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I was not initially impressed with Elliot's character as he planned to seduce Nina into marrying him. But as the book progressed, I liked his character and understood that he was protecting himself from hurt because of how he was raised. I liked Nina in the beginning but it annoyed me how she was just using Elliot to get what she wanted. Both of them weren’t without their flaws but I liked their story. It had all the feels and showed them growing as characters as they fell in love with each other. I would recommend giving this book a chance. 

This is the fourth book in "The Infamous Lords" series and can be read as a stand alone. 

* I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review*
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This was a very nice book. The characters, Nina and Elliot, are in love with each other but just don't know it! The plot moves along at a nice speed developing the love story between the characters.
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This was a great story. Thank you allowing me to read it. I love how Nina got the courage to live her life for herself and not her family. I love how Elliott set out looking for money and found love. Im very eager to read Meg's story. Maybe she will fall for Talbot.
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A fun read with low angst. I really enjoyed this story -- Nina was a great character, and the interactions between her and Elliot were fun.  Their motivations made sense and I found their attraction believable. The mystery plot was a bit contrived, but overall this was a good read.
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Renee Ann Miller blends humor, charm, intrigue and searing emotion in the latest stand-alone instalment of her Infamous Lords series, Never Conspire with a Sinful Baron.

Last season, Lady Nina Trent thought that she had the world at her feet. Betrothed to one of the Ton’s most eligible bachelors, Nina thought that a lifetime of marital bliss awaited her and that that she was going to spend the rest of her life with a man she was head over heels in love with – until she discovered that her Prince Charming was a rat of the highest order and the engagement fell through. With her imperious grandmother constantly hassling her about her single status, Nina realizes that she cannot afford to dally and that she needs to make a suitable match. When a new aristocrat who ticks all of her grandmother’s boxes comes to town, Nina thinks that she has found the perfect man – unfortunately he seems more concerned with fox-hunting and sports to pay her any attention. However, the wickedly seductive Elliot Havenford, Baron Ralston, has come up with the perfect plan to ensure that Nina gets her man. But Elliot and Nina quickly realize that perfect plans do have a habit of going awry…

The burden of duty and responsibility lies heavily upon Elliot’s broad shoulders. With two dilapidated properties on his hands and no capital whatsoever, Elliot is a man in desperate need of a fortune and he thinks that he has found the perfect woman to help him achieve his objectives: Lady Nina Trent. Although Elliot is well aware that Nina hopes to capture another man’s attention, he convinces her to allow him to tutor her in the art of flirting whilst he subtly seduces her himself. Nina’s dowry could help Elliot replenish the barren family coffers and enable him to restore his two houses to their former glory. Elliot think that his plan is foolproof – only he hadn’t counted on finding himself drawn to Nina and falling head over heels in love with her.

Love wasn’t supposed to form part of the equation, but the more time Nina and Elliott spend together, they more their feelings for one another intensify. But are they ready to admit the truth about their feelings for one another? Or will they let their fears and their respective responsibilities towards their families get in the way of their happy ending?

Renee Ann Miller writes with great flair and wit and in Never Conspire with a Sinful Baron has penned an enchanting, entertaining and enjoyable historical romance that sparkles with sizzling banter, compelling emotional drama, nail-biting intrigue and red-hot sensuality. 

Nina and Elliott are wonderfully rounded characters readers are just going to fall in love with. I swooned over Elliott and loved Nina’s intelligence, resilience and generous spirit. Never Conspire with a Sinful Baron also has a great cast of supporting characters – I especially loved Nina’s grandmother who, despite being rather scathing at times, reminded me of Downton Abbey’s fabulous Lady Grantham.

A wickedly witty historical romance, Renee Ann Miller’s Never Conspire with a Sinful Baron is sure to delight aficionados of the genre.
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Never Conspire with a Sinful Baron by Renee Ann Miller is story that develops slowly while getting to know the cast of characters. Filled with fun and unexpected twists, the story is well written and a fun read. I especially liked the strong lead characters.
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I loved the cover.
I liked the book.
I liked the main heroine. 
The Baron was kind of too flirtatious for me at times.
Overall good book to read if you like historical romance as me.
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I love the when a rogue helps a girl fall for man that does not deserve her trope!! (there has to be a concise name for this but it is not in my brain currently). 

