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Sara and Matt have three children. Matt loses his job and takes on another project to get some cash flow. Sara also takes more hours at the Centre. 
Matt starts to wonder how good this dating app for fetishes he is working on is actually as far as consent. He then sees Sara, his wife on it on video. And things start taking a very bad turn. Will their marriage last after this!? 

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This is the first book I have read from this author and I cannot wait to read more I was hooked pretty much straight away would definitely recommend this book thanks to netgalley for the opportunity to read this
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This was a fast paced , addictive thriller. Lots of characters to love or hate.. Just like the title is the basis of this book. Everybody makes mistakes !!. Its full of twists , lies and deceit. The story had you thinking one thing and then something else would happen. I couldnt wait to find out how it was going to end.
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One Mistake is all it takes to rock your whole boat.  A trendy tale of a happy family blissfully going about their business until Matt loses his job and Sara steps up to help.  It is a mistake that will haunt her and cause countless troubles.  Sara has a good friend who jumps in the help and meets another friend at her new job.  Favours seem to be a way of life here.  As everything spirals out of control, truths are revealed and must be confronted.
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Good read by Rona Halsall. When Sarah’s  husband Matt loses the main family income through a redundancy, Sarah takes her part time job full time. After all keeping her family together is her number one priority as it’s not the childhood she had.

In a very short time, Sarah’s job is not enough for Rob and he wants to step out on his own but needs the capital to start the business. He knows Sarah had inherited money. What he doesn’t know is that Sarah’s investing did not pan out. There is nothing to give Matt. That may have been the first mistake. The next are creepy, make you angry “mistakes”. What follows is betrayal, abuse and hurt. How much would you go through to keep your family together?

Easy read.
Thank you as always to netgalley and Bookoutre for another great ARC.
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One lie leads to another in a story that I would describe as a domestic family one, rather than a psychological thriller. Well worth a read
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My first book by Rona Halsall and I will be reading her other work after this. I couldn' t stop readiing! 
Sara, a wife and mother makes a silly mistake when trying to provide for the family when her husband is made redundant and it causes her all sorts of problems. I found the story to be rivetting and in no way was it a stretch of the imagination that this could actually happen.
So full of twists and turns that I didn't see the ending coming! 
Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.
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A 3-4 star read for me.  I didn’t absolutely love this one; but finished, which means I have to give at least 3 stars!  It took me a few tried to get into it, but once I did, I did find it to be a decent read.  I think that Sara wasn’t the wisest in decisions, which frustrated me, so I had to give it the extra bit of stars, because I think books evoking emotions are doing something right!  It had a couple thrills, chills, and little shocks!  So, while not my fav, I would recommend picking up a copy and giving it a shot!
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This book, for me, was about a 3.5 star book.  I read A LOT of British thriller/mystery-types like this and this fell a bit flat for me in comparison to others that I've read.  The plot seemed to drag on a bit too long and the ending was very obvious.  I think some publishers are taking a bit too many liberties in calling books "thrillers" ... this was less thriller and more drama, in my opinion.  

Thank you to Rona Halsall, Bookouture and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book! This review was also posted on Goodreads.
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One Mistake is a very apt title for this book.  Sara and Matt have a good life, with a lovely home, twin daughters and a young son who worships his Mum.  Sara’s world comes crashing down when Matt announces he has lost his job.  Sarah only works part time but was a left an inheritance which Dan wants to use to set up a new business. But when checking up on the inheritance she finds that she her investments have crashed and the money has gone.  She dare not  tell Dan and that’s when she makes her mistake.  Sara will do anything for her family as she and her sister had a tough childhood growing up in foster homes.  I found this an interesting story with lies, deceit and much more.  The author takes you in different directions and just when you think you know where the story is heading another surprise comes along.  This book is a good psychological thriller that you will not be able to put down.
Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I really enjoyed reading this book. I did have a hard time with the decisions made by Sara and I was often yelling at her for being such an idiot, but this all added to the drama. I didn’t like her husband from the beginning. 
A good ending though and definitely recommended
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Sara has spent her life supporting her family but has finally considered her own needs and returned to work part time. Her husband comes home with the devastating news that he has lost his job and wants to set up his own company using Sara's inheritance money. The only problem is that the money has been lost in a bad investment.
Desperate to keep this a secret, Sara steals the money from her work. Her colleague discovers this and pays back to money, asking for favours in exchange. Does he have ulterior motives and can her marriage survive the lies...?
I had quite an emotional response to this book as it is very easy to sympathise with Sara who has put her own dreams on hold to raise her family. Matt has worked hard all his life to provide for his family and now feels like a failure and is determined to achieve his new goals. Yet I couldn't help feeling so angry with Matt's selfishness, his devaluing on Sara's contribution. I felt that this was a comment on society's under-appreciation of women's work in the home and the patriarchal division of labour.
There is a great deal of unpleasantness in One Mistake. and it is difficult to know who Sara can trust. As a result of her choices, she is abused and some readers may find this distressing. There are also moments of violence as well.
The tension within the plot and narrative is maintained until the end of this psychological thriller. The anticipation grows and I almost despaired of Sara making herself vulnerable rather than admitting the truth.
One Mistake is the new title of the book, but in reality I felt that Sara makes a whole stream of mistakes. Alternatively, the mistake could be husband Matt's as we discover at the end of the book...
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Rona is one of my favourite authors and I feel like with all of her books, I have witnessed her get better and better, and better with each one. One Mistake is on point, pacey, and very clever. A tale of how one lie can escalate into something much bigger until you have lost all control over it. 

