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A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent

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This is such an important book to read for both men and women. It was easy to follow and understand. Thank you for the opportunity of being able to read it
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This is definitely the type of informative material the world needs! Easy to follow, inclusive, respectful, and well-meaning.

I liked how this book talks about AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT. "Does this person want to have this type of sex with me and are they CAPABLE of making that decision right now." Brilliant message!

Also the fact the book points out consent is ever changing and not a guaranteed constant was refreshing! Just because you're dating or have done something in the past doesn't mean it always has to happen. 

Absolutely thought this book was a winner. Would definitely give to my teen!
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This book is exactly as it's titled, a quick and easy guide to consent. The book takes the stance that "affirmative consent" is the best way to approach sex, and lays out all of the examples and definitions in an easy and clear manner. This is a must read for anyone and everyone, but especially young people who are just getting started having sex.
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I love Oni Press. So when I heard about this graphic novel I was super excited to get a copy. When I saw it was available for download on NetGalley  I was so pumped. I love how they're using a fun, easily readable format such as a graphic novel to present a topic that is so pertinent in our society today-consent. I love that the main character who is teaching the reader about consent identifies as they/them. I like how friendly the information is presented. I think this book does a really good job of illustrating what consent is. I really enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend it.
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These 'Quick Guides' are important for everyone to read, and this one focuses on the importance of communicating with your partner and receiving consent. I love how they included many scenarios and types of consent as well. Again, everyone needs to read this. Thank you OniPress and NetGalley for the advanced reader's copy in exchange for an honest review.
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These "Quick & Easy Guides" are so helpful and they tackle difficult subjects in a really lighthearted way. I would very much recommend this new one, which is all about how consent works and why it's important. I especially appreciated that it distinguishes between basic consent (the right to say no), which is important, but also a pretty low bar, and affirmative consent, which is about more than just saying "yes" or "no", and is all about communication and sharing wants and needs. I would say this is a must read for anyone, because understanding consent is a must for anyone, not just when it comes to sex. 

Rep: non-binary main character, characters of colour, same-gender couples

CWs: discussions of non-consent and sexual violence
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A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent // by Isabella Rotman

"Consent is an explicitly communicated, reversible, mutual agreement made when all parties are capable of making that decision. Consent may or may not be verbal, but it has to be unambiguous and voluntary."

A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent by Isabella Rotman is an easy to understand illustrated guide to having safe and consensual sex and relationships. It has clear illustrations that are inclusive across the spectrum and speaks about many different types of interactions while also making it clear that there are many other ways to have a healthy relationship with people that are not included in this book as long as you are practicing the same concept of consent. It has many helpful resources towards the end of the book that can assist you in deciding for yourself what kind of activities you are comfortable with and how to talk to your potential partners about topics related to sex, including contraception and your identity. It also lists hotlines for depression, suicide and sexual assault. The bibliography allows you to go into more details on things that have been touched on in this book as well.

"Does this person want to have sex with me, and are they capable of making that decision right now?"

I am a big fan of this book! I cannot wait for it to get released so I can put it on my bookshelf. This book can really help you learn about yourself as well as how to interact with other people. It will teach you about explicit consent and what situations are not considered consent, such as coercion. This can help people understand past situations that maybe made them uncomfortable but they do not understand why and how to handle those situations moving forward. This can also be a helpful resource for teenagers who are just starting out and learning about their sexuality. But there are many adults who still need to learn about this concept and I do still feel that it is appropriate for them as well.

"But I encourage all of you to set a standard beyond that. Affirmative consent isn't just about whether your partner does or does not want to have sex with you. it's about discussing what kind(s) of sex you want to have, respecting your partner's boundaries and desires, and advocating for your own."
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A comprehensive, intersectional guide to consent. Written so that anyone of the age to have this discussion can understand the tough topics surrounding consent. They included topics from “having the discussion with a partner” to “why it matters to have enthusiastic consent.” Truly an important read for everyone. Even if you think you know all the “rules” this is a good reminder of how to have safe, sane, and consensual relationships.
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This is such an important book! It's a quick read and written in a way that's easy to understand. Isabella Rotman frames consent as something ongoing and affirmative, an enthusiastic "yes", rather than just the absence of a "no". She covers the basics of consent, interspersed with quotes from other sex education books and at the end, there's a guide for further reading. There's also a handy yes/no/maybe checklist at the end to use as a tool to start talking about sex.

There are lots of great books about consent out there for kids, but this isn't one of those. It's aimed at teens and adults- anyone who might be thinking about getting sexy (including kissing) with someone else.

I've really loved the other books in the Quick and Easy Guide series, but this one has been my favourite! I can't wait to recommend it!
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Explains the topic in a short and easy to understand way. The graphics are great too. I love how this book makes a complex topic fun to read and boils various points down to a few very simple concepts.
Highly recommend this to young readers as well as adults
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