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Hilarious cookbook... cooking with style.  Author has a simple comedic style writing some basic recipes for your enjoyment. It’s entertaining and boasts some gorgeous pictures to some basic all around recipes in an American style. From nachos, to spinach dip, some gorgeous drinks, and a variety of other basic American foods.

   What did I like? The cookbook teaches you how to stock your pantry with specific easy to keep staples in order to make some basic recipes. The author has a pretty witty flair for the dramatic as he gives you some comedic information while giving you a basic recipe. From his favorite pink color to his love for Beyoncé you can definitely laugh as you search for a fun recipe to enjoy.

   Would I recommend or buy? I would love a copy. The comedic style of the book and variety of the recipes would make this a fun gift as well. I bookmarked nearly all the recipes to try which should keep me busy for awhile. It’s an interesting twist to basic kitchen recipes that will make you laugh.

   I received a complimentary copy to read. Five stars! Worthwhile recipes.
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An excellent cookbook with easy delicious recipes. Highly recommend.
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Basic Bitchen is a fun new recipe style collection by Joey Skladani. Due out 4th Aug 2020 from Simon & Schuster on their Tiller Press imprint, it's 224 pages (hardcover) and will be available in hardcover and ebook formats.

The general style of the text and collection is young, stylish, humorous, slightly snarky (ok,fairly snarky) and fun. The recipes have clever names and the author's voice is over the top in an irreverent exuberant way.

The layout is easy to follow and the recipes themselves are varied and tasty. An introduction covers the basics: stocking a pantry, necessary kitchen tools, and helpful tips. The following chapters include the recipes grouped thematically: Basic Bevs, Snappy Apps, Grand Entrance Entrees, Sinful Sweets, and Brunch (The most important meal of the day).

The recipes include a title, description with yields and prep/cooking time, ingredients in a bullet list, and step by step instructions. Ingredient measurements are given in American standard only (no metric). Alternative ingredients and additions as well as tips and hints are provided in highlighted text boxes. The recipes themselves are fairly straightforward and are made with easily sourced ingredients. Many are very simple, none of them are overly complex.

This would make a good choice for young culinary style-forward cooks, maybe newly moved into a new apartment, or living on their own for the first time. This is a fun niche cookbook. It won't be a staple in years to come, but for here-and-now, it's a fun choice.

Four stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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I wanted to like this book. It was interesting to read but I don’t think I’m basic enough to get fully into it. Several of the recipes sounded really good but I haven’t tried any of them as I was either lacking the ingredients, energy, or time. That said this is a great book to check out from the library as it puts a smile on your face and if you try a couple recipes you could fall in love with it. I could see many people buying it.
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This book is so fun from cover to text to recipe. I love that while this cookbook has your most "basic" recipes, it also provides some not so basic foods that are delicious and easy to manage. There is a whole lot of sassy banter, tips, tricks, and the like. I love that there are already suggested substitutions for each recipe because no one will have all the things every time a craving strikes. This was a great read as much as it was a great addition to my cookbook library.
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An enthusiastic build up to every recipe and a fun Memorable name to each dish. Most dished are common every day makes but there is at least a secret ingredient in each. Loved the cocktails.
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4 Stars! It’s a cookbook with attitude! The recipes sound a-ma-zing! I do wish more photos had been in the book though. Other than that, I really want to try the soft pretzels recipe! The author is full of sass, snark and good recipes! He makes reading a cookbook, fun!
*I received this book at no charge from the publisher and I voluntarily left a review.*
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I think this is a really great choice for maybe someone coming out of university and looking for a no-fuss but still fun and dynamic cookbook. The recipes are fun and inventive, the drinks are creative, and everything feels very much like a good friend guiding you through. As a very experienced cook who often teaches friends and others, this is a great choice if you're looking for that experience but maybe want to explore on your own.

The conversational tone is really fun and easy to follow, and the book doesn't presume you to know things while not talking down to you. This is a great addition to any young person's cookbook collection, I will very much be recommending this one!

Thank you to Tiller Press and NetGalley for this advance copy, I'm loving everything I've  seen from Tiller Press so far. New fan!
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Thank you to the publisher for an advance copy of this book via netgalley!

Love the concept of this recipe book....simple yet elegant recipes! I enjoy cooking, but I get very frustrated by recipes that need so many specific hard to find items! This book is a solution to this! The recipes are pretty simple and the step by step instructions are pretty much cool proof. I also loved the idea of enumerating basic cooking supplies and ingredients you need for a good stable.
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This book was received as an ARC from Tiller Press in exchange for an honest  review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own. 

I could not get over the creativity of the recipe names and the fabulous pictures that came with the delicious detailed recipes. I can't wait to try the avocado toast and the sassy shish to peppers with spicy aioli along with the delicious drinks and smoothies. I know this will be a modern and fun cookbook will be a fun take for our cooking demo and hopefully it will attract more of a crowd. 

