gives him the name OneWag (because he only wags his tail once), Perilla names the dog Rocco, claiming that OneWag translated into Italian is too much.  During the course of the investigation the murder victim is identified as Robert Gerardi, Italian by birth and a local, but a naturalized American citizen that owned a vineyard in the Napa Valley of California and was a wealthy man, but dying of cancer.  Once the victim has been identified there are a number of twists and leads that lead to multiple suspects (including Tilde).  Tilde has a fractious relationship with her mother-in-law Elvira, who rules the roost at the restaurant and frequently treats her daughter-in-law badly.  Tilde's husband Enzo loves his wife and daughter, but is dominated by his mother who often says that no woman is good enough for her son.

After suspecting, then eliminating several locals the killer is found and confesses.  I've read lots of detective stories and favorite authors include Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle and Donna Leon.  I will be looking forward to many more in this series from Camilla Trinchieri.  Nico Doyle is a fabulous character, complicated, flawed and honorable.  His community is filled with interesting and fun characters that don't come off as cartoonish and cliched, but real and fundamentally Italian.  The description of the town, the food and the Italian landscape clearly shows the love of the place and it's people.  The story give clues, but it's not obvious whodunnit too early in the story.

Note: As the case evolves there are numerous times that meals are taken, and being set in Italy , the food is amazing.  This is NOT a good story to read when you're hungry, and be prepared to go immediately to your kitchen (or call you local Italian restaurant for reservations or carryout) to try creating some of the mouthwatering food described.  You have been warned!
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