Lord Elliot needs a bride with a good dowry to pull him out of debt left by the previous Baron.  Lady Nina fits that bill but she wants to marry a Duke.  Lord Elliot agrees to help her make said Duke jealous in order to turn his attentions towards Nina but Lord Elliot does not expect to enjoy his time with her so much.  Lady Nina feels she is doing the right thing by wanting to marry the Duke and does not want to fall for rogue again.  She is determined to find a man who is faithful and safe but Lord Elliot makes her feel so much more.  

A really fun read that took you from London Ballrooms to country house parties.  Lord Elliot and Lady Nina are a fun progressive couple with passion, kindness, and a little danger.
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Fake  courtship and lessons of seduction is my catnip. I really loved that this book was beyond the marriage mart, the heroine and hero are looking for work. This was a smart and really good historical romance.
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Never Conspire with a Sinful Baron employs the he-pretends-to-court-her-to make-another-guy-want-her trope, as well as he-gives-her-lessons-in-seduction. The twist in this book is that Lord Elliot Haverford really wants Nina Trent for himself. She is a wealthy heiress and he needs money badly. Nina has already been burned by a near-marriage to a cad in love with his mistress; she has no use for the flirtatious Elliot and wants to marry the dull duke. But she slowly falls under his spell during their subterfuge.

This is definitely an enjoyable book. I especially enjoyed Elliot who was a much better man than he realized. I loved how he accepted the aging servants that came with his run-down property and his uncle's old bloodhound. There was a danger plot that added to the story. Elliot and Nina had quite a bit of work to do to make it to their HEA, but it was a fun trip.

ARC provided through Netgalley.
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Lady Nina Trent is under a great deal of pressure from her grandmother, the Dowager Marchioness of Huntington to make a good match and protect her family’s good name and reputation.  The Duke of Fernbridge seems the perfect candidate, even if he is more interested in his own sportsmanly prowess than anything else.  The only problem is that the Duke doesn’t really seem to notice Nina.  So when Lord Elliot Haverford, Baron Ralston, a well-known flirt, comes up with a plan to catch the Duke’s attention, Nina readily agrees.  Elliot will feign interest in courting Nina in order to coax the competitive duke to notice her, and he’ll also teach her all about the art of seduction.

Having inherited a rundown estate and a title lean in the coffers, Elliot has his own reasons for his plan to help Nina.  He’s in need of funds and her dowry would help him restore his estates.  Though there are other ladies who fit the bill, Elliot is set on Nina.  The more time Elliot spends with Nina, the more his feelings become all too real, even as Nina seems to be getting serious with the Duke.  Elliot feels guilty, but not enough to stop him pursuing Nina, until it becomes apparent that he’s in danger, and therefore Nina is too.

I really enjoyed Elliot in this one, but I’m always a sucker for the reformed rake who learns to recognize feelings.  Nina took some getting used to for me and I just kept wishing she’d stick up for herself more.  She never really did, although she did at least follow her heart with her actions if not her words.  I enjoyed the plot, but the pacing was just a bit odd and the final drama felt a bit anticlimactic and rather random and didn’t make all that much sense to me.  This did hit on a pet peeve of mine as well.  Nina was all for saying how much she trusted Elliot and yet the moment that was tested, she shut him out for days rather than allowing him to explain himself or clarify.  This made it that much harder for me to like Nina and undermined their relationship too close to the end of the book for my liking.  Nonetheless, this was an enjoyable book overall with some good moments of humor and it was a nice way to pass the time.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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The oddly yet perfectly matched Trent family is back.

Lady Nina Trent is looking to recover her reputation after falling for a scoundrel who spread false rumors about her. A boring Duke will do just fine... if only she could head his attention.
Lord Elliot Havenford, Baron Ralston, just might have the answer for Nina. Being past rivals with the Duke, he convinces Nina that by pretending to start a flirtation, she will capture the Duke's attention. Unbeknownst to Nina, Elliot has plans of his own that stem from needing her dowry. 

