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I was not the biggest fan of this book. In fact I didn't finish it to be completely honest. I just didn't connect with the authors writing.
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This was a decent read. I liked both main characters. The plot had a nice flow to it. It was definitely a slow burn, which I prefer over the insta-love story. I look forward to reading more from this author. I recommend. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Heired Lines was my first Magan Vernon novel and I enjoyed it. British vs American, royalty vs commoner, this romance between the British Lord of Webley and the American antiques curator he hired, was a sweet, heart warming, slow burn romance that will at times have you laughing aloud.
Natalie and Gavin were engaging, likable characters. I loved how Gavin was protective over Natalie and I loved her sweet, caring personality. They had great chemistry from the start and you will be rooting for them throughout the story.
With back and forth banter, family drama, and the inclusion of some awesome rescue dogs I enjoyed this royal romance and would recommend it to all lovers of contemporary romance.
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Stars: 3.5/5

Thank you to the publishers for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I admit it took me far too long to get to this story - it was the perfect romance read I was looking for. It's so cute and fluffy and I really enjoyed it.

If you like royalty, balls but irl then this is for you - it's very cute. I keep saying it but it's true. There's a lot of pining and dogs. A LOT OF DOGS. And blushing. It's an adorable romance read with a pretty good plot. It's somewhat of a slow burn, though I can't say it feels like one. 

The plot is ok - I get it's not supposed to be realistic but a few things i'm like 'hmm that's a stretch' but I enjoyed it nonetheless and a girl like me never stops dreaming of being a princess and this story gives that to you.

The writing is also okay - not great but good. I know you should show, not tell in writing but this showed too much. So much blushing and hiding behind hair.

Now characters - Gavin is cute, charming, you name it. But so much jaw clenching! The characters in this book struggle with self control and decision making. It's all a part of the story - I get that and it really does make the story but scenes were so repetitive. Anyway - Natalie. She's cool, I love that she's a curator but can she decide if she's sassy or insecure? Sure, you can be both but it was confusing? I did like that I never knew what she would say next.

The supporting characters were mostly unlikeable until the end and i'm sure that was the writer's point but it was slightly off-putting. 

WARNINGS: mature content, class discrimination, bullying

RECOMMEND: for lovers of the royal family and fancy castles and romance with smut. 18+ please.
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Heired Lines is the first book that I have read by Magan and it was an enjoyable modern Cinderella romance. 

Lord Gavin has just inherited his own manor and needs help going through his Aunt’s belongings. Natalie and her family are drowning in debt from her mother’s sickness, so when she is contacted by Gavin to be his curator she jumps at the chance. Natalie with her sassy, confident and love for history captivate Gavin from their first meeting. 

Gavin is under immense pressure to marry someone of title from his very traditional mother. He is broody, a little gruff but is kind and sweet. Natalie is quiet but can hold her own and has a quirky love of all thing’s history. From their very first meeting their mutual attraction is obvious and they are very comfortable around each other. 

Although the book is quite well written, I couldn’t connect with the characters as much as I would have liked. The plot was intriguing, though the beginning felt a little bit rushed and far-fetched. There was low drama and low angst. These are my personal opinions and feelings and although it wasn’t a favourite, you may really adore it. 

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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Slow burn? Check
rich & gorgeous guy? Check
Quiet, beautiful, smart girl? Check
Poor girl with money issues? Check

Adorable story? Check!

I enjoyed this book so much!  Did it have the normal cliches that a book like this would havE?  Of course! However, it was cute and it was such a fun read!  I will look out for more of Ms Vernon's books
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Melt-your-Kindle hot and a great romantic story. Loved this one!

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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So I didn’t particularly like this book straight from the beginning. This was too much of a slow, meandering story for me. Natalie was ok, but really didn’t interest me. Lord Gavin, ok but not particularly the kind of man I usually enjoy. 2 stars for nobility and British setting.
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I liked the concept and this setting of this book but that's about it. The dialogue was cringy as was the audiobook. There wasn't a whole lot of substance either. It's a pass. 

