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I wasn't a huge fan of the Forger as the MC grated on my nerves but I enjoyed this story which is a sort of "twenty years later"
It's a mix of mystery and historical fiction, Will is a tortured soul who is trying to choose the best for him and his family.
The style of writing is pleasant, the plot kept me attention and I enjoyed it.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I wish I had read "The Forgers" first but it was still an excellent read!  Reminded me a little bit of Poe!
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This is the second book in the Forger's Series.  Wil & his wife hear a scream, when they go to find out where it cam from, they find their daughter shaken and bloody.  She is clutching a parcel that her attacker demanded she give her father.  As he tries to meet the demands of the attacker, he must reenter the world of the forgers.  Can he do what is needed to stay alive?
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This was really interesting.  When I first started reading the book I thought it was set in the past like in the 20's or 30's it did take me a little while to realize it was set in modern times.  I was unaware of the culture of forging books and how that is in demand. I have heard of people forging paintings and letters but not books.  

This book did get a little slow in the middle and there were parts that didn't connect well.  There were a few areas where the story went to nowhere and other areas where you would like more detail.
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The main cast: Husband, Will, a former forger now works as an expert in an auction house. Wife, Meghan owns a bookstore specializing in antiques. Daughter, Nicole, art student who has knowledge about many things, including fancy wine, (how do college art students afford it?), old printing techniques, and ‘copying’ others’ signatures. Bad guy, Henry Slader, sociopath. (His name sounds like a bad guy.) 

Will and Meghan alternate narratives in the first person. Will’s story is stronger and more interesting than Meg’s, as he shares his anxieties about the crimes he’s committed. “Feigning naivete, I took the Tamerlane from her with all the clandestine terror and reluctance that only the deeply conflicted, the very guilty, can possibly know.” Will is blackmailed into committing a forgery of Poe’s rare first book, Tamerlane. I found it interesting to learn about Poe, printing, forging. Nicole is a bit too good to be true. We never get to really know her motivations. I think the book would have been much stronger with her voice instead of her mother’s. The writing was clear, but unremarkable. “What we sought was just like that a known quantity, a safe refuge, an embracing asylum.” “Over the years, I sometimes found myself wondering if I’d made a mistake…Water under the Golden Gate Bridge at this point.” “Assuring myself that nothing providential awaited me in Providence, I logged off.”  I debated giving up after I read, “Everything was glistening, like diamonds winking in the greenery.” Fortunately, the intrigue picked up after that. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The sequel or second book of The Forgers is as brilliant as the first. We revisit Will and his wife Meghan. Although Will has sworn off making his living by forging books, he is approached by his old partner in crime and given an offer he cannot refuse. Much to his chagrin he has to accept and finds that he really does love his old craft.

Together, with a new partner, Will sets out to forge the perfect reproduction. This well written journey into the world of book collectors – serious book collectors, will take you places you never dreamed of. Learn more about the fascinating world of biblio-fanatics and how far they are willing to go to get a book no one else has.

This well-researched book with strong characters will draw you in and take you to an industry few people know. I was completely engrossed in this tale and didn’t want it to end. If you love books, don’t miss this one.
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A recoving forger finds he has one more job to do. He is being blackmailed by old friends to do A poe book of poetry. Actually his first book.
The wife is not pleased and the two daughters influence the story in different ways. Naration by several characters can confuse the reader, who may have to repeat a page or two.

