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Hooray for a gem of a historical mystery. 

Deception by Gaslight was fun, engaging, and rife with atmosphere. 

This is a slow burn to be sure, but I found the pacing perfect for the story. The mystery is multi-layered and well-crafted, and the author did well in resolving the meat of it but still leaving us something (perhaps in the form of an adversary still at large) to propel us into the next book of what I hope will be a continued series. 

Belli has painted an evocative portrait of Gilded Age New York, showcasing both the Haves of The 400 and The Have-Nots of Five Points. Or in other form of one very important character, both at once. 

And it’s in the characters that the novel really finds its success. The plot is solid enough for a historical mystery and the aforementioned atmosphere well-rendered, but what really grips the reader in this one are the far better than average for the genre characters. Daniel and Genevieve are good leads, but it’s the others—their families, their friends, their acquaintances, and even their enemies—that really make the story feel so full. 

The final confrontation is a bit cartoonish, but the rest of the book more than makes up for this one slightly cringey scene. 

I hope the sequel isn’t too long in coming. I’m eager to spend more time in this world.
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For fans of Amanda Quick's regency novels, but no paranormal elements in this mystery.  In post civil war New York City life is one big party for the wealthy and disgraced by the tenement housing of the poverty.  Into this mix comes a thief, titillating the public with stories of the misdeeds of the people he is stealing from....but has he stepped up to murder?  One enterprising reporter sets to find out, but will she betray the trust of those around her?  The only weakness in this story is the conclusion which could have been stronger.  I can't wait to read more of this series.
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Thanks to Crooked Lane Books, the author and Netgallley for an Advance Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book set in the Gilded Age in New York.  Genevieve is a reporter for the Globe and, although she seems to get stuck with stories about babies and flower shows, she has potential.  She is also part of the Astor 400, the wealthiest families in New York.  Although her parents are unconventional, they are one of the oldest families in New York and are always at the centre of society.
When a Robin Hood-like burglar starts robbing the rich Genevieve is sure she can find out his identity.  And with the help of the extremely handsome Daniel MCaffrey, another wealthy businessman, becomes entangled in the mystery.  I am hooked.  Can't wait for the next one.
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Mini Review: I love Historical Mysteries (They are my favorite type of mystery novel, though I have plenty of Contemporary favorites, too!), so I knew I had to request this one! It was a good mystery, which I won't say more about, for fear of spoiling people about the plot. If you think this Adult Historical Mystery sounds good, I would recommend trying it!
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I never got the chance to read this one before it was archived, but the idea behind it is so promising! I'm truly grateful for the publisher giving me a chance to read it, and will be looking for a physical copy in my local bookstore.
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Deception by Gaslight is an entertainingly sweet  historical crime novel.  There's a great mix of history and atmosphere perfect for fans of romance, mystery and historical fiction. 

Thank you so much NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC in exchange for my honest review!
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This is a perfectly sweet little historical crime novel.  It will be a huge hit with folks who like old fashioned romances and whodunnits.  There's a great mix of history and atmosphere.  I was kind of bored throughout it, but it will be a great hit for its target audience.
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Deception by Gaslight is glittering golden age mystery, featuring an intrepid journalist seeking more than just covering socialite events. They mystery was intriguing, and I loved all the noir plots that make a classic mystery from gangs, jewels thieves, high society balls. I really enjoyed Genevieve our journalist turning sleuth her desire to seek more for herself and independence where women still had to be in the cupboard. I also enjoyed Daniel as well. His toughness hiding something more underneath. Overall, Deception by Gaslight is a promising book to a new mystery series.
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There is a lot going on in this book.  There are lots of characters, social politics, actual politics, crime, rumors, a bit of romance, a marriage of convenience or two, employment issues, past secrets, a handful of murders in multiple areas of New York City.  It's rather jam packed.

I liked the two main characters.  Genevieve Stewart is a member of an old and eccentric family who has guaranteed entrance at every society ball though what she really wants is to be a real journalist.  Daniel McCaffrey is a mystery with a large fortune.  No one knows where he came from or why he inherited what he did.  Despite their differences they work well together and made for an interesting team and both brought an interesting perspective.  I also enjoyed seeing their friends and Genevieve's family

What kept this book from being a real winner for me was really the pacing.  Because of everything going on and all the different mysteries this read a bit slow and it was difficult for me to really connect with the plot itself because there were just so many details crammed in.  I did enjoy reading it but it just wasn't as compelling as I wanted it to be.  Because I liked the characters I will definitely try this series again in hopes that some of the pacing issues were just first book in a series setup.
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Kate Belli starts the Gilded Gotham series with Deception by Gaslight.  Genevieve Stewart, part of gilded age New York society, Mrs. Astor's 400, and a journalist, is seeking the identity of a Robin Hood who is stealing from the rich and benefitting the poor on the Lower East Side.  A series of murders rock upper class New York and the Robin Hood is framed for it.  Which gangs and which industrialists are cooperating to influence real estate development?  An 1888 New York romp through high and low society.  Read and enjoy.
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Genevieve isn’t like the other society ladies. She is a tenacious reporter who works hard to get her story. When she goes after the man called Robin Hood, it is more complicated than it seems at first. This book is a mystery that kept me guessing until the end.
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This book was wonderful! I cannot wait for Kate Belli to write another book. It was fast paced, the characters were likeable and the mystery was creative.
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase your copy here:
The book begins in February 1888 Genevieve had turned down an alley and a man in a pineapple embroidered waistcoat landed in front of her. She had been tailing some men who suddenly were cornering her. She introduces herself by her pen name, Polly Palmer and tells them that she is a journalist with the New York City Globe and wants to know about Robin Hood. Genevieve stumbles upon way more than she bargains for with a corpse. We are taken on the adventure of Genevieve trying to solve the case of Robin Hood. 
I found this book very British and dated. If you are into historical novels, this is a great read! I would say this is Sherlock Holmes meets Goodfellas.
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When I say I have tried multiple times to read this, believe me, I tried. There is nothing wrong with this book, it just simply is not for me and I had zero interest in reading any further. Let me just say though that the idea of a woman reporter trying to solve a string of robberies in the late 1800's is an awesome idea. Just not my cup of tea right now.
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I loved this story!  The chemistry between Genevieve  and Daniel is sparkling.  The double story line of Robin Hood and the murder mysteries kept me turning pages.  I was a bit disappointed at the ending, but thrilled to see this is the first in a series. I can't wait to read more.
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In 1888, the midst of the Gilded Age, Genevieve Stewart is both part of the ‘Astor 400’, the wealthiest upper echelons of New York society, and not. Finding the endless whirl of society unfulfilling and the suggested life path of marrying another of the Astor 400 unpalatable, she becomes, with her eccentric but wealthy family’s backing, a journalist. And at the beginning of the book, she is on the trail of the elusive ‘Robin Hood’, a jewel thief targeting the rich and allegedly, sharing their spoils with the poor, when she runs afoul of a gang of street toughs. Rescued by a stranger, she is astounded to encounter him in a ballroom a few days later and discover him to be Daniel McCaffrey, a millionaire who inherited his wealth in unusual circumstances.

