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Priscilla Oliveras “Island Affair” transported me to Key West I never want to leave! This story of lust, love, and loss is the perfect beach read. Oliveras’ descriptive writing had all of my senses firing and I could practically smell the salty sea water. 

I would highly recommend “Island Affair” to anyone looking for a fun and flirty summer read. I fell in love with the characters and was happily surprised to learn that there is a second book coming. The only problem is that I don’t want to wait!! 

Thank you to Net Galley, Priscilla Oliveras, and Kensington Publishing for digital copy.
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Typical formulaic story. Yes there is definitely Latin flair and maybe -- ay Dios míos -- a bit much to the point of playing a stereotype (ay, ay,ay)! I am an ally for multicultural stories. We definitely need more. But as someone brought up with English as a second language, I just felt there were some things that went a tad extra in this. Then again, I am aware that not all families speak like mine. Perdón, I just know as a US born kid, I don't go around thinking in my family language as much.

I still enjoyed reading it. The story didn't challenge beyond the genre it was built.
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Super cute and sweet! (Perfect quarantine reading!!) I really liked the characters and the setting but I think it could have been a little more flushed out! Overall this would be perfect for spring/summer or anytime you need to feel like spring & summer!!!
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Island Affair by Priscilla Oliver is the first book in the Keys to Love romance series, and my first book by this author.  I found this book pretty hard to keep reading, because I did not like the main female character, Sara Vance. I understand why she thinks and acts the way she does, but it got old to me. I stuck with the book, and it had a nice ending. I will give this author another try.  If you love romances, you might want to give this book a try. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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By chapter 4, I had already known this wasn’t for me. I just wasn’t interested in Sara or Luis fake fiancee storyline nor relationship, and just became bored by the content. “Island Affair” can definitely be a hit or miss for readers and this was surely a miss for me.
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When two people with broken pasts make a deal in paradise, what could possible go wrong? Everything, right? 

"Island Affair" gives us the story of Sara, a girl forever the family's black sheep and Luis, the family's fixer. Both have issues from their past that are holding them in place but a week together can change everything if they are willing to step out of their comfort zone. 

This is a cute rom-com with lots of fun moments, a lesson in forgiveness and a dose of love -- for both yourself and others. 

Thank you NetGalley for giving me an advanced copy!
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Hunky firefighter Luis Navarro is stuck in a rut. A recent call out to a job brings up unresolved issues from his past, forcing his boss to put him on mandated leave from his beloved job. Not used to time off, he wonders how he’ll spend the next week...⁣
Enter stage right, social media influencer Sara. Newly arrived in hot, tropical Key West, Sara is on a week long vacation with her type A family and boyfriend to celebrate her mum coming off chemo. Upon landing she is left high and dry when she finds out her on again/ off again boyfriend has stood her up. Unwilling to face her family alone, she has to come up with a solution, quickly. A hunky, firefighter sized solution perhaps?⁣
Overall, this was a wholesome, cute read which had me dreaming of an island holiday of my own. You can tell the author is very familiar with the setting, as it was almost a character in itself. I loved the rich descriptions of Key West which had me almost (!) smelling the sea breeze and hearing the palm trees gently whispering above the turquoise waters. The descriptions of the food also had my mouth watering. ⁣
I loved how the author incorporated Spanish throughout the dialogue, it felt natural and expertly handled. At times the book did however feel a little long/slow to me, and I found myself getting a little bored, but this could have been due to the fact that I found it quite predictable. The Insta- love was also a bit too quick to be convincing and I feel the end was quite rushed and could have used an epilogue.⁣
Although a light read, this book still deals with some heavier matters like mental health, an eating disorder, grief and loss which added more dimension and depth. If you’re after a sweet, wholesome romance with some sizzle, give this one a go. Thanks so much to @netgalley and @kensingtonbooks for providing this copy for review.
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Island Affair is sweet and fluffy and just what I needed in these strange times. A lovely summery book to devour in 1 sunny afternoon. It sounded a bit predictable and it sure was, but I loved the depth that it provided. There is so much more going on then you at first think. The setting was lovely but I would have loved to hear more about the surroundings. 

