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Can't believe it's book 8 in the Josie Quinn series and this series is still just as great as the very first book in the series. Most authors don't write 8 books in a series and if they do by book #8 they lose their momentum of even being a decent series. NOT Lisa Regan she is still delivering a suspenseful, thrilling book that you can't put down. This is the story of Trinity and Josie their bond that they didn't know they even had after growing up without each other. Trinity is missing and Josie will do anything to find out where she is before it's to late. I absolutely love this series ! Every book is unique and has the same cast of great characters to follow from book to book. I will keep reading this series and any series that Lisa Regan writes. Read today ! Highly recommend this series!!!
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I have really enjoyed this series. I really like finding out more about the characters. Their back stories make the books more interesting and brings the story to life. This is a fast paced read which I read in one sitting, 

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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Find Her Alive is the eight book in the Josie Quinn series by Lisa Regan.  We learn in previous books that Josie was separated from her biological family for most of her life.  The story begins with Josie and her twin Trinity arguing, which leaves Josie questioning her place with the Paynes.  Trinity’s quest for the next big story and her upset after losing the news anchor job puts her in a frame of mind where no one can help her.

A few weeks after the argument, Noah urges Josie take a trip to the cabin Trinity rented.  He knows she will feel better once they make amends.  However, Trinity is nowhere around.  Josie finds her car, her luggage, her purse, her phone, and human bones in the yard.  Are these Trinity’s bones, or is she on the trail of her big story? 

In Josie Quinn fashion, Find Her Alive is tense, fast paced, and entertaining.  I find myself guessing what is going to happen next, from start to finish.  In this book, Josie needs to pass the lead to Detective Mettner.   I love how her team still runs everything by Josie.  Not only because she knows Trinity, but also because they respect her detective skills.  Even Chief Chitwood while commanding, he is sensitive to Josie’s plight.  

I am a fan of the complicated hero; Josie sure fits that bill.  Trinity the woman with the perfect childhood, the perfect job, and the perfect family in Josie’s eyes isn’t what she seems.  I like that Trinity’s past struggles are revealed while the team searches for clues.  Josie gets additional insight into her family, especially her sister, and the dynamic among the Paynes.    

Lisa Regan is an excellent writer.  She takes multiple story arcs and pulls them together nicely.  Find Her Alive is action packed with tension, suspense, and anxiety from the first page.  The serial killer is complex and a few twists had me biting my nails. Seeing the murderer from multiple points of view sheds light on his actions.    
My only criticism is that I wonder how the series will continue.  Every murder so far revolves around Josie, her family, or one of her team.  This is a small town, but I feel like there should be murders outside Josie’s immediate circle.  That said this is a great story that continues to develop the characters and their relationships.  I am looking forward to more Josie Quinn in the future.
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A tense suspense thriller with some really shocking moments.  Josie’s twin sister Trinity is missing.  She has been researching a serial killer, is she his next victim?  Josie is against the clock in her endeavour to find her sister alive.
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Quite the page turner.  Some family drama, a dramatic murder, a killer on the loose...lots of twists.  This was a book I read in one sitting since I just couldn't stop.
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Mystery and police procedural, the 8th in a series that I've read from the beginning. Featuring Detective Josie Quinn of the Denton Police Department, this crime thriller has the team on the hunt for the "Bone Artist" -- the serial killer who has apparently kidnapped Josie's twin sister, Trinity Payne. He's playing a game and wants Josie to engage. Can Josie and all of the other regulars, including newcomer, Special Agent Drake Nally of the NY FBI field office, find Trinity before she becomes another piece of art in the Bone Artist's display? NO SPOILERS.