Good read and one that readers will find recurring in their thoughts.
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Looking for a great book with great characters..... a great mystery with twists and turns that you won't see coming?  This is a book that meets those qualifications!
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I loved this book. What a captivating look at a subject I know nothing about. It is a strong well written story that is a compulsive read. Part mystery and part suspense, this is a highly enjoyable story. I highly recommend it.
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I always enjoy a good yarn by Morrow (see my review of The Diviner’s Tale) and this one has Poe at it’s center, which is even better. This novel didn’t have the most sophisticated plot, but it was fun nonetheless. Morrow’s descriptions are really the star anyway.
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The Forger's Daughter is author Bradford Morrow's sequel to The Forger's, a story of antiquarian book forging. The sequel finds Will, the protagonist of The Forgers, his wife Meg and two daughters, living a fairly quiet life. They spend their down time in a cottage in upstate New York but reside in Manhattan.
Will, a reformed forger, is now a printer and his wife Meg is the owner of a renowned NYC bookstore that specializes in rare and antique books.
Twenty-something Nicole is an artist and a talented calligrapher. At an early age she learned calligraphy from her father and has now perfected the art form.
Eleven year old Maise is their adopted carefree daughter who loves to play and ride bikes.
Unexpectedly, Will and his forging past come face to face with his old nemesis, Henry Slader. Slader is a man he hoped never to see again and is now blackmailing Will into forging a copy of Edgar Allen Poe's, "Tamerlane." Tamerlane was the title of a poem by Poe published in 1827 and according to varied sources, it is believed that there are only 12 copies of it in existence.
Nicole, Will's daughter, becomes the Forger's daughter. In a highly irregular father-daughter bonding experience, Nicole and Will have to work together to recreate this rare work of antiquity or suffer the consequences.
Morrow gives the reader a great deal of historical information about Poe and Tamerlane, one of his lesser but great works. 
This literary thriller doesn't require a love of antique books but you must love long, lengthy sentences and a book that drags throughout to see the Forger's Daughter to the finish.
I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley. #NetGalley #TheForgersDaughter
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This was a challenging read. I felt like a wrung out rag when I finally finished reading it. There are several storylines that intertwine and are worth following to the end. What seemed to be a simple case of a missing wallet and passport turned into something more. A simple cleaner at the museum has a secret life that can’t be imagined and is not revealed until the very end.  I really did not like the main character at all throughout most of the book, but had a grudging respect for him toward the end of the book.
Don’t miss this book based on a real event of the flooding of Florence and the loss of life and much irreplaceable artwork. This is the only book I’ve read that a river had a voice. Lots it was quite interesting.
I started reading and then it got stuck in my iPad and I couldn’t get it to reopen sigh.
I received an Arc from NetGalley in return for an honest review. Thank you to the publisher, author and NetGalley.
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To be honest, the book's theme seemed to be interesting but it could never pull me in. Each time I tried to read it, it turned boring with unnecessary details.
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Intrigue and strong characters make a great book. I loved it! I give it 5 stars and a strong recommendation!
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What could be better than a historical fiction about books? I was hoping this book was, but wasn't aware this was book 2. This keeps happening and wish it was put in the books titles.
I tried to get into this. Started out good, but just seemed to drag on and on and was so hard to get through.  I could never connect to the characters, but wonder if I had read book 1, if it had made a difference.
3 stars

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher and author for an ARC of this book.The opinions expressed are my own.
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The Forger's Daughter
by Bradford Morrow
Learned a remarkable amount about Poe and his early edition than I ever thought I would want to know. The idea that his first print was a set of poems not even accepted by publishers lets the reader know how capricious the literary world is. That the Black Tulip (Tamerlane) would be so rare as to find its worth long after his death, with only 12 known copies, coveted by collectors, libraries, and museums. Another copy appearing even with limit  Provenance would make a great boon for any involved. 
Morrow’s mystery of two forgers producing a replication of a 13th copy, to replace the original owner's paplet is intriguing. The detail he went into for the printing, and creation of the replication is amazing. The confounded relationship of forgers and their sources is brought into the story give it a seed of reality.
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After reading this book I discovered it was a sequel to Bradford Morrow's book, the Forger.  I was leery of reading this book because I think every profession now has a book about the daughter. Will has lived a good and honest life for 20 years leaving his life of criminal forgery behind.  Now an old associate is forcing him back into crime, forging a book of Edgar Allan Poe to sell at auction for a small fortune.   His wife Meg, his daughters Nicole and Maisie are all pulled into the web.  I liked the story, it did drag in some spots but I'm glad I stuck it out to the end. I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Expertly written with lots of suspense, The Forgers Daughter is an extraordinary read. Just when you think you have everything figured out, you're back to square one. If you enjoy a good mystery or a tale filled with intrigue, this book is for you.
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Great story that plods along

Mr. Morrow writes every sentence deliberately and evenly. His sentences are descriptive and his story idea is great, but the sameness of rhythm across page after page after page after page after page removed all suspense and in the end drove me crazy. I stopped reading even though I thought the story was excellent.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this convoluted tale about a father, who was once a forger of literary works, now gone straight, and his daughter, who has inherited his talent.
When Will receives a package from a former connection containing what appears to be an original copy Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tamerlane,” he knows he is about to be pulled back into a quagmire with his old frenemy Slader at the center. Although Will prefers that Nicole stay out of what Slader wants him to do, she is all in, in spite of the danger.
Will’s wife, Meghan, is hiding a secret about their “adopted” daughter Maisie that she doesn’t want shared.
All of these circumstances make their way into a tightly woven story that grabbed my attention quickly.
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