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While I admire the authors writing skills, I'm afraid it was all rather grim for toleration during days I'm reading about coronavirus! Just being overly sensitive .. characterisation all too real if not focusing on downside of being drugged ... in opening section (which is what put me off) .. I'm just not right reader this all-too real work .. and, again, depredations of being  female spark off the story .. an old formula
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This is a gritty, police procedural focusing on modern slavery. Bradford and its criminal fraternity are brought to life by an author that knows the city well. DS Nikita Parekh is a dedicated police officer who believes in getting the job done. She wants justice for victims. The police team's dynamic and the partnership between Nikki and Saj is believable. It keeps the reader invested in the investigation.

Contemporary and sometimes violent, this is a challenging read.  With a complex pacy plot and relatable characters, this is hard-hitting suspenseful crime fiction.

I received a copy of this book from HQ via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Broken Silence is dedicated to Baroness Lola Young and Kevin Hyland 'for opening my eyes to Modern-Day Slavery' and it is also 'mostly for all those victims of this appalling abuse of human rights.' Although the story itself is fictional, the fact it is inspired by the awful reality for so many people who are currently enduring terrible abuse at the hands of modern-day slave traders is utterly heartbreaking. It's not an easy subject to read about but I commend Liz Mistry for shining a light on the subject; it's vital that people are made aware so they can take action if they suspect it is happening near them. With this in mind, there are links at the end of the book to organisations who can help.
The book opens at the end of what seems to be a chase scene, as a character called Stefan is captured by his aggressive pursuers and informed by the ominously named Bullet that he has been told to hit him where it hurts - and that he is going to enjoy doing it. It's a disturbing prologue but who Stefan is and what is happening to him isn't revealed for a while as the storyline then switches to following DS Felicity Springer, the morning after the night before. It seems that a heavy night of drinking resulted in her making a choice she bitterly regrets and she leaves the 'Making Bradford Safe' conference she attended wracked with guilt. On her drive home she follows a white van and becomes concerned when she spots a hand waving for attention through the rear light. She calls 999 and demands assistance but the falling snow means visibility is poor. She crashes into the van and before she has a chance to react, a figure in a balaclava points a gun at her. Broken Silence is the second book in the DS Nikki Parekh series and in Last Request, Springer ,'The Spaniel' is Nikki's nemesis so it's fascinating to not only see a different side of her here but also to follow Nikki's confused thought processes as she investigates the disappearance of a colleague she detests but desperately wants to find safe. It's not necessary to have read Last Request but I would recommend it if you can to truly appreciate the development of the characters - and because it's a cracking read!
Nikki is a wonderful character and is rapidly becoming one of my favourites. She is such a complex woman, at work she is a dedicated detective who struggles with following orders and at home she is trying hard to be more present in her family's lives but finds it difficult to open up to her partner, Marcus. She is a strong woman but it's clear she is tormented by events in her past and the rubber band she wears on her wrist to snap against her skin when she finds it especially hard to cope is testament to how fragile she really is. One of the most intriguing aspects of Broken Silence is the juxtaposition between how Nikki is viewed by different people and how she sees herself. She might be a thorn in Felicity's side but a taunt by their boss, DCI Archie Hegley that she should be 'more like Parekh' actually spurs Springer into fighting for her survival as she questions what Nikki would do in a similar situation. Meanwhile, both her romantic and professional partners, Marcus and Saj respectively, know Nikki is more damaged and vulnerable than she lets on and in a book which exposes the worst of humankind, their constant love and support for her, even if she lets them down on occasion, is heartwarming.
Saj - DC Sajid Malik - also faces his own issues as a gay Muslim officer. His boyfriend, Langley is keen to move their relationship on but Saj is terrified how some of the more devout members of his family will respond. As always, Liz Mistry encapsulates the challenges of living in a diverse, multicultural city like Bradford, acknowledging both the sense of community and the racial and religious tensions. The vivid sense of place extends beyond the urban however, and the remote, rugged countryside also has an essential role to play in the story. 
I've purposely not mentioned too much about the plot because I don't want to give anything away but I wish that what I read wasn't reflected in the current reality for too many people in real life. There are harrowing scenes of violence and abuse which highlight how easily people who were just trying to do the best for their families can be cruelly tricked and manipulated until they are trapped in situations it's almost unbearable to imagine. There is also a subplot which empathetically examines another important contemporary topic and I suspect the ongoing impact of what occurs here will continue to be explored in future books. Parts of the novel follow the mastermind behind the organised crime gang targeting Bradford and although I guessed their identity, I found these chapters to be uncomfortably compelling as they give a glimpse into the mind of a truly corrupted individual. Broken Silence is a chilling, poignant reminder of the worst of humanity but even more vitally, it also gives a voice to those who are suffering at the hands of these people traffickers. Gripping, perceptive and poignant from start to finish,  I can't wait to see what comes next for DS Nikki Parekh in this superb series.
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This book is an explosive fast paced thriller. The story is riveting. I just could not put it down. With a cast of complex characters and a  story that draws you in,  you will find yourself turning pages long after midnight.. I definitely recommend this thriller.
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Nikki and her sidekick Saj find themselves embroiled in a massive human trafficking and modern slavery ring. A catalogue of associated crimes are protecting the profits from this business and distracting police from the heart of the business.