Returning to the familiar in a long running series is always pleasant. This one, however, required a lot more suspension of disbelief than usual as the elements of the investigation created a sense of skepticism in me. So many times this pair of sisters have been in peril -- obviously they are nut magnets -- but all the coincidences were a bit too much. I still enjoyed it and will continue with the series though hopefully the focus will go back to investigations involving criminals and victims who are not known to Josie or Trinity. Readers are still learning more about Josie's convoluted personal life and her evolving romance with boyfriend and colleague, Noah Fraley. I also would enjoy discovering more of the personal sides of the rest of the team members as well. Look forward to seeing what new crime will show up in central Pennsylvania in the next book.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for this e-book ARC to read and review.
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I have read, reviewed and loved each and every book in the series featuring Detective Josie Quinn.  As soon as I finish reading the latest instalment, I look forward to reading the next instalment.  I read the synopsis for 'Find Her Alive' and I was desperate to get my hands on a copy.  Well ladies and gents, the wait is over because the eighth boo in the series 'Find Her Alive' was released on 15th April 2020.  It is another corker of an addition to the series and I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of the story, but more about that in a bit.
I became addicted to 'Find Her Alive' from the moment I first clapped eyes on the dark, mean and moody cover and the story contained within the covers of the book just sealed the deal was it were.  I made the fatal mistake of picking the book up shortly before I went to bed.  Oh dear, my bedtime was ever so slightly delayed, I read into the wee small hours of the night and I had a 'lack of sleep' hangover the following morning.  I went to sleep thinking about the book, I woke up thinking about the book and whenever I had to put the book to one side for whatever reason, I immediately looked forward to being able to pick this book up.  I read the book in a little under 24 hours, which is good going for me because I usually have the attention span of a gnat and I am easily distracted but not in this case.  The book wasn't exactly glued to my hand but it might as well have been because it travelled everywhere with me.  I soon raced my way to the end of the book, which I had mixed feelings about.  Don't get me wrong, I was pleased to finish because I knew how the story concluded but I had enjoyed the fast paced, compelling story so much that I just wanted the book to continue.
Lisa Regan has one of those writing styles that is easy to get used to and easy to get along with.  She draws you into the story and then takes you on one hell of an adrenaline fuelled adventure.  For me, this book was perfectly paced, the story hit the ground running and maintained the pace throughout.  I felt as though I was part of the story myself and assisting Josie Quinn in her investigation, which is all down to Lisa's fantastic descriptions and very vivid storytelling.  For me, 'Find Her Alive' had a bit of everything- drama, suspense, tension, nail biting moments and moments that almost had me diving for cover behind a cushion.
In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Find Her Alive' and I would definitely recommend this book to other readers.  I will most definitely be reading more of Lisa's work in the future.  The series featuring Detective Josie Quinn just gets better and better and goes from strength to strength.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.
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I always learn something new when I read about Josie Quinn, as the author does a fantastic job of researching and introducing unique concepts. Even though this is book eight of the series, I feel like Josie is still sort of an enigma, and we are just now scratching into her personal life. I liked how the author switched seamlessly between the investigation and a parallel story that only finds resolution towards the end; it made the book interesting and kept me turning pages. For more thoughts, please visit my blog at Fireflies and Free Kicks Fiction Reviews. Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for a digital ARC of this book.
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Detective Josie Quinn and her team are back in the 8th book in the series.  This time Josie’s twin sister is missing.  After Trinity is furloughed from her job as a morning tv news anchor, she moves in with Josie and her boyfriend, Noah, who also a detective.  After an argument, Trinity moves into a remote cabin just outside of town.  And, now she’s missing.  As Josie tries to figure out what has happened to her sister, she realizes that Trinity was on a mission to salvage her career by cracking a cold case.  The only problem is that her attempt to contact a killer has possibly resulted in her abduction.

Find Her Alive is a well-plotted police procedural with a variety of great characters, good dialogue, and just the right amount of tension and suspense.  The ending gives the story a nice twist.  It’s one of those books that is hard to put down, so be prepared to read lateinto the evening.

I always enjoy this well-written series by Lisa Regan and Find Her Alive is another stellar installment.  At some point I managed to skip a book or two in this series, but that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of this latest book.  The author is very skillful at providing enough information so that the reader won’t feel confused about the storyline and the characters.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of this book for review.
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I have only recently discovered Lisa Regan and really enjoy her writing. This is the seventh in the Detective Josie Quinn series, the second I have read.  Although this plot was a bit of a stretch, it moved along quickly and kept me totally engrossed.  Josie is an intelligent, strong female protagonist. If you enjoy mysteries/ police procedurals, this is a must read.
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My all time favourite series returns for book #8 !! This whole series has been non stop action, with twists and turns along the way and as usual Josie Quinn and her team are there to sort the carnage.

I love Josie’s character,  shes very relatable (apart from her childhood) she wants to stand in her own two feet and make her life work. She still has trouble letting people in and close – which is totally understandable.  I like how she can switch from a personal point of view to a detectives point of view, especially when a case is close to home, and this case couldn’t be any closer.

