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Loved the story and the characters. Very well written, I could totally see this translated into a limited series. Hopefully there will be more stories in this dystopian version of our world.
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Fast-paced and fun, this science fiction thriller is set in the near future and features an LAPD cop who goes undercover to expose the illegal business of treatment centers that provide special transfusions and the blood farms where the carriers are kept.

After a lost dog leads Ellie Batista and her partner, Danny, to a mansion in Brentwood that turns into a bloodbath, she is tapped to get on the inside as the Feds and police try to take down the main players in the blood world. Carriers are a very valuable commodity and usually very well protected, but lately many of them have been kidnapped and drained of their special blood -- which acts like a fountain of youth restoring muscle tone and vitality. As Faye Simpson, Ellie gets involved with some of the major characters involved in the lucrative practice. As those in the trade fight among themselves, Ellie/Faye has her own agenda -- to find someone she loved who disappeared a very long time ago. Will she stay alive long enough to get what she wants? NO SPOILERS.

I enjoyed this one though it was definitely full of lots of blood and gore, torture, and grisly detail. The "science" of the carrier blood and its effects was fascinating and quite believable. The characters were multi-dimensional, so much so that I found myself rooting for the bad guy a time or two. It was absorbing and kept me interested throughout.

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for this E-book ARC to read, review, and recommend.
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3.5 stars, rounded down. "Blood World" starts with an interesting concept- transfusions with the blood from certain young people act as the fountain of youth for the general population. The setting is set in what feels like a realistic L.A. setting, creating a merge of sci-fi with realistic police thriller. Normally, I would be excited about both of these genres- the problem with mixing the two is that there are so many ways that a situation can easily become unbelievable and break the overall setting of the story for the reader.

Main character Ellie is going undercover with the Feds to see if she can break into the blood world- a term used to talk about the criminal activity of abducting young people with 'carrier blood' to fuel their illicit activities. Ellie is smart and motivated- she hasn't told anyone, but she is obsessed with making a breakthrough so that she can find her missing twin brother that was abducted as a child.

So far, so good. I enjoyed reading up to this point-- mostly thinking, "Go Ellie! Woo! Find your brother!" But then she comments on how Ellie is not her real name and that she doesn't want people to know about her missing brother-- this isn't a spoiler at all, just a statement that she makes pretty quickly about herself. Yet, I found it pretty unbelievable the way this part of the story progressed. From the beginning to the very end, I couldn't accept her secret or the resolution of this portion of the story line.

The combination of genres is difficult to manage, but I think that "Blood World" can appeal to many different types of readers. I would recommend it to someone who is looking more for suspense/police action rather than sci-fi futuristic. Thank you Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a DNF for me. It was very obvious that the main character was always going to be little lady detective who needed help and nothing more. 
Interesting concept, writing wasn't bad, but I'm over reading books with female lead characters that are disparaged just to be disparaged.
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BLOOD WORLD by Chris Mooney is an adult, sci-fi, futuristic thriller line focusing on the fight for control of the fountain of youth.

Told from third person perspective BLOOD WORLD follows several paths including that of LAPD police officer Ellie Bautista. Desperate to secure a position on the Blood Squad, Ellie goes undercover in an effort to ferret out the people  responsible for a series of kidnappings and missing persons known as carriers, people who carried the fountain of youth  in their blood. A play for power and control of  the blood carriers finds several powerful men vying for the top position in the world of illegal blood trade, and the use of specific drugs known to enhance the benefits of the blood’s use. As Ellie begins to work with some of the men responsible for the local blood farms, a fight for control turns into an all out war where the price for endless youth is indeed high.

BLOOD WORLD is a futuristic story line set in California, the playground of the rich and famous where eternal youth is a commodity very few have the money to pay. The discovery of the fountain of youth has provoked a hunger for power, the power to control the ultimate prize. 

Chris Mooney pulls the reader into a what if story line. What are you willing to do? What are you willing to pay? Will you sell your soul to eternal youth? An edgy and dramatic story line; a thought provoking and intriguing tale of desperation, power and control.