And who are the mastermind characters Xavier and Cyclops behind this lucrative business. They seem well connected. Will they be unmasked in Scooby Doo fashion at the culmination of this drama.

I was grateful to NetGalley for a pre publication version of Liz Mistry’s novel. This caused two frustrations however. First I hadn’t known this was the second book in a series and there’s a lot of back references that get in the way. Second lots of the chapter titles were missing and wholly new scenes ran into each other without even a paragraph break. So I did need my wits about me. Set in Bradford there was a good sense of time and place. All in all 4 stars.
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I really like this series and main characters.  I have to admit though that, having read a lot of crime novels, it would be worrying if all police officers had the kind of issues portrayed - maybe I'm naive!?
Liz Mistry doesn't hold back so the descriptions are quite gruesome at times but for me that just makes it more real.  Another good read!
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Unfortunately not for me. The story sounded great, but I found it difficult to get into.  I haven't read the first one in this series so maybe that was a problem.  I ended up finishing it  as I felt that the publisher had given me an ARC and it would be unfair not to.  Reading other reviews, I am obviously in the minority as most readers enjoyed it.
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This is the second book in the series featuring DS Nikki Parekh and DS Sajid Malik. I hadn’t read the first book and certainly wished I had as I was completely hooked on this book, it gripped me right from the start and I couldn’t put it down.  I did enjoy reading it as a stand-alone but really felt that I had missed out on the background of Nikki and the events that had happened in the first book.  This book opens with one of Nikki’s colleagues, who she doesn’t get on with, DS Felicity Springer going missing.  She was driving home and started following a van which had a suspicious arm hanging out of the back. She crashed into the back of the van and when Nikki and Sajid got to the scene she had disappeared.  As well as trying to solve DS Springer’s disappearance, there also seems quite a lot of unrest going on in Bradford and also a number of murders.  Nikki and her team are then thrown into a dangerous investigation into Bradford’s underworld.  There appears to be links to prostitution, drug dealing and modern day slavery, all organised by one man.  Can Nikki, Sajid and their team track him down and will they find DS Springer alive?  This book is full of suspense and drama with an action packed ending.  I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Thank you to NetGalley the publisher and author for this ARC.  

This is the second book of the DS Parekh series.   I thought it got off to a great start when a work colleague of DS Parekh goes missing after seeing something suspicious.   DS Parekh and her team investigate this along with a number of murders.   I really enjoyed this book which takes place several months after the first one.  Nikki is growing on me as a character - she is very likeable and I loved reading of her working rapport and friendship with her DC.  I thought the book was very well written, the plot line current and the story incredibly fast paced.    There were lots of twists, most I didn’t expect which for me added to the thrill of reading this book.   I had no idea of who the main culprit was and was shocked with the end reveal.  Overall, a great and thrilling read which had my attention from the first chapter to the last.  Can’t wait for the next book in series
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I received my Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review. 
This is the 2nd in the series and I had not read the first.
Nikki And Saj from Bradford Police Force dealing with daily bodies appearing over the city as well as one of their own missing.
Very likeable characters with their own stories going on alongside the main story.
Easy to read and quite a page turner.
Looking forward to reading the 1st one now while I wait for the 3rd!!
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DS Felicity was missing and it was up to DS Nikki Parekh and Sajid Mailk to find Felicity and the secrets she was hiding.

