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I could not get into this book. I tried and tried. 
Special thanks to NetGalley and Kensington publishing for providing me with an ARC.
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I loved this cheesy romance. Sometimes you just want to read a feel good story to escape the everyday world. This fake relationship trope was just what I needed. The gorgeous setting of Keys West and a vacation in the sun with the right mix of family and main character flaws to make this a easy enjoyable read.
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Sadly i didn't enjoy this as much as i thoiught i would, i found myself skipping pages......It was still a cute quick read tho a good beach read if you must it just wasn't for me :(
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I am setting this one aside for now.  Something in the narrative was just not working for me.  The long internal monologues were distracting and the flow of the story just did not work for me.  I may pick this one up in the future but for right now I am going to step away from it.
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It was a nice book to read. I wasn’t overly impressed by the eating disorder and the whole story surrounding that. It wasted a good part of the story for me. Lost points on that basis which was a shame
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DNF at 15% I think? I erased from my device before I double checked. The first 10% of the book is you basically trying to figure out what things mean in Spanish, and seeing that a fire fighter loves his family and hates not working. Plus a VERY overly cryptic tragedy is brought up. But only to.. bring it up. Not to lead you anywhere or connect to anything. It could have been brought up later.... when it connected to the story, not just used as some tactic to keep people invested. Because, they aren’t. And then suddenly this man who likes life to be in order and stick his schedule just decides to drop everything and help a rando... and she just magically thinks of it on the drop of a hat. It was unrealistic and made no sense. I’m all for insta-love (which it wasn’t a instant romance thing) but still.. this was, lacking any sort of finesse.
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A romance reader I am not, so getting a 4 star rating from me is high praise. Loved the characters and energy and the families involved. Thanks!
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This was exactly what I needed right now. A perfect summer-y read to escape to Key West at a time when that's not in the cards for a while. The whirlwind romance was so much fun. The characters connected and their chemistry sizzled from the minute they met and grew stronger and richer as they used the pretense of their romance as a rationale for total honesty in all else. I really loved the way the idea they wouldn't remain in a relationship after the week allowed them to bring less baggage and fear to their communication and they were able to bond that much faster as a result. It's a true tribute to open and honest communication. This book is for anyone who's ever had or dreamed of having a vacation romance in a beautiful locale. The setting of this book was absolutely delicious, as were the mentions of all the food. Can't wait to be able to travel again, but until then, thanks to Priscilla Oliveras for the fictional adventure!
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I thought I would have liked the book more than I did. I was all in for a Chicano love story, but this was not it for me. I was unable to let some things go just for the sake of the story being told. 
Thank you NetGalley and publishers for providing me with a copy.
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Perfect summer read! Loved the two main characters Sara and Luis. Their fake relationship was adorable and while the ending was predictable, I enjoyed the journey to get there. Looking forward to part 2 in the series. 

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC.
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Island Affair is a sweet, predictable romance between an influencer who was dumped at the last minute before a family vacation and a firefighter forced to take leave after experiencing an on-the-job trauma.  The highlight of this book is, by far, the scenery.  After reading this book, I am more than ready for my Caribbean vacation.  The characters, however, were predictable and their story lines became a bit boring over time.  If you are missing your summer vacation, this book is for you!  However, if you are looking for an unpredictable and engaging romance, you might want to keep looking for another novel.
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I went into this book not reading the synopsis and I’m so glad I did. I really enjoyed the vulnerability in this book as well as the fun setting. Island Affair made me wish I could hop on a plane and go visit Key West. This book reminded me a lot of ‘My Fake Fiancé’ or ‘The Wedding Date’ I am really glad that this book says it’s the first in a series because I want more Key West and Luis and Sara in my life. The family dynamic with both of these characters were great and I love the untold secrets or the way families communicate and how they can change with honesty. The banter was great and there definitely was steam in this book! 
TW: Eating Disorder and Cancer
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Honestly, I think this book could've been four stars if the author had been continuous in thoughts and action between sex scenes. The sexual tension was great, but then the author would go into a long section of thoughts the character was feeling. It was a bit jarring, I had a hard time staying in-steam with the characters. Also the amount of times Sara is described as thin...the ED really had no place in the book. As someone who also suffers with an eating disorder I found it a bit tacky. The fade-to-black sex is my least favorite, however I did want the best for these characters. As for their relationship, he seemed to like her a lot more than she liked him, so that was odd for me. 
Unfortunately, I mostly felt disappointment. However, I know that it takes time to establish relationships in romances, I just felt this could've had a bit more time.
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Complementary copy given for honest review and opinion. 
It was so neat to read about Key West and recognize some of the places mentioned. The romcom type romance was sweet and I loved the healing process.
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Slow in the beginning, and took awhile before the story picked up and got moving. I read The Unhoneymooners quite recently and I couldn’t help but compare the two, which ended up hindering how much I genuinely liked this book. Similar plot aspects, executed better in one book than the other. Wanted to like this book more!
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I don't read much in the way of standard romance or 'love stories,' so when I came across this title and it happened to center around a culture that is near and dear to my heart, I decided to give it a shot. I try not to limit myself by avoiding any particular genre, but admittedly this is just one that doesn't get my attention easily.

'Island Affair' by Priscilla Oliveras is a very modern tale about a social media influencer named Sara who has had her share of difficulties. Recovering from an eating disorder as her career is starting to really take off, she heads down to Key West for a family vacation following a health scare with one of her parents. 

Things with her siblings are complicated at best. They're already hugely successful, having followed in their parents footsteps, which makes her a bit of an outcast. Not only did she not go into the family business, she's also the only one without a settled life and family. She spends a lot of time on the outside looking in. 

When her boyfriend tells her he isn't coming, she feels like she's going to be the disappointment again.. 