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This book is set in the world of the near future, the blood world, where the blood of carriers can cure diseases and make bodies young again. Carriers are at high risk of being kidnapped, drained and killed, or sent to blood farms to have their blood harvested on a regular basis.  LAPD officer Ellie Batista wants to get on the special Blood Force to investigate these crimes for one reason-to find her twin brother, a carrier who was kidnapped as a child.  After she and her partner are ambushed she gets her wish and is thrust into an undercover operation like she never imagined.  As the female lead Ellie is strong willed and smart. At first she seemed hard and impersonal but her character grew as her involvement in the blood world did. Some of the bad guys were just thugs doing a job but the main two were well developed. Sebastian was one of the producers of the Pandora blood and kept a blood farm of donors but he seemed to be caring and kind. I couldn’t help rooting for him. His son Paul was truly an evil man, a villain, driven by lust for money and hatred.  The story line was unique and plausible. There were a few twists and turns and lots of nonstop action. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read an early copy of a book I might otherwise have overlooked
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The nitty-gritty: An exciting, multilayered sci-fi crime thriller with action, intrigue and emotional depth.

If you love sci-fi thrillers that lean more towards crime fiction than sci-fi, then I suspect you’ll love Blood World as much as I did. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading, but the cover really sets the tone for this story. Blood World takes place in a gritty, almost lawless near future Los Angeles. Certain people are born with a particular gene that causes their blood to have miraculous healing powers, especially when the blood is mixed with certain drugs. These “carriers” as they are called, are highly sought after, and most live their lives in fear of being kidnapped and drained of their blood. A secret underground blood world has sprung up because of these carriers, and the most savvy criminals have made fortunes from carrier blood, selling it to wealthy individuals who are looking for the ultimate fountain of youth. A carrier’s blood, you see, can be injected through needle or blood transfusion and imbues the recipient with a youthful appearance, strength and beauty. 

The LAPD has created a special task force called the Blood Crimes Unit to counteract this illegal behavior, but they have been unable to prove the existence of and locate a “blood farm”—a secret location where carriers are kept against their will and forced to give up their blood.

Ellie Batista is a street cop who wants nothing more than to make it into the Blood Crimes Unit. Ellie is obsessed with carriers and has spent years researching those kidnapped and never seen again. But Ellie has a personal reason for her obsession—her brother J.C. was kidnapped as a child, and Ellie has never given up on finding him alive. Her chance comes when she’s asked to go deep undercover in order to infiltrate the inner workings of the blood trade, an assignment that puts her in danger but also brings her closer to finding her brother.

As Ellie—now “Faye”—gets to know the dangerous players of the blood world, her life depends on how well she can play her part. And Ellie’s keeping plenty of secrets, not only from the men who hold her life in their hands, but from the LAPD as well.

Blood World was a twisty story full of violence (if you’re squeamish when it comes to cold blooded killing and torture, this might not be the right book for you), secrets and lies, backstabbing, betrayal, and plenty of high stakes. The chapters alternate between Ellie and Sebastian, an ex-con who has created a lucrative—although highly illegal—business with carrier blood. Ellie ends up working with Sebastian when she goes undercover as Faye, and I thought Sebastian was a great counterpoint to Ellie’s wide-eyed determination to find her brother. Some of my favorite parts of the story were the ones where Faye is interacting with Sebastian and his fellow criminals and has to be very careful about what she says. Because she’s undercover with the Blood Crimes Unit, she’s being watched and protected while she’s deep in the criminal underworld, but even they can’t protect her from everything. There were so many terrible situations that Ellie/Faye found herself in and I honestly didn’t know which way things were going to go.

Mooney adds a nice emotional layer to his tale by giving many of the characters personal motivations. Sebastian in particular had quite the backstory, which included a tragic shooting in his past that put him behind bars, ruining his relationship with his soulmate Ava. Sebastian’s godson Paul also plays a big part, and his actions set the whole story in motion. Sebastian is torn between trying to protect Paul—he’s almost like family, after all—or wanting to kill him for what he’s done. I also ended up really liking and feeling sorry for Sebastian, believe it or not. He’ll kill you at the drop of a hat if he thinks you’re betraying him, but he also has a soft squishy side that gave him an interesting vulnerability. He sort of reminded me of Avery from The Firm (played by Gene Hackman), if you’ve seen that movie, another despicable character who you can’t help but feel sorry for at the end. Plus Sebastian and Faye end up bonding in a way, and I really enjoyed their odd relationship.

