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The Girl with the Whispering Shadow

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Firstly thank you to Netgalley for the e-arc!! 🥰❤️

The Girl with the Whispering Shadow is definitely a step up from the first book, it’s so much meatier!! There’s a lot more depth to everyone and I enjoyed getting more from the plot and being with Ivy. I enjoyed learning more about the magic system and moving on with the story with everyone. I did find it a little predictable but I loved it none the less, the second half of the book was so crazy I just couldn’t put it down!! ❤️❤️

I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first book. It has the same familiar feel to me (There are lots of similarities between this series and a certain other middle grade book…) and as an adult I would definitely recommend it to fellow adults who like reading middle grade as well as middle grade readers themselves!! 🥰🥰
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Wow! This 2nd book of the series is full of adventure, danger, thrills, emotional rollercoaster and leaves me in cold sweat sometimes. Even now 5 minutes after reaching the end of the story, I can feel my heart thumping rapidly in my chest. The cover page is enthralling too, drawing me into this magical world in the book. I can’t wait to read book 3, and I can see book 4 is being published in 3 weeks!
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The Girl with the Whispering Shadow, is a well written middle school fantasy book. I loved the continued world building, adventure, and meeting new characters.
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A fun sequel to a magical middle grade series. This book was just as much fun as the first book and added a lot to Ivy's story. The Town was such an interesting place, and I enjoyed the whimsical, atmospheric feelings I got while reading. Ivy is a fun character, and I'm very interested to see how some of her new friendships develop. I'm very excited to see where the rest of the series leads!
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This is a well-made sequel; though it was predictable at times, it was still a quick and enjoyable read getting more and more suspenseful as Ivy’s story progressed. The second book picks up where the first book left off, at the end of the school year, and Ivy is about to leave the Halls of Ivy. She’s going to spend her summer holidays in Belzebuthe, the secret hidden town that lies protected from the Dark Queen behind magic clouds. Ivy’s staying with her friend, Fyn, and discovers more of her magic, the Town and its magic, the world, the past, and her family’s history. She makes new friends, joins a club where they use old quills to battle each other (which was a bit confusing at first), and looks for a way to find the second fragment of the Kindred Stone.

It was interesting to learn more about the magic system, what happened in the past, the Dark Queen’s plan, Ivy’s role, the prophecy, seeing Ivy grow and become more confident in using her magic. There are also new mysteries; dangerous quills disappearing from their prison, a girl with a whispering shadow, someone helping the Dark Queen get closer and closer to Ivy and the Kindred Stone. The second part of the book was exciting and suspenseful, making me look forward to the next two books in the series.
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D.E Night does it again! Another great adventure with Ivy and her friends. We meet so many new people it's almost hard to keep track of them all.  We start this book in the secret city of Belzebuthe which is SOOOO beautifully described. It is for sure my favorite city with in this universe. The artificial stars that are made from wishes?! Gorgeous. But that's also what made the ending of this book so sad ahhhhh. Some new creatures were also introduced to the story and they never disappoint. I'm glad that the use of Hairies was explained in more detail and they aren't just forced to be lanterns but they actually find confinement comforting and safe. Can't wait to read the next one!
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While I liked the first book, I loved the second one. The writing was sublime and it was a great story. It was really nice to be back in the world of Croswald! 

The world building once again becomes one of the best parts of this book. The descriptions and the atmosphere transport you to these magical places. (Belzebuthe is such an incredible town). 

I like the direction Ivy's character has taken. She has found her place, she knows who she is and she knows what she has to do. I also really like her friendship with Rebeca, I love that they support each other, it's nice to see solid friendships between girls…and I loved seeing the relationship grow between Ivy and Fyn. 

I personally find this story a bit darker than the first book. I think this is more of a young adult series than a middle grade series. (And I loved it)

D.E. Night did a wonderful job with book two. I’ll definitely read 3rd book very soon.