I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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If you picking up this book, by the cover alone, you know what you are getting. It is filled with the common rich boy means poor smart girl. Seeing that I picked this up knowing what it is I will say that it hit home with all i excepted. Rich sexy boy, smart poor girl, evil mother, mother makes move with girl leaving and boy going after her after he stops being stupid. Yup clichés all over the place. This is as advertised!
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Natalie is so funny and I love how great her character is. She deals in collectibles and knows what she's talking about. When she finds something rare at a market she posts it to sell it. What she doesn't expect is to get an email right then and there from someone who know the product. Gavin is the man who wants to hire her to go through his aunts place and tag all the antiques and collectibles. What these two don't realize is how much of a chemistry they have, but she is there to do a job. And well he's someone important and no matter what she does she won't be able to live up to the status. Gavin can't ever stop thinking about Natalie but he has a responsibility. And now he's about to blow everything up. Find out what happens with these two.
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Unfortunately this books was so boring. I never believed the characters relationship and the main character was just so irritating and dumb that I could never get on board with her. I was excited for a rotary romance but this wasn’t it.
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I couldn't fully enjoy this book as I couldn't really feel the chemistry between the characters. The only connection I really felt was when they were talking about the deathof Gavin's Aunt and Natalie's dad and the empathy they have towards each other. I felt that we didn't really get to know Gavin through himself. It feels like we get to know him more from Natalie's perspective that from his own. I still enjoyed this book. It was sweet and perfect if you are just looking for a feel good read that will make you happy and fuzzy inside. I think that I have also read too many romance novels this month so I am finding the pattern to be pretty repetitive as they all have pretty similar plot structures. I did really love Natalie as a character as she is very loyal to her family and she is taking the job from Gavin so that they can pay the medical bills from when her mom was being treated by cancer. I admired her love of the history of the objects that she was studying and her love of comedy from her dad.

*Thank you to Entangled Publishing for a copy for an honest review*
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4 stars

Heired Lines is a stand alone book by new-to-me author,  Magan Vernon. This story was a sweet,  slow build romance between an American historical curator and the Lord who hires her to catalogue the many artifacts in the manor he inherited.  The story has many cute moments as the both out awkward each other on occasion and definitely highlights the many differences between Americans and the rest of the world. While it was very cute, I found the story lagged in the middle and I usually expect more heat with my romances (our first kiss was about 80% into the book).

If you're looking for a lighter read, this is a good choice.

AnnMarie - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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I had such a rollercoaster relationship with this book. I almost dnf'd it because it had every possible romance cliche known to man, and this is coming from someone who loves a cheesy romance. But I pushed on  and ended up enjoying it. It's a slow-burn romance, and was cute and cliche.
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4/5 stars

I really liked Gavin and Natalie's romance story involving British nobility, family, antiques, a nerdy heroine and tons of Great Pyrenees. This story definitely sneaks up on you. It's a slow burn, sweet and banter filled romance and then it hits you with sexy towards the end. I honestly could have done with a few more sexy parts, but I still liked  the story overall. I also enjoyed both characters slowly getting to know each other throughout the book and how it all came together in the end.

Thank you so much to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this  digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Lord Webley needs someone who has the same respect for his great aunt's many belongings to value & curate them. After a spirited exchange, he hires Natalie, but never expected to feel anything beyond professional respect for the recent college graduate who's desperate for debt relief.

This book was a slow-burn, royalty-themed romance. Natalie's zest for life was a direct contrast to Gavin's stuffy, reserved life. Their exchanges were fun, banter-filled, and oozed sensuality. The secondary characters really helped to give the overall idea of a forbidden, yet adorable romance.

I recommend this book. I was glued to the pages of this surprisingly sweet & fun romance until its end.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.
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Gavin and Natalie were drawn together despite not really being in a position for a relationship.  My heart went out to Natalie as she tried to provide for her sick mom and sister.  Their family dynamic was so sweet and loving.   They were tight and supportive, understanding of each other.  Then there is Gavin, a sexy Brit, wanting to take care of Natalie.  He was a little abrupt in the beginning, a very hard outer shell, but a tender heart underneath.  The puppies, scarves, dresses, castle, not nice mother of the hero all put together for a very nice fairy tale.  And on top, one of my favorite characters,  Meredith.  There was something special about her.  My only thing missing was I would have loved more with Natalie's family. 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
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This book was cute.  I definitely felt like I was mostly reading a Hallmark movie. I liked the banter between the two main characters. My complaint was that I didn’t really feel like I got why these characters loved each other.  The love story wasn’t rushed but that made the fact that I didn’t feel like I saw these characters fall in love even more frustrating.
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Heired Lines was nothing that I expected. I was expecting Lord Gavin to be a giant kind of a jerk who then had to get his head out of his rump to win the girl, but that is not at all what we got. Heired Lines was a slow burn beautifully done story.

Natalie has graduated from college and is struggling. Her mom is recovering from cancer treatments and the bills from the hospital and college are piling up. When someone contacts her about a job to work and look at old artifacts she jumps at the chance to pay her family's overflowing pile of bills. When she gets there she doesn't expect Lord Gavin to be so sexy and sweet. The more time they spend together the more she struggles to remember she's only there for a job.

Lord Gavin needed someone to help him organize the stuff in his late aunts' house for the historical society. Finding Natalie was a gift he didn't truly realize he was getting until he sets eyes on her and realizes how sweet she is. His family wants him to marry someone of royal breeding, but all he can think about is Natalie.

Heired Lines was a fabulous read. I loved reading about then tension between Gavin and Natalie and how each interaction both brought them closer and pushed them away from each other. Simply fabulous. The writing, characters, and pacing were simply amazing and I can't wait to read more from this author.
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