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Cute story by a new author to me. Gavin and Natalie’s story was a super super slow burn but the humorous undertones to the book made it enjoyable. Gavin mainly kept his distance cause he knew that her being a commoner there wasn’t any hope and if he ever forgot he was reminded over and over again.
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I absolutely loved this book! It's the best contemporary romance I have read in a while. Both main characters are amazing. I loved how they met and the chemistry between them is off the charts. This is one of those slow burn kind of stories that I just love reading.
Gavin hires an American curator to take care of his estate but what he didn't anticipate is to fall for the said employee. His family is no ordinary family and there are certain expectations that come with his title. He should know better than to fall in love with an American. What kind of a mess is he going to create for them both?
Natalie is a historian who is having a hard time finding a job. So when a guy asks her to fly to another country to work, she says yes. Frankly, she needs the money and this seems like an ideal job. She loves history and curating for an English lord sound like a dream come true. What she didn't sign up, is the family drama and the hunk of a guy she is now having a hard time resisting. Can she do her job and fly back home, keeping her heart intact or is she going to be in real trouble?
All in all, Heired Lines is a delightful read, and I recommend it to all book lovers. I hope you enjoy this fun, romantic story as much as I did.
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Hot British nobility...check, young American spitfire...check, a bunch of cute and adorable puppies living their best life on the castle grounds...check.  This book had all of these things along with a great romance to boot.  I can not say enough great things about this book!  This was the slow burn I never realized I needed.  We first meet Natalie as she is working her way through flea markets trying to find a rare gem to sell on her eBay page in order to help pay down her mother's medical bills.  Little does she know when she posts a rare vase that a noble Lord from across the pond would respond challenging her history and knowledge about the place this vase is from, Webley.  The Lord, Gavin Webley, is looking for a curator to come in and catalog the vast amount of antiques that his Great Aunt Sarah had collected.  Little does he know that this spit fire from America would be there to not only work on the castle but also his heart. 

This was such a slow burn I found myself screaming at my IPad for Gavin to just kiss Natalie already that when it finally happened I was cheering for them in the best way.  The way Natalie held her own not only with Gavin but also with the rest of his family had me smiling from ear to ear and cheering her on.  I really hope Megan decides to give Hugh and Cecily stories as well.  I would love to see them get their HEA's as well as be able to catch up on what is going on with the Lord and Lady of Weble (and of course Ponce too).  

Thank you to netgalley and Entangled Publishing for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review.  .
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Natalie buys antiques at garage sales and flea markets and then sells them on Ebay. One antique catches Lord Gavin’s eye and he ends up hiring Natalie to go through his late aunt’s belongings for the historical society in Webley, England. Of course while working together, they start getting closer.

It was a little slow starting out. I got more into it about 40% in and then I was hooked for the rest of the story. Based on the synopsis from Goodreads, I expected Gavin to be more of a jerk and a hate-to-love romance. It’s a lot more tame then I expected. I still liked it though. At the end there is a line from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, so I was super confused whether this was supposed to be inspired by that because I did not see the inspiration or she just thought it was a good line.

I received this ARC from Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for my honest feedback.
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Heired Lines was an okay book, but I think I was expecting more from it based on the blurb. It was a very slow burn, and that burn wasn’t exactly sizzling for me. Gavin blew hot and cold, Natalie had a backbone but she spent much of the book looking down at her feet or her hair curtained her face. That was mentioned often. Neither was the firecracker that Gavin’s brother Hugh was. 
My other issue was, pick a name for the male anatomy and stick with it! And please, although it’s a “royal” story, don’t use “member”! It’s not a historical romance. 
Heired Lines was a quick read, but it’s not going be a book I remember in a week. It’s not a bad book, it’s just not for this reader.

My thanks to Netgalley for the advance copy; my review is honestly and freely given
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With a masters’s in history, there is no denying that Natalie Reeder loves history. It is with her knowledge that she is able to spot items that might be valuable and that’s exactly what she finds at a flea market. When Natalie posts the item up for sale on eBay, she quickly gets an email from a rather pushy person wanting to know more about the item and her qualifications. This would lead to them exchanging emails and to her surprise he offers her a job. A temporary summer position as his curator to help clean out his family’s estate in Webley, England. 

If there is something that she has always wanted to do is to personally experience all the history that she has been studying for so long. So she takes the leap of faith she has been dying to do and accepts. Little did she know that by working for Gavin Webley would her life forever. 

