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I loved this book - the author really knows how to hook you in, and I couldn't put it down.  Holly Gebhardt was kidnapped as a child and held for 94 days.  She was unharmed - though drugged - throughout her ordeal, so she couldn't remember anything about the time she was gone.  Now in her twenties, she still doesn't remember that time, but is being asked by a detective to assist in newer cases of missing girls thought to be abducted by the same man who took her.  But how could it be the same man when he was convicted and is serving a life sentence in prison?  She'd ask her mother, Cecily, about it as she was suspected to be involved at the time, but unfortunately she is in a coma after a recent car accident.  Holly's father thinks it's best to leave the past in the past and her best friend is too busy planning her wedding to be of any support.  But Holly can't let it go, and is determined to discover what really happened to her and the other missing girls.  

There are plenty of suspects to keep you guessing throughout the story, which is told through the alternating points of view of Holly and Cecily.  Between both outlooks, the story comes together for the reader while the author manages to have the characters arrive at the conclusion at the same time.  And what an ending!  The only thing that bothered me, and I know it's ridiculous, is the name of Holly's best friend - Kitten.  I'm sorry, but anyone past the age of 10 needs to let that nickname go.  Or at least use it sparingly as a term of endearment, I just kept cringing at a woman in her twenties, city chic and with a posh fiance, going by the name of Kitten.  That's just me nitpicking and it didn't stop me from loving this book.  It surely won't stop you either!
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Loved this book! It hooked me from the very beginning and kept me entertained the entire time. It definitely had some mystery/thriller vibes but I loved how the author really focused on developing the characters and their relationships with one another. I would have given it 5 stars, but it was predictable and I guessed a lot of the main plot points pretty easily. With that being said, I still enjoyed it and would definitely recommend!!!
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I enjoyed this -fast paced, easy read (read it in an afternoon!) The ending was kind of cheesy and convoluted but I still enjoyed the story!  

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC!
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I wanted to love this, I really did, the premise is fantastic and I liked the idea of a previously kidnapped victim going back to help solve similar crimes, but boy did this fall flat. It's accurate as a women's fiction, yes that is how it is shelved, but the thriller-ish aspects of it were predictable and formula. There was no anticipation, I knew how that plot in the book would turn out, so I was quite bored. I found myself invested in the main character more, wanting her story leading up to the book events and beyond, and less so on her previous kidnapping. She's unreliable, thanks to her memories, but so compelling and ultimately trying to solve the current kidnappings made me feel like I was missing the good stuff. 

It wasn't a win for me, but I can see this working out for others.
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An innovative spin on a familiar theme, suspenseful and engaging. The Day I Disappeared tells the story of a woman who was kidnapped as a child and the memories that resurface later in her life; especially as more children wind up missing. Multiple storylines tangle the tale ultimately culminating in at least one well executed twist. A thrilling and entertaining read. Thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for allowing me to review this.
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This is a suspense filled story with well written characters. In my mind, almost every character was a suspect in the kidnapping of the Holly when she was five and I couldn't figure out why she was let go when other kidnappings were happening and there were bodies being found instead. The ending was a little bit of a surprise since I had just figured out who the kidnapper was a little bit before Holly figured it out.
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3.5 ⭐️‘s
At four years old, Holly Gephart was abducted while playing in the park.  Ninety four days later she shows up in the same park.  Where has she been.  Cecily wasn’t the perfect mother and frankly didn’t even try.  When Holly was abducted fingers started to point her way.  At twenty five, Holly is having flashbacks, gathering little pieces of memory at a time (she didn’t remember anything about the abduction).  As it comes to light that more young girls have gone missing through the years, Holly slowly gets involved in the investigation.  Cecily is in the ICU after an accident, in a coma, but now knows exactly what happened.  Through the alternating voices of Holly and Cecily all of our questions are answered, but after all these years Holly is still in danger, will Cecily finally make up for her past mistakes, or will it be too late for Holly?
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TW: child abduction, alcoholism, murder

This is a fairly typical thriller, and not really that new. You’ve got your unreliable narrator, multiple POVs, and plenty of twists to keep you interested. I thought the pacing was good, and the author had an easy-to-follow writing style that kept the tension. However, I didn’t actually like any of the characters. The relationships between our MC and other characters were very fake and the interactions weren’t believable. There were also quite a few details that were unnecessary. Overall, a quick read – while it wasn’t too bad, it didn’t blow me away with its originality.
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Holly has no memory of the 3 months she was held captive as a child. The only witness to the kidnapping was her bestfriend, Kitten. Kitten was 5 years old as well.
Thankfully Holly was returned, unharmed by her kidnapper. Kittens recount of the day lead to an arrest, giving instant relief.
Now, years later, more children have gone missing. Similarities in the abductions have lead detectives to question Holly and prompt her to jog her memory. 
Holly struggles with glimpses into that dark time, trying to bring the truth to the surface so she can help find the other missing girls. If the kidnapper is following a pattern, then she is running out of time. Holly needs to remember everything before the next little girl is likely murdered. 