It was a bit too much insta-lovey for my taste. Sure, this book takes place in 1 week so it had to be quick, but this was a bit too quick for me. I also didn't really love the writing style. The author sometimes skips a day but than goes back in time via memories. I much rather read chronologically instead of these flashbacks. 

I want to end this review on a positive note and that is Luis. He is such a sweetheart! I loved him from the start and  he became more and more awesome as I read. Sara was great as well. I loved her work as an influencer and reading about her made me happy. I truly liked the family-dynamics on both sides as well.
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CW: discussion of parent who previously had cancer, character struggle with eating disorder, description of car accident (about 42% in) 

I liked this well enough. Fake dating is one of my favourite tropes especially when the character's family is a key part of why someone needs a fake date in the first place. I did however find this book a bit repetitive in places. We, the reader already know why the faking it became necessary and I just felt the reason was rehashed a bit too much. 

I must say thought the setting of Key West was so vibrantly portrayed that I wished I could be there as I was reading. Maybe I'll get to visit someday. 

I liked the characters well enough as individuals and when they were together. Even though this love between Luis and Sara grew in such a short space of time, it felt genuine and believable to me. 

I'm looking forward to the other Navarro sibling's books.
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This book is the kind of cute, fun read that you need to distract you from the world’s bigger problems. It’s based in Key West, Florida, which is so close to my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, so I felt very connected to the story by knowing a lot of the locations that were described. I loved the big family dynamics and all of the real life complexities that go along with that. It made it that much more fun to read. As in any of my favorite romance stories, there are also bigger “issues” that are covered without taking away from the love story. I really related to the pressures that Sara felt about measuring up to her family’s standards of success because this is something that I’ve always struggled with – whether those measures are perceived by me or not. Long story short, this one is super relatable and I highly recommend it! There’s going to be a second book and I already need to get my hands on of it.
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Luis is given forced time off from his job. He is a firefighter along with his brother Carlos. Luis is given the time off after an accident he recently worked on. One similar to the one that altered his life years ago. Luis pretends to be Sara's fake boyfriend. I thought the fact that Luis is Cuban added extra flavor to the book.
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This book was a classic romance with all the things we look for in a nice beach read. If you are looking for something easy to read that doesn't require a ton of thought and will relax you, this is your book!
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First of all, I need to say that I love when the representations on the book are done right and Priscilla Oliveira did a great job as well as with Sara disorder and I really appreciate that, this book was an enjoyable read, although the way that started was a little unbelievable but if you can look past that you’ll probably enjoy this too.
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In book TWs: eating disorders, anxiety

DNF at 27%.

I really wanted to love this book. The cover gave me The UnHoneymooners vibes and fake dating is one of my favorite tropes, but unfortunately that wasn't enough for me.

The things I did like about what I read of the book were how Luis still came across as an alpha male without being a jerk or having toxic masculinity as his personality. A lot of times I see the two conflated with one another, and it was a nice surprise for me. The next part was the way Sara's anxiety and eating disorder were handled. I thought that they were both incorporated naturally into the story, and I liked that they weren't skimmed over either. Sara may not have told Luis about her disorder in what I read, but she didn't shy away from thinking about it herself, and it was talked about in a way that didn't come across as judgemental.
Priscilla Oliveras's writing style just didn't work for me at all, despite the plot being something I would normally devour in a sitting or two. I enjoy character driven stories, and I just never felt any connect between myself and the two main characters, Luis and Sara. There wasn't anything wrong with them, I just couldn't connect to them because of how they were written, which lead me to be unable to see or feel their chemistry.

Island Affair is told in dual POV, alternating every chapter, in third person limited past tense. In my opinion, third person limited past tense is difficult to write, and Oliveras didn't manage to pull it off. Rather than having each character learn about each other via observation, therefore letting the reader learn about the other with them, she chose to simply write everything as a known fact. Even though Sara and Luis have only known each other for a few hours, I'm expected to believe that they understand each other in a way nobody else ever has, to the point where they can just state what the other one is feeling.

