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What a great start to a series. Definitely leaves you wanting to read more. Love the characters in this story.
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Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this book for my honest review:

I received this book and the next two in teh series from NetGalley.  I enjoyed it; however, it was very predictable.  I was able to tell exactly what was going to happen before it happened.  

It was very well written and I enjoyed it.  I just wish there was more mystery.  

Scythe is a story of Meimi, who is a hacker/creater who lives off the grid with her mother.  In a world where the government knows what is going on at all times, it's difficult to do.  Her mother is comatose and if they found her, the Authority would terminate her.  

After a series of misadventures, that up until this point hasn't happened before, including her mother coming out of her comatose state, many things happen.  This is a prequel to the series, and I'm holding out that the first main book of the series won't be as predictable.
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Pretty fast passed read. It kept my attention. Meimi is a strong female character who has a love for science and her mother. She does what she feels is needed to survive in a world that gets rid of undesirables like her mother.
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Let's meet Meimi Archer, a high school student, a tech genius who specializes in drft science, caretaker of her mother Rose and who will live the adventure of her life when requesting the help of a being of another dimension to find her lost sister.
This book is the first prequel to Christina Bauer's Mind Drifts series and judging by the ease of its reading and the interesting plot, this new series promises to be a complete success.
A clean and highly entertaining science fiction and fantasy story, highly recommended for young adults and readers of all ages.
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Having never read anything by Christina Bauer, I didn't know what to expect.  What I found was a smart protagonist, an engaging story and the desire to keep reading not just this but all her books.  A quick and easy read, Scythe sets you up nicely for a deep dive into Bauer's world of SFF.  While not groundbreaking or incredibly thought-provoking, it's a nice summer book, easily consumed in a sitting or two.
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Wow. I was not expecting this kind of baddassery from a book. The story grabbed me from the start. It has a bit of everything; baddass heorine, science, action, ALIENS, government coverups, inter-dimensional tracel, portals, and conspiracy. and yes a hottie. This story has the makings to be epic and I can't wait to read more on Thorne and Meimi. This is every geek/nerd/and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast's cup of tea. 

ARC was provided for an honest review.
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Christina Bauer revamps the original book and breaks it into three books, at least this what I think happens (laugh) regarding the “Dimension Drift” series.. I come to this series late in the game and have just started it, to find that what was a two book series is now a four book series, but each prequel has now additional material. 

I say this for the benefit of any readers who already started the series and say, “Huh?!”

Scythe kicks off the “Dimension Drift” series telling Meimi’s version of events before she enters the Echo Academy. Meimi is beyond cool and of course she only has a couple of friends who seem just as cool and want in the badassery of Meimi’s world. 

Bauer has created a world right in my backyard so for me I connected even more with the characters and the story. I think the only part of the story which was confusing to me was how a six-year-old girl stayed off the grid working for a company who is as brilliant as she is and she was not taken for science. There is no real explanation as to why it is normal for six-year-olds to be working, I got the impression she was not doing mill work so I am a little confused on this issue. Maybe it is explained in another book.

Other than that issue, Bauer creates a fantastic world full of multiple bad guys, betrayals, and technology. There is plenty of science fiction and parallel universes to please the sci-fi geeks. Bauer has created quite a task as there seems to be no good guys except maybe the aliens and even they have an agenda.

Very exciting. See you on the Drift.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
This is a promising beginning to a kick ass series about a young woman determined to save her mom and her world. While I did get a bit lost with how quick things were moving through short chapters, I did enjoy diving into this futuristic world. The heroine is truly bad ass as she hacks into computers and battles the bad guys with their own particular made machines. 
Now the romance between her and Thorne seemed a bit disjointed due her knowing so much about him from just watching him in her dreams. I felt thier relationship needed further development. 
Overall a decent YA novel worth exploring.
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This is the first book in a series of four. It's a great introduction to new characters and worlds. I look forward to continuing the series.
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Needs a name change if it wants to be considered for any List for YA Novels. "Sythe" is already a title of a YA Novel that has won many awards. Considering the Sythe Character is not truly a main character I would consider a Title Change
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Meimi Archer is a badass science prodigy for hire who is willing to get her hands dirty to protect her mother. At the young age of 16, Meimi sometimes attends high school but usually spends her days and nights working on projects for the local criminal overlord, Scythe. 
Meimi doesn't really live in the brightest world. She takes care of her mentally unstable mom and protects her from the government's cleansing program, in other words, death. However, she is her own bright light. Meimi stays optimistic, upbeat and full of her own sense of humor that kept me cracking up.
As Meimi prepares to pick up parts for a deal she has that will keep her and her mom safe, everything suddenly starts going wrong.  This is when the action really begins and the reader gets to see just how badass Meimi really is. And, trust me, by the end, you're not going to be able to wait to pick up the next book!
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Scythe is the first book in the Dimension Drift series, it is a 100 page glimpse into Meimi Archers life. 
I loved meeting the characters in the Dimension Drift series. Meimi Archer is this brilliant and sassy 17 year old. She can do incredible techy things like build a portal to another biggie! Never mind she having dreams about a guy she has never met before, and when he shows up in her reality?! There is definitely more to their story and I am itching to find out how it all ties together! 
This book was entertaining from start to finish! I can’t wait to read Thorne’s story and the next two after that!
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I appreciated the strength of the main character, Meimi Archer, and her tenacity plus dedication to science. 

