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3.5 stars When Gavin inherits a castle full of his great aunt's possessions that need to be sorted and cataloged, unemployed recent history graduate Natalie is the perfect person to hire. Gavin hires her and moves her from North Carolina to England, and it's quite a culture shock for both of them. 
I found Gavin to be much more likable than the book blurb portrays, and the romance to be much more of a slow burn. Natalie and Gavin definitely had great chemistry, and the book is told in alternating POV. The ending felt too quick to me. Overall, a good story with main characters and a couple you wanted to root for. Easy, quick read.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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With Natalie's mother's medical bills being impossible to manage, Natalie takes a job curating artifacts in England. She was fortunate to find this job, and, not only will she be able to pay the bills, but she will be able to get a jump on her career as an established curator. When she meets Lord Gavin, she is more than drawn to him, despite his buttoned up nature.

However, Natalie has more than enough work to do, as does Lord Gavin, so any attachment either forms with the other will definitely have to sit on the back burner. Also, even though Natalie begins to notice that the handsome Lord Gavin likes her as well, she must contend with his overbearing mother, someone who sees status as the all important factor in any relationship Gavin forms. This certainly leaves Natalie out of the picture.

While the pair work hard to identify and value the multitude of items in the castle, the story flows along with a slowly developed romance. Then, when things finally looked good, there was a wrench thrown in the plans. For a quick royalty romance - rich lord/poor girl fall in love - then this is just the right read.

Many thanks to Entangled and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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I liked this book! This book started of great! It caught my attention right away! It slowly started to stall out for me around the half way point. It is a definite slow burn! For those that like slow burns you will really like this book! Towards the end it started picking up for me. It just left me wanting more! 

Received an arc for an honest review
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I am royally smirking. (It's a thing!)

Heired Lines is a smile inducing happily ever royal kind of book. It guarantees a happy ending and a dopey grin with a side of sighing.

Swoon if you must, I'm sure Lady Sarah has an original fainting couch somewhere. This Lord knows how to woo a lady. (I'm snickering because its totally not true!) He doesn't want the American curator. He just can't see to stop needing to be in her presence.

Despite what they want, it seems these two will get exactly what they deserve.

Also can we talk about the food bill for over 30 dogs... I just want their dog food/treat budget! 😉

Oh and can we please, ease get a Natalie guided tour! Ms. Vernon could you set that up!?! I need to get on the waitlist ASAP. Webly sounds like my dream, hoarder rooms and all!
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I've always been a fan of Magan Vernon ever since I've read The Only Exception—Trey and Monica had left a lasting impression on me.

This is like a modern day take on the Cinderella story, where Cinderella is a neophyte antique curator and Prince Charming was the Lord of Webley Castle.

It's was a slow burn for me, to the point of making me really antsy... making me wonder if they will really end up with each other.  The push and pull was cute at first but I felt like it was practically like that for most of the book.

Overall, I did enjoy the story but I just wish there was more in between. More butterfly-in-my-tummy moments... more jealousy, more cute drama... but this is just me.

If you're looking to read about a dashing english nobleman falling for the typical American girl next door, then this is the book to pick up next.
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Heired Lines is a very sweet fast paced, slow burn romance between an English Lord and an American curator. Their original meeting over the phone while Natalie is trying to sell a vintage vase online opens up opportunities for both characters needs. Natalie needs the money to help with her mothers hospital bills, Gavin needs someone to curate his aunts vintage collections.

Natalie moves to Webley, England for the summer with a job offer she couldn't refuse. At her arrival, she learns she'll be staying and working in a castle, and her boss is the handsome and uptight Lord of the castle. What could be better than a full historical adventure for a girl with a master in history with a thesis on European antiquities and their importance to modern society? Right! Natalie and Gavin's feelings for each other becomes obvious to everyone around them, starting drama with Gavin's family because of Natalies status.

This book has all the tropes for a classic hallmark movie trope of the rich man falling for the poor girl, wanting to help her, evil mother of his trying to sway her away from her son but sometimes tropes are classic and if you like that, I think this is the book for you.
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Magan Vernon is a new to me author and after finishing Heired Lines I’m definitely going to be reading more from her. This one is a slow burn British royalty and American commoner romance. 
Natalie is fresh out of school, her mother has mounting medical bills when the job opportunity of  a lifetime falls into her inbox. A Lord from England needs a curator and she is the perfect person for the job. Lord Gavin is rich, a lord, good looking and kind of comes across as a jerk in the beginning. Two people who wouldn’t normally cross paths are now forced to work together and to fight off their attraction for one another. 
This is a slow slow slow burn and I was rooting for Natalie and Gavin from the start. I loved their banter from the beginning and their chemistry once they finally met was great. However, I was also getting frustrated at all the almost moments throughout the book. This story also had somewhat of a fairytale vibe for me with the Lord, a commoner, a wicked mother and of course, a ball. 
Heired Lines is a fast paced, slow burn, sweet romance that will have you laughing out loud a few times. For any fans of royal romances this one is a MUST READ.
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A modern fairytale. Natalie has a degree and a pile of bills like most 20 something young Americans. She is selling items on EBay to pay her mom’s medical bills when she gets an unimaginable job offer. Gavin has just been made Lord of Wembley when he stumbles upon Natalie’s post about a vase from Wembley. From the moment they connect online sparks are flying. In person it is even more pronounced even as disaster looms. She has to deal with a snobbish family and society rules she is unaccustomed to while they fight their feelings for each other. In the end the heart wins out and the family comes around to give them their fairytale ending.
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If you love a slow burn romance, this is the book for you. Natalie is an American history and antique lover who is trying to take care of her sick mother and struggling when she gets an email from Gavin questioning her expertise after posting an antique from his small town in England. A small town he happens to be Lord of. After some heated messaging back and forth he gives Natalie the chance of a lifetime and a job that could be the answer to some of her problems. There is some great chemistry right off the bat between Lord Gavin and Natalie but with roadblocks, like a stuck up mother in the way these two have  their work cut out for them to make things works. Luckily enough for them an HEA is in the cards. 