Mooney did a fantastic job with the Los Angeles setting, and it was so well done, in fact, that I was sure he was a California native (his bio says he lives on the East Coast). He’s certainly done his homework, that’s for sure. The story takes place over a sprawling area of Southern and Central California, as the characters go from L.A. to Long Beach, to Ojai and Santa Paula and other places in between. Because I live in the area, it was easy to picture the characters hitting the freeways, getting stuck in traffic, etc. Mooney also uses the California wildfires as a backdrop to his story, which added an extra layer of tension and danger. The final showdown takes place right on top of one of these fires, and even though I was cringing the whole time (because brush fires are real and very dangerous), I couldn’t help but applaud the author’s adept use of integrating the fires seamlessly into his story.

I did have a few reservations, however. I wanted a little more background on how carrier blood evolved and how it was discovered. Also, the ending felt a bit rushed to me, and things were resolved a little too quickly and neatly for my taste. I’ve heard the ending described as a “cliffhanger,” although it didn’t feel that way to me. But now that I think about it, it seems that Ellie’s story might not be over. Given the author’s penchant for writing series, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more books set in this world, and I'd definitely be on board for a sequel.

Overall, I had a blast reading Blood World, and I look forward to Chris Mooney’s next book.
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An exciting, yet frightening sci-fi thriller

In the near future man has conquered the effects of old age. All it takes is a whole lot of money and a blood donor who is a carrier of a specific gene. The blood from these donors dissolves excess fat, tightens loose skin, erases wrinkles, gives strength of body and mind, and heightens all the senses. Since the donors aren't willing to just give up their blood, they are kidnapped, held on "blood farms" and their blood is transfused into people rich enough to pay the price.

Ellie Batista is a patrolman on the LAPD but her long-time desire is to get involved in the newly formed LAPD Blood Crimes Unit. She hasn't had any luck so far in getting onto the unit.

But a series of unfortunate events have them seeking her out to work undercover. And she jumps at the chance even though it will mean leaving everything in her old life behind. But she's wanted this for years, for reasons known only to her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I liked Ellie's character and it was a sign of the author's writing skill that there were a few of the bad guys I found myself liking (or at least not hating), too. The story moved at a fast pace and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers, science fiction, or just a plain good book.

I received this book from Berkley Publishing through Net Galley and Edelweiss in the hopes that I would read it and leave an unbiased review.
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Blood World is an interesting dystopia. For "carriers,"  it is a brutal world with one kind of prison or another.  The rich can and will pay anything for the blood effects.  The criminals running the blood farms are not good guys, but certainly some are worse than others.

Ellie is our main character and I feared for her and was terrified often.  She is smart and careful but takes so many risks.  The blood producers are willing to torture or kill as needed; it doesn't bother them.  When she goes undercover, she manages to make herself useful and luckily her cover identity holds well.  There are many instances where she almost dies.

The blood producers, Sebastian, Frank and their security guy Ron, have long been successful and profitable. Now they have some major problems.  Sebastian is our other main character. If he and his partners weren't bad guys, I could almost feel sorry for them. Their enemies, who are competitors,  are worse.

