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Bark Park (Bark Park Book 1)

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this was a little more then i expected more geared towards an early reader as my toddlers list interest quickly. The story has a great premise and my 8 year old enjoyed reading along and following the journey. It had a great message and would recommend
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This cute set of three stories revolves around a dog named Scout and her friends at the local dog park. There's nothing they love more than a good mystery. And in these three stories, they have little ones to solve. I think my favorite one is the second one, "Cone of Shame," where Rocky is wearing a cone to keep him from licking the sore on his paw. Of course, he doesn't know why he has it on and isn't sure how it got on him in the first place. It's amusing to read about them trying to get it off of him, and exactly the kinds of conversations and antics I think dogs may actually be saying, thinking, doing whenever one of them is wearing one of these!

Each story has a reason for why it is being told. At the end of the book, each of the "mysteries" is explained with the facts about it. For example, in the "Cone of Shame" story I mentioned earlier, the author explains why dogs sometimes need to wear cones. I really like this part.

The illustrations are really cute and very colorful. This is a fun read for chapter book readers!

Thank you the the publisher for fulfilling my review request via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is a cute little book that helps young readers make the transition to chapter books. My 2nd grade grandson enjoyed reading it himself and to his little brother.
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Scout is a dog who is not interested in itching her ears—but she is itching to find a good mystery to solve. Who popped Molly’s ball? Why is Walter wearing a cone? All of these mysteries occur during Scout’s time at the Bark Park, her local dog park. There is one mystery per chapter. In each one, Scout logically goes through each of the suspects and discovers the red herring. Dog lovers will appreciate the typical dog problems like broken chew toys and cones of shame being turned into fun short mysteries. There are no human characters in the book; the first chapter has a helpful full-page dog character tree to introduce readers to the different dogs that will be appearing throughout. The sketch illustrations add a cartoon element to the dogs, and the bright neon green background of the grass at the dog park makes the illustrations of the dogs pop on the page. The book has back matter with a “More to Explore” section that provides factual information to some of the mysteries, answering questions like “Why do dogs wear cones?” While the mysteries may be simple, the writing does include literary devices like similes. Readers who love dogs or readers who love mysteries will enjoy following Scout’s clue hunting from chapter to chapter. Review based on an ARC.
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3.5 stars. A cute series launch starring Scout the dog and her friends at the Bark Park. Each chapter (there are 3) is a mystery to solve - a popped ball, the cone of shame, and a missing bone. Periodic pictures help readers keep track of which dog is which. Includes some context and background information in the back matter for each story - crows, cones, and dog grooming. Early chapter book readers will love this new animal series.
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The book was packed with three simple but cute mysteries that are sure to light up your mood. Comprising of a lively set of characters, Bark Park establishes itself as a fine chapter book in it's genre. The illustrations were at their best and the story line was straight forward and splendid. 

Towards the end, the author picks out a key element from each of the three mysteries and explains them briefly much to the benefit of the readers. 

Pet owners or kids who love pets would definitely find this one to be an absolute delight.

People at Epic! have done a fine job with the book and I'm looking forward to read the second installment of this series.
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Scout is the smallest dog at the dog park, but everybody knows her! She's quite the detective too! Each chapter presents a little mystery for Scout and her friends to resolve, and is packed full of adorableness! Young readers will adore these sweet animals and will easily be glued to this book.

The pictures that go along with this story are adorable and cartoon-y. It was a great vibe and fit super well with the story.

Overall, this book is super cute! It's for a middle grade audience who loves animals.

Three out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Andrew McMeel Publishing for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
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"Bark Park" is the perfect book for animal loving kids that are inquisitive and like to figure out a good mystery. The book follows the adventures of Scout, an adorable local pup who visits the bark park daily. She meets other characters at the park and is constantly collecting clues to solve mysteries like who popped a ball or what happened to the missing bone. 