**I was provided with an advanced readers copy of this book courtesy of Entangled Publishing via NETGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review**
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4 stars
I really liked this Magan Vernon book. It reminded me a lot of her early books (which I loved). It was a cute story  about a royal love story. Cute and light. Great read by the pool!
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Natalie wasn’t expecting Gavin to be nobility!

Natalie Reeder was trying to make money to help pay her mother’s medical bills when she offered a vase for sale stamped Webley, England. Natalie was surprised when she was questioned by a possible buyer named Gavin Webley about the vase and after some back and forth, he offered her a job to help clean out his family’s estate in Webley, England. Natalie was surprised that the buyer was Lord Gavin Webley who had inherited the Webley estate from his Great Aunt Sarah. Gavin’s security team had vetted Natalie, but he was surprised that she was more interested in the historical items in the house than she was in him.

Heired Lines is a different twist between nobility and billionaire romances because Gavin knows everything about Natalie, and she couldn’t find him on the internet leading to some fish out of water feelings for both of them.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I love royal romances and I did enjoy this one! Gavin is swoon worthy and his romance with Natalie was cute. It was a bit predictable but it kept me engaged and I enjoyed it. Thank you to netgalley for the arc!
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Oh Gavin, you sexy grump. He needed Natalie to bring his playful and loving sude out. And she needed him for much more than just a paycheck! I really love this story!
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This is a slow burn romance that borders on mind numbing. It is so slow and, while there are cute elements, it's lacking almost anything interesting. Usually with a slow burn romance you can still feel the growing tension, this one was lukewarm at best. The characters where likeable enough but didn't have any real draw for me. 

I rarely mention editing when reading arcs because I understand that this is not the final product. However, if I have to read one more time about Natalie "flitting" from one place to the next, I'm going to lose my shit. She would just flit all over the page. Please there are more ways to move a character from one location to the next. 

That being said, I started this review thinking I was going to give the book 3 bland stars. As I come to the end, i realize that I did not enjoy this story and therefore feel that this is more 1.5 stars tops.
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Heired Lines was a likable story and I did for the most part find it engaging to read. As the characters were pleasant, the setting interesting and the storyline relatively drama free. But there was just something about the story, the romance, and most importantly the characters that I didn't connect with, and if I'm honest, I found it a little clichéd and a bit like a Hallmark movie just with added spice. Yet, I can't deny it was sweet and easy to read, and I'm sure fans of the author will enjoy it.
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4.25 Stars / 3 Steam Fans

If you are looking for a slow-burn, royalty workplace story, then this is the book for you! Natalie is this budding curator that is trying to pay for her mother's medical bills when she stumbles across a fantastic find at a flea market. After she posted the discovery online, she is contacted by Lord Gavin with a job proposal. With an offer she just could not refuse, she jumps at the chance to work with more amazing artifacts in England. Upon arriving and meeting Lord Gavin, you can feel the attraction between Lord Gavin and Natalie. As I said, this is a slow burn romance, but that does not stop the sexual tension that built up as the story progresses. I enjoyed this twist of a royalty romance. I appreciated Magan Vernon sharing with me that her muse for Lord Gavin was Armie Hammer, which enhances my enjoyment of the story just a little bit more.

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If you don't mind jumping over a few things and letting others go than this is great. It skips over a lot of stuff and you just need to kind of accept it. 
The romance is almost instant attraction and it gets hot. I enjoyed that part of the book but everything else just felt super forced.
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This was a fast read, but a super slow-burn romance. Which, while I enjoy some anticipation, I like when there is some sort of physical contact between the MCs before 65% of the book is done. Which is why I did not give this a higher rating. 

I found Natalie and Gavin to be enjoyable. Mostly formed, but both could have used some additional character development. A fun version of the royal/ commoner trope, with the delightful bonus of Natalie being a history buff and unabashed nerd. Also, the story line with the rescue dogs was just so sweet, and really endeared me to Gavin. 

I don't really understand why Madison's boyfriend was brought up multiple times throughout. Nothing came of him, so it was unnecessary. Also, it felt like Natalie's family and their story was just dropped halfway through. I think there could have been a better conclusion there.

Overall, this was a pretty fun read. Not my favorite, but a solid take on this trope. I would definitely try another book by this author in the future.
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This is a modern telling of a family of royals. It does not paint royals in a good light. It stars Lord Gavin who has inherited his aunts home and all her treasures, and Natalie a young woman from North Carolina who is a historian and also who needs money badly.

Gavin hires her to come to England and tag all his aunts treasures for the towns historical society. Gavin is seriously sweet, kind and cute and even his brother is very sweet. And the maids and employees at the estate are kind. But Gavin's mother, father, sister and assorted friends are horrible. They make the nobility in England seem pretentious and mean spirited.

This is a standalone story that takes place in England. I really liked both Natalie and Gavin. But this is also a VERY slowburn story. Only the last few chapters of the story do they even kiss. Mostly because  Gavin is Natalie's boss and he knows his family would object. While I dont typically like slowburn stories, this really worked as Gavin has all the power in this relationship and they wait until they cannot resist anymore.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. I liked this book. I found the  characters fun and Natalie is in a unusual job.  Gavin is a Lord but is pretty down to earth.  Just a nice fun read. 4 stars
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