I found this exciting, violent,  full of action and suspense.  The world was developed with intriguing, mysterious facets of blood production. The criminals were vicious but had to have some outer face to deal with their rich clients. The police had their own corrupt officers helping the criminals to an easier time.  Ellie had her own deceptions to reach her goals. These main characters were flawed with layers but overall true to their path in life.
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LAPD Officer Ellie Bautista has been looking for her twin brother who was kidnapped when they were 6 for years.  He's got the gene which makes him a carrier - a fountain of youth.  Set in the near future (it's not clear how near) this is a fast paced thriller that had me turning the pages. There are an incredible number of young people who have been grabbed and put in blood farms, milked, as it were.  Ellie and her partner find a dog, which then leads then to discover a location where some of them are being held.  This leads to an undercover effort to find not only her brother but also other carriers.  No spoilers from me.  This has good guys, bad guys, a damaged but tough and determined female protagonist, and something to think about.  Yes the theme of greed and conspiracy might be familiar but this felt fresh to me because of the characters.  Thanks to the publisher for the ARC.  A page turner!
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Blood World is our world but with a small difference: some people are carriers. We don't really know what they carry, other than getting some of their blood in a transfusion has a miraculous effect on health. They're in high demand, and it's illegal to do business in the carrier blood transfusion trade, but some people do it, and they're ruthless. One cop wants to get to the bottom of it all, and she's willing to put her life on the line to try.
The writing of this book is mind-blowing in the depth of detail the author offers. Maybe all suspense/thrillers are like this, but I've never encountered such riveting writing. The reader is shown all of what a character feels or thinks, can get caught up in the wave of terror or rage or love felt by the characters. The scenery is described so clearly, the reader could be right there in the book itself. I am astounded at how thoroughly I enjoyed reading this!
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A chilling depiction of a world where your blood can be a priceless asset that marks you for life. A protein has been identified that can be the fountain of youth. Carriers of this protein are identified and protected from those who would plunder that resource. It is a fascinating concept that drew me to try my first Chris Mooney thriller. The main character is a female police officer who decides to go undercover to attempt to bring down the criminal minds who have established blood farms to mine the lifeblood of other human beings. There are sci-fi elements, but the setting is present day California and its wildfires are a character of their own. This action-packed thriller will appeal to readers who love Lee Child and David Baldacci. 

Thank you to Berkley and NetGalley for a DRC in exchange for an honest review.
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Fast paced novel. The novel is part thriller/crime novel, part sci-fi. What would you do for a sip from the fountain of youth? As with all good things there are greedy corrupt people lurking in the shadows. 
I’m giving the novel 3 stars because even though the premise had a lot of potential, the characters were flat. I found them to be  shallow and there wasn’t a deep connection to them. The story relied more on action than character driven. 
Thanks NetGalley for the ARC
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Blood World by Chris Mooney is a standalone Sci-Fi thriller.  I did not know what to expect, as this was a different kind of story line, but once you get past the beginning, as we learn the world building and characters, this caught my attention.

In this world, blood is a commodity, especially in the young, who are carriers. Their blood is able to produce drugs that have amazing results; curing disease, improve aging by years, increases power, improved body functions, etc.  The blood farms hold the kidnapped young carrier children, who supply the blood to those who will pay an exorbitant amount.

We meet our heroine, Ellie Bautista, an LAPD police officer, who happens to be checking a possible drug site, when they are ambushed, and her partner is killed.   Ellie talks to the police chief, desperately asking to be on the ‘blood team” investigations.  With an ulterior motive, Ellie has wanted to be on this team, because she is trying to find her twin brother, who was kidnapped years before at the age of six. Because of her knowledge of the blood drugs, and is a good cop, she is asked to go undercover, which she accepts.
Sebastian Kane is one of the leaders of the “blood world”, and he claims he treats the carriers with care.  He trusts no one but his close associates, such as Frank.  When Ellie goes undercover working for Anton, another leader, she is eventually transferred to Sebastian’s team, working mostly for Frank.  This plunges her into a dangerous world that puts her life in constant danger, especially as they keep a close eye on her.  

Sebastian has his hands full, as a war between him and his step son Paul, escalates into a full blown out, wild nonstop action filled escapade.  For every step Sebastian makes, he is stymied with losing most of his people, as Paul, who is evil and a sociopath, is one step ahead.  At this point, Ellie begins to work closer with Sebastian, since most of his people have left or are gone.  She learns though Sebastian is one of the bad guys, he insists he treats people good, and when he learns his ex is now in danger from Paul, who kidnaps the ex’s daughter, who turns out to be his.  This will push Sebastian to the max to find her, and Ellie determined to find her brother, goes along with him.  All hell will break out with so much violence and everyone in danger.  I can’t tell too much more, as you need to read this book to find out who if any survive.