The falling in love seemed rushed as did the ending but overall good premise and cute story.
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‘Never Conspire With A Sinful Baron’, the fourth title in ‘The Infamous Lords’ series caught my attention, my interest, and definitely my laughter early on and never let go until the ending. Although I have not yet read the earlier titles (which is unusual and will be remedied soon) I had no trouble falling into the rhythm of this romance. So, with that background, I’d say you “could” read Elliot and Nina’s story on its own.

Most of what you’d want to know before picking this one up can be found in the Cover Description. What you won’t find there is the emotion of the story. A young lady who was wronged (even if the polite society of the time turns a blind eye) and will never allow herself to be used again. And a man who has no belief in this thing called true love but does know that he needs Nina’s dowry to repair his newly inherited estates. It’s a risk he’s willing to take to pretend to teach Nina what she needs to know to land her ideal husband, all the while drawing her closer into his own web. The funny thing about webs – often the wrong person gets caught up in them.

I enjoyed ‘Never Conspire With A Sinful Baron’ very much. The writing is smooth, the world easily fell in place, the characters are true to their natures (even the vile ones). I loved the secondary characters I met, several definitely kept me in laughter whenever they were around. Nina and Elliot’s journey to falling in love is hampered only by the danger in Elliot’s life – and perhaps that danger brought to the forefront just how precious loving and protecting someone can be. While their road to a happy ending wasn’t without potholes, there was nothing that could stop two people who are truly right for each other. If you love a really good Historical Romance then you’d feel right at home with this one.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from Kensington Books via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Interesting read. It is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone story. I am only giving it four stars because I do think it could have been a little better in the development of the story. But this is a story you do not want to miss out on.
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Lord Elliot Haverford has inherited a barony, that is near broke. If he is to save the only unentailed property for his sister, he must marry for money. A look in Debrett’s reveals that Lady Nina Trent, is rich and also very pleasing to the eye. Yet Nina is determined to please her brother and win over a duke, so Elliott does his best to convince Nina that he can assist her and win over a duke. Yet along the way, Nina sees another side of Elliott, a man she has long thought of as a rogue. 
This was such a delightful romance, and it was hard not to love Elliott. What a loveable rogue, and together with Nina, made for such a great couple. Nina’s family and Elliott’s sister prove to be interesting secondary characters, adding greater depth to this story. 
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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An utterly delightful story filled with humor, wonderful dialogue and two people, who thought they wanted different things, but in the end would come to see what mattered most. 
Elliot Havenford, Baron Ralston needed a wife. A rich wife. Having been left an estate and properties that were literally falling down around him, plus his sister Meg, who deserved so much, he came to the conclusion he would focus on Lady Nina Trent.
Nina had been engaged to Lord Avalon and thought he cared for her until she found out he had a mistress he would not give up. Humiliation.  
As Elliott puts his plan into action, he learns Nina is trying to get the attention of a Duke. One who is boring, safe and without excitement. Or at least that is Elliott's opinion. He puts a proposition to her that he will help make him jealous by seeming to court her and teaching her how to snare a gentleman, all the while winning her for himself.
There is so much more to it than that and honestly, I was laughing out loud many times and especially when it came to Zeb and their walk!!  
This has to be on one of my favorite books I have read and I encourage you to read.  Trust me, you will love it! I read this through NetGallery and the publisher.
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Oh! I did enjoy this story very much. Elliot Havenford, Baron Ralston was certainly a rogue and had a reputation as a skilful lover. However, he also had charm and a wicked sense of humour. Lady Nina Trent, had one unsuccessful betrothal and was now looking for a suitable husband. Someone who her family, particularly her cantankerous grandmother, would approve of. Nina has been known as having a wild streak, Ralston is an old friend and she agrees to his help in securing a husband. Ralston is in need of a wife, as his uncle left him with debts to pay but he is enterprising and not afraid to work. There were many amusing episodes, some dangerous ones and certainly some happy ones. There are several interesting secondary characters, Ralston’s sister, Meg, a bit of a mystery there and his friend Lord Adam Talbot, who has issues with his father. Of course, who could forget Zeb, Ralston’s inherited, ancient bloodhound, what a sweetie he was! This was a very entertaining read and I look forward to reading more in this series. I received a copy and have voluntarily reviewed it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. Never Conspire With A Sinful Baron is the fourth book in Renee Ann Miller’s intriguing Infamous Lords Series.  It can be read as a stand-alone, characters from previous books in the series appear in this one, but each book stands on its own, and you will not feel as if you are missing something. Lady Nina Trent ended her engagement when she discovered that her suitor had a mistress whom he loved and who was carrying his child. Under the influence of her martinet of a Grandmother, she is now looking for a safe husband, and the Duke of Fernbridge seems to be a perfect candidate. Rakish Lord Elliott Havenford inherited the Ralston Barony from his uncle and a mountain of debt, two decrepit houses, ancient servants, and a godforsaken bloodhound who’s trying to take over Elliott’s bed. What he needs is a bride with a dowry, and Nina has an excellent one. Elliott offers to teach Nina how to attract the Duke, and the more time he spends with her, the more he becomes enchanted with her as a person and not just a dowry. The more time Nina spends with Elliott, the more she begins to see that maybe safe is not what she’s looking for if only she could trust that he loves her. I enjoyed this book and do recommend it and the previous books in the series.  Medium Steam. Publishing Date May 26, 2020. #NeverConspireWithASinfulBaron #ReneeAnnMiller #KensingtonBooks #HistoricalRomance #ZebraRomanceNovels #bookstagram #NetGalley
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This is the fourth book in the Infamous Lords series.  The heroine is the sister of book three’s hero. 

