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Good book, interesting characters and plot. Had a good twist on the typical romance novel between the two main characters.
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What a story this book turned out to be. Graciela Mortimer is preparing her staff for a photoshoot. The problem is when Jason Scott shows up, he does not agree to do the shoot. Everything is wrong. She is not used to things not going her way but agrees. She sends everyone on their way and stays with him and his sleds.
  After some shoots they camp for the night and at first, it turns into what they both had hoped for. He had wanted her to take control, she did but then he went and spoke of feelings which brought the whole experience to a halt. He ended outside of the tent instead of inside with her. She did not sleep any better but still did not want to deal with any of the emotions or feelings that he had brought up. 
  On their way to make her pick up a point, she will not make it due to a storm coming in. instead, they made it to his cabin and from there the story takes on a whole new life. You must really read this story to get the full effect of the book. The characters are good and the story is well done a very good book.
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Driving Him Wild is a steamy romance that is sure to bring the heat. Cox writes a beautiful romance that is sure to sweep you away., keeping you immersed in a world that many only visit in their imagination. Driving Him Wild is a delicious read that is sure to warm your heart and stay with you long after reading.
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Harlequins publications never failed me yet. This is the first time I'm reading anything from this author and I fell in love. This book was about an "ice Princess" who owns a magazine company and a photographer who got his heart broken. From the first time they met there was no denying the connection, the need for the ice princess Graciela to be dominant over the obvious submissive Jensen. A blizzard had hit sooner than anticipated before Graciela could fly out with her helicopter.  Forcing them to stay in jensen's cabin.  

Things happened in the book that was hot and Wild. It has indeed driven me wild. The ice princess definitely knew how to command and Jensen knew how to please.  

You need to read it for yourself to experience the full heat of this book so check it out!!!
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Driving Him Wild is book 4 in Zara Cox's Mortimers: Wealthy & Wicked series. Zara writes in a duo POV which I love. It follows popular photographer, Jensen Scott and Graciela Mortimer. Jensen suffering from a horrible breakup decides to take on a job with hot shot Graciela Mortimer who he's convinced is a spoilt little princess with a cold heart. She surprisingly sends away her crew to take on a more intimate one-on-one shoot in Alaska. They don't expect to be snowed in at a cabin from a storm that was too big to run from. In the cabin, the two of them seem to find a little more in common with one another and perhaps found just what the other was looking for. But will Graciela let it go further than their time in the cabin? She doesn't trust anyone and neither does Jensen - but he's willing to see what happens.... will she? Or will Graciela let the best thing that happened to her walk away when the blizzard comes to an end?

"At the time I thought nothing would ever equal it. Then I met you." His voice was hushed and solemn, reflecting everything he felt. An expression I was still finding hard to fathom belonged to me and only me. "Now I simply accept that it was a moment that was destined to happen just so it would bring me to you."

I liked the way she played out the story in this book. It was well done and well laid out. The characters emotions were full out and secrets were kept. There were some emotions that ran wild when one or the other got too caught up in the others desire. The desire was clear as day and with everything that it had - I was slightly disappointed that I couldn't get myself caught up in it. It wasn't a page turner for me unfortunately. I really wanted it to be because everything was there. But for the life of me I couldn't get into it. I've had this problem with some other books too. Everything was there and other fans loved it, but it just wasn't catching me. So I'm not going to put down this book because it really did have the potential to be amazing and i'm sure others are going to love it.... it just wasn't for me. But Zara's storytelling was on point!
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"It pleased me that he was fighting this connection between us. And failing. The man couldn't help but look at me every few minutes."

Zara Cox did it again. She swept me away, keeping me immersed in a world that I could only visit in her imagination. I discovered her work by accident, a book title that intrigued me to take a chance. A journey, once experienced, would keep me coming back, again and again. If she writes it...I'll read it.

The synopsis got my attention, but after reading the story I see that it was just a taste, the appetizer. The main course was unexpected and too delicious to describe. Not that I would do that. You need to experience that adventure for yourselves. Trust me, her Driving Him Wild is guaranteed to drive you wild too! But, just to be nice I'll give you one little treat. Here ya go, "Talk dirty Danish to me." Yeah, sexy, right? I can't understand it, but I felt it. 😉

I enjoyed the hell out of this story and I'm looking forward to wherever the author's creative genius takes me next. The line forms here...
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