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Oh my word, what a finish to this trilogy! So stinking good. Some readers fade off after the first or second book in a series, but that is such a mistake when you’re reading anything by T.I. Lowe. Just go on ahead and read them all, every book. The characters in this series have been so wonderful, and not just the Sand Queens, but their true to life heroes as well. 

I was so moved in this last book by the raw, authentic grief Wes wrestles with, and how Ms. Lowe didn’t shy away from the fact that the grief of lost love  never really goes away. Wes’s story is instead far more like reality, where new love doesn’t erase or fully heal the pain of loss, but it does ease the pain and transforms it if one is willing to make room. 

I also loved how Sophia struggles with her feelings in a very real way, too. A cheating, abusive spouse with a gift for manipulation leaves a lot more than bruises behind. Sophia’s internal warring and journey to rediscover her own strength is inspiring. And the fact they both must allow God to tumble their sharp edges into something new, well, that’s beautiful too.

Also, please give Seth at least a novella or something. I need more of that laid back dimpled charm. Christmas, perhaps? *hint hint*

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The cover is stunning and I really wanted to like this book, but I didn't.  In my opinion, in order to read and enjoy a book like this you have to like the main character.  I didn't like Sophia at all!  Wes was a strong leading man but I couldn't get past how screechy and irritating Sophia acted.  Thank you to Netgalley for this free ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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In T.I. Lowe’s Sea Glass Castle (Carolina Coast Series Book 3), she writes a beautiful story of two hearts that desperately need mending growing into two hearts that are blending. Sophia Prescott has had her whole world turned upside down. She has gone from being the Trophy Wife of a Professional Football Player to a Single Mom who can barely make ends meet. That is what happens when you are the Victim of Domestic Violence and you decide to press charges against your “Important to the Franchise” Cheating Husband. She was a highly sought after professional in her own right before the Team had her blackballed.

Dr. Weston Sawyer knows about broken hearts and broken dreams as well. While living in South Alabama, his wife and unborn son were killed by a drunk driver. His life was changed in an instant and his heart is heavy. He has found his way to Sunset Cove where he hopes to embrace a new and different way of life.

He gets that all right in the form of one spitfire, Sophia Prescott. There are many forces behind the scenes trying to get the two of them together. They are like oil and water! Yet at some core level, they each recognize that deep hurt, neediness and longing in the other. As all things are in the hands of the Almighty, they find themselves working in the same office and must find a way to make things work. They begin to recognize traits in the other that they greatly appreciate and realize they compliment each other. Before long, they can actually stand to be around each other.

One of my favorite parts of this book that she uses Wes to show a man’s true strength of character and resolve when he is pushed to his limit by Sophia’s ex. He handles himself with dignity and grace and does not allow himself to get drawn into the muck with the lesser man. What a great lesson for all of us! This is a story filled with heartbreaks, heartaches, heart mends and ultimately heart blends.

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This is a great love story set in the present day at Sunset Cove, South Carolina. It is about two people looking for happiness after experiencing tragic losses in their marriages. I loved the feistiness of Sophia and the protection she had for her young son! Wes was also a great character.  He showed such compassion and love for Sophia and her son and stepped up at the right moments. I also loved the plot to fake date each other to ward off all the single men and women in the community so they could have the time they needed to heal and get back to life. This is such a great read full of love, compassion, and understanding.  I would recommend this book to readers that enjoy a good, clean romance!
Thank you to NetGalley and Tyndale House Publishers for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review!
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“God must have dipped some water straight from the Caribbean and used it to color in your eyes. Tranquil, peaceful . . . You’re my ocean.”

As if the cover isn’t spellbinding enough, the story between the covers will capture your heart. Two people struggling with loss; neither thinking a second chance is possible. However, the community of Sunset Cove seems determined to bring them together. I loved how much this community seems to love one another, or at least loves getting involved in others lives.  There are pluses and negatives to small town living and Lowe truly let the positives shine in this town.  

“Wes knew he had to figure out how to hold on to the second chance God had presented him in the form of that sassy, sweet woman and her exceptional child.”

The best thing about this story is the group of friends that are brought together.  I loved seeing the couples all get together and help our main characters Sophia and Wes overcome the losses of their pasts. Sophia’s story really drew me in and I love how she finally tears her walls down and lets others in to help. Wes is the swoony, yet widowed doctor that steals your heart. Lincoln and August stepped in to help in true bestie guy form and of course her besties, Josie and Opal, from the Sand Queens of Sunset Cove, are just the women you want on your side. Then add in some gossiping women from the Knitting Club and you have a bevy of emotions from laughter to crying. I’d love to see the guys have their own club and maybe draw in a few of their friends for more to this series!

‘We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed.’” 