Lady Nina’s cantankerous grandmother wants her to gain the favor of a duke in hopes of dispelling some nasty gossip.  Lord Elliot Havenford, Baron Ralston, wants Nina for himself and offers to help her gain the pompous duke’s attention in order to get closer to her with seduction lessons.  Sharing Nina’s company and her kisses, Elliot realizes she is much more than a pretty face with an attractive dowry. 

I really liked this story.  Nina thinks she can be happy with a safe, pragmatic marriage, but she’s extremely drawn to Elliot and sees his sweeter, protective side.  While Elliott is in a bad financial position, his focus was largely on Nina - not her money.  I liked that Elliot was trying to solve his own problems and wasn’t merely a callous fortune hunter.  I enjoyed the character development and the building sexual tension between the two.  

* I received an ARC and this is my honest review.  #NeverConspirewithaSinfulBaron #NetGalley
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Never Conspire With a Sinful Baron by Renee Ann Miller is the fourth book in the series called Infamous Lords.  I have read one other book in this series, a novella called The Taming of Lord Scrooge. I decided to read the new book, because I did enjoy the novella.  

Lady Nina Trent was almost caught by a dubious lord last year, something that is not going to be repeated.  She has determined which lord she is going to “catch” when she realizes he isn’t noticing her.  Meanwhile Lord Elliot Haverford, Baron Ralston has inherited a dilapidated houses and land.  He is going to need a fortune to fix them up. He has his sights on Nina, but she knows he is a rogue and a flirt, so she continually turns him away.  Until he offers to help her catch her boring lord provided he can give her lessons on how to catch him… The lessons have more to do with Nina and Elliot falling for each other than helping her catch the other one. 

Meanwhile, accidents keep happening and Elliot is almost injured a number of times, but no one knows why or even if it was meant for him.  Elliot’s sister has quit school and is working on fixing up the property behind her brother’s back and nothing Elliot says makes a whit of difference.  

The characters and the mystery are  interesting.  Elliot’s sister and Nina finally manage to teach Elliot to move on from the past.  Life is moving on - at least if he stops being hit in the head. Elliot and Nina are hot together.  Never Conspire With a Sinful Baron by Renee Ann Miller was  a good read.
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