I enjoyed the overall concept of the story, it was interesting and the chemistry between the characters was off the charts. It’s clear from the very beginning that their is a sexual chemistry between them, but Natalie has to remind herself that she works for Gavin and there can’t be anything else between them. As the two start to get to know more about each other and about his family’s history, there are obstacles that they both must conquer if they truly want a future together. I found myself liking Gavin, he is kind and protective over Natalie. On the other hand, Natalie has caring and smart personality. The town itself was interesting and how it’s important to Gavin’s family. I do wish the author could have added more details towards the end of the story, it felt a bit rushed for me. All in all, if you love a quick romance with some royal history involved than I would highly recommend checking out Heired Lines.
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2.5/5 stars

I requested this book the minute I read the description. I’m always looking for new NA to read, and expected this to be comparable to RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE by Casey McQuiston (one of my favorite books of all time!) or a more mature version of Netflix’s A CHRISTMAS PRINCE. Unfortunately, this book was rather tawdry and did not live up to my expectations.

What I was looking forward to most was the romantic and sexual tension between the main characters. Especially since the description promised an “enemies”-to-lovers trope. But HEIRED LINES didn’t deliver. The tagline says “he’s a royal pain in the…”, but (Lord) Gavin isn’t that much of a nuisance. Sure he is “trouble,” but only because of the forbidden feelings he stirs in Natalie. Truthfully, though, Gavin never really comes off as pompous, so I couldn’t understand why Natalie is so frustrated with him—and she’s never so irritated as to “want to throw one of his precious vases at his head” like the flap/back copy suggests.

It seems HEIRED LINES is meant to be published only as an eBook at about 175 pages, give or take. Since the book is so short, the pace is rather fast—almost too fast. Don’t get me wrong, I liked how quickly I was able to read through the book. The book is slower in the beginning and picks up about halfway through, and I appreciated this balanced pacing. Yet, I still feel like there was room for more. I wouldn’t want the story to be bogged down, but I would have enjoyed the fast pace a bit more if some of key scenes were slowed down and expanded in order for me to really get to know the characters and their dynamics. To say this book is “predictable” or “surface level” would be an apt description, in my opinion.

The redeeming factor of this book is the level of detail. The story really knows how to focus in on the settings and the characters’ body language. I had an easy time imagining everything, which allowed me to become enveloped in the story. I think I was most impressed with how little bits of information (character traits, setting features, etc.) consistently appeared in the story. For example, when Natalie first arrives, she says she doesn’t need anyone to serve her food and that she’ll just make herself a PB&J. Later in the story, Natalie imagines her mother back home, in her rocking chair, “eating peanut butter and jelly so she wasn’t a burden.” I learned so much about Natalie by connecting these seemingly insignificant details! (Disclaimer: As an American, I have no idea how accurate the cultural representation is in this book.)

HEIRED LINES alternates between Natalie’s and Gavin’s points of view, so their characters are established fairly well. I particularly loved the emotion and the contrast in Gavin; one minute he’s stoic and bossy, and the next he’s sheltering puppies or cherishing his memories of deceased Aunt Sarah. However, Natalie’s narration was still more preferable to me. Not unlike Gavin’s typically blank countenance, his voice wasn’t very noticeable. Aside from sounding like a horny teenager, that is. His thoughts are so stop-and-go that it’s actually disorienting. I think the writing overall could have been more seamless. The secondary characters could have been a bit more well-rounded too, since they are either stereotypical, inconsistent, or only function as tools to further along the story.

Finally, for NA, this book wasn’t too raunchy. There are 1.5 semi-explicit, but short, sex scenes. My one complaint about the sex scenes in HEIRED LINES: “his member.” And since I am on the topic of cliché words and phrases, I got so sick of reading “I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding” in this book.

For the level of detail and appealing premise (and the puppies!), I would give this book a bit higher rating. However, as a whole, HEIRED LINES just felt a bit lacking. Gavin and Natalie are adorable together and I did appreciate the slow-burn romance, but I wasn’t fully invested in their relationship or the obstacles hindering their ability to get together...which is supposed to be the pinnacle of the romance genre. While this book was not for me, I still think HEIRED LINES is a cute NA contemporary romance meant for a quick escapist read.

**I will post my review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and will update my Netgalley feedback with these links, after the title releases in May.**
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A slow burn romance between the hot British royal and the American commoner, yes please!! This book was sweet and reminded me of a Lifetime or Hallmark channel movie in how it all plays out. It was definitely the book that you read when you want a pick me up!

Natalie and Gavin are two VERY different people but at their core, these opposites have so much chemistry between them that it was fun reading how everything unfolded and progressed. All in all, I really enjoyed this book and thought it has a sweet taste that readers will enjoy completely. I totally dug it- 4.5 outta 5 from me!