We will consider adding this title to our TX collection at our library. This is why we give this book 5 stars.
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Good cookbook! I loved some if the funny stories and descriptions of recipes and thought they were very entertaining. The pictures were beautiful as well. 4/5 stars
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Great cookbook! I loved the funny stories and descriptions of recipes and thought they were very entertaining. The pictures were beautiful as well. I did try one recipe and it wasn't as good as I was expecting because they stuck really bad to the pan (apple cider donuts). However, they still tasted delicious and were definitely a treat meal (tons of sugar lol).
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This is a great cookbook for the beginner or college students.  It explains how to stock a pantry.  It has chapters for drinks, appetizers, and desserts.  I found a few recipes I might try such as pork dumplings.  Each recipe calls for basic ingredients that you probably will already have on hand, and they have simple instructions.  The author gives tips, and provides substitutions for ingredients as well as nutritional properties of the ingredients.  This is not a cookbook for experienced cooks.
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Lots of delicious-sounding recipes. Bitch. No, seriously, lots of bitch puns with fabulous recipes. That’s essentially it. The recipes themselves aren’t too out there, lots of traditional cocktails and comfort foods, each with the Joey Skladany’s own personal twist.
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I absolutely loved everything about this book. The recipes, the pictures and well everything.  I will be buying a few of them as gifts for some of my friends. Definitely highly recommend!
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Attitude is everything and so you get everything in this book! What could be better?!
The book is super fun to read and has good recipes for the food you love to eat. Cocktails, appetizers, bowls, brunch, and dinners with a side order of sass! I laughed and even made my DH listen as I read parts out loud to him. 

Basic Bitchen is a great guide on how to make your favorite drinks and foods and enjoy them without apology. Mixed drinks, soft pretzels, nachos, wings, dumplings, potato salad -  your weekend feast is ready! On the serious side, the book has helpful information for someone just setting up their kitchen and figuring out the whole meal-planning thing. I loved the sheet pan dinner suggestions - although I can vouch that an extra pan of the potatoes recipe will find its way into the oven with this meal. They are that good.  

Thank you, NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book.
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"Replace Hermione's famous 'Leviosa' scene with 'mimosa' and you've got me on a Sunday, but with orange juice and champagne levitating toward my mouth and no magic wand in sight."

This book is my aesthetic and thats that. As soon as I read the title, I automatically needed to try this book and boy did it not disappoint!

This book is defiantly aimed for the younger crowd who are still learning how to do things. For example, the "I just got my first apartment and I do not know how to make anything" person. 
I feel like anyone over that age would not appreciate the book in its entirety. I thoroughly enjoyed the "Basic Bevs" and "Brunch: The Most Important Meal of the Day." I mainly liked the brunch section because as a person who does not like eggs, the majority of the section was not eggs, and that is a rare find and I appreciate it. 

I personally cannot wait to make "Highway to Hell Soft Pretzels" and "Grilled Cheese with Cheesy Fries, aka Rock Bottom" and will be preordering my copy ASAP

Thank you Netgalley for the advanced PDF of this cookbook. All opinions are my own.
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Babe you deserve 5 stars! The coolest recipe book ever! This book is so fun and funny! I laughed at every single recipe name! I love it! The every-day recipes are here to help you, specially of you're in college or just don't have any idea of what to cook for lunch, dinner or dessert. I can definitely see myself making almost all the recipes in this book. There are lots of recipes that I already know how to make, but whatever this book is so fun that I want to have the printed copy! I want to try those cocktails recipes so bad (I don't even drink that much, but now I want it lol). Getting a copy of it for my sister-in-law as a graduation gift! Thanks Joey Skladany for the laughs and great recipes and thanks NetGalley for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Joey Skladany is hilarious, and his cookbook, Basic Bitchen: 100+ Everyday Recipes―from Nacho Average Nachos to Gossip-Worthy Sunday Pancakes―for the Basic Bitch in Your Life is also hilarious. That is not to say he doesn’t know how to cook; rather he obviously is a great cook, and the recipes in this fun cookbook are for dishes that most of us want to cook. 

The whole purpose behind a good cookbook is to have something to cook, so what’s important is that recipes are easy-to-follow, that recipes are appealing to most cooks, and that recipes have enough photographs to entice cooks to prepare the recipes. This fun book includes all three aspects. Skladany has used his humorous imagination to name his recipes, which also adds to the fun.

Of course preparing some of the recipes is a “must do” for a reviewer, and so I tried some of the recipes to make sure they turn out well. I must admit it was difficult to decide which recipes to prepare from this cookbook, but the Nacho your Average Nachos caught my eye; they were fabulous. There are also several sheet pan dinners that are very easy and very good; Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin with its yummy glaze has become a favorite, and we all loved the sauce for the Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner. A Not Disappointing Quiche is also delicious.

If you want to cook great dishes and also be entertained, this is a cookbook to pick up. The dishes are mouthwatering (and mostly easy), and the vignettes and notes are fun to read.
Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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Joey Skladany's writing style is humorous, irreverent, and down to earth. As a friend to a self-proclaimed Basic Bitch this cookbook had be laughing throughout and drooling over the simple yet delicious looking recipes! Joey has recipes in here to satisfy every palate under the sun with ample substitutions and suggestions to make each recipe unique. This is a must try cookbook for anyone looking to laugh as they find their next tried and true kitchen staple!
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