Our family enjoyed meeting the diverse cast of animals. My favorite was Sprinkles, the grumpy terrier and my kids loved Scout the small mutt who loves blueberries! The plot wove all of the characters together expertly with simple stories that children will adore. The tales were perfect for new chapter book readers or for younger children with the help of a parent. "Bark Park" is a great option for young readers and families alike looking for wholesome stories in the form of an easy reader chapter book.
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Thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for this free ARC in return for my honest review.
I like this book a lot. Perfect for younger readers or for you to read to your little ones. Cute illustrations of the dogs and the "mysteries" they encounter. We meet Scout who loves a good mystery and this book has 3 separate and distinct tales of mystery as Scout and the gang try to figure out these little mysteries. Well written with good explanations at the end of the book for issues raised in the stories. This is a perfect bedtime book!! Top Notch!!
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Cute story told by a group of dogs who visit the dog park daily..  Each of the first four books has a mystery to be solved as the main character loves solving mysteries.  Each of the dogs have distinct personality traits.  Told from the perspective of the dogs.  I will definitely be recommending this title to my student friends on Epic!
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Anyone who knows our daughter, knows she loves dogs. Absolutely loves them, which means she adores a good doggie book. This book is a longer, chapter style book, so it took me a couple of days to read it to her. Even though it isn’t filled with illustrations, Ada was completely caught up in this story. She loved every bit of it and that shows how good of a book it is! We highly recommend this read, especially if you love dogs!
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This was a wonderful book. Bark Park contains three stories. Scout, the little dog is the cutest version of Sherlock Holmes. With ample blueberries and a mystery, he is all set to bring forth an exciting adventure. With each story centered around Bark Park, you'll meet his friends who are equally adorable.

My favorite story was the popped ball. I also admired the lucid writing style. The author created Scout's character with a good sense of solving mysteries with occasionally clumsy moments which were quite hilarious. Another wonderful thing was the illustrations, they were absolutely beautiful.

I enjoyed reading Bark Park and cannot wait to read more stories about Scout's mystery solving adventures.

A big thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review.

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Maggie is curious, she is like a little detective who investigates everything around her. She has a puzzle that of her busted ball, and now she is on the hunt for the culprit. A fun dog mystery with the ideal sleuth Maggie who loves to sniff the truth out. This book is a gem for all the animal lovers or I think I should say, dog lovers.
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Scout the pup loves to solve mysteries with her friends.  At the dog park, she goes on a sleuthing adventure with three others to solve various mysteries.  Filled with rhyming and fun illustrations, this was a great children's book. I also loved the positive messages surrounding exploration, imagination and having an inquisitive mind. This was a fun and quick book for children who love animals and enjoy asking questions.
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Bark park gives me the Clifford vibe. It is a group of dog friends and others animals at a dog park. Each trip has it's own mystery to be solved. Each chapter takes you though a mystery to find out clues to understand what really happened.  

This is definitely recommended to child who loves dogs and animals. Also, anyone who enjoys Clifford the Big Red Dog. Thos would be a great chapter book for someone just starting to progress from early readers to chapter books.
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My daughter and I really enjoyed reading these short stories together. This book is cute and a great book for a beginner reader.
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It's a fun book for kids and dog lovers! The illustrations are great! The poodles were so cute. The rhyming words was fun as well. Kids will surely enjoy the story and the colorful characters.
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I received an electronic ARC from Andrew McMeel Publishing through NetGalley.
Three short stories presented as chapters in this short intermediate reader book about a dog, Scout, and her friends in the dog park. She wants to solve mysteries and each chapter offers a different one to be solved. The illustrations are whimsical and show the different dogs' personalities.
Second and third grade level readers will enjoy the humor and lighthearted fun.
Would be a terrific read together for families as parents and children can alternate paragraphs or pages.
Looking forward to this series.
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My son loved this book! He is 7 and was able to read the book on his own, laughing along the way. Detective Scout's adventures put a smile on his face. My son loved meeting Scout's friends, Gus, Maggie and Rocky. 

My son's school uses "Epic" online for independent reading so he was eager to give his book a chance. There are lessons taught throughout the book that give more insight into the life of a day, which was fun for us since we recently rescued a pup. 

My son gives Bark Park #1 5 full stars.
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First off we love EPIC!  We read this book for at home school and both my kids thought it was great.  My 6 year old and 3 year old wanted me to make sure that I gave it 5 stars.  The story is cute and easy to follow and the illustrations very well done and bright colored.  Thank you NetGalley for this eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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