This is such an important scriptural theme to remember as we go through the ups and downs of life.  I loved how seamlessly Lowe weaves this lesson into her writing.  Life carries on and it is what we make of it.  Such a beautiful word from her throughout this book and I loved how she brought healing to this couple. Just when they think they don’t have a second chance at love, God and the community of Sunset Cove step in and bring about more than they ever imagined.

Though this could be read as a standalone, I don’t recommend it as you would miss so much to the build up of this series. I love the imagery of how sea glass is formed and believe all three of these novels truly show how time heals us into the transforming love God has in store for us. Don’t miss her message at the end either.  It is truly inspiring.
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"You can live regretting everything that God has taken away from you  or enjoying what you have" Sophia and Wes are two souls who have gone through very difficult things in life: A divorce and being a widower. But in this story they must make the decision.
Personally I have not read the entire saga, but after finishing this warm story I am going to. It is a very easy book to digest and each character has a very different personality, that you want to know  asks more  of each one.

I highly recommend it if you have time and want to read a book that will leave you with a good taste in your mouth. The cover shows the essence of the story.
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Y’all, I adored this book.

I’ve read all three books in the series but this one is absolutely my favored. Maybe because there is so much emotion in this story. So much heartache that Sophia and Wes have to overcome.

And that’s exactly why I kept turning the pages. Kept going with through their heartache with them. I wanted them to find their way through the darkness to the hope of happiness.

The added bonus is you get to see the characters from book one and two and it rounded out the series as this one drew to a close.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley. My review was not required nor influenced.
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Sea Glass Castle captures the love story between Sophia and Wes and is the final installment of the series. These two characters were so broken but together through friendship and faith found a second chance at love. I thought this was a heartwarming and inspiring read. The author has a special talent in writing poignant stories; this one focused on heartache, betrayal, and loss that God redeemed through an unlikely friendship. I especially loved the ending and how the author tied all the pieces together in a beautiful visual description of sea glass. Now I want her to continue with a story about Seth. He needs his own story.
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Not for me.  I thought this would be a sweet read.  I could not like Sophia.  She was so juvenile.  Wes and her danced around each other and had to give E.A. h other space.  Well the whole book was about I want my space, I am not ready, I want you, I don’t want you.  I couldn’t take it.  The conversations felt forced and it just wasn’t for me.  Received a copy from The publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.
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“Wes thought he owed it to her after Sophia had shared the warmth of her laughter on their fake date. It had woken something in Wes that had remained dormant for so long it seemed lost forever. Each time she’d laughed in his presence it breathed a little more life into the withered part of his soul that was supposed to hold hope.”

The past has taught Sophia and Weston that love leads to pain. When their lives entwine, they can’t help but fall in love. But will obstacles from the past destroy everything they build?

 ‘Sea Glass Castle’ was an emotional, meaningful read. Sophia and Weston are still in love with each other’s previous partners and that is unique, it’s different from other romances in this trope. Their dialogue was quite funny. Despite several mishaps, in the beginning, they communicated well. The most important aspect of a relationship, they give each other space. Sophia and Wes are in the process of healing and they find comfort in each other’s happiness. Weston was more admirable and easy to like than Sophia.

“Are you kidding me?” She reached and poked the charming dimple in his left cheek with her index finger. “Dimples… You’re just too much.” - Sophia to Weston

 Ty Prescott, Sophia’s ex-husband had different shades to him. He wasn’t a complete villain and that was realistic. This novel has a massive ensemble cast who were all extremely entertaining. Symbolism was used in various parts of the novel and it worked. The diction suited the mood and the entire plot was well-connected. 

“The sky was painting itself in rich pink and orange, so he focused on just taking in God’s wonderment and leaving the trivial mess of Sunset Cove for a spell.”

Sophia’s got an MBA and a stellar resume but she came off as lazy, whiny, and non-ambitious at the exposition. That’s not accurate as later incidents prove otherwise but she was also mean to Wes most of the time. The knitting ladies aka the town’s gossipers felt silly and forced. They tested Wes and Sophia’s patience, and mine too. Drama was cheesy, but cute. 

‘Sea Glass Castle’ is recommended to readers in the mood for a slow, comfy, romance. This novel contains themes of christianity and it would be enjoyable for readers who connected to the whole christianity aspect of books such as ‘A Walk to Remember’. ARC provided by Tyndale House Publishers and NetGalley. Thank you. 

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This was a quick read with entertaining dialogue. The characters were well developed. It is 3rd in a series of 3 but it's centered around a different character so I don't feel like I missed much by reading it alone. It does go back and forth between the two main character's point of view but I found it easy to follow. Overall, I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend.
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Sea Glass Castle is the third and final book in T.I. Lowe's Carolina Coast series. While it could certainly be read as a standalone, I think you'll definitely get more out of it if you've read the previous books first. Most of the characters in this story had been previously introduced, so it definitely helped in giving a greater appreciation for them. 

