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So, I wasn’t sure if I liked first book or not because I thought maybe it just took some time for the characters to develop. However, after reading a quarter way through this second book, I realized that I just couldn’t connect with Guinevere. She isn’t particularly funny or spirited and I felt like she was missing depth to her. Brangien, her maid, had more depth and personality than Guinevere. 
Also, I’m a fan of magical books but not of witchcraft and I felt like this teetered more on the side of that. Adding to that, there were some topics that I don’t feel like should be in a teen book, so I just decided to not read any further. I rarely don’t finish a book but I just couldn’t get into this one.
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Great continuation of the series. Enjoyed the character development, other than Arthur, who still is too much of a mystery. Characters are interesting and real, with flaws and depth. I am enjoying this different approach to the Arthur legend.
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I love the strong female characters and the unique view of the Arthurian legend. It brings the legend to life, and portrays even the city of Camelot as a strong character. Can’t wait for the next book and to share this one with my library patrons!
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This book was received as an ARC from Random House Children's - Delacorte Press in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I have read so many adaptations of King Arthur but non of them were as thrilling and exciting as this one. Finding out that the throne comes with power that you can ever imagine and all that you love and who you love would be severely factored in with your new reign and everything they knew and loved about you in questioned beyond the nth degree. I could not believe all the twists and turns in this book that it left my body in shock.

We will consider adding this title to our YA collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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This is a good second installment, but is clearly a middle book. The pacing was pretty slow for the first 75% of the book. I skimmed the rescue of Isolde and didn't miss much. At that point it was pretty slow. I'm still not sure if this is going to follow the traditional Arthur and Guinevere story or go in a different direction. It will be interesting to see what direction it goes. I think the thing that probably intrigues me the most at this point is what did Merlin do to Guinevere's memories. I'm willing to pick up the next book to see if it resolves any of the mysteries that are still hanging threads.
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Unlike the first book, The Guinevere Deception, this is closer to the Arthur story.  However, we're still in a world that could just as easily be set outside that story.  Example?  The story of Tristam and Isolde is given a serious twist that barely resembles the tale most know.  Another example?  Camelot is a city with an eight-story high castle hewn out of rock (sort of like the city of Petra, in my imagination), which doesn't quite fit with the other versions we know. The female Sir Lancelot is still an interesting addition, leading to several possibilities that are hinted at now and may happen later; the use of magic and the clash between the old religion and the new are less stressed than in some of the versions but is still there.  There are also interesting questions about identity and ones place in the world that are raised, and I hope they play a larger role in the next book. 

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After finishing The Guinevere Deception I was excited to continue the story of Guinevere and Arthur as they navigated through the consequences of the first book. 

Over all this book was interesting, but I had a few issues with how things were paced. I occasionally did not feel the need to pick it up because I was not as invested in the story as I had been in the first book. After the first half of it things began to pick up and I felt more connected to it. 

I thought the author did a great job at making the world atmospheric as we see more than just Camelot in this installment. I hope to see more world building in the upcoming sequel. 

I liked the evolution of Brangien and Isoldes relationship in this book as in the first we only had small snippets. I also think that Lancelot went through major development and became my favorite character by the end of this installment.

I have to say I did not see the plot twists coming, which made my reading experience very enjoyable. The last fifty pages really brought everything that I had not been too sure on together and earlier plot points made more sense. 

I cannot wait for the third book to be released now that I have finished this, even though I will be waiting for a very long time.
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I love this series so much. Great characters and exciting action. I'm already so sad that I have to wait for book 3!
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Now that the characters have all been established in Book 1 it's time for some quests! I enjoyed this sequel more than Book 1, as I became more interested in Guinevere's character development and increasingly complex choices she was faced with. I appreciate the lesbian rep of Brangien and Isolde and hope to see much more of their relationship in Book 3. Although the story moved slower in some parts, I thought the pacing was consistent and done well. I was consistently engaged with the story.
If I can sell readers to get through the slower first book, I know this one will be a hit.
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Well, I'm glad I had an ARC of this to slide right into! Because this was a stunning follow-up to its predecessor The Guinevere Deception, staying in-stride with the same level of intrigue, tension, CONFUSION, lore, mystery and magic. However, I had to begrudgingly detract a bit from my rating, all thanks to King Arthur the Cardboard. I'm sorry, but no amount of literary mastery could save the flop he was, no matter how hard this book tried to make him some sort of deep character. However, the plot did move faster than the first book so that did help balance out my frustration towards certain character arc developments.