**Thanks to the publisher for providing this book in exchanging for an honest review.
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The second in this YA fantasy series. We are straight back into the action with Ivy and her magical world. I loved the drama and the characters remained great, I did however find it a little predictable. Friendship, romance and lots of excitement, a great YA sequel. I look forward to reading the next instalment.
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This series is whimsical and delightful! The story picks up where the previous one left off and deepens the magic system and mythology. Ivy is really growing into her own and very lovable as a main character. The Dark Queen as a villain is actually pretty scary and the stakes are slowly starting to get very real. Delightful series! 

Thank you to NetGalley and Untold Stories Publishing for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This was such a fun read. I truly appreciated the creativity and development of the characters. Would recommend it for lovers of Harry Potter and those who enjoy magical plot lines.
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This book (and series so far) gives me such a happy, childlike vibe. It’s middle grade, so it’s an easy read, but it’s still fun for me (a grown adult) to read and enjoy. It feels so much like a Harry Potter inspired fan fiction. It’s just fun to read; relaxing to journey to Cronswald with Ivy. 
Alsoooooo. Low key shipping Ivy and Fyn. 😂🙈

Also- the fishing for stars scene was so magical. Favorite part of the book. 

This book was published in 2018 - so I’m a bit late to the game. But I’ll be adding book #3 to the TBR. 

Thank you to DE Night, NetGalley, and the publisher for this ARC.
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The second edition to The Crowns of Croswald adventure was just as amazing as the first one. We catch up with Ivy as she is making her way to The Town to spend her summer after finishing up her first year at school studying to be a scrivenist. She has been tasked by her family’s scrivenist to find the other two pieces to the Kindred Stone and he believes The Town is both the best place to find the pieces and the safest place for Ivy. Ivy has a blast in The Town, but is devastated upon learning it’s too unsafe for her to return to school in the fall because of the Dark Queen. The Dark Queen has other plans though and manages to get Ivy back at school where she can hopefully get ahold of the stone and get rid of Ivy. Her shades that have started to plague The Town and now The Halls are starting to make that look more and more like a certain thing. It’s up to Ivy and her new friends in the Quality Quills Club to keep Ivy and The Town safe. 

I also want to note I love the little drawings that come with each chapter, they really enhance the reading experience!
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The Girl With the Whispering Shadow is the solid second book in this highly enjoyable fantasy series.  The characters are well written and the plot is engaging.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.  My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.
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The second book finished in the Crowns of Croswald series and I absolutely loved it! 

When I reviewed the first book, I said that it shared some likeness with Harry Potter, and it still does. But not in a bad way, it definitely shows that it has its own unique style and plot and it's been an absolutely brilliant story so far. 

There's not too much that I can say specifically as I like to keep my reviews spoiler free, however I would just like to gush about Ivy Lovely and Rebecca's friendship. Through thick and thin they are ALWAYS there for eachother, despite how scared they are or dangerous the situation, they both come through for eachother. They both are constantly developing both as people and as friends and it is so heart warming to see this kind of friendship.

I also can't help but make a special mention about a certain budding relationship - they are so cute! Again, another friendship/soon to be romance that has developed beautifully! 

This is the first time in a VERY long time that I have actually continued a book series and I cannot wait to continue it!
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I was excited to receive the second book in the Crows on Croswald series after receiving the first. This book picks up right where the last left off . After Ivy uncovers a lot about her past and what her future may hold,  she  finds herself in need of protection and taken to a mysterious and secretive town only those with magical blood can find....or so she thinks.
I really enjoy this storyline and was excited to see Ivy's story, friendships, and destiny continue in this magical whimsical world.
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This is the second book in the Crowns of Croswald series, following the adventures of Ivy Lovely as she learns about her family history and the magic she controls. Set in a Hogwarts-like school for everyday magic users and the royals who have their own magical powers, Ivy begins to form a circle of stalwart friends even as the Dark Queen continues to try to locate the source of Ivy's magic to take it for her own. 

