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Trigger warning:rape

Stalker had me hooked right from the first chapter where we find out the main character is in Jail. Then we jump back in time a couple of months and find out a horrible incident occurred to the main character. How did the victim suddenly become the accused? In a Now and Then format the story slowly unfolds. It was am intense, fast paced captivating narrative. I could not put this one down. Gemma Rogers I applaud your courage for writing gritty thrillers because of the traumatic event that happened to you nearly twenty years ago. 

Eve's life is completely shattered, ripped apart and turned upside down on the way to the train station one Sunday morning on her way to meet a friend. Jumped from behind Eve is brutally attacked and raped. Eve tries to get her life back on track but she has terrible functioning in the real world. Her anger building at the attacker whose still out there, at the police for not catching him. Eve then has work issues on top of everything else. Life and bills are becoming too much to handle. With the help of her flatmate Ben, she begins to regain confidence by going to a gym and buying a rape whistle. Eve has also taken it upon herself to find her rapist, since she doesn't believe the police have tried their best. Will Eve find her rapist? Will he get what he deserves? Will Eve go back to her old self and get a happy ending?
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I really liked the book it was crazy the way thing's happened had me guessing through out the whole book
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Eve Harding is brutally attacked on the way to visit a friend on a quiet Sunday morning. With little to no evidence for the police to go on other than his eye color, Eve feels as if she's been betrayed. Her attacker is free to do the same thing he did to her to other women. That is, unless, she can stop him.

First and foremost, Rogers has a very clear, concise way of writing that I find appealing, and still entertaining. The plot itself was intriguing but her writing style was a definite bonus. This was an easy read, and I finished feeling satisfied, but not amazed.

I would compare this book to a pot of boiling water. It takes awhile to start bubbling, but in this case, right when its just about to really start boiling, the heat gets turned off. It's just not quite enough, but in the end an overall good story comes out. It's just not as intense as I was expecting. It doesn't help that you know what happens pretty much right away. I normally love the 2 timelines colliding to bring you the full story but this one didn't leave much room for surprises or twists.
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A man that preys on the vulnerability of women. A man that believes he is unstoppable. 
A woman that is left to pick up the pieces. A woman realizing she has not known fear until now.  She slowly begins to rebuild her life.

An unexpected encounter. She saves a life. She recognizes the the perpetrator. The hunt begins. Who is being stalked? Who is the stalker? If you ask them, their answers would be the same. 

What a woman is capable of when a man believes himself to be invincible. Let the games begin!

A big thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and Gemma Roger's for an ARC of this title in return of a honest review
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review. It took me several days to get through because of the traumatic nature of the story, but also because I felt as if the story was about ME — so deeply pulled into it, I was. I cried and tensed and felt fear at each instance, through each and every page ... up to the end. Definitely worth 5 stars!
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Gemma Rogers is a fantastic author her books never fail to draw me in racing through the pages.Stalker was so chilling so involving I read it late into the night.Will be recommending the author her latest thriller  and all her books to my friends my bookclub.#netgalley #boldwoodbooks
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This was an intriguing thriller. It started in the beginning but then jumped around in an intriguing way. This was not so much a look at the crime it as about how one recovers from being traumatized and used in the worst ways.  Eve is sexually assaulted on her way to the train and this is her story of recovery as she tries to find her rapist herself when the police don’t come up with anything. Between eve’s past and present are snippets from her attacker. I had a hard time putting this one down.
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*I forgot I already reviewed this title! I love Gemma's books. 

Here's what I wrote about her new novel:

Gemma Rogers writes incredible page-turning novels and if you haven’t read her debut, Stalker, get it right now. That book is one that you read in a single sitting because you have to know what happens and the tension is high throughout every chapter. It would make such a great movie and I hope someone turns it into a film soon!

Payback is also very good and now her third book, Reckless is what I am currently reading and it has me experiencing all kinds of feelings. I’m angry with the main character, I feel sympathy for her, I’m worried about her, and I know things aren’t going to end well for someone…

Look at the plot:

English teacher Izzy Cole wanted a fresh start.  A new town, a new home, a new school.  But when sixth former Nicky Stevens sets his sights on her, he begins to reel her in at a time when she’s most vulnerable. Soon Izzy is risking her family, her career and her life as she finds Nicky wants more than she ever planned to give…

I am halfway through this book but couldn’t wait to share it with you! It’s so good and Gemma is an incredible writer, I’m in awe of how she can create a story that just keeps you tense and nervous and turning the pages from beginning to end.

This book will be published on May 12,  you can pre-order here. It’s only $4.99 on Kindle which is such a deal!
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Quite a breath taking read in some ways. My first book by this author, I was taken in by the swift pace of the story.

Eve was raped, but she had washed away the evidence before calling the cops. Hence the cops were helpless. Frustrated, she decided to catch her rapist.

A book which was thrilling in its cat and mouse game. The whole atmosphere was tense, I was gasping at different points in the story. My heart seeked vengeance and nothing could make me stop reading.

Emotions were plentiful, some made me feel helpless. The attack on Eve was pretty graphic, but the need for revenge which it evoked in me was quite momentous. 

An emotional read.
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The cover and synopsis of Stalker by Gemma Rogers drew me to want to read it. The chapters are labeled with dates when events occur, which is helpful. The first chapter date happens to be my birthdate!! Normally, I'm not a fan of stories that goes back and forth between the present and the past, but this one worked. The story kept the pace and tension forward moving and had me turning pages to get to the next part. The suspect's thoughts were also included in a few chapters, which was eerie and added to the book's depth. 

The attack lasted seven minutes and the book progresses on how that one life-changing moment had ripples effects. 

I'm giving the book a 4-star rating, as some middle chapters could have been condensed or eliminated. The story seemed to take a long time to get to the core of the story with her planning and her relationship with her roommate Ben.

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This was a wonderful novel with characters that draw you right in and don’t let go. The storyline flowed seamlessly and kept me glued to the pages.
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this book was a very good cat and mouse book about trying to figure out who was stalking who. 
the main character, Eve, is on her way to a friends house and is raped. the book gets very detail and graphic about the rape and could be a trigger to some people. 
when she goes home to shower instead of reporting right away to the police, she wipes away all chances for the police to find out who the guy was. when they can not help her she decides to take it into her own hands and go after the guy. 
good story. graphic. 
i was given this book by netgalley and publisher for an honest review and opinion.
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Gamma is a brilliant author. She really pulls you in and makes you feel as though you are going through everything that Eve is.  This was a page Turner and a must read.
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