Guinevere is still struggling to learn who she is, where and how she fits into the world because she is just simply trying to belong somewhere. And y'know, I understood that part of her character really well . . . which was heightened from the fact that her memories are still jumbled, mysteries made by Merlin still swirl chaotically in her head, causing confusion for her every day . But despite all of that, Guinevere goes on. She keeps trying, she keeps working, keeps fighting to make a space in the world that she can call her own.

After two books, you'd think Arthur might have a bigger role?? Nope, he's still as cardboard as ever! And in this one Arthur annoyed me so much, particularly in his behavior towards Guinevere. Yes, I get that they're young and he's got the weight of a budding kingdom resting on his shoulders B U T—

He just isn't good enough.

Maybe it's because Arthur is TOO GOOD that he's such a flop. There's no decent depth to his character, no driving flaw that gives him a real sense of humanity. He's forever more myth than man, a character aspect that keeps wounding Guinevere more and more as she tries to create something of their marriage, tries to make space in his heart to be more than just his protector queen. But again and again, I just kept staring at the pages, wanting to just jump in and slap some characters around . . . and boot Guinevere off to Mordred.

Guinevere and Mordred truly have more chemistry in half-woven dreams and meetings of just a few paragraphs length than ANYONE ELSE! And if that isn't reason to give me shipping hope for these two, I don't know what is. But really, it was just so awkward seeing Guinevere try to mold herself into something else for others, sad and hurting when it was so hard to earn their love . . . WHEN IT WAS ALWAYS, A L W A Y S AS EASY AS BREATHING WHEN SHE WAS WITH MORDRED.

Yes, I have a lot of feelings about this pairing!!

But, honestly Mordred asks nothing of her and accepts who she is without hesitation. His presence was an unwavering constant in the book as, when Guinevere was always in her most vulnerable and real mind, no acting, she thought of him.

I really don't know what to think about Lancelot. It's a bit hazy where the knight stands with Guinevere, particularly regarding the original myth of their forbidden love. Could it be endgame? I honestly don't know since Guinevere rarely shows true emotion or sparking passion with anyone but Mordred, and even that's through thoughts and glances and feelings rather than action. All I know is that I highly enjoy this rendition of Lancelot, and while a queer spin to that tale would be a refreshing thing . . . there just doesn't seem to be enough groundwork laid out necessarily for that to feel realistic.

Honestly, the way Lancelot adores and seeks for the approval of Arthur is similar to the way Guinevere seeks the king's love and attention to their "marriage".So the two, queen and knight, they felt more like friends, like sisters, than potential lovers from my perception of everything.

Now allow me to end by shrieking about THAT ENDING!! It was everything I wanted but it was also devastation because I have to wait more than a year to find out what happens next. I am confused but elated. I am hopeful but also pragmatical. But, most of all, I am desperate for the final book.
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In the last novel, Guinevere was sent as changeling to protect Arthur. Instead, she did the very opposite. Now, she must live with her actions while still figuring out how to be both a queen and a witch. If you liked the last book, you will love this continuation. More action, more romance, more angst, and more beautiful Camelot.

My favorite parts:
Lancelot. Need I say more? The knight who will always protect her Queen. I loved getting to see Lancelot more this novel. I love her chemistry with Guinevere, how she always see Guinevere for who she is. 
Arthur. I also really liked Arthur’s character development. I always liked him, but he was almost too perfect. We start to see some cracks around the facet. He is still wonderful, but I love peaking at the emotion brewing just under his calm exterior.
Guinevere grappling with the idea that she might always be left behind, or just as bad, unneeded. Perhaps they would all not only survive but thrive if you were to disappear. Who would miss you when you’re gone? This book portrays this fear in Guinevere in such a relatable way that it was almost painful for me to see, because I saw myself.
I LOVED the female characters introduced in this book. They angered me, they charmed me, and I enjoyed every moment of female representation.
Does your past define you? It’s a question that haunts Guinevere but could be applied to any and all characters. Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, Mordred…and numerous new characters. What an engaging question.

There were a couple of things that did bother me about the novel. Something that drove me crazy in the first book and continues to drive me crazy is how Guinevere jumps to conclusions. I always just remind myself that she is only 16, and when I was 16, I was probably the same way. Also, if you did not enjoy the slower pace of the first book, I’m sorry to tell you the slow pace continues. I enjoyed the introspection and various plot lines, but I would not call it a fast pace. At least, not until the later half of the book… 

I can’t wait for the final book. My only regret is that it is so far away. I’m not going to stop reading until I finally know who Guinevere truly is….
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The Camelot Betrayal was even better than the first. The character development was done so well. I felt like I got to know so many side characters and the world so much more. I love the weaving of this tale and that it has so many aspects but it never feels like they weigh the story down. 