Island Affair needed to have been told in a show, not tell fashion. It's distracting to read a novel written that way, and constantly pulled me out of the story because that's not how limited perspectives work. If she wanted to write in a more tell, not show manner, she should have gone with a third person omniscient, and had a narrator tell the story for the characters.

In general I also felt like she spent more time describing the background and the random people in it than focusing on the story itself. I understand that Key West is gorgeous, but is specifically didn't need to be treated as a third main character for any reason I could tell. The way Spanish was incorporated into the story felt... odd to me two. I'm not the right person to talk about it since I'm not bilingual in any language let alone Spanish, but because of how Oliveras used it, there was a constant repetition of what had just been said. I wish that space had been used to develop the characters instead of taking a singular sentence in Spanish and then repeating it again in English. It seemed really weird since it's all from the same POV which means that the Luis was thinking in Spanish and then the exact same thing again in English, for the reader's benefit.

Island Affair definitely has potential to be a favorite for readers who don't mind the writing style, but unfortunately that wasn't me. It had it's moments of humor and very swoony characters, so if you're looking for a fake dating rom-com this could be the book for you.
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Thank you for letting me read this book. I enjoyed the fake dating trope. This story line had me sucked in. The storyline was good. It had a sort of unhoneymooners by Christina lauren feel. I felt like it was a smidge if a letdown. It drug on in a lot of sections but all in all I enjoyed it.
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I was grateful to receive a free copy of Island Affair in exchange for an honest review.  I was really looking forward to reading this novel.  I thought it would be a cute and quirky read.   For me it was an on and off again novel.  There were parts that I loved, and then there were parts that dragged on.  

I really enjoyed the way Luis and Sara met at the airport, and how Luis was convinced  to play Sara's finance for a week. I also enjoyed the incorporation of Spanish and Cuban culture.

There were a few scenes where Luis and Sara went out exploring the Keys but a majority of the novel took place with family for family meals and card games.  Those were the parts that drug on for me, and there were a lot of those moments.  I also thought more could have been done with the moment where Luis and Sara's subterfuge was uncovered.  The ending was also way to cliche.
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Love the cover and the idea concept. However, I found the meeting between the main characters  to be rather quick and lacking. Great setting and like the diversity.
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Thank You NetGalley and Kensington Books for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book. 
This was my first time I've read anything by Priscilla Oliveras and I really enjoyed every word on the page! I look forward to reading more of this series. 

This is classic fake relationship trope but with some nice heat to it.  This is a perfect book to read beside the pool this summer.  You can totally feel like you get lost in the story and feel like your on the beaches of Key West.  This is a easy read that will have you cheering for the two to become a real couple.  

Luis (the male lead) is Cuban and the author herself is Latinx, and is Puerto rican-Mexican, which brings authentic cultural elements which add a lot to the book. The focus on family for instance and the interweaving use of Spanish within the book was great.

Sara and Luis immediately meet and hatch a plan to be a fake couple right from the beginning ... yes completely  not realistic but for a rom com it was normal right.  I kinda wished for more a lead up to it but over all their story was cute and just the right amount of sweet and sexy .  They both have some issues they need to deal with that with each others help they can over come them. 

I would definitely recommend for anyone to pick this up and give it a read this summer and I'm looking for the next books to come out in the series.
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I'm so sorry to say this but I just didn't vibe with this book, which is unfortunate since this is one of my most anticipated romance books this year.
The premise of this story was really good: fake dating, summer backdrop. These are things I love. However, the execution felt off. I was cringing throughout their meet cute and couldn't bring myself to get through to the rest of the book.
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This was just an average read for me. It actually reminded me of the unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren. I did like the chemistry between our two main characters. I also enjoyed the fake dating trope as it's one of my favorites. Overall a cute, fast read so I recommend.
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