Lucky for her, she manages to score a last minute stand-in. A sexy firefighter named Luis Navarro overhears her argument with her boyfriend and asks if he can help. Unfortunately for him.. helping comes by the way of a pretend relationship.

Luis is absolutely the best character in the book. I love him. I adore him. He deserves everything. He's warm and funny, conflicted and intense. All the things that can make a character irresistible to me.

Coming from a big Cuban family, Luis is a local. Like Sara's family, there's a family business.. but in his case, that's firefighting. Also like Sara's family, there's a deep divide. A fissure born between Luis and his youngest brother that he won't discuss and completely refuses to mend. 

He's a mostly soft-spoken, strong, steady guy. Despite the painful betrayal he keeps locked away, he's got a serious savior complex. Even the locals call him Saint Navarro. 

Wow.. is he lovely though. He's patient and kind. He doesn't push sensitive topics. Mostly he just let's people get to where they need to be on their own pace.. with a little help along the way. Oh.. he might nudge.. but he doesn't push. 

Looking back.. I did like Sara most of the time, despite the character being a bit of a Barbie wrapped in a cliche. She's inherently a good person at least.. and she's fallible. She's also willing to own her mistakes, which you've got to respect. 

It was enjoyable watching them try to navigate the untruths while also trying to avoid people who knew him in the area.. because that was impossible.. and left them quite the balancing act. 

What I loved about the story though was that regardless of the imperfections in them.. they seemed really good for each other. Both Luis and Sara grew and benefitted from the other's presence.. and even with the lies they were telling.. their good intentions were so genuine.

If you're looking for a light romantic story with a good sense of humor, you'll enjoy this book. There are a couple of tear-jerking moments, but that just gave the story broader depth.
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This book was well written and a beautiful story about love, desperation and making a difference. I am always intrigued when Cuba is part of a story and this didn’t disappoint.
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"Island Affair" by Priscilla Oliveras is true classic Rom-Com. When a girl is stood up by her boyfriend on her mother's recovery trip she enlists the help of a young man to be her fake boyfriend for the time being. This book touched on trauma, Eating Disorders, Family Dynamics and Culture in a beautiful way. I really liked this book.
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Review will be posted on 6/1/2020

Sara Vance and her near perfect siblings and parents are headed to Key West for a family vacation.  All of her siblings are very successful, not to mention her parents are successful doctors.  Sara is the odd one out.  She is a social media influencer, which obviously her family doesn't really take seriously.  On this trip, she was supposed to bring her boyfriend whom she was getting serious with.  Her family was thrilled to finally meet him; however, they broke up at the last minute.  In fact, he pretty much stood her up.  So, while at the Key West airport, Sara convinces Luis Navarro, a firefighter paramedic, to accompany her on this trip and pose as her ex-boyfriend.  She really doesn't want to let down her parents by not bringing her boyfriend, not to mention the last minute cancellation is embarrassing. Luis has an unexpected week off and Sara is pretty good looking, so why not help her out and have fun along the way?  But things aren't always going to go smoothly for Luis and Sara.  Sara is hiding some other secrets and Luis, a Key West local, rarely lets his guard down.  Could sparks really fly for this faux couple while on vacation? Island Affair by Priscilla Oliveras is a delightful romance novel that's perfect for fans of the Florida Keys as well as the fake boyfriend trope.

Sara is not my favorite character I've encountered this summer. I mean being a social media influencer really made me roll my eyes; plus, there's the fact that she is recovering from an eating disorder. Ugh.  Nonetheless, I tried to accept her in Island Affair despite her shortcomings.  I did love the family dynamic in the novel and the idea of her family coming together to celebrate her mother's recent good health.  What didn't work for me was the fake boyfriend trope and this leads me to Luis.

Luis Navarro is an interesting character in Island Affair. I loved the dynamic between the two of them, especially since he is a Key West local. I mean it's much harder for him to pull off the "fake boyfriend" plan since he knows half of Key West.  But what didn't work for me was how willing he agreed to be Sara's boyfriend after just meeting her for a few seconds at the airport. I understand he has a forced vacation, much to his dismay, but would a real person actually agree to this? Either way, this part of the story didn't work for me. Once I let the fake boyfriend trope go, I was able to enjoy their blossoming romance, but be forewarned, things do not go easily for them.  Would you really expect it to though?

What I liked most about Island Affair was the setting of Key West. The Florida Keys are some of my favorite places in the world and I daydream daily of Key West.  So, this was a nice escape, especially while during quarantine.  Who doesn't want to armchair travel to the Keys and enjoy a cocktail and a beautiful sunset?  Oliveras brought it to life beautifully.

To be honest, Island Affair was just an ok read for me despite the stellar setting. I think if you like this sort of thing, Christina Lauren's The Unhoneymooners is a much better bet.  However, let me know what you think. Did you read this book? Do you enjoy the fake boyfriend trope or are you over it? Let me know in the comments below.
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A perfect beach read with plenty of instant attraction romance  and family drama to while  away a sunny afternoon!

Our two main characters Sara and Luis meet when she arrives for an important family holiday in Key West to find her boyfriend has let her down and won't be joining them. Sara is panicked as she doesn't want to cause her family what she believes will be further disappointment and asks Luis, the charming firefighting stranger, to pretend to be her boyfriend for a week. Luis, with a week free from work, decides it is better than beating himself over recent work and family issues and agrees. 

Their mutual attraction is instant and a week of cute and cozy happenings ensue.  Family dynamics are altered and play a big part in the story for both characters and while the situations both face are not exactly relatable for the reader, they are thoroughly engaging and  it is a definite holiday read that I would recommend to anyone who loves a good romance! 

The excerpt from the next novel in the series sounding equally fun and I look forward to reading it in the future.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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