I loved Ellie, who was a great heroine, and though under close watch, her expertise helped her survive the many situations she was in.  Blood World was a different kind of story, which was intense, violent and dark; and very well written by Chris Mooney.
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Chris Mooney’s Blood World is a sci-fi thriller that is bound to leave a positive impression on readers. Releasing on August 18th, Blood World takes today’s world and immerses the reader in a place where certain people’s blood (called Carriers) can reverse the ageing process and make people feel invincible; essential leaving them feeling like they are a superhero and like they have discovered the fountain of youth. This new world has created an unground ring of illegal activity that the police have dubbed “the blood world” where people are kidnapped and become blood giving slaves for the rest of their life so that the rich and famous can continue to live a luxurious life.

26-year-old Ellie Batista is an everyday patrol cop with the LAPD who desperately wants to prove herself as more than just a pretty face in the police force so that she can be taken seriously and get on the Blood Squad. One fateful day, Ellie’s wish comes true as she gets promoted to the Blood Squad after a series of unfortunate events and goes undercover as gambling addict turned stickman (someone who checks to see if people are Carriers) named Faye Simpson. When Ellie/Faye end up crossing paths with Sebastian Kane, a huge name in the blood world, Ellie/Faye finds that she is going deeper into the blood world than she ever thought possible and gets thrown into dangerous situations that will leave the reader holding their breath, hoping Ellie/Faye makes it out alive. As the story progresses, readers will get to follow both Ellie/Faye and Sebastian’s sides of the story giving the reader an inside look at both sides of this new world. Mooney does an excellent job at creating well rounded characters that are both likeable and realistic.

Mooney explores quite a few themes throughout Blood World including greed, vanity, human trafficking, and of course the ‘fountain of youth’ trope. What Mooney does so well with his writing is that he bleeds each of these topics into one another in such a way that they are continuously brought up throughout the story while maintaining a sense of wonder from the reader. Mooney slowly releases information to the reader while also upholding a fast-paced atmosphere that keeps the reader engaged and entertained throughout the entire novel.

Mooney has clearly put a lot of thought and research into his latest novel. The science behind the blood world is sound and he leaves no stone unturned when explaining things to the reader. Mooney does this effortlessly creating an incredibly believable world. The characters in Mooney’s novel are each flawed in a way to make them relatable and likeable. Sebastian is meant to be one of the villains in the novel however he has so many likeable qualities that it can be hard for the reader to see him as someone so evil, and Moony has done this brilliantly. The ending of this novel leaves the reader with some unanswered questions which leads the reader to suspect that maybe this isn’t the last of Ellie Batista and the blood world.
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Blood World was a fascinating fast-paced Crime Thriller with Sci-Fi elements that I devoured in a day!

Basically, science has found some people have special blood that when mixed with secret elements and transferred to others can keep people looking young and healthy in as little as an hour after a transfusion. And now doctors are mixing it with other things and have come up with a  new super-potent blood mix they are calling Pandora, that will heal you incredibly fast and also make you very horny. Obviously all blood trade is illegal, but there's a huge underworld of "blood farms" where people can get transfusions if they can afford it.

The story follows Ellie,  a cop who's got a vested interest in trying to get on the secret Blood Crimes task force and  Sebastian, a Blood Farm owner who's dealing with a rogue former employee who wants to kill him and take over his entire operation. Sebastian thinks of himself as one of the "good guys" because he treats his blood "donors" with kindness and only kidnaps people with rough lives to stay on his Blood Farm. His stepson has totally different ideas and is the more evil bad guy in the story.

If you're looking for lots of action, undercover cop drama, and the seedy underside of society mixed with some light science bits about blood this is the book for you. I'm only rating it 4 stars instead of 5 because I thought the blood stuff could have been explained better and more thoroughly and the ending was a little too tidy in my opinion. I can see this becoming a movie though and I hope it does because it would be pure entertainment.
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In a world where the blood of carriers is as illegal and worth more than any other illicit products out there, one woman is determined to take down the key players. Ellie/Faye goes undercover in the most secretive operation and deals in a blood concoction called Pandora. This almost mythical mixture can turn back the clock and make you even better than you were in your younger years.

What I Love

The novel is action-packed from page 1 without any lulls in the story.  The layers of suspense stacked on top of each other until I started thinking that the bad guy would never be stopped.  I love thrillers that keep up the fast pace.  It takes energy to read, but it’s a ride I enjoy very much.

Faye/Ellie is my favorite character.  She is strong, determined, and focused but capable of a great deal of love and compassion.  I loved that she was developed so achingly well even amongst all of the action.  I cheered her and worried about her the whole time, but that only worked on adding to the suspense.

