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i really enjoy mermaid stories, including Selkies, we really don't have enough stories about them. I really enjoyed reading this book and getting to know these characters.
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I have received this arc Song of Selkie by Jane Beal in exchange for an honest review.

This book is a collection of poems about self-discovery. In beautifully chosen words, the author blends fantasy and reality together for readers to enjoy the different point of views. I have to say the writer took her time with each poem to display its meaning with the words jumping right off the page beautifully and eloquently. The poems range from growth, time, moving on, or letting, holding on strong and mentioned before self-discovery. I liked that some poems are long and some are short. Overall, I would have to say a lovely read.

Thank you Netgalley for this opportunity.
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Poetry is not my genre of choice.  That said, I enjoyed the verses on love and loss of women and of the selkie.
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This enchanting poetry collection is perfect for readers who enjoy myths and lore. Through narratives of selkies and the sea, these poems explore womanhood in its different incarnations. A beautiful collection for readers who enjoy a dash of fantasy in their poetry.
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Its a book of whimsical poetry, of self discovery and becoming. It straddles the line of the mythical and the reality. There is such passion in the wording that the words at times literally leap from the page. "rises and falls from the soul, not the brain, coming from our fingers and our throats and exploding like a firecracker in our hands, but without burning".  In many ways i think it is about change and about growing old and discovering yourself in this ever changing life. Its a conversation with different version of yourself and the love and despair they both can at time bring. The story telling is beautiful done and the author weaves fantasy, history and modern day eloquently together. Its a fibrous string that connects everything together. Definitely recommended for every poetry lover out there with a bit of depth, rawness and innocence of fantasy.
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An interesting array of different poems from a writer who knows her craft. I enjoyed this very thoroughly and found her inspirations for her works evocative.
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This is a collection of interesting poems. A connection is made between the selkie and Ruth from the bible, and life as we know now. There are poems about change, about choosing to hold on or to let go. About strong women, choosing for themselves. It is certainly worth reading!
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It does have a table of contents. Poems are a variety of lengths (both long and short). There are some Christian references in some of the poems - which could off-put some readers while others enjoy or are okay with it. Overall it is a really nice collection.
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A lyrical collection with a lot to like, but this one didn't work for me and I won't be finishing it right now.
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I received an advanced reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

I've always been fascinated with mythical creatures, weather they be dragons, Phoenix, mermaids, unicorns or even Selkies. I found this book of poems intriguing and enjoyed the story that unfolded between them. 
Some beautiful poems and words that really make the poems come alive.
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I am intrigued by stories about selkies and mermaids so I was very curious about this book.  It was very interesting and absorbing poetry.  I truly enjoyed it.  

Thank you to Netgalley, the author Jane Beal and the publisher Aubade Publishing for a free ARC of this lovely collection of poetry.  This is my honest opinion.
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Is the earth young? 
Is the earth old? 
There’s so much more
in the depths of the earth
than silver and gold? 

Let’s read the sedimentary rocks 
and ask what their layers mean:
let’s interpret the Grand Canyon 
And the Colorado River 
and the past that no one has seen. 

Disclaimer - I was sent a free digital copy of this book by NetGalley in return for an honest review. 

I’ve never come across the works of Jane Beal previously and I quite enjoyed the imaginary journey this book took me on. Hearing the words of the Selkie and those of ‘Ruth’ and getting to know them and their stories through prose that really captures the imagination. A really enjoyable read.
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