PS: Thank you to Magan Vernon and Wildfire Marketing Solutions for allowing me an advanced copy of the book to read and review honestly!
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When Natalie's offered the job of her dreams, of course she takes it. Not only will it give her much needed money to pay down her mother's medical bills, but it will give her the opportunity live in England and work with antiquities - her passion. And she gets to stay in a castle. AND her new boss is a gorgeous Lord. Swoon!

But alas it's not to be all smooth sailing because Gavin's mother cannot have her son with a *gasp* poor American commoner, so she does her level best to keep them apart. It doesn't matter that it's obvious Natalie and Gavin have serious feelings for each other, his mother only sees her common status. Will Gavin let his mother keep them apart?

Heired Lines is such a sweet, slow burn story with a little heat, a sexy Brit (love me some British men!) and a sweet heroine. What more could you need in a good quarantine timed read?
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I liked this book. The best part about this book for me was the romance and chemistry between the two main characters. I also liked the way this book was written, it kept me interested the entire time that I was reading it. The only reason this is not rated higher is that I did not like the chapters written in Gavin's (the main male character) as much, which is unfortunate. Overall, a good reading experience.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance.
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ARC provided by Entangled Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. I loved the description of the book when I requested it. I thought the location of the story was great. I loved Natalie and Gavin as a couple. The story was a bit boring and I needed more drama. It took me awhile to get into the story. The drama picked up at 70% in the book. I also thought having 30 dogs was a bit much. How can anyone give each dog the attention and love they deserve?? I enjoyed the story, but didn’t love it.
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During the first half, Gavin's the one pushing Natalie away because he thought they need to remain professional. Then on the next half he said it's her who's pushing him away because of their different status. Well, I don't get it. I don't really feel their chemistry or connection between them, they don't talk enough about themselves, mostly they talk about historical stuff. I would love it if they share more about themselves with each other.

It's enjoyable enough, but I was hoping for more. I thought it was going to be more exciting. But it was a let down. The pacing and the progression of the relationships, not just Gavin and Natalie's, but also her relationship with Gavin's family was not really smooth. It was an abrupt one, I'd say.
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Natalie is just a blast of sweetness with a touch of the klutz.
Taking an assignment with Lord Gavin ends up becoming a bit more of an adventure than our Nat was ready for.

There is a whole lot of push and pull building up to the final capitulation.
I adored Nat for not giving up - She wanted to see him smile and her natural tendency to just live and let be seemed to do that. And when the wicked witch reared her ugly head (what a piece of work)trying to darken the magic ...
Her Lord found his way and saved the day

This has it all -
All the magic you could want in a solid happily ever after
Castle ✔️
Everyday Gal working herself to the bone ✔️
Grumpy boss ✔️
Evil being labeled a mother ✔️
Lots of furry animals ✔️
A sweet as pie housekeeper ✔️
A prince or lord in this case ✔️
A ball ✔️
A happily ever after ✔️✔️

The overall story is sweet in its telling
A bit bumpy build in the beginning till around 30%
Then the story seemed to find its footing and had my full attention
A sweet read that checks all the boxes
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Have I ever read a book with many cliches and still felt happy reading it....Yep....I am like that. Sometimes sweet romances do that to me. 

This is the first time that I am reading a book by author Magan Vernon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The cover page is attractive and the blurb did hint at the story being of poor girl rich man love story theme but I wanted to read a romance with nobility in it 

I enjoyed the story. The story is a about a working class girl from North Carolina US who is a Graduate in history and has her own website where she sells pieces of art which she scours from flea markets. Natalie is hardworking, has a loving mother but who is unwell and the family is in debt because of her medical bills. So when she gets this offer from Lord Gavin of Webley to apprise and curate the historical pieces in his manor she immediately takes up his offer as the remuneration would have solved her problems. Lord Gavin of Webley had inherited this manor and title from his aunt Sarah. The chemistry between Natalie and Lord Gavin can be felt from the first mails they write to each other. 

So to learn what happens when Natalie finally reaches Webley and joins her work and to know how the relationship between the boss and employee progresses you have to read the story. 

The things I liked in the story, Natalie as a strong character, her spunk, her witty comebacks, her thoughts going through her head.....Lord Gavin trying to keep his aura of the lord yet unable to stop himself from reacting to Natalie's comments. 
The cliched character of the 'evil' Lady Helena and on the fence Sister Cecily.....

I would have loved to see a bit more drama in the story. 

This story reminded me of the bollywood lovestories or the sweet royal stories that I have seen in Hallmark. I like both these so no regrets. 

If you want to read a sweet romantic story involving Nobility, a beautiful manor, a handsome Lord and a sassy American girl then you should definitely pick this one up. 

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book received from Netgalley and Entangled publishers All thoughts and opinions are my own"
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Natalie is a curator who is struggling to pay her mother’s medical bills, so she finds herself searching flea markets for antiques to sell on line.   When she is approached about a job offer that would solve all her problems, she can’t turn it down even if it means leaving the short and working in England for the next four months.

