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"Everyone's story matters." 

What an impact this story had on me! The narrator is unique and unexpected yet adds such an endearing touch to the story. There are many wonderful novels spanning over the years that are eluded to throughout the book. It made me want to enter and experience them for the first time all over again. Mackey's writing style kept me reading way past my bedtime. Both readers young and old will enjoy the story within these pages.
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What would you do if you lost your mother and your father and you had no choice but to go live with an old aunt that you didn't even know? You would be super sad, right? This is what has happened to 13-year-old Piper and her brother, Phoenix. Their father worked in construction and was sent overseas by the American government to rebuild ruined hospitals and schools in a country torn apart by war. One day he went missing and has not been heard from in two years. Then one night their mom was coming home from work on a rainy night when her car was in a wreck and she passed away. With no other family but an old aunt that lives thousands of miles away from their home, they are forced to go and live with her in Maine. When they arrive at the house they are given very strict rules for the huge mansion of a house that seems more like a museum than a house. They are not allowed to run in the house, they are forbidden to eat anywhere except the kitchen, and they are absolutely prohibited from ever going into the library. This might be okay for some but for Piper and Phoenix, this is bad for two reasons - 1) they are avid readers and love all books, and 2) there is a book that seems to be calling their names. That may sound crazy because a book can't talk... or can they? When Phoenix takes the book, Novus Fabula, from the library their lives are forever changed. With the help of Mr. Greene, the butler, and Sofia, the cook, and their aunt's three dogs, Piper and Phoenix begin to slowly heal. But when they find out a secret that their aunt has been keeping, will things ever be the same again? Is their dad alive and if so, why hasn't he come home to them? Will Piper and Phoenix discover that magic truly does exist and if so, will they discover the source? Will Aunt Beryl ever warm up to Piper and Phoenix and make her house a home or will they always feel like an outsider? Read this incredibly amazing story to find out!

This Is one of the most refreshing books I have ever read! Piper is a girl after my own heart! Her love of books and reading makes my heart smile! She is also extremely loyal to her friends and family. Even when things are not going her way (like when all of her books were taken away from her) she still showed respect to those in charge. She was also dealt some tragic cards and even though her faith in God wavered she never truly gave up in Him.  This is one of the most heart-warming stories I have read in a very long time! This has quickly become a #1 story in my book! Please do not miss this book about tragedy, rebounding from that tragedy, family, friendship, love, mystery, magic, and most of all that God is in control and when we are ready to accept Him He will be there for us!
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Thirteen-year-old Piper and ten-year-old autistic Phoenix Guthrie have been sent to live with their aunt Beryl after the tragic passing of their mother. The children’s father went missing two years prior while he was on a special construction project in a different country.
The narrator of this story is a book named Novus Fabula whose name in Latin means “new story”. This book happens to find a new reader at the time when the reader needs it most. 

I thought the depiction of autism in this novel was spot on and presented an accurate portrayal of life on the autism spectrum. I also thought this novel dealt with grief in a delicate and beautiful way. The definition of “Everywhen” was also extremely heartwarming and I found myself reading these pages over quite several times. I may even have them highlighted to read later. 

A big thank you to NetGalley and B&H Publishing for allowing me to read an early copy of this book! 

I have posted my review already over on my Goodreads account.
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Thank you netgalley for allowing me a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are my own. My review in no way reflects on the writer. Just my opinions. 

After a family tragedy. Piper and Phoenix are forced to move in with there estranged aunt and thus begins a new start for the whole family. 

This book sounded like it had everything. Book within a book. Family bonds. Mental health rep. Unfortunately for me this just didn’t work. 

Piper is a self proclaimed book nerd who loves anything to do with book. 
Phoenix is a smart young boy who has been diagnosed with autism and is non verbal. No one knows why. After the disappearance of there father some years earlier then the recent death of their mother. They move in with their extremely rich and uptight aunt at her estate. Where things start to change for the family due to a magic book. 

The book can only be read by a reader once and tells you the story of you. After finding the book. Phoenix starts to come out of his shell and open up more. And it’s passed around to each member of the household. 

Now. My issues with this are. I don’t get it. Like I wasn’t a fan of the writing. It was from the perspective of the book. And the book sounded pretty pretentious. I don’t really understand the message that the book was trying to get across. For me it left so many things opened. I think the religious side of it was just thrown in. It wasn’t consistent just bits here and there. Now I’m now religious at all but I can appreciate it if it’s relevant to the plot. Which I don’t think this is. Also it did not explain how Phoenix ‘knew’ things. I think it’s taking a massive leap of faith in this day in age to assume everyone who reads this will believe in a higher power
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Piper and her younger brother, Phoenix, find themselves in a car ride to Aunt Beryl’s house (or mansion) – their new home. Their father had been missing for two years. Their mother just died in an accident. Phoenix is non-verbal, which makes their transition even more difficult.
But shortly after their arrival, the children find a book in the library. Or rather, the book finds them. This book can speak to its reader. And the Story is different for each. 
The book is called Novus Fabula, or “New Story” in Latin. It is our narrator for this tale. In the novel, the Story within its pages shows readers who they are, deep down inside. What happens next is quite the Story...

This is an incredibly moving novel. It’s engaging. Humorous and witty. Light-hearted at times. Heavy at others. Mackey creates a strong sense of empathy for Piper. The book's examination of faith is one of the most powerful and genuine discussions I’ve heard in a while. Mr. Greene, the butler, is a wonderful role model for children. His Christian perspective comes off intriguing and engaging, rather than forced. He prefers to spend time in those thin places, where you can feel the sense of heaven all around you. Piper discovers her own thin place while reader Novus Fabula in a tree in the garden. 
Three things stood out to me:
1)	Piper’s powerful love for her brother.
2)	The build-up and satisfying conclusion to their father’s rescue.
3)	A fresh appreciation for the power of literature and its ability to speak directly to the soul. 
Christian or not, child or not, this book is a must-read.
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A wonder-filled adventure, with real world truths that stand strong after the last page is turned. 