🥳Happy publishing week to Brandi Reeds! This book was published on August 25th, but I had the privilege of reading the book as an egalley from Netgalley. I am so thankful to @netgalley for introducing me to a new must read writer ❤

I really enjoyed this book. You only get a glimpse of the perpetrator in the first chapter. Its just enough to peek your interest and make you start guessing who the kidnapper is. Let me tell you, I guessed wrong atleast 3 times. Did not see that one coming at all.
This book covered everything you need in a good thriller. There was family trauma, murder, investigations, marital deception, child repression, creepy suspects and paranoia.  All mixed together made a perfect thriller.
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As soon as I saw this cover, I knew I had to read it. New author to me, I look forward to reading her again. A tough subject, missing child (now adult) and more missing children. To go into detail would be a disservice to this book and possibly give away some of the story line. The characters are well thought out and develop well from beginning to end. The back and forth of narrators keeps the tension flowing and heightens as the chapters get shorter. Family and friendships are tested with surprising results. 

The cover sets the tone of the book. Holly is returned 94 days after going missing the park where she was taken. Relatively unharmed with only an odd scar and no memory of what transpired. Other children are reported missing in the years after Holly is returned. Holly starts getting flashes of memory, but there is a lot of missing pieces and blackouts. Who can she trust? 

Thanks to Ms. Reeds, Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC. Opinion is mine alone.
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This was just what I needed to get me out of my reading slump this month. It was involved, it was twisty, it took me the long way around and turned all my assumptions on their heads. Once I started reading it, I couldn't wait to finish.

Holly was a victim of a child abduction when she was a young girl, and her abductor was caught and put away for his crimes. Or was he? She can't remember the days she was missing, but her unexplained behaviors as an adult might just point to something lying just below the surface, waiting for the right time or the right trigger to bring them back.

I liked that this story had a well developed plot and several subplots that all tied together in roundabout ways. The details were rich and the characters all had something to hide. 

The audiobook was well done with two narrators alternating between Holly's perspective and her mother's perspective from the past. Maybe a little on the slow side but I listened at 2.3 and it was just right for me. (I usually range between 1.5-2.0.) They were able to get the voices of the different characters across really well.

4.5 stars
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The Day I Disappeared focuses on Holly who was kidnapped 20 years ago at age 4. Luckily she was released and  reunitied with her family. She does not remember the events of those 94 days but memories start to surface when a detective comes to her for help regarding several others cases of young girls missing. Are the case related? Is the person in prison for her kidnapping the right guy or could they have gotten it wrong? She starts questioning everything and isn't sure who she can trust. Overall, I enjoyed this book. I was pretty sure of who did it half way through but suspected several people throughout and I did not see all of the twists along the way. There were a few too many secrets and storylines throughout the story but overall it tied together well. I think most thriller readers will enjoy. Thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for the arc.
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In The Day I Disappeared, five-year-old Amy’s older brother was supposed to be watching her. Instead he was outside fishing. However, when he came home later, Amy was missing. When later she was found drowned, her brother blamed himself.

Holly was kidnapped as a child of five. She was returned months later with her virtue intact. While Holly remembered nothing, she had a wound on her forearm and a missing tooth. One of her church members was convicted of the crime.

Twenty years later, Detective Jason contacts Holly. He believes Holly was the first in a series of child abductions that continue to today with the recent abduction of five-year-old Skyler. Only one of the ten was found alive—Holly. Another was found dead. The fate of the others is unknown but presumed dead. However, Skyler still has a chance.

Holly tries to help Jason, especially by remembering details of her own abduction. But with her mother stuck in a coma in the hospital, her best friend’s upcoming wedding, and her on-again-off-again relationship with her boyfriend, she already has a lot of balls to juggle.

The Day I Disappeared is an immensely twisty tale combining a serial child abductor story with some intense family drama. Both Holly and her best friend, Kitten, struggle with their relationships with their parents. While in a coma, Holly’s mother, Cecily, is also narrating part of the book. Be prepared to dislike many of the characters, but never Holly, while trying to determine who the abductor is and what caused Cecily to drive off a cliff resulting in her coma. I didn’t come close to guessing who did it. See if you can beat both me and Holly to the solution. 4 stars!

Thanks to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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A story that spans years, and in the process of uncovering the secrets we learn a lot of things that add up to a mystery that never quite strays into the dark territory it could though it focuses on some potentially upsetting details.
Our main character is Holly, a young woman working as a builder for her father’s company. She has an on-again-off-again boyfriend, a long time crush on her childhood friend’s big brother and is struggling to come to terms with the fact her mother is in a coma. But the thing we come to define Holly by is the fact that years earlier she was kidnapped from under her mother’s nose, held for over ninety days and then released. No signs of sexual abuse, drugged and suffering with PTSD but a local man was imprisoned for the crime.
When police contact Holly to question her about similarities between her case and recent disappearances, we start to get the feeling this is not over. And so it begins.
Holly tries to recall anything that could help the police work out what happened, and save the little girl who has most recently gone missing. We also have some of the story narrated by her mother, so we come to learn more about the build-up to Holly going missing. 
At one point at least four characters were in line for being crowned the guilty party...we do learn the truth eventually, and it wasn’t quite what we expected. I couldn’t help but feel that having taken quite a long time to build up the situation around Holly’s abduction that the resolution came about just a little too quickly.
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3/5⭐️ for The Day I Disappeared by Brandi Reeds. Thank you to @NetGalley for the ARC of this book received in exchange for an honest review. 