I’ve never really warmed to Trinity and the fight with Joise sealed my decision on that. She acts like a spoilt brat, always wanting her way and not really caring who she walks over to get it, I think she can be quite spiteful too.

I absolutely love the cover for this book, eerie and totally fitting to the story which is action packed and had my heart racing the whole time. In true Lisa Regan style, she threw me off the whodunnit track a couple of times…. well done!

I’m not sure what else can happen in the little town of Denton or to Josie and her team but I’m looking forward to see where Lisa takes us.

A highly addictive read with a ‘one more chapter’ mind set that has tou reading way into the night.
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From a personal standpoint this case is very close to home.  Detective Josie Quinn must set herself aside to solve it. With one of the scariest killers I could ever imagine and a case that I can see happening in the world today, really happening.  Find Her Alive (Detective Josie Quinn Book 8) by Lisa Regan introduces us early on to our killer and through snippets of his life suggests why he does what it is he does. This book is fast moving and suspenseful!  You will enjoy it and want to read the rest of the series and become a Josie Quinn fan. I know that I plan on beginning with book 1 to see the characters develop into where they are today.
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Oh, I do like Josie Quinn, a lot!

Josie is back and trying to solve the mystery of her sister, who disappeared weeks ago. Her disappearance is linked to the murders of a multitude of others. Can Josie find her sister or is she doomed to become a victim of the Bone Artist? 

This is a complicated book with many threads that combine to make a colourful tapestry. I like this author and I have liked every book in this series I have read. I also like that Josie is a normal woman doing the best she can - she has her faults, she is human, she bleeds like anyone else. I like her team as well, they are very supportive of her.

An excellent police procedural :)

4.5 stars from me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture.
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This is book eight in the Josie Quinn series and the best yet. Josie's sister Trinity is missing after they had an argument. When there is no contact for weeks, Josie starts investigating her disappearance.When human remains are found at a crime scene, Josie fears the worst. This book is expertly crafted and still fresh with the addition of new characters. It will keep you hooked until the last page. Thanks to Net Galley for my ARC.
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My 8th Josie Quinn book and I am finally getting comfortable with her relationship with Noah. They felt much more like equals in this installment and that is probably because I felt like the story focused more on Trinity and her abduction than their normal interactions. If that makes sense? I really enjoyed how Ms. Regan pulled the story together, though at one point it felt very far fetched. I like how each book delves further and further into establishing the relationships between the characters in addition to providing an exciting mystery to follow along. Always a good read!
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This is book number 8 in the Detective Josie Quinn series and let me tell you, the books keep getting better! Josie’s twin sister Trinity, goes missing without a trace from a cabin she was renting in the woods. As Josie looks around the property for any trace of where Trinity went, she finds skeletal remains. As more information trickles in from a friend of her sisters, it is apparent that Trinity has been abducted by a serial killer that has been dormant for a few years. Now, it's a race against time to figure out who the killer is, how to contact him and where to find Trinity alive before it is too late. 

I am a huge fan of this series. I look forward and count down the days until the next one is released. The characters are so well written and the story line, you really can’t figure out “whodunnit” before Regan gives you the final pieces of the puzzle. It is another fantastic read by Lisa Regan that I couldn’t put down!

**Received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review**
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Holy schmoly! Spank my butt and call me Sparklebottom – THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FREAKING GOOD! BEYOND GOOD ACTUALLY….SENSATIONAL, EXCEPTIONAL…..!!!!!!!!!

I could go on! Apologies for the severe use of capital letters! They were definitely needed!!

I seriously feel like a worn out record when it comes to reviewing Lisa Regan’s novels, because I am going to say the exact same thing that I say in every review, and that is….i have no idea how she does it, but this is a series that gets better and better! Because it does, it genuinely does and I’m running out of adjectives to use to describe just how incredible the storyline, and previous storylines, are.

Josie Quinn has dealt with more crud than a field full of cows. I dont know whether I am more surprised that shes still standing after everything shes been through, or the fact that she is amazing at rubbing people up the wrong way. Either or, she does it with gusto, something i never doubted for a second when it comes to our Josie!