This story focuses on Sophia who has returned to Sunset Cove with her son after a very public divorce from her abusive pro football player husband. She isn't looking for romance, but when she meets Wes, a widowed pediatrician- they both find themselves finding healing and perhaps even a second chance at love. These characters were hard not to fall in love with--- Wes is the perfect romance book 'hero' and his chemistry with Sophia leapt off the pages. Still though, my favorite character had to be Sophia's son Collin... he added such a sweet and humorous aspect to the story that really did deal with some rather heavy topics like abuse and grief. 

This was a great ending to the series, and my favorite that I have read thus far... but I must admit I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to this fun and intriguing group of characters. This was the first series I had read by T.I. Lowe... but it certainly won't be the last! If you enjoy a great contemporary Christian romance, this is definitely one book and series worth checking out! 

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.
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T. I. Lowe's book, Sea Glass Castle, is a wonderful ending to the Carolina Coast series .    The characters from the previous books in the series are entertwined in Sea Glass Castle and bring a sense of familiarity to the reader.   As Sophia's and Weston's relationship unfolds it provides a precious story of hope and healing.   The storyline unfolds nicely and reads quickly.   The books in this series definitely need to be read in order to obtain the whole picture but they are absolutely worth the read.   The clean storylines and memorable characters are a breath of fresh air!.   I can't wait to read more books by this author.
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Another fantastic read from T.I. Lowe! Characters are engaging, lovable, and easy to invest in. Writing is fantastic, as always. Flowing and detailed without dragging at any point. Story keeps moving but never feels rushed. I hadn't read the first two in the series, but that didn't detract from this story whatsoever-- now I'm hoping to go back and read them because I loved this one so much! As always, T.I. Lowe is one to count on!
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“Time near the coast didn’t move by the hour; it moved by the currents, planned by the tides, and followed the sun.”

Welcome back to Sunset Cove, a quaint little town set along the coast in this third book in the Carolina Coast series. The Sand Queens are back in full force, with two of the three now happily married and one of them returned back to town divorced and sorely wounded in spirit. Sophia Prescott along with her young son is back in town after her high profile divorce badly in need of a job and some girl time with her friends, Opal and Josie. 

Opal’s new neighbor, Dr. Weston Sawyer, a pediatrician with a sorrowful past, needs an office manager. After meeting Josie in less than ideal circumstances, he is certain she is the last woman he would ever hire. However, best laid plans are often circumvented when someone puts their mind to it. Josie gets a second chance to prove herself capable in spite of her outspoken manner. With sparks flying, are Wes and Josie going to be able to get any work done? 

Read this entertaining summer romance filled with friendship, faith, healing, and second chances. This novel can be read as a standalone, but I believe it works better if you’ve read the first two books to have the background story. A great ending to a charming southern romance! 

This copy was received from Tyndale House Publishers and Netgalley. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.

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Oh the feels.  This book is chock full of 'em. 

Just as the ocean tosses and turns glass, lives tumble through difficult times. But the beauty of perseverance results in a more beautiful life. 

The characters are authentic, the hardships are believable and dealt with in a reasonable manner, with a thread of hope, empathy, and healing.

I was blessed to receive a complimentary digital copy of this book via NetGalley.
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Such a great read. The author writes with such inspiring words, that the plot kept the reader intrigued of what was next. I would definitely read another book by this author. Love this story.
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What a book. Sophia moves back to her hometown with her son . When she starts working at a doctors office.
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In this third installment of the Carolina Coast series, the story centers around Sophia Prescott, ex-wife of a pro football player, and now single mom living back in Sunset Cove with her best friends, the Sand Queens.  As she works to distance herself from her highly publicized divorce, and tries to find a new normal, she encounters Dr. Weston Sawyer, who is also trying to heal from his past.  Can they form a friendship to help each other re-calibrate their lives?  Maybe if they can get past all of their arguments.

This was probably my favorite of this trilogy.  I felt like the characters had really developed, and Sophia and Wes's stories were tragic, without being overly dramatic.  Their grief was different enough to provide comfort for each other, while giving them the kind of empathy necessary for healing.  

I loved that the couples from the first two books still played heavily into this story, making their group of friends wider and ever more protective of each other.  I would love to have more stories that centered around this trio of couples, their lives, and their friendships.

I give this book 4 stars.  I really enjoyed this series as a whole, and I would recommend reading them in order.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publishers, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.
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Sea Glass Castle is aother sweet, inspirational romance in the Carolina Coast series. Wes needed an office manager for his pediatric practice, and Sophia needed a job. Their work relationship and friendship starts off rocky as they overcome some obstacles. In the end, they help each other work through a lot of past hurts and heartaches. If you enjoy contemporary Christian romance stories, you'll enjoy this conclusion to a fun series.
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