With the instincts of a born journalist, Genevieve senses a story and Daniel finds that he can’t just leave her to blunder into a potential minefield, with the rich and powerful willing to kill to maintain secrecy around shady dealings. 

A mystery with a side of fairly slow-build romance, this is excellently written and feels very authentic to the period. There was an intriguing twist in the identity of Robin Hood - and his reasons for stealing weren’t at all what I expected - and then an odd time-jump of a year right at the end of the book, before an event which leaves the narrative on a cliffhanger and sets up for what is presumably intended to be a series featuring Genevieve and Daniel as the main characters. I hope we get to see more of Esmie and Rupert in the next book as I was fascinated by the pair of them, both flawed as they were.

Five stars for an authentic-feeling Gilded Age mystery with a likable heroine and an intriguing hero.
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1888 New York City is full of its prejudices and traditions. Genevieve is an unusual case. Her family rich and part of the upper crust, fully support her journalistic ambitions - absolutely different to the rest of tradition encrusted New York society and she finds herself in the middle of the story of the decade.

A modern day Robin Hood robbing from the rich and distributing to the poor. When a change in the scenario of murder enters the scene Genevieve begins to suspect that either Robin Hood has become a murderer as well, or there is someone working on the theme to get their own dirty work done.

Meeting up with Daniel who is her first suspect of being Robin Hood, uncovers a world of corruption both in the mayor's office as well as with local police. Daniel in turn trying desperately to protect both Genevieve and a friend very dear to him, is caught in the middle of a gang war which erupts over both the corruption enquiries which makes a number of people uncomfortable and the quest to find Robin Hood by Genevieve.

Well written, very descriptive of the era and setting which was a story in itself this was a very good read.
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Deception by Gaslight by Kate Belli
Gilded Gotham Mystery #1

Mixed feelings on this one. I enjoyed the beginning…great introduction…then enjoyed the next scene, too, but for some reason I was not hooked enough to read every word. That said, I did skim quickly because I wanted to find out what would happen. I had the sense of watching a movie set in the period while also remembering books I read long ago that were of that era. Why I wasn’t invested in the characters might have had to do with Genevieve, in her mid-twenties, being at times incautious and actually making dangerous life-threatening decisions while chasing a story. 

The writing flowed and descriptions appealed to all five senses giving a good feel for the time, clothing, etc. and I felt that I was there in some scenes. In some ways the story read like a penny dreadful and in others…not quite. 

There were murders, thefts, news stories to follow, social issues relevant to the times, newsworthy happenings, stories given to men that Genevieve wanted, and a bit of romance. I am not sure how I feel about this book and though I didn’t read word for word might give book two a chance to see what Genevieve and Daniel get up to and whether or not their relationship will develop. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

2 for my interest in the story
3 it is in the middle
4 Stars as I believe it has merit and will appeal to more readers than it doesn’t appeal to
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Deception by Gaslight is the first book in the series where the main character is a young woman-reporter. Genevieve Stewart  comes from Astor 400 family but her parents and her upbringing served a very good base for her to become an independent woman right at the end of the nineteenth century New York.

Genevieve is welcome at any high society events. She is friends or relations with every who's who in the NY and... She is lonely, outsider and jilted bride. A very volatile mix if you add brains, curiosity and persistence to the character.

And Genevieve meets her match in elusive heir Daniel McCaffrey. Nobody knows him. Nobody knows why and how he inherited. But everybody wants to be his friend. Do they, really?

Deception by Gaslight is not a clea cut murder mystery but still a very interesting whodunit. Yes, there are deaths by unnatural means and there is blood, quite a bit of it. There are gunshots, burglaries and fights. But is not a simple case of murder. It's a very complicated labyrinth of power and shady dealings where money is all that matters.

Genevieve and Daniel uncover the tip and sides of huge iceberg, get themselves in danger and peculiar spots. They even ruin reputations theirs on of other people. But it all ends well... as well as it could... in the end.

Deception by Gaslight has a happy ending with a pause. Yes, there will be more.
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An excellent historical mystery, highly entertaining and well written.
I loved the well researched and vivid historical background, the interesting and fleshed out characters and the solid mystery that kept me guessing.
I can't wait to read another book by this author, this one is highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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