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Find Her Alive (Detective Josie Quinn Book 8)

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Lisa Regan does it again. Another Josie Quinn book that I couldn't put down. 
This series is amazing and Josie always puts herself in some predicament that she has to get out of. 
Josie's sister is taken and its up to Josie to find out who took her. The predator has already committed crimes in the past and they need to figure these crimes out to find her sister. 
Very fast paced read. Definitely recommend picking this up.
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A thrilling game of cat and mouse with the life of Josie’s sister at stake.  Yet another fast-paced, action-packed installment of the Josie Quinn series.  There was some unpredictability for me however I love Josie and her team so I can forgive this  
4 stars 
Thanks to Bookouture for allowing me to read this in exchange for a review.
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Josies sister is missing and she must find her quickly. Each time I read one of these books I always tell myself this has got to be the best one and then another comes out and I feel the same way. The plot is really complex and the characters are secretive and alittle shady. This one takes you on a wild ride filled with all the necessary twists and turns. I loved it.
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Don't you just love it when you find a new author and absolutely devour her book? That is how I feel after reading this. I don't know how I have never heard of this series before now and I am going straight over to amazon to buy the previous seven books in this series.

Fantastic book and highly recommended!!
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This is the 8th book in this series and I've read them all.  It could easily be a stand alone read but then you'd miss the fantastic way Lisa Regan has advanced the cast of characters and their back stories.  That being said....Josie Quinn is a dedicated detective who lives her cases until she gets justice for the victims.  But this time, she's afraid her sister might be one of the victims.  The sister's part in the story is revealed slowly so we understand how much she has invested in this serial killer's capture.  As always, Josie sees clues that others might miss, taking us closer with each page to the unexpected reveal.  The suspense builds slowly until you look up and its 2am and you should have been in bed long ago.  But the ending is so worth it!!!!
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I love this series and really like the character of Josie Quinn. This was a thrilling plot involving Josie's twin sister, Trinity and I liked the way Trinity's character was revealed through her diary. The development of the Bone Artist was intriguing and at times I even felt some sympathy for him. My one concern was the huge leaps in finding and interpreting the clues. However, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one.
Thank you Lisa Regan, Bookoutue and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to give my unbiased opinion.
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This is the first book I have read by Ms. Regan, this being the eighth in her Detective Josie Quinn series.

Josie and her team (comprised of Noah, who is also Josie's significant other, Gretchen, and Mettner, to name a few) are working on The Bone Artist case. In this book, Ms. Regan does an amazing job of telling two stories at once, to provide much needed background to get to the end. While the reader is able to start piecing together who The Bone Artist turns out to be, just exactly how it all relates in the final outcome keeps one reading. There are some intertwining relationships involved: Josie and her twin sister Trinity; Josie and Noah; Josie and her grandmother; and let's not forget Josie and Trinity's parents (Trinity, Josie, and their biological parents are a story in themselves!). 

I think this would be a good series to read in order, to get a sense of the characters. If the other seven are anything like this one, they can all be read as stand-alone books.
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Another absolutely incredible Josie Quinn story. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this series. I really don’t want it to end. 
I did however, feel this one was a bit rushed. I think that was possibly because there wasn’t as much of Josies actual personal life as there usually is. But I didn’t mind because the plot was definitely thrilling enough for me and it kept me gripped. I couldn’t wait to find out how it ended and I loved the huge twist. I can’t wait for the next one already. 

Thank you for my ARC copy
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This is (only) book eight in the Josie Quinn series and I cheerfully look forward to book 800 in one of my favorite detective series of all time. This one involves her sister Trinity and it’s one of the best!  You could read it as a stand alone but we learn much more of Trinity’s life choices here that ripen the back story in previous novels.  All of our favorite characters are back to investigate this deeply personal mystery and our hearts and stomachs flip many times.  Lisa Reagan is a superb storyteller and her characters feel real and authentic.  Wonderful!
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This is the eighth book in the series featuring Detective Josie Quinn, and it is certainly one of the best.  As with most series it certainly is more rewarding to have read the earlier books as there are so many events that have taken place especially with Josie and her family.  Josie has only Recently been reunited with her twin sister Trinity, so when she stormed off after an argument and Josie had not heard from her for a few weeks, she begins to become worried.  She drives to a cabin that Trinity had been renting and finds Trinity’s car there.  Her suitcase, laptop and phone are inside but she is missing.  On investigating the property Josie discovers some human bones.  They are arranged in a certain pattern which was how a serial killer, known as the bone artist, a number of years previously had left his victims.  It is ascertained the bones don’t belong to Trinity but it seems obvious that she has been probably been abducted and maybe murdered.  The story is told from two points of view.  One being Josie’s and one being from a young boy called Alex and his abusive life.  On following up the clues Trinity left for Josie, we get an insight into Trinity’s bullied past.  Josie has a race against time to find Trinity alive.  This book was totally gripping from beginning to end and I can’t wait for the next one in the series.
Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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With every book this series gets better and better. Josie is a complex character that you cant help but root for. This book surpassed my expectations.
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Josie Quinn's sister Trinity has been abducted and human remains are found close to her sister's cabin. The Bone Artist is back, killing again after a break of several years. Josie must race against time to find her sister (Find Her Alive!) but could she actually be the Bone Artist's next victim...?
In tandem with the plot in the present day with Josie searching for her sister, we also see a narrative timeline of a young boy living with domestic abuse. The family situation is uncomfortable to read and the abuse he suffers was difficult to cope with for me as a mother. There is some grisly detail about body decomposition but it is not overwhelmingly nasty. In fact, the abuse was much more upsetting to read and really pulled at the heartstrings.
We see much more of Trinity's personality and background in this book whilst we have previously seen Josie's. There are plenty of references to past cases but this does not detract from Find Her Alive working as a standalone novel.
All of Josie's cases have a personal association, involving her family or friends. This serves to motivate her but I wonder how she would handle a case that does not have such a personal edge. I felt that some of the clues were a bit tenuous and Josie seemed to make huge leaps of logic that I found not particularly credible but were enjoyable to read.
Find Her Alive is a fast paced and action packed thriller with an emotional undertone. This is the 8th Josie Quinn book
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This is my first book by the Author and whilst it can be read as a standalone , I would recommend reading the others in the series first .