Like the first in this middle-grade geared series, I felt like the writing was a bit young for my tastes but I know several friends' tweens who would LOVE this series. The magic system the author has developed is quirky and fun and I wished for even more time at Ivy's summer job learning how to mix potions. Ivy's character is a bit further developed in this installment as she starts to understand how to control her magic, and the development of her BFF, Rebecca's, character had a few fun surprises along the way. Fyn and Ivy's other school friends had more character development, which made for a great found family vibe.

The pace of this one was also a little slow for me, but I find that to be true with a lot of sequel books. The final chapters were packed with adventure though, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how Ivy and her group of friends figured out how to defeat the Dark Queen... at least for the time being. 

A fun, light read for me - and again one I would recommend to middle-grade readers who like a strong female character, adventures and a fun magical system. 3-1/2 out of 5 stars.
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It took us a while to get to this book as we had to had to read the previous book in the series first, but it was well worth it. This was a fun read for the children I read with but actually I think I enjoyed it just as much.
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An amazing second book in the series. We see Ivy spring from her school into a secret city while we unfold what the dark queens next plans are. It is whimsical and spellbinding with the critters and creatures and the exploration of new magic and skills.

Although it's a middle school age book it's a  light fun read that has you on your toes. I like the growth in friendships and continuing Ivy's  coming of age story as she battles through the next events thrown her way.
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Book rating: 4.5/5⭐️ 

Thank you to Stories Untold Press and Author D.E.Night for gifting me an e-copy of The Girl with the Whispering Shadow in exchange of an honest review.🥀

This books picks after the events of the first book. Ivy Lovely is sent off to Belzebuthe, where she has to work on finding the remaining parts of the Kindred Stone. Just when she was growing more accustomed to the secret town, her retreat was cut short when she was taken back to the Halls of Ivy. Ivy was excited to see her friends again, but her illusion of safety crashed when she realised that even the school wasn’t safe, especially when the whispering shadow started trailing her.

Crowns of Croswald was easily one of the best books I read last year and I went in with high expectations for the second book and it didn’t disappoint. The writing was descriptive and picturesque, with a thrilling adventure and immaculate world building. 

Other things I loved about this book:-
—Wholesome friendships
—Ivy’s character development
— The well-crafted, lush and intriguing magic system. 

I recommend this for anyone who likes a well-written book with a magical school.
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The crowns of Croswald 2 - the girl with the whispering shadow

- Detailed World building - check
- Likeable characters - check
- Interesting and unique magic system - check
- Found family - check
- Strong, smart and hardworking MC - check

The world building continues with greater detail in book 2, taking note of even the smallest elements of a town or building allowing me to really picture where Ivy is in my mind.

The descriptions of the magic system are easily embedded into the story so I’m able to collect more and more information about this new world which I find myself enjoying. I love receiving the information and descriptions of this world as Ivy does, as it helps me to feel like we are journeying together.

Watching Ivy welcomed into the belzebuthe community with open arms is so heart warming as she’s suffered so much throughout her life. Then seeing the amount of supportive adults both in the town and at school who genuinely care for these teens is something that is often lacking in a story where the young person is stepping into their gifts and I love watching it within this book.

I particularly enjoyed the unique fantasy elements within the story; the invisitaurs, the cabby rides, the all day night time of The town, the forgotten room, the compass startus which seems like a great way to remember everything you’ve ever learned and The fishing for stars was an extra special magical experience. But the magic quills and magical drawings are extra special! I could go on and on about these magical elements as they really support full immersion into this world but it’s best if you just jump in yourself to have a read.

When the story moves to the big events I feel as though Ivy and her friends are navigating their way through them in a realistic way, making choices that are believable for teenagers who are bold yet inexperienced. This is something I really appreciate, magical but believable.

This is a Middle grade fantasy book which is a fun read for any age. As an older reader I feel like I go back in time to experience my teenage years as a scrivenist and as a mum I am eager to take my daughters to this magical world when we read the book together.

I am so looking forward to reading the next two books.
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