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I must say that in general I iked the book. I enjoyed the story and teh main premise which obviously makes for an attractive book altogether. That said, I foudn some minor details with the book that made it a lengthy read.

Although some background is needed I don't think it is necessary to make a lengthy background for each of the leads, specially when so little of their background affects their role in the story. Also, some of the stories aren't that interesting and were hard to read through (looking at your Alistair). The climax of the book felt a bit....bland but in general I liked the way the story ensues, the main problem is that the task they are asked to carry is resolved with barely any conflict and in general it felt a bit rushed after such a long introduction of the characters. I do feel that this author is worth keeping in sight, since I would expect great things in the future
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I wanted to like this book and I tried really hard to get into it but this is not for me. Long winded and flat characterisation  took away from what was potentially a good story. Was there light at the end of this dark gloomy tunnel, I have no idea as I wasn't interested enough to get there.
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Exaltation by Blair Reeves is indeed a remarkable dystopian Sci-Fi novella given his engineering background and his expertise aimed at writing only technical books and manuals. Though I must admit there are many things which are off about the story many sentences that just won't slide down your neck, it seems it is self-published by Mr Reeves and most probably he doesn't have an editor. The story is divided into four sections that describe the lives and background of the four characters.

Well my first impression of the book, I must admit I was thrilled (and marvelled) and pretty much it continued throughout the book but there is something about the writing which you know annoyed me like the use of unrequired adjectives. I don't know what exactly to say but sometimes stuff seemed like they ain't making any sense

Keeping the technical details aside I loved the book and the story, it was thrilling and perhaps I would love to read more of the author's work.
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The author has tried to piece together road trip, suspense and scifi fantasy into one. Could’ve been a good book, but the story line is slow paced, bumpy, confusing at times! Stars for creativity and definitely not for characters and story! 
Thank you NetGalley, author and publisher
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Thank you, NetGalley, for providing me with an advance copy of "Exaltation" in return for an honest review.

Mr. Reeves has done some admirable world-building in "Exaltation," his second novel. His vision of the mid-22nd century future combines the logical extreme of several current trends (opiate abuse, climate change, implanted artificial intelligence) and some impressive imaginative leaps (a massive conversion to solar energy could make the sun-drenched nations of the Sahara into global powers).

Unfortunately, he has married this complex and scary vision to some of the worst writing to ever appear on paper (or Kindle screen, as it were).

Mr. Reeves has self-published "Exaltation," which I believe means he didn't have an editor. He needs one. Now. His characters are paper-doll cutouts. He indulges in four epic origin stories before the plot takes shape in the last 20% of the book.

And the writing. Oh, Lord help me Jesus, the writing.

Some phrases from a single chapter:

"Whitened rocks" (um . . . they're white, or maybe off-white or dirty white. They wouldn't be "whitened" unless somebody painted them).
"reciprocated in reverse as well" (two redundancies don't negate each other, they compound each other)
"smooth woman's voice" (okay, she's been waxed - why is that important?)

And in the next chapter he delivers the book's absolute corker, which I read aloud to my wife and daughter, who howled in pain:

"eyes narrowed into excited slits in excitement."

I read Mr. Reeves' biography at the end of "Exaltation," and checked out his website. He's a software engineer and the author of several technical manuals, which didn't surprise me after reading "Exaltation." He also seems like a very nice, optimistic guy with some good ideas, which makes me regret pole-axing him with this review (at least until I remember passages like "her eyes were thick and wet"). But he's also an ambitious fellow, and he aspires to be a novelist. As such, he has to learn to take a punch like the one I'm delivering here. If it hurts, there is hope.
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Blair Reeves offers readers some truly badass science fiction. I love the alternative world and future this author has created in Exaltation. Sci-fi is my go-to genre, and I liked this grounded take. Reeves's writing made me keep turning pages to see what was next.
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