The last time Detective Josie Quinn saw her sister , Trinity .  was as she was storming out of the house after an argument .
Now human remains have been found at a remote cabin that Trinity was known to use ….is it her sister ?.
Josie and her team fear the worst ………… but the body is soon found to be that of a missing single mother
from a nearby town . When finger prints and a smudged name are found at the scene it appears that Trinity has
left a clue to a dangerous serial killer …. has her need to save her journalism career put her in his sights ……. will she become his next victim .
As more clues and bodies surface can Josie and her team find Trinity in time or will she be next ?

This a fast paced thriller , with bodies and clues at every turn  ……….. thoroughly enjoyable 

I was given an arc of this book by the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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This was my first time reading anything by Lisa Regan, and she did not disappoint! I was a bit worried about picking up on the 8th book in a series, but the author gave just enough details to keep you involved if you’re new to Josie Quinn’s life. 

I really appreciated the characters and how quickly the story moves along. The ending was interesting, and I didn’t quite see it coming. I really recommend this for anyone interested in mysteries and a good leading female character!

Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for my honest review. I’ll definitely be looking into more Josie Quinn books soon!
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Detective Josie Quinn sister is living with her after things aren’t going to well with her job.
But one day Josie & Trinity have words and Trinity leaves . Josie has not spoke to her in three weeks so she decides to drive to the cabin where Trinity is staying to sort thing out.
When she gets there Trinity’s car and belongings are there but Trinity isn’t .
Josie then finds bones payed out behind the cabin is it Trinity?
Josie works with her team to find out what the bones mean and what’s happened to Trinity.
Great read
Thanks NetGalley
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I have thoroughly enjoyed the previous books in the Josie Quinn series and I was grateful to be given the opportunity to review this latest book. 
This did not disappoint. The ongoing storyline of Josie and her family/team and the dark twists of this tale meant I finished this book in a day. 
Already looking forward to the next instalment. 
4.5 stars
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Can't believe it's book 8 in the Josie Quinn series and this series is still just as great as the very first book in the series. Most authors don't write 8 books in a series and if they do by book #8 they lose their momentum of even being a decent series. NOT Lisa Regan she is still delivering a suspenseful, thrilling book that you can't put down. This is the story of Trinity and Josie their bond that they didn't know they even had after growing up without each other. Trinity is missing and Josie will do anything to find out where she is before it's to late. I absolutely love this series ! Every book is unique and has the same cast of great characters to follow from book to book. I will keep reading this series and any series that Lisa Regan writes. Read today ! Highly recommend this series!!!
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I have really enjoyed this series. I really like finding out more about the characters. Their back stories make the books more interesting and brings the story to life. This is a fast paced read which I read in one sitting, 

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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Find Her Alive is the eight book in the Josie Quinn series by Lisa Regan.  We learn in previous books that Josie was separated from her biological family for most of her life.  The story begins with Josie and her twin Trinity arguing, which leaves Josie questioning her place with the Paynes.  Trinity’s quest for the next big story and her upset after losing the news anchor job puts her in a frame of mind where no one can help her.

A few weeks after the argument, Noah urges Josie take a trip to the cabin Trinity rented.  He knows she will feel better once they make amends.  However, Trinity is nowhere around.  Josie finds her car, her luggage, her purse, her phone, and human bones in the yard.  Are these Trinity’s bones, or is she on the trail of her big story? 

In Josie Quinn fashion, Find Her Alive is tense, fast paced, and entertaining.  I find myself guessing what is going to happen next, from start to finish.  In this book, Josie needs to pass the lead to Detective Mettner.   I love how her team still runs everything by Josie.  Not only because she knows Trinity, but also because they respect her detective skills.  Even Chief Chitwood while commanding, he is sensitive to Josie’s plight.  

I am a fan of the complicated hero; Josie sure fits that bill.  Trinity the woman with the perfect childhood, the perfect job, and the perfect family in Josie’s eyes isn’t what she seems.  I like that Trinity’s past struggles are revealed while the team searches for clues.  Josie gets additional insight into her family, especially her sister, and the dynamic among the Paynes.    

Lisa Regan is an excellent writer.  She takes multiple story arcs and pulls them together nicely.  Find Her Alive is action packed with tension, suspense, and anxiety from the first page.  The serial killer is complex and a few twists had me biting my nails. Seeing the murderer from multiple points of view sheds light on his actions.    
My only criticism is that I wonder how the series will continue.  Every murder so far revolves around Josie, her family, or one of her team.  This is a small town, but I feel like there should be murders outside Josie’s immediate circle.  That said this is a great story that continues to develop the characters and their relationships.  I am looking forward to more Josie Quinn in the future.
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A tense suspense thriller with some really shocking moments.  Josie’s twin sister Trinity is missing.  She has been researching a serial killer, is she his next victim?  Josie is against the clock in her endeavour to find her sister alive.
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