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Albert and the Flour Sack

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I liked this retelling of the story of Elijah's stay with the widow and how God filled her sack with flour and her jug with oil. It is told by a mouse who lived in her house and worried about the lack of food. The pictures are beautiful, and my little ones loved looking for the mouse in each picture.
I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley , and these are my honest thoughts about it.
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3.5 stars. A re-telling of the Bible story of Elijah and the woman and her son who are running out of flour and oil. The Bible story faithfully follows the Bible account. The contextual story of Albert and the mischievous mice was cute as are the illustrations. The structure of the book implies there is a lesson to be learned, and the focus here is on God and God's care for the family. I liked this one more than the "Good Sister" story for this reason.

I wasn't clear what lesson the author wanted readers to hang onto. The obvious lesson in the Elijah story is that God will take care of us. But that doesn't tie back well to the launch point of the mice in the flour sack. In general, though, this is a cute book to introduce young kids to Bible stories.

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Albert is a wise old mouse and when his younger charge get into heap of flour, he shares the story of Elijah and his great great great great grandfather's part. It is the story of Elijah and the widow and son he visited. The son has a name of Joe and Benjamin the mouse. They are amazed at the promises of God that Elijah shared has they gave shelter to Elijah even though they did not have much. With the flour that God brought, Mom, son and mouse had the best bread ever.

It is a sweet story that emphasis the promises of God and those that put their faith in his promises and love.

A Special thank you to Lion Hudson Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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Lovely book! Albert and the Flour Sack was such a joy to read. I love how this series gives kids the opportunity to think about what else may have happened in the lives of so many beloved Bible figures. The illustrations are well done and engaging. My kids have grown to love Albert from the couple of books we’ve read and we look forward to more from this series!
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Albert and the Flour Sack introduces the biblical story of Elijah and the Widow from 1 Kings Chapter 17 to children. This is the first children's book I've read on this particular bible story and it may be unfamiliar to many, I plan to read it to my grandson. An excellent example of faith in these difficult times!
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I thought that this book was really good and it was great that the story was told from the view of Albert, a very cute little mouse!  We really enjoyed the story and I thought that the illustrations were great too – a fab little read!
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Albert in the flower sack by Richard little Dale is one of my favorite children’s stories. I love how the author is able to tell Bible stories and the way the children can listen and be entertained. This is a sweet and fun story about miceAnd their ancestors who were present at the time the Bible stories took place. This would make a wonderful gift for any child.
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What a cute way to share a biblical story with young child. 

This was so sweet, I love the way the author created these mice and Albert was able to tell a story of his ancestors that were there during this event in time that related to what they were up too. 

The story is told in a fun and cute way, it’s so engaging and comes with beautiful art work showcasing the story. The biblical story is shortened but gets the beautiful message across. 

I really enjoyed this story of Joe and his mother and of Elijah arriving at the word of God, the way it was told was really sweet and makes it easy for kids to understand. I also loved the first drawing of the little mice all covered in flour it was so precious.
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