Guinevere is still trying to figure out who she is and why she has no memories of the past. Her sister shows up and Guinevere is confused at why her sister recognizes her and does not see her as the impostor she is. She is also trying to figure out why she is afraid of the water and if The Lady of the Lake is her mother. While this book does not deliver answers it has so many other things that happen and leaves you wanting more. This was an ending you will remember and anticipate the finale.
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The Camelot Betrayal just didn’t do it for me. The first in this series left me pretty underwhelmed, but I still hoped White would turn this series around. Unfortunately, it was much of the same, and I became quite bored with it all. I think it’s time to give up on this series.
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The questions of who Guinevere actually is, what her true relationship to Merlin is, and what the hell Mordred is up to follow in this fascinating sequel to The Guinevere Deception.

Honestly, this book focused more on a queer retelling of Tristan and Isolde with a few sprinkles of Guinevere's story here and there, and by "Guinevere's story" I mean "Guinevere making some really questionable life choices". It's an entertaining aside, and I'm always here for queer retellings of classics, but I'm honestly unsure as to how most of this book will become relevant in the next novel. At the end of the book, things are left (both thematically and with respect to character development) in many ways the same as at the end of first book. 

Overall a worthwhile read if you liked The Guinevere Deception and are tolerant of side quests.
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Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I love Camelot and King Arthur retellings. What sets this series apart is it is not only told from Guinevere's point of view, but there are a lot of gender twists. Two examples are Lancealot  is a woman knight and Brangien is in love with Isolde. Guinevere is the apprentice of Merlin and taken the place of the real Guinevere. Tension and conflict arise when the real Guinevere's sister arrives. The pace moves forward well, but I get frustrated with the romance between Arthur and G. She deserves so much more...
I hadn't planned on continuing the series after the first book, but after this one, I NEED the next one!
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This is one of those rare times when the second book in the series is so much better than the first!  I enjoyed the Guinevere Deception when it came in my owlcrate but it didn't wow me as much as I had hoped. Full of more action and adventure, I really enjoyed where Kiersten White took this next chapter in her retelling of Guinevere and Arthur's tale.   I  found this book hard to put down and the character development much stronger. So much action, twists and mystery.  New characters were introduced and old were revisited.  I am excited to see what happens next and don't want to wait! Thank you netgalley for this arc in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Not as much action as the first, but just as good. There’s a little something whether you are shipping Arthur or Mordred, plus a cliffhanger ending that’s going to make the wait for the third book really hard!
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The Camelot Betrayal is the second novel in the Camelot Rising series, a crafty retelling of King Arthur and the stories of Camelot. Skillfully written, White engages readers with court intrigue, a budding romance between Arthur and Guinevere and glimpses into the lives of the characters we know and love -- Lancelot, Brangien and Isolde. There is truly something for everyone in this series -- magic, romance, intrigue and forging your own path. 

Guinevere is queen, choosing to stand with Arthur and protect Camelot. But her restlessness plagues her -- she is an imposter, the Dark Queen has risen and is waiting to strike, and Mordred's words echo in her mind. As Arthur encourages Guinevere to embrace her title and her right to stand beside him, Guinevere just wants to be useful. Soon, Guinevere finds that finding her path in Camelot is not the only challenge she will face -- Mordred seems to pop into her life when she least expects it and the real Guinevere's sister has come to Camelot. Time is of the essence as Guinevere and Lancelot race to determine the real threat to Camelot and Arthur.
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The second in the Camelot Rising series, this continues the story of the changeling Guinevere and her mission to protect King Arthur and Camelot. 

In this Camelot, magic is forbidden, so Guinevere must keep her work secret from all but her closest allies. Keeping Arthur safe is even more important now that the Dark Queen has risen. At the conclusion of the first part of the trilogy, Guinevere unwillingly assisted in raising the Dark Queen, and now must redouble her efforts to resist the pull of her magic and keep Arthur safe. At the same time, she struggles with her own history and relationship with Merlin, which she understands is a lie.

Like most middle stories in a trilogy, this one fills in the gaps left from part one and sets the stage for a very exciting and revealing part three. I am looking forward to part three!
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This book had it’s moments, but overall it was a weak second book to the series.  The characters are lacking and the twists are minimal.  I want to pull for the main character, for Arthur, but it was difficult to latch on to any character and feel connected.  The setting and Camelot was what held the interest for me, but at this point, there’s not a lot of hope of me finishing the series.  There tends to be this thread with young adult that the writing can lack at the expense of the characters and plot, yet because it’s got good cover art it’ll pass.  Alas, it just wasn’t the book for me.
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