The novels sets the stage for an ongoing saga. 
You quickly learn that this future America is far form utopic. People hide to avoid extermination as an undesireable.

Meimi and her mother live in an abandoned factory. Trying to stay off the radar of the government. To keep this status quo, Meimi takes on projects from a criminal, the Scythe.

During a brief lucid day for her mother, they open a portal and ask for help finding her sister.
This introduces Thorne, the 'weakest' prince of Umbra.

When he and Meimi meet, there is a connection that runs deep. He is the man of her dreams (literally) and he recognizes that she is his transcendent. And just being so makes it dangerous.

Add in a betrayal by the Scythe and things start to get more interesting.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the protagonist’s chirpy voice, which is just as well, because she does spend quite a chunk of the book chatting to the reader. As I’m a soft touch for an engaging first-person character, it didn’t particularly grate, but I’m aware that some readers have found it a tad annoying. I liked the world and the premise – and the fact that while our nerdy girly spends a fair amount of time explaining the sciency bits, she allows the world to unfold around it.

I wasn’t quite so engaged by the appearance of the alien, but the writing and pacing worked well, until the rather abrupt ending. This is a prequel, so that isn’t the dealbreaker it might have been, and I zipped through this one fast as I wanted to know what would happen next. It was an entertaining, escapist read when I really needed it, and it comes recommended to fans of sci fi adventures featuring human/alien romance and plenty of adventure. The ebook arc copy of Scythe was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest opinion of the book.
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Do you know that feeling when you start a book and you just know this is not the book for you? You just can't get into the writing and no matter how hard you try to push through you just have to DNF it?
Yeah, that was Scythe for me. 

Xpresso Book Tours gave me the opportunity to read this series and do a blog tour post in May for Echo Academy. I really couldn't get into it which makes me sad because I really hoped I liked this series since it would be mean that I had a couple of books I could binge read. Alas, the odds were not in this book's favor.

The writing was sloppy and well, quite frankly, a mess. It felt more like a middle grade book than a YA novel, that's how simple minded the main character was. 

It's clear I won't be reading the rest of the series and I'm putting this one on my DNFed pile and I'll never look at it again.
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Meimi is great with everything science and tech.  She creates this tech for the Scythe to keep her mom and herself off the grid.  There are two choices in the United Americas.  One – you live in a domed city and are constantly being monitored.  Two – you live outside the dome and try to earn illegal money where you can.  Meimi is doing a good job of keeping her family safe until one of her jobs goes sideways.  She temporarily sends her home into two-dimensional space-time and now the government is on a mission to find out what happened.  What will she need to do to keep her family safe?  What sacrifices must she make along the way?

Scythe is the first book in the Dimension Drift series.  Goodreads has it listed as a prequel (#0.1), but this is the book I started with on this adventure.  This is a short book and will most likely cause readers to stay put and finish in one sitting.  I enjoyed reading about the tech and it is always nice to see an underdog stand up for their rights.  Since this book came out several years ago, I already have the next book (Umbra) ready to read and I recommend other readers get this series soon.
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This book has great plot and story. The charaters function well and interact with each other well. The world building is beautiful and I can't wait to see what happens. Unfortunately it was kind of slow but other than that it has potential to be amazing.
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Wow, this was fun! A fast-paced adventure, which manages to let you get only enough information to get hooked and wanting to read more.

To be recommended for everyone looking for something new and exciting!
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This is the first time I've read anything by Christina Bauer, and I'm definitely looking towards reading more. This was a great book.
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