Piper and Phoenix are a brother and sister, who share a special bond. After the death of their mother and disappearance of their father they are sent to live with their father's older sister Aunt Beryl, where the discover a mysterious and wonderful book.

I loved how this book is told from the perspective of the book, and I couldn't help but think multiple times that this would make a fantastic audiobook read by a grandfatherly man with a cultured accent. 

For me this book struck all the right notes, and is a story that could easily be enjoyed by the whole family, though the target reading level is middle grade/tween. This book will be especially appreciated by booklovers, as many well-beloved books are mentioned throughout, and Piper is a girl after my book-loving heart. 

There are many wonderful characters, I especially liked Mr. Greene, and his kind, thoughtful countenance. Phoenix is a very intelligent boy, and I loved the relationship between him and his sister. There are fun quotes woven throughout the book at the beginning of each new chapter, some real and some made up, and I loved how they enhanced the story. Also this book does an excellent job of capturing the fantastic whimsy of this story, while revealing solid truths in a natural way that flowed within the fibers of the story without feeling forced. 

I went into this book not knowing what to expect, and came away completely blown away and impressed with how well written this book was, and how well it presented spiritual truths. It is a book that stays with you after the last page is turned down, and the more I thought about the things that I liked in preparation for this review, the more things I found to appreciate. This book has a classic and inviting feel to it, and even though the main characters are children I never thought that this story over simplified or talked down to the reader, which brought to mind warm thoughts of Narnia and Mister Rogers Neighborhood. This is a wonderful adventure that I highly recommend for the whole family!

I received a complimentary ecopy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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A magical book provides narration and transforms a family in this new middle grade novel. How would you like to read a book that tells your story, but makes you feel like a new and improved version of yourself? The Novus Fabula is meant to be enjoyed and shared, not left on a dusty bookshelf. A final message reminds us that "Everyone's story matters." Piper and Phoenix will capture the hearts of readers and make everyone wish for such a book. And perhaps we already have one. Could Mackey be using the special book as a metaphor for the Bible? It most certainly contains good news. 

Thank you to B&H Books and NetGalley for a DRC in exchange for an honest review.
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Sometimes a reader can find a perfect book at just the right time. When tragedy strikes, Piper and her younger brother, who has autism, move in with their Aunt Beryl. Aunt Beryl is not used to being around kids. Stuck in a mansion with little to do the children find themselves by reading. 
I love how this book consistently refers to great works of literature. Some younger readers may get confused when the story changes points of view throughout. Overall, this is a great book for people who love literature and love to read.
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The Edge of Everywhen by A. S. Mackey, comes out on May 12th. It follows 13 year old Piper, a young book lover, and her Autistic brother Phoenix as they move across country after the death of their mother. In their aunts house, a strange new book seems to call to them..
I loved this book. It took me a while to get into it but once I did I couldn't put it down. The characters are loveable and I really enjoyed seeing them develop through the story. 
I really enjoyed the religious undertones, that added depth and hope to the story but without being overwhelming. 
This book brought me to tears and made me smile almost at the same time.
This story is simply magical. 4 stars, would recommend
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I am one of the lucky ones that had the pleasure of reading The Edge of Everywhen before publication.

First, I'm going to say, stick with it. When I first started to read, I do admit that I nearly put it down and not pick it up again. Immediately I thought it was very clever being told from the perspective of an actual book, but the first chapter or so was very wordy (for a lack of a better description). I had started to read this to my almost teenager, she didn't want me to read anymore because of the clever big words used and not knowing what some of them were and the over descriptions.

I found myself bored and so picked this up again and again nearly put it down for its references to God. From the way it was mentioned I thought it was going to turn out to be a book pushing religion at me, which is something I tend to avoid as I like to keep my beliefs to myself and don't like it when it feels like people are trying to force their views onto me. I am glad I did not put it down again. Once the first couple of chapters were finished it moved into a lovely flow and was easy to read in the end and I did not want to put it down.

I enjoyed reading about spirited Piper whose love of the written word was endearing. Phoenix, an autistic boy who sends secret messages to his sister, loves books as much as her and has a way with animals as well as his own special gifts.

Mr Greene and Sophia were also great characters and easy to relate to. 

I found it difficult to relate to the aunt because we seldom see her in this book until the end when it is too late for me to feel anything about her.

The father as well, I thought he was a bit short changed. I was very interested to see what would happen and how he would make it back, but felt it was skipped through. It didn't change my like for this title, but it made me wish there was just a bit more.

All and all, I am glad I read this. I will recommend to those I feel will enjoy and I will most likely pick this up again and read it for the second time.
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This was a very unique and interesting book.  I did have trouble at first getting into the book but once I got going, I really didn't want to put it down.  I love coming across something unique.  It's refreshing.  This book felt magical.  A bit like reading the Narnia series.  I loved the christian fantasy feel to it.  I have certain students in mind to suggest this to and I can't wait to share it with them.  I look forward to more from this author.
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I loved this book! This was the first book I have ever read with a point of view of a book. This book began as many books do with two children left at a home with a relative that never wanted them. But that is where the similarities end. It was a book of intrigue and mystery in a beautiful way. The character development and world building was wonderfully done. The way this author portrayed a person with a disability was expertly done. I will wait impatiently for another book from this author.
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