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I knew this was a sampler when I started it but it was so good, I'm going to have to find the book.  Great back story set in New Orleans and characters made to order to keep me reading until the end....
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As a sneak peek, this tasty morsel left me wanting more. The characters are intriguing and the plot compelling. For a fantasy romance, this had plenty of anticipation and otherworldliness to keep my interest and want to read the entire novel.
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Thank you Netgalley for this sneak peak! I am late to this series but am very eager to read all of it after this tantalizing preview. A young French woman moving to 1870s New Orleans and finding herself plunged into a very mysterious atmosphere...forbidden love, serial killers, and did someone say vampires? Oh my! This should be the perfect mix of spooky suspense, romance, and period drama -- a great find for a teenage audience.
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I think if you like gothic, vampire romances set in historical period, this would be for you.

Just a note, author’s depiction of New Orleans circa 1870 is not historically accurate. And I did have issues with the dialogue being inappropriate to the time period. If you are interesting in a historically accurate Historical Fiction set in New Orleans, Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys is a favourite of mine. And follows a young woman trying to get into university in 1950s New Orleans. Obviously it’s a different era, but it was a favourite. It’s also not supernatural, but hey I really like New Orleans as a setting.
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I haven't picked up a book by the author but this seemed promising! Although vampires may not be my thing, people will love this and I'm clearly hooked, especially after reading through the excerpt!
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As much as I haven't loved Renee Ahdieh's other works, I'm always willing to give her another shot. Especially when it comes to vampires and other supernatural creatures in New Orleans (reminds me of the Originals tv show). 

However, this book was just okay. I *loved* the romance because who doesn't enjoy a good angsty relationship? And the world is very immersive and well written. The plot comes off straight away as a supernatural murder mystery. AND THE ENDING JUST KILLS ME A LITTLE BIT. 

However, there's just something about this book that I can't quite put my finger on for why it's just okay. Part of me thinks that it's trying really hard to be something that it's not. 

Still, I'll pick up the next book to see where it goes from here!
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I enjoyed reading this sneak peek and am eager to know the progression of the story. Thank you for giving me access to this excerpt.
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I love how so many things happened in the book. I could not keep myself from the book because it was so good
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This is an amazing book with amazing characters. I have read the whole series and it leaves me wanting more. The romance in the book is so dark and passionate that it takes anyone’s breath away.
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So intriguing and interesting. I really cannot wait to read the full book ! I enjoyed the writing and it directly caught my attention.
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Spanish + English reviews:

(It's been a while, so I already read the full book, I just couldn't stop myself)

Antes había leído a la autora, así que empecé estas páginas ya enamorada de su pluma. Nunca imaginé que me decepcionaría más que mi ex.
La escritura es bonita, eso se lo concedo; pero los personajes son planos y la trama se balancea entre absurda y aburrida.

Quería obsesionarme con Bastian, encontrar en él un nuevo crush... pero, no sucedió. Tenía todos los elementos para gustarme y sin embargo, no funcionó.
Celine ni siquiera me resultó prometedora, desde el principio la identifiqué como un mal necesario y poco más.
Sin embargo, fue leer al antagonista: lo mejor y lo peor de la historia, tan intrigante y a la vez tan mal llevado.

Aún así, tengo fe en que la 2da entrega redima esta dolorosa serie de afrontas... es solo el 1er libro, puede permitirse tres estrellas.


I had read the author before, so I started these pages already in love with her writing. I never imagined that she would disappoint me more than my ex.
 The writing is pretty, I'll give her that;  but the characters are flat and the plot swings between absurd and boring.

 I wanted to become obsessed with Bastian, find a new crush in him... but it didn't happen.  It had all the elements to be great and yet it didn't work.
 Celine was not even promising from the start, I always identified her as a necessary evil and just that.
 However, it was reading the antagonist: the best and the worst of the story, so intriguing and at the same time, so badly managed.

 Still, I have faith that the 2nd book will redeem this painful series of inconveniences... This's only the 1st one, it can afford the 3☆ rating.
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I read the Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh and loved it, and hence looked at this sneak peek. She doesn't disappoint. Read this for yourself to see how she can make any setting incredible, and urge you to pick up the full book!
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"New Orleans is a city ruled by the dead." The first line is amazing. This caught my attention immediately. The writing is beautiful and unique. However, as achingly beautiful as it is, it didn't keep my attention as much as I wanted it to. Still, the book does seem wonderful, but I don't think it's the right fit for me. I still do recommend it--it is obvious Renée Ahdieh has troves of talent stored in her brain when it comes to writing.
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Interesting and intriguing, definitely will like to read more about this book, I wasn’t sure i wanted to buy them but this sneak peak it actually have convinced me to get them for sure
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A great start to the book! 

I loved the setting (New Orleans, 1872) and enjoyed the characters, especially Celine. The mysterious murder and handsome guy got me intrigued.
This sampler made me want to read the whole book!
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This is a review for a very short sample of the book, however, this short sample did not disappoint! It made me want to read the full novel without hesitation. Set in 1872, the MC Celine relocates from France to New Orleans for a new start. Several murders and a handsome man later has me wondering what's to happen next!
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Thank you Penguin and Netgalley for the excerpt. 

I actually really enjoyed the setting of this book. So far I liked the atmosphere and the vibes. This book goes straight to my wishlist.
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*This review is for a 75 page sample of the book*

It is 1872, and Celine has had to flee her life in Paris as a dressmaker to begin again in New Orleans. She arrives in the city with a group of young women like her, who are hoping to start a new life at a convent in New Orleans or find a wealthy husband. But the city is a dangerous place, and it isn’t long before the mutilated bodies of young women begin to be found throughout the city. Celine finds herself attracted to dangerous but handsome young man and is soon caught up into more than she bargained for.

This was an intriguing start to this book. I felt myself being draw to Celine and her story quite quickly – based off of this sample, she is a relatable and realistically written protagonist. Her penchant for danger and equality makes for a realistic struggle that should lead to some meaningful character development. The secondary characters are varied and well written as well, though it is difficult to tell from an excerpt.

There was one chapter told from a first person POV of the serial killer. I didn’t find this to be a necessary inclusion based off what I read and would have preferred if this POV wasn’t part of the book. 

I didn’t notice any errors or typos, which is very exciting! Based off this sample, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the work.

I received a complimentary copy of this work through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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A YA with some scary vamps with a sexy forbidden romance is always a good idea. I enjoyed this and can't wait to read more by this author.
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Book rating 4/5 ⭐️ 

This is a great book! If you live all things vampires then this is for you. It was a lively read and captivated me from the start. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
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