The first half of the book leads you into a direction where the second half keeps you guessing until the final reveal. The story centres around Sara and her husband Matt who are on the brink of some hard times. Matt has lost his job, but Sara tries to solve all their problems - which is where the heart of this story reels you in. This is the point where you never want to stop reading until you know the truth. Had me second guessing everything and a blinding, belter of a twist. An ending that had me in shock! 

A great, engaging and suspenseful read. Keep up the good work Rona and already looking forward to book six!
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How easy would it be to make one mistake like Sara's that leads to our world falling apart? You can't help but ponder that throughout this gripping UK psychological thriller. Sara has always been determined to not repeat history – to give her family the stability she and her older sister never had while growing up. But she seems to be losing touch with her husband and their twin daughters, and her career aspirations and need to be more than a wife and mother are unlikely to be realised. The only part of her family that is stable is her relationship with her young son, and thank goodness for her part-time job at the community centre. Then one poor decision by Sara goes pear-shaped, just as her husband loses his job and they are in dire need of money. She makes a bailout deal with a workmate with vague parameters. And things go from bad to far worse. But just who should she be most afraid of? One Mistake immediately draws the reader in with its atmospheric setting and relatable characters in Sara and her family, that like many people's is stretched by busy schedules, thwarted personal goals and dreams, and financial pressures. The pages keep turning as the plot twists and the story races to its end. 
4.5 stars.
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In my opinion I wouldn't call this a psychological thriller more a domestic family drama, a tangled web of lies that just got worse and worse with no way out! 

When I started this book I found it easy to read but felt that the first half was repetitive and took a while to go anywhere however the second half got more interesting for me and was certainly the best part of the book.
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Sara was brought up in foster care & was determined that when she had a family of her own she would always do her best for them. She & Matt are happy with their teenage daughters & their little surprise,Ezra their four year old son. When Matt loses his job her world starts to crash about her as in desperation not to let Matt know about her losing their savings she gets herself in a position where she owes her boss. Surely accompanying him to some events is a small price to pay? The price seems to be much higher as the lies & deceit mount up.

My feelings were pretty mixed with this book. I really disliked Matt & thought Sara was fooling herself about their 'happy' marriage. I thought she was a bit of a ninny considering she was an intelligent woman! However I did keep reading to see how it worked out. I'd really like to give this 3.5 stars but I've rounded it up to 4. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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I love all of Rona Halsalls books. I was delighted to receive an Arc of One Mistake. 
As a psychological thriller it most certainly didn't disappoint! And it definitely proves how what we think is one little lie can spiral out of control very quickly!!
Absolutely brilliant.
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This story really did not excite me. The plot did not work for me. The characters came off as weak and a bit unlikable.
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This book was amazing from start to finish! It had me gripped from the very 1st chapter which sometimes does not happen. 

Sara’s character was a mother who was doing things to help her family during tough times and all the lies and deceit turned into a tangled mess.

I did not see the ending coming at all and kept me guessing all the way through enough that I could not put this book down.

I’ve been wanting to read the Honeymoon for quite some time and will be looking for this next. 

Tells you she is a good author when you want to read all her other books straight after this.

I can completely recommend anyone to read this. It was absolutely brilliant and thank you for letting me read this through netgalley.
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Wow! This was a bit of a rollercoaster. I never guessed who did it!
The ripple effect of actions is very clear in this story. I was glued to the second half of this story, loving the twists and turns.
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