When Holly was 4, she was kidnapped; taken from a park where she played with her closest friend Kitten, and returned to the very same park 94 days later, with absolutely no recollection of what happened to her, and how she got the arrow-shaped scar on her arm. With the man charged with abducting her - who was already known for his disturbing interest in young girls - already serving his sentence in prison, the case appears to be pretty much closed. That is until Holly’s mother, who is also battling her own personal demons, realises that what happened to her daughter 20 years ago is much bigger than one kidnapping, and that the man who is behind bars may not have been responsible. 

This is definitely one of those books where you really aren’t sure which characters to trust and I really enjoyed that consistent uncertainty in the narrative. Reeds has a really natural writing style which made this book so easy to get stuck into and I finished it in less than 24 hours which is unusual for me. However, it was a pretty run-of-the-mill kidnap thriller; although there were some original elements, the characters - namely the ‘evil’ ones - were quite predictable and at times quite cliche in their behaviour/speech. I also didn’t feel that most of the main characters had as much depth as I would have liked, although this doesn’t stand true for Holly’s mother who I think has been developed really well and who I really felt for throughout the whole book. Holly’s mother is also manipulated and deceived by one of her family’s closest friends, and I think that part of the book was also done really well because as a reader I also fell for the lies which I guess shows pretty good storytelling on Reeds’ part!

Overall this was quite a gripping and fast-paced read and is the kind of book you can really devour in one or two sittings. If you like these types of kidnap stories then I’d definitely say give it a go, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more originality and depth then perhaps it won’t be for you.
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Do not go into this book thinking it’s a Thriller. 
This is a slow moving story that has some twist and turns that kept me engaged. Twenty years ago, Holly was kidnapped and returned to the same park from which she disappeared three months later.
She has no memory of what happened. Now another child has disappeared in similar circumstances that makes Holly to wonder what really happened that night twenty years ago.  
The story is told in two points of views, Holly’s and her mothers who is comatose after an accident. The accident being from a drunken driving crash that may or may not have been an accident. Holly, like her mother, drinks excessively and keeps making questionable choices. 
Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the E-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Solidly good psychological thriller. Even if you figure out the identity of the culprit before the book is finished, it is still full of surprises and well-paced action. There are no shortage of suspects for who might be involved with Holly's kidnapping and return as a young child, so it keeps the reader turning the pages to find out if suspicions are correct.
The narrative alternates between chapters from Holly's point of view and that of her mother Cecily, who is in a coma after a car accident that might not have been an accident. Although the mystery is front and center in the tale, there are also elements of romance and coming-of-age as Holly at age 25 is trying to discover the type of person she is and wants to be.
In a genre that is getting a bit saturated, this novel stands out as a winner.
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Very mysterious!  I liked this book alot!  It was told with two POVs.  It kept me guessing and wondering what would happen next. Just like a mystery!  I highly recommend this!
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You know at first I was very skeptical of this book. The synopsis was perfect and  I wasn't sure how much I was going to like it. But after reading about 20-30% into the book, it dug its claws into me and wouldn't let me go. I thought this was such a great book! It literally kept me guessing until the end. Everytime I would think “No, this is the person who did it. I’m sure of it”, I would change my mind and be persuaded to think otherwise. Brandi Reeds did such a great job with telling this story. I loved that it was mostly told in Holly’s POV, but I appreciated that some of the “chapters” were told in her mother’s perspective. I thought this was a great story about forgiveness, truth, understanding and the ability to grow. If you are looking for a great read that will keep you on your toes, this is a great book to pick up especially with the fall season coming soon!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1/2

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!
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Holly a four-year-old was kidnapped and returned to the same park from which she disappeared three months late, with no memory of what happened to her, though a local handyman was convicted suspicion also fell on Holly’s mother, Cecily. Twenty years later, another girl disappears in similar circumstances and Detective Jason Guidry in charge of the new case thinks Holly might be able to help solve it. But Holly is still missing some details of the past and she believes her mother can help her fill the blanks, they get together. But Cecily still has secrets she’s yet to share with her daughter. Should she dare to breathe a word, she could lose Holly all over again.

This book alternates between mostly from the POV of Holly and Cecily, who narrates all of her thoughts from a coma, both narrators were unreliable witch made this book a quite intriguing read. The characters are well developed, it has a few twists and turns and although you can figure out how the story will end, it is a very entertaining book.  
Thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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