Lastly, I love that there are different levels of bad guys.  Sebastian deals illegally in the blood trade, but he treats the carriers he has kidnapped with kindness and humanity. Paul is a whole other level of bad guy - one without any conscience and is arguably a psychopath.  He has created a perverse blood blend that is aggressively dark and scary.  For the good of humankind, Paul must be stopped!

What I Wish

I wish that the genetic/blood carrier aspect had been explained in more detail. I kept expecting those details to come up in the story, and they never did.  I wanted to know more about the gene and why the effect of it has such a profound impact on people who receive blood transfusions from the carriers.

I am undecided about how I feel about the ending.  Unfortunately, I don’t want to say more because I try very hard not to give out spoilers, but I am conflicted in my feelings about the way it ended.

To Read or Not to Read
If you enjoy thrillers and a bit of sci-fi to make it more intriguing, this non-stop thrill ride is an excellent choice for you.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Going into Blood World, I knew I was taking a risk. It's not the type of book I would normally have picked up. But I've been trying to read more widely, to branch out this year. The synopsis promised crime thriller elements- a genre I'm new to but loving at the moment-, and sci-fi is a genre I've been trying to explore more.

Unfortunately, this one just didn't work for me. And I kind of figured that out after the first sentence. That one sentence alone included approximately one thousand adjectives. Yikes. A book that starts out with a sentence that's 60+ words long is never a good sign for me. And it turned out to be foreshadowing. The copious amounts of unnecessary detail in Blood World had my attention drifting every few minutes. It made me feel as though there were a wall between me and the story that I just couldn't break past to get into it.

My other big issue was the way women were written about and treated by other characters. It felt gross. I can see where it wasn't overtly misogynistic, or it was then those thoughts and actions were coming from a bad character, but I still didn't like to read it. Which is fine, we all have differing taste in books, no? But it definitely kept me from enjoying this one. The main character is a woman, and I just never felt that she was believable. Right at the start, her much older, male colleague makes a reference to how attractive she is while they're on the clock. Sure, maybe he wasn't a bad guy, maybe he didn't mean anything by it. But it was gross. And then it just went downhill from there. Like I said, others may be fine with reading that sort of thing, but I didn't enjoy it and I wasn't going to force myself to keep reading.

I went out on a limb for Blood World and it really just didn't work out for me. Oh well, maybe next time. I have a hard time thinking who I would recommend this one to, but that might just be because I don't read a lot of sci-fi and don't know many people personally who do. But every book has its readers out there somewhere, so I say that if the premise of Blood World catches your eye the way it initially did mine, give it a shot. Just maybe don't expect too much from it.
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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to preview Blood World by Chris Mooney.  This book is different - part science fiction, fantasy, and realism.
The book takes place in LA where the world is a very different place.  A year or so ago, I would have said this was pure fantasy, but now, anything is possible.  What if there was a fountain of youth and if you had the means and the money, you could get this drug?  There are some that possess certain characteristics in their blood - younger people - and this blood can be harvested into a wonder drug that promises to cure you of illness, creates youth, and changes your life.
These young people are now the target of a sinister plot and they are not safe.  A young police officer, Ellie, is determined to put a stop to those who would do anything to get that blood.  Ellie is caught in a cycle of madness and finds that she may be the only hope to keep those kids safe or die trying.
3 stars.
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Part thriller, part science fiction, Chris Mooney’s BLOOD WORLD proves that vanity knows no bounds as humans with special genes carry the blood that becomes a miraculous cure-all for disease, old age, and makes its recipients almost super-human with appetites to match. Of course, there will always be someone whose greed will abuse this almost magical brew. Carriers are kidnapped, “milked” for their genetic gift and the body count is rising. One detective with her own dark secrets will stop at nothing to bring this monster down.

Intriguing, the concept behind this book is fabulous and magnetic! Who wouldn’t want to sip from the fountain of youth? But, like everything good, there is a dark side and for me, it was the inconsistent pace and a main character that just seemed a little flat to me.

That said, this still make a good crime novel with a bloody twist.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Berkley! This is my honest and voluntary review.
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