My second book by this author, the core story had murders and slavery at the backdrop. With body count rising and a cop missing, Nikki and Saj had to work fast to get to the truth. The story was fast paced, the writing crisp. Pages turned almost continually on my need to get to the truth. 

Nikki was gutsy and quite frank in her repartee. She was a kick-ass heroine who got results. My eyes were drawn to her and it was she who compelled me to read it at one go.

A fun read, though a difficult topic of human trafficking
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I received an ebook Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I would like to thank the author, publisher and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

Broken Silence is book 2 in the DS Nikita Parekh series.  I have not read book 1, nor any other books by this author, but I felt like I could get into the characters of the book and the setting well enough to follow along without having read the first book.  I do suspect, though, that it might be more enjoyable to read the books in order, so I'll be looking for book 1 in this series.

I enjoyed the character of DS Parekh and her take-charge/put up with nothing from no one attitude, but found some of her inner dialog a bit off.  And the small police force handling such a large case seemed a bit odd to me, too, but maybe that is because I am reading this as an American, not familiar with other countries police forces.  

I found the book to be captivating and exciting, I wanted to see what would happen next, and I will look for Ms Mistry's next books.!
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Thank you Net Galley. An exciting read from Ms. Mistry with an unusual plotting and plenty of suspense. It kept me glued to the book till the end.
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Loved this book. Liz has written a really gripping read. It is great seeing the  characters developing, especially Nikki, this book links back to events and characters in the first of the series, which I have not read YET.
The story line is  topical and,  traumatic to read, but it makes you feel both empathy and anger at the horrendous experiences suffered by victims of human trafficking .  I am looking forward to the next one.
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Many good things to report about this book - plot and pacing were very good. Kudos to the author, Liz Mistry, for incorporating serious, current-event concerns. However, the characters were closer to caricatures -- good-guy, bad-guy, with little complexity.

About those current-event themes, they struck me as a kind of checklist of political correctness, a thumb in the eye of the white male heterosexual patriarchy. Hey, I'm already there, but I like a little nuance now and then.

It might have helped had I read Last Request, the first book in the series featuring Detective Sergeant Nikki Parekh, of the Bradford police in England. In fact, I felt lost early on reading Broken Silence, so I looked for plot summaries of the earlier book, hoping to fill in some blanks.

All in all, a mixed bag. Thanks to NetGalley and HQ digital for an advance readers copy.
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No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get into this book and actually even struggled to finish it. I’m definitely in the minority here as I saw it has great reviews for the most part. Thank you so much to Netgalley and HQ digital for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!
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This one is action from the word go and it never slows down.
This is a story of human trafficking, slavery prostitution and terrible acts of torture.
In the previous book we discovered that there was no love lost between DS Felicity Springer and DS Nikki Parekh, though when Springer goes missing after attending a conference Nikki does not let her personal feelings deter her from doing everything possible to find Springer.
After calling in an incident, the vehicle directly infront of her seemed to have a hand waving through its rear light .She has vanished into thin air, her car abandoned and covered in blood.
The clock is ticking, as time passes the less likelyhood they have of finding Springer alive. 
Nikki assisted by her partner Sajid discover there is a lot more than an isolated abduction going on.
Things take a darker and dangerous turn as bodies start to turn up and links to a villian no one seems to know present themselves.
This is an exciting thriller that grabbed me from the beginning a worthy 5* can`t wait to read the next instalment in the DS Nikita Parekh series. 
Hope its not too long a wait.
Thanks to Netgalley and HQ Digital.
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Great crime thriller. Doesn't short change on characters or action. The book deals with a number of hideous current issues which permeate all levels of current society in all countries across the world. Human trafficking, prostitution of underage girls and boys, human slavery and drugs. All of these criminal activities and their perpetrators come into this book. 
However, although gritty, with lots of carnage,  Liz Mistry has woven humanity and light hearted characters and situations into the story which brings some relief to the main theme. She tackles the issue of homosexuality in the Muslim community and in the police force in a realistic way. 
As usual there are many bosses vying for top spot, worrying about their careers and providing twists to the narrative. Who is Mr Big here? Liz keeps it close to her chest right through to the end and keeps you guessing along the way.
Great book. It kept me reading happily all the way through.
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Really enjoyed this book the story was great. It was tense and exciting   This is my first book by this author and it won’t be the last!  Looking forward to the next one in the series.
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A gripping read.  What the traffiked victims go through is quite an ordeal.  This book is a real page turner. I loved it.
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