Gavin finds himself in need of assistance when he finds himself the new owner of a manor that is filled to the brim with antiques that must be catalogued for the historic society.   He is intrigued by the woman he met on line but that is nothing compared to the attraction he feels for her when he sees her. 

There is no denying the chemistry and connection between them but when everyone believes that a Lord doesn’t belong with a commoner is their romance destined to end before it really begins?

Fun and flirty I really enjoyed the interactions between Gavin and Natalie as two people with very different lifestyles prove that the only thing that really matters is love.
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This book was a really cute read.

From their first email exchange it was easy to see Natalie and Gavin's connection. Natalie has a love for history and antiques so she was perfect to catalog the contents of the estate Gavin inherited.

As they spent time together, Gavin and Natalie grew closer despite the big differences in their lives. I thought Magan Vernon did a nice job creating characters that are relatable and genuine, especially Natalie. Gavin seems a bit stuffy at first glance but he is a good person with a big heart.

Both Gavin's siblings and Natalie's sister are part of the book and I hope we also get their stories!
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I was so taken by this book! Magan Vernon gives us a quirky book of a girl who loves her history, a lord who just wants the stuff cleaned out of his aunt’s place and every little debacle that these two could get themselves into. I adored the connection that Natalie and Gavin have and the banter between the two. Their chemistry is sizzling and I adored how Gavin was so taken by her that he couldn’t walk away and would do anything to keep her. There were some interesting moments that keep you on your toes as well through this and I thought it was an utter blast to read. If you want a unique and quirky story, pick up Heired Lines because you will not be disappointed in the wit and humor plus those sizzling moments that will have you swoon!
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*ARC kindly provided via NetGalley. This is my honest opinion.*

You know me, I love royal romances, so I couldn’t pass this book without giving it a try! I have to say that it was definitely a winner! The cover was the one that piqued my interest at first, and the story was what kept me reading!!

Natalie is a historian, struggling to pay her mom’s medical bills. History always excited her, so when she receives an email from a stranger offering her a job in England, she can’t decline. This is her chance to do what she loves and earn enough money to help her mom. Lord Gavin Webley couldn’t anticipate the change that an American woman would bring into his life. When he offered Natalie the job, he couldn’t fathom the connection they’d have.

I really enjoyed the story! I could feel their connection and I was rooting for them from the start. Lord Gavin is definitely a favorite character and I must say that the cover model fits his description perfectly!! Natalie’s excitement about history was apparent and it made me want to search more about all the history facts. My favorite part of the manor has to be the puppies! I mean who wouldn’t love to have more than 30 puppies running around and spread joy!!!

My first book from the author was a winner! I really liked her writing style and I’ll make sure to check out more of her books! If you are looking for a sweet royal romance with an undeniable chemistry between the characters, you found it!
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Natalie needs to make money quick to help her mother pay her medical bills.  When she receives a random job offer halfway around the world, she can’t say no, even if their first interactions rubbed her the wrong way.  

Gavin, the new Lord of Webley, needs a curator to clean out the manor he has inherited.  He’s completely intrigued by the newly graduated historian he comes across online and offers her a job on a whim.  

American co-ed and English nobility . . . they can never be a match, but their attraction is too much for either one of them to ignore.  The more they try to ignore it, the hotter it burns.  Flirtations and witty conversations soon start to turn into more.  But, how can two people from such opposite worlds with very different expectations have a happy ever after?

Heired Lines was my first Magan Vernon book, and I am hooked!  It was an amazing slow burn with a truly delicious push and pull between the main characters, Gavin and Natalie.  I absolutely adored his couple.    

Gavin is really fighting to escape the expectations his parents have for him and instead to be his own man.   It’s clear how much he cares for the manor he inherited along with the town his new title makes him lord over.  He wants to be a good role model and leader for Webley without giving in to the pretentiousness of his station.   

Natalie is super sweet and still somewhat innocent in a way.  I adored her genuine love for history and how she can’t help but to share it with anybody and everybody that will listen.  It’s clear she cares for Gavin as a man, and not for his money or things, even though his money would have solved all of her problems.

Gavin’s mother, of course, has plans to do whatever she can to make sure a relationship between this pair doesn’t happen, and it’s up to Gavin to find a way to make things right and to fight for who and what he wants as the Lord of Webley!  And, the ending is a real show stopper!  5 stars!
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Meh, not for me. Very quick read, bland characters and storyline similar to many others. Unfortunately there was nothing that made this book stand out for me. Maybe a rabid royal fan would enjoy this book more than I did. Ultimately I found it rather forgettable.
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