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Find Her Alive (Detective Josie Quinn Book 8)

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Lisa Regan has done it again!  I don't know how she manages to make every book in this series so amazing.  This book explore the nature of her relationship with her twin sister, Trinity, who she was separated from when they were just three weeks old.  Josie has assumed that they've grown close as can be with their respective careers, but she begins to wonder - just how well does she know her sister?

After not hearing from Trinity for a few weeks after a big blow-up, Josie decides to go see her and make amends.  But when she reaches the remote cabin where Trinity was staying, she's nowhere to be found.  What Josie does find is a sickening display of bones...and Trinity's car, phone, and purse.  What's not there is a box of important research Trinity was working on to regain her position at the network after she was put on leave.  But since that research involved a serial killer called The Bone Artist, and it was taken along with Trinity...Josie can only fear the worst.  She and her team must do everything they can to follow clues that Trinity left in desperation and find her alive before it's too late.  That sisterly bond has never been as crucial, but can Josie trust in herself enough to beat the killer at his own game?

I read this story almost straight through, it was impossible to just put down and walk away from!  Every clue leads you deeper into the twisted mind of The Bone Artist.  The way everything ties together is genius, whether you put the pieces together yourself or whether it comes out of nowhere - you won't be disappointed.  It's another thrilling chapter in the Josie Quinn series!
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Wow! Fabulous twisty story

Josie and Trinity get into an argument and Trinity storms off. After a few weeks of being unable to contact her Josie locates the cabin Trinity was renting and finds her car with luggage, keys and cellphone inside it. She also finds bones carefully arranged in the yard. As she investigates, she discovers Trinity was looking into a serial killer case and appeared to have been trying to contact him. Can Josie and her team find her before she becomes his next victim?

As Josie questions family looking for clues we learn more about Trinity's childhood and get to see another side of Josie. This was a great piece of character development and a glimpse into their family dynamics. This series just keeps getting better.
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Lisa Regan's Detective Josie Quinn is one of my favorite literary characters... driven, focused, and flawed. She does her best to serve both her family and community. This novel hits Josie close to home as her sister, Trinity, goes missing. As Josie digs deeper into what Trinity was up to, she finds herself on the hunt for a serial killer. Her biological family figures into this book significantly, and it was interesting to get to know them better. Josie's grandma, Lisette, is always wonderful and helps break open the case to finding out what happened to Trinity. The storytelling is fantastic, with lively dialogue and realistic emotions. Lisa Regan is a very talented and gifted writer - and I'm so looking forward to Josie's next adventure.
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I really enjoyed reading this book as I have liked all the books in this series. I was glad that we learned more about Trinity and her life. Probably my favorite reason for liking this series is the relationships among the group and how they stand beside each other and protect each other
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I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review.

Josie and Trinity has an argument that had Trinity storming out. Josie decide to let things cool off but when she doesn’t hear from her sister in weeks she fears something happened. 

Josie is call upon a crime scenes when human remains are found and she fears it’s her sister Trinity because she was there before but when she gets there even though it’s sad what she sees she relieve it’s isn’t her sister. 

As she and her team learns what her sister Trinity was doing she follow the clues her sister left behind and learns she was determine to contact a serial killer who likes to make sculpture with the victims bones and Josie fears the worst. 

I like the mystery of this story but what I enjoy was the dynamic between Josie and Trinity and was happy to get more glimpses of Trinity life and that it wasn’t all that great just because she had great parents.
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I read this in 2 days. A gripping crime thriller. This book offers everything. The ending was amazing. I didn't see it coming. One of the best so far.
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My description for this book.. unputdownable (so engrossing that one cannot stop reading it). When Josie's sister Trinity goes missing the team have their hands full trying to find out who took her and to find her before it's too late. 

Another fascinating part of the book was finding out more about Trinity's childhood. We've always known the ugly of Josie's and just assumed because Trinity had good parents that hers was perfect but boy that was not so.. 

Eight books into the series now and it's just as innovative as the first. Just keeps getting better..
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I've never made it a secret how much I love anything Lisa Regan writes, and Find Her Alive was no exception. She hooked me from the first page when usual put-together Trinity was anything but put-together. She was a hot mess. Josie knew it and wanted to help her, but Trinty wasn't in the kind of place to accept anyone's help. At the time that Trinity storms out of Josie's house angry, you don't know why, but by the end, oh boy, it all becomes clear.

When Josie doesn't hear from her sister for weeks, Noah encourages her to go find Trinty and work things out with her. What Josie finds at the cabin where Trinty was supposed to be, wasn't her sister. Her car, her phone, her keys, and a message to Josie was left by her sister, and someone else. That someone else, The Bone Artist, was ready to kill again and Josie feared he had her sister.

Reviewing a Josie Quinn novel is nearly impossible without giving spoilers. The story is weaved so tightly that pulling one string just a little bit will unravel all her hard work in writing a novel that is tight, fast-paced, perfectly paced, well-researched, highly explosive, and always leaves you turning 'just one more page.'

Find Her Alive gets all of Josie's family into the story from her grandmother Lisette to her mom and dad, and her brother, Patrick. I loved getting little glimpses into her family dynamics with the family she was taken from, and with her family who raised her and cared for her all these years. You watched Josie grow personally from page one to the very last page and it was nice to see she isn't a robot who goes from case to case with no emotion. I think emotion is actually the keyword for this novel for everyone, from Josie, to her family, to her team. Even the villain was ruled by emotion.

Her team is always behind her and as always, Noah is her rock. Mettner gets to take the lead for the first time on this investigation and while he steps up and does it, he still learns lesson after lesson from Josie as the investigation progresses. I loved the new addition of Drake, someone who is close to Trinity and desperate to find her. I hope he sticks around.

Find Her Alive will be a bestseller straight out of the gate because the storyline delivers in a way you don't often see in police procedurals anymore, even from the greats like James Patterson and Karin Slaughter. It's hard to find a police procedural that takes you on a wild ride with a storyline so disturbing and twisted that you don't figure it out until she unravels those threads for you one by one, but also offers your heart a little bit of hope in the process. That is exactly what Lisa Regan has done with Find Her Alive. If you have a family member you're estranged from, this novel will have you picking up your phone to call them when you finish the last page. Find Her Alive is a five star read from beginning to end!
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