For such a lightening paced storyline that delivered on a never ending string of gut wrenching moments, i actually felt quite emotional at the very end of the book as I could tell that the way Josie was feeling in that moment was genuine. For a split second it was as though she was no longer Detective Josie Quinn, instead being Josie Quinn – beloved girlfriend, sister, daughter, friend, granddaughter…..human. I have a lot of admiration for Josie’s character as it is, yet that went even higher as I closed the book.

I cannot fault one iota of ‘Find Her Alive’ – I loved every single aspect of the book and how it was delivered. I thought the author brought the situations to life brilliantly whilst also adding in various red herrings and crucial levels of suspense. I loved how, despite having a brief hiatus between books, readers can just fall back into the swing of things with Josie and the gang as though they were never away.

‘Find Her Alive’ is chilling, its shocking, its addictive. Its everything I could have wished for in a psychological thriller and more, a book truly worthy of stardom in all different forms.
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Let me start my saying that I’m a huge fan of this series and always recommend it to everyone. Josie is definitely one of my favourite police officers and it’s been wonderful to watch her grow over the series. This case is a bit more personal as it involves her sister so if was interesting to see how she deals with working on the case and how she keeps her emotions in check. As always it was great to see how she works with her close team and to read about the banter between them which helped bring some light relief to the story.

The story is told from the point of view of Josie as she tries to find her sister and Alex a child who is having a bit of a tough upbringing. I thought this added an interesting twist to the story and helped it to stand out from other books featuring child abuse. I really felt for Alex, and found some of the scenes featuring him a little hard to read at times. I wanted to keep reading to see if he gets the happy ending I felt he deserved.

Overall I thought this was another fabulous read from this amazing author. I’m always impressed by how she manages to think of new storylines all the time and keep the stories so different from each other. I thought this was a very fast paced book which captivated me from the start. The suspense is gradually built up until it becomes incredibly addictive. I can’t wait to read more from this series.

Huge thanks to Noelle from Bookouture for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Bookouture for my copy of this book via Netgalley. If you are crime fiction fan looking for a new series then I strongly believe this one!
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Find Her Alive by Lisa Regan is the eighth in the Detective Josie Quinn series.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Series Background:    (Warning – May contain spoilers from previous books)
Once Acting Chief of Police, Josie Quinn is now doing what she is best suited for. She’s back to being a detective and happy. She is learning to love her new-found family, but it is keeping her busy. So is dating Detective Noah Fraley.

My Synopsis:   (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)

Josie's twin sister Trinity, a news reporter, has recently made a faux pas on air, and is "on leave".  She has been spending the time with Josie and Noah, but nothing they do can raise her spirits.  Reporting is her career.  A heated disagreement with Josie has Trinity storming off, and renting a hunting cabin in the woods.

Unknown to Josie, Trinity has been looking into a story, a cold case.  A serial killer known as The Bone Artist was active in Pennsylvania years ago, but was never captured.  Trinity has a lead.  

When no one hears from her sister, Josie checks out the hunting cabin, where she finds Trinity's car, her purse, her cell phone....and human remains.  But it is quickly determined that the bones are not that of her sister.

Now the hunt is on, for Trinity, and for the serial killer who kidnapped her.

My Opinions:  

I think this is probably the best of the series so far.  I really like the characters in these books.  The author develops their personalities with each new book.

The story was told from Josie's perspective, but a secondary character makes an appearance.  A young boy named Alex is telling his story, and it is tragic.  

The plot was really good, and the action consistent, creating a very fast read.

I must admit that I had guessed the identities of the perpetrator(s) about mid-point, but there was still a surprise or two in store.

This was an emotional read, dealing with kidnapping, abuse, and mental health issues.  Definitely worth looking into this series if you haven't already....but please start with the first book.
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I am a new fan. Lisa Regan can write mystery; she can project fear, she can keep you engaged, she can move a story along, she writes solid believable dialog, excellent description which drops you into the place and she explores human psyche. What is there not to like about all this. OK, one caveat, at certain points in the story I had difficulty accepting that the protagonist was in charge. On reflection I think that was a hidden strength that made her more believable. I would have liked a little more of the backstory of Detective Josie Quinn, but I will just have to catch up.

This new fan is definitely reading the other books in the series and looking forward to the next installment. Thank